Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Daily Life

5:08 AM, EST:

I finally caught up on my e-mail and my petitions.  So my life can be a bit more normal.  But at the same time, the with the Republicans are acting is nothing short of disgusting.  When one of the leaders of the Republican Party leaves the Republican Party and sites that they are leaving is as a result of the Republican Party being so racist and so bigoted and basically that they are lying when they say they represent small government because this political figure who recently left the Republican Party stated that the Republican Party keeps talking about wanting to support small government and yet they said that in fact Republican Party is doing exactly the opposite.  And they also explained in that article that the Republican Party doesn't really care about the government or small government.  As long as they are the ones who are in control.

Nothing has changed.  In 63 years the Republican Party has never changed one single bit.  They are just as deceitful and just as much liars now as they were back during the 1950s and 60s.  Only now the manner in which the Republican Party and the tea party and their Christian conservative extremist supporters are behaving is a lot more mean-spirited and hateful.  And yet they will lie to the world.  They will audit to all of us as American citizens, claiming they are good patriotic Americans.  When their voting record and their actions clearly show they are not patriotic in this country that they don't care about the veterans.  And they don't even care about their own religion.  They constantly cite the Bible get every part of the Bible.  They talk about our parts of the Bible that have nothing to do with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  And that's because the Republican Party and the tea party hate Jesus.  And it's easy to see that they hate Jesus, because they are attacking every single type of person Jesus died on the cross protecting.  They are attacking the type of life Jesus led.  They hate Jesus, because he was a pacifist.  They hate him because he lived a life of poverty because the Republican Party and the tea party are attacking with total hatred.  Anyone who is poor.  They are attacking anyone who is not a white Christian or who does not look like and act like a white Christian as much as possible.  And they are showing nothing but hatred for everyone in this country who does not have a lot of money or who does not support the rights of businesses having more rights than human beings.

And that's okay.  I guess.  I mean if the Republican Party wants to be known for a bunch of murderous assholes than they are doing a really good job of achieving that.  If the Christian conservative extremists want to make sure that Jesus appears them for how much hatred they have for their own Lord and Savior because they are refusing to respect any of the people he died on the cross protecting the Christian conservative extremists are doing exactly that as well.

It's just like with my parents.  My mother and father.  All the money they could want and all they could do with that money was to put up a front.  They put up a front of how charitable and kind they were and yet behind the scenes behind what they were doing.  They were basically alcoholics, gamblers and criminals.  So the city of Cleveland never really knew, or maybe they did, what a pair of ugly filthy liars.  My mother and father really were.  Just like the Republicans.

So the Republicans will of course blame everyone else for the way they are acting because that's the kind of spoiled brats they are.  If they don't get their own way they will kill anyone.  There attitude has always been better off dead than to ever let them disagree with you.  Because they will kill anyone who dares to disagree with them.  That's their motto they don't care if they are talking about elected officials in this country.  They don't care if they are talking about our brave men and women in the military or our brave men and women who are police officers or firefighters.  The Republican Party's attitude is clear if you disagree with them.  They will in one way or another.  They will kill you.  They will murder your family they will kill your children.

And we know that's true, ladies and gentlemen because it's not the rest of us in this country, who are teaching our children to go to school and kill other children that they don't like.  It's the Christian conservative extremists who are teaching their children to go to school and take him wreck and murder girl children and murder little boys at school to kill them because they hate them and that hatred is being taught by these so-called Christians who are nothing but dirty filthy pieces of bastard crap they are liars they are liars before God.  They are liars to their family they are liars to this country and they are an embarrassment to humanity.

How'd care.  These dirty filthy stupid bastards who call themselves Christian conservatives extremists how'd dare they ever call themselves Christians.  When they are teaching their children to go to school and to murder and kill our children.  And when we go to the government ask that this be stopped the Republican Party lies to us, while at the same time these members of the Republican Party and the tea party are teaching their children did go to school and do kill our kids to murder our children just the way the Republican Party is teaching their children that women must be beaten into submission.  Because that's how the Republican Party looks at women they don't have a problem taking their fist and beating a woman unconscious to teach her to put up and shut up and do everything they say.  Because that's the way the Republican Party is chauvinist asinine monsters.

And what's funny in a very sardonic way is that all these stupid bastards the Republican Party and the tea party and these right wing Christian extremist pieces of crap and that dirty filthy wealthy asshole bastards of this world with all their filthy dirty money.  It won't matter.  None of their power will matter, none of their money will matter.  Because when the waters begin to rise and climate begins to change even more dramatically.  They will die like anyone else.  And in the very final moments of their life all that stupid.  Bullshit all the lying they have done all the money they have won't mean a thing.  Because God doesn't care about money.  God didn't create money.

So I understand the hatred that exists in this country because I have been subjected to it my entire life.  Not only by my own family, but by a huge number of right-wing Christians in this country.  As I've said before, my darling Aileen was fired 12 different times in 18 years and every single time she was fired.  It was because I was either a Jew or my name was Maschke or because I was transgendered and I have the documents to prove it.  And those firings went forward.  Because that's what it's like to be a Jew in America.  If you are a Jew in America you are a second class citizen.  That's the way the Republican Party treats us.  That's the way they have always treated us.  That's why they tried to murder my grandfather and to kill the entire Maschke family when he was the leader of the Republican Party for northern Ohio in the 1920s.

And nothing I can say is ever going to change their attitude.  Because talking to the Republican Party is like trying to talk to Satan.  Because that's really what the Republican Party represents.  They don't represent God because they don't follow God they don't do anything God tells them.  They don't care about anything that God made unless what God made has lots of money or unless what God made is white and Christian or act like a white Christian as much as possible.  And that ladies and gentlemen is a self evident truths because all you have to do is see that what I'm saying is true is to look at the voting record of the Republican Party.  And you will see that everything I'm saying is 100% true.  Going all the way back to the 1950s.  The the Republican Party has never changed in all those years no matter what filthy dirty lying they might do.

And it's sad.  Because the real losers are our children.  They are the ones who are paying the price for the bigotry and the racism and the prejudice and the hatred and the violence and the love of killing and murdering children that the Republican Party and the tea party and their right-wing Christian conservative extremists friends are teaching their children.  Our children are the ones who are growing up with hatred.  And the matter what you say to these right-wing Christian conservative extremists.  They don't care.  Because as far as they are concerned might makes right.  And as far as they are concerned they will kill every child in this country and they will teach their children to go to school and beat to death and murder every child in that school and they will get away with it because they will scream and yell about religious freedom that it is their religious right to be able to teach their children hatred.

And what's really very stupid and very sad is that these stupid bastards of the Republican Party and the tea party and the right-wing Christian conservative extremists think they are really special.  When in fact they are not.  They are money again.  They are so typical.  They are typical of the ugliness in this world, because for every stupid bastard who is a Republican or a tea party bastard in the United States or any of these right wing Christian conservative extremist pieces of crap for every one of them their are others like them in every single country of every single religion.  So trying to stop that kind of ugliness is practically impossible.  And the only one or the only thing that can stop that kind of ugliness is mother nature.  And mother nature will have the last word.  Mother nature always does.  And again if you don't believe me.  I dare any of these right-wing Christian conservative extremist assholes or any of the stupid bastards with all their damn money.  I dare you to hold up $1000 bill and see of that thousand dollar bill will stop the waters from rising.  Because it won't.  I dare you to hold up $1000 bill and see if it will stop a tornado from taking your home because it won't.  So all the stupid bastard to have all this money that dirty filthy you wealthy in this country.  They can hold all their money they want they can lie and they can cheat and they can hoard money like they are.  And they can lie to the world and they can go ahead and enjoy killing and murdering our children and poisoning our food.  But what they do to us mother nature and God will do to them.

Just like all this.  Bullshit about smoking.  This is a joke.  These stupid bastards who are the conservatives in this country are screaming and yelling about smoking while at the same time they are voting in Congress and in government to allow companies who produce food for us to eat to put poisons into our food.  So the whole issue about smoking has nothing to do with the number of cases of cancer.  It has everything to do with the Republican Party and the conservatives of this country wanted to control how we die.  They don't want us to smoke because they want us to die from the poisons they are putting into our food.  That's what it's all about.  It has nothing to do with smoking.  It has everything to do with how they want us to die.  And my answer to the Republican Party and the conservatives is if you really want to go ahead and tell me how to die.  Take your best shot because God will stop you.  Nobody is going to tell me how to die especially any of these dirty bastard conservatives were these ugly pieces of crap asshole Republican Party are tea party monsters.  They will not tell me how to die.  Because they have tried to kill me throughout my life.  They know they have and so do a number of other people who have known me in my life.  And like with other things I actually do have documentation to prove what I'm saying.

That's why all of this and will ship that the Republican Party and the tea party and the right-wing Christian conservative extremist assholes dirty bastards supporters are doing is nothing but a bunch of bull ship and lies and they know it.  And if the wealthy don't put up and shut up and start acting like human beings instead of a bunch of spoiled brats I guarantee you that the middle class and the lower classes are going to react and they are not going to react very nicely.

I've already explained that most of the companies in this country and around the world are operating on a cash poor basis.  Which is true.  The fulcrum of doing business is that most of your per diem business.  Meaning your daily business or your daily money comes from the middle income and lower income customers.  That has always been true.  Because they are the ones who buy more.  Meaning buy more often.  And they are the ones who have to by lesser quality.  So that means that they have to buy more often.  Because the things wear out quicker.  And that's how business operates and that per diem money is what normally pays for new hiring and a lot of the sundry items in companies.

But because the upper classes become such a bunch of selfish, spoiled brats the upper-level management executives.  And a lot of these companies are basically holding the companies for ransom.  And they are blackmailing their own companies and so as a result the per diem money that these companies would normally use for new hiring and other sundry items that money is going toward paying for the benefits and compensation packages of these upper-level managers and executives.  Which is why the companies don't have a lot of cash on hand.  They don't have a lot of their daily money.  Because it's not being used for new hiring.  And it's not being used for the sundry items which is why companies don't offer those things like uniforms other things hardly any more at all.  And that's because companies are being blackmailed by the upper-level management executives and their own companies.

To see that's true.  All you have to do is look at the number of lawsuits by ask upper-level managers and executives and by ex-employees against their own companies front fair business practices and then compare that number of lawsuits against the total number of lawsuits every year and you will see that over the last two decades the number of lawsuits by ex-employees front fair business practices has actually grown incredibly huge.  And they would not have grown so large, if these companies were acting more fairly.  But they are not just like the Kellogg Company they want you to think that they are a company that provides healthy food for people.  When in reality they have been found to be putting genetically modified material into their food poisoning ladies and gentlemen.  Because that's what the Republican Party wants.  That's what the Republican Party supports that's what the Christian conservative extremists support.  Eugenics.  That's what it's called.  The legalized murder of human being's.

So I realize that this late stage in my life that I had virtually no effect on this world.  But I have not affected this world hardly at all.  And that's fine.  Because what's coming will have an affect.  When the temperatures begin to rise and the water levels begin to rise and physical existence begins to become a lot more difficult all that dirty filthy money that the Republican Party and the tea party and the Christian conservative extremists and the wealthy are chasing after won't mean a damn thing.  Like I said, you can take $1000 bill and hold it up in front of you and see if it will stop a tornado or a cyclone from coming at you.  It will not.  So all this.  Bullshit money doesn't mean a damn thing.

It really doesn't matter.  Because the same companies who are claiming to fight human rights are the same asshole companies who are causing human rights.  That's why human rights issues have not decreased.  That's why they have gotten worse over the years.  It's another form of eugenics.  It's what the wealthy want.  Because the wealthy love killing children.  They love murdering people because a lot of the wealthy thrive on scene children die in front of them unless us their own children.  Of course because the wealthy think they are better than everyone else.  Like I've said before I could name all sorts of names but I have promised I would never do that and so I won't.

And if you think I have any hatred for any human being.  Then you don't know me.  Because in what I have said in this Journal article.  And then everything I have written I have never been talking about the human the I've been talking about our behavior and that's all I have been talking about.  Our behavior.  Our choices.

It doesn't matter.  In a matter of years.  It's not going to matter at all.  Because in a matter of years humanity won't even be around anymore.  Or at least most of humanity.  It's not going to happen next year or in 10 years.  But it will happen.  And the wealthy will be just as scared it is gutless as they have always been nothing but a bunch of gutless cowards clinging to their money using their money to bribe public officials to buy their way into government to get anything they want the matter how many women they murder the matter how many children they kill.

And as a result of the news yesterday.  Only now is the American business community finally wising up that they have pretty much decimated the middle class because they bought into all this bullshit that the Republican Party and the tea party and the right-wing Christian extremists have been trying to push on them.  As a matter of fact, there are certain Republican figures you are losing all their funding.  Because the business community does not want to be associated with their despicable anti-Americans unpatriotic and hateful behavior.

So we will see what happens.  For my part I don't care.  If the world wants to go ahead and keep listening to all these right-wing Christian extremists with all their hatred.  Teaching their children to go to school and to kill our children and refuses to stop then humanity will force them to stop killing our children and the Christian conservative extremists won't like that because they believe that Jesus wants them to go forward and to kill and to murder and to kill women and you murder children to kill them at school to murder them.  That's exactly what these Christian conservative extremists believe.  Which is why they support so much violence because they believe Jesus stood for violence.  Except nothing in their own Bible says that.  At least not when Jesus was talking.  That's why the Christian conservatives are doing everything they possibly can to change the Bible so that they can make God in their own image.  That's how Eric and they are.  That's how stupid they are.  And as a result of that Eric and send their stupidity God and mother nature will have the last word and when God is done talking.  Most of these asshole bastards who are Republicans and tea party pieces of crap and most of the Christian conservative extremists in this world will feel the vengeance of God not the vengeance of any human being.  It will be God who does the talking.  Whether it comes in the form of energy or weather disasters or natural disasters.  It doesn't matter.  God is not going to allow the Republican Party and the tea party, and these right wing Christian conservative extremists to destroy what God has made not without paying for doing so.

And again, please don't believe me.  I'm expecting you not to believe me.  I'm expecting most of the world to look at me and call me stupid and to laugh at me.  Which is exactly what the world has done all my life.  But isn't it interesting that every single thing I said was happening and would happen has actually taken place?  Like the Fukushima nuclear accident?  I said that when that accident first took place approximately 1/3 of the world would be laid waste.  And that is exactly what is happening.  And yet the Christian conservative extremists, on the Republican Party are screaming and yelling about smoking and the only reason they are is because they don't want anyone to die from smoking they want us to die from the pharmaceuticals meaning the drugs and the poisons they are putting into our food.  They want us to die that way.  They are going to try to tell us how to die.  Because that's the right they want.  Because they are not satisfied with being able to tell us how to live.  They now want the right to tell us how to die.  And that's because they think they are better than God and they think that they have the right over us and our souls.  They think they have the right to tell us how to live and how to die.  When God never gave them that right.

And if any of these stupid bastard Christian conservative extremists of the Republican Party or the tea party think they are going to destroy this Constitution.  They need to listen to what I'm saying right now loud and clear.  Because the only way they are going to destroy that Constitution and the freedoms of this country is over.  My dad body.  That's the only way they're going to destroy this Constitution.  Because as a patriotic American and as a human rights fellow world citizens.  I will stand in defense of that Constitution and I will give my life to protect that Constitution and the freedoms and liberties of that Constitution.  Not only for people in this great country.  My fellow Americans.  But for all of my fellow world citizens.  Because it is that document, the Constitution of these United States, that has been the hallmark of freedom in this world.  So the Republican Party or the tea party or any of the stupid bastard asinine pieces of crap Christian conservative extremists think they are going to destroy that Constitution.  They will have to kill me first.  Because I will die protecting that Constitution.  That's probably one of the better ways I can think of dying.  Dying to protect the liberty and the freedom that the Constitution represents not only for Americans but for all of my fellow world citizens regardless of where they are.  People deserve to be free.

And as I said before.  If you think this winter in the United States has been difficult.  You have no idea what's coming.  When the spring thaw takes place a lot of those real fancy, expensive homes no matter where they are will fall victim to the rising waters.  Just like they will fall victim to the rising temperatures.  And there's not enough money in the world to prevent that from happening.  Because mother nature and God have the last word not humanity.  In either humanity learned how to put up and shut up and start acting like the sentient beings that we humans are and the custodian of this world or this world.  Meaning mother nature and God will shake us off as I have always said like a dog shaking off water.  Because it we get in the way of the Earth as the Earth is trying to make corrections and to stabilize the Earth does not need us.  We need the Earth's.  But the Earth does not need us in any way.  And if we get in the way the Earth will remove us.  And if you don't think that's true.  Just take a look at the number of fatalities that have taken place over the last five years alone.  As a result of natural weather disasters.  Because those depths those fatalities are direct result of humanity getting in the way of mother nature.  So the matter how tough and big someone might think they are.  They are not tougher than God they are not tougher than mother nature and they are not tougher than the Earth.

My advice to my fellow Americans who are right now suffering with these really bad weather conditions is that if you are not in really good physical shape you should stay inside.  The temperatures are dangerous.  And the weather is not good.  And if you are not in good physical condition and you try to go outside in this kind of weather or you try to shovel snow for example and you're not in really good physical condition.  The end result will be that you will die.  And again that is a self-evident truths.  All you have to do is look at the number of fatalities from any winter season in the United States and then compare that number of fatalities against the total number of fatalities for the entire year.  And you will see very clearly that there is a pattern.  Furthermore, you will see the increase of fatalities during winter seasons pursuant to and related to and synchronized with the degree of how serious the winter has been.

If you don't know how to deal with this kind of weather or if you don't have the physical strength to do so then stay inside.  Wait for the weather to get better.  Because at least at this point in time it will get somewhat better before it gets a lot worse.  But every day it is happening right now is totally and completely consistent with my article, my global warming research.  And that article is listed in the right-hand module on the right hand side of this page entitled, my significant Journal entries.  You can see for yourself what the best scientific minds of the last 150 years has been saying about what is going on in the world.  And if you don't want to believe those scientists.  Please remember that those are the same scientists that humanity gave all sorts of awards to when they were discovering other things in science.  But the moment they started talking about environmental changes the world turned their back on them and called them stupid and laughed at them.  Only the world is laughing anymore.  Because everything they have been saying is coming true.

So that's the way the world is.  These days, ladies and gentlemen.  It's not up to me.  I'm just one single extremely insignificant life out of seven alien in this world.  So I don't matter.

And again.  As I've said before.  If anyone wants to really take exception to anything I'm saying.  Please feel free to go ahead and do so.  Because if you are really prepared to die just to die and prove me wrong.  Take your best shot.

The weather in Cleveland, Ohio is still going to be extremely dangerous over the next several days.  Don't let the sunshine fool you.  The temperatures are going to be very dangerous.  So again.  Unless you are in really good physical health stay inside.

In reality it actually breaks my heart to see humanity being reduced to a bunch of rabid dogs clawing and scratching and screaming and yelling at each other with all of the hatred in the bigotry in the ugliness that humanity is showing.  It's amazing.  When I'm out walking.  It's amazing how eager people are to find friendship.  So I know the potential inhumanity is there.  I know humanity has the ability to move in the direction of love and peace and friendship.  It's just these right-wing extremists in every single country who hate friendship they hate peace because they don't make any money off peace.


I have a certain amount of household duties to take care of today.  And I have a certain number of financial things that need to be done.  But I will get my petitions completed.  And I will do a few news stories.  Again, doing the news stories is difficult.  Because I'm watching how ugly humans can be to each other.  When we have the potential to move in the other direction.  And if you think I don't care about how badly we are treating each other.  Then you are not paying attention to what I have been writing or what I am writing right now.

To those of you are reading my Journal and who support me and have always supported me.  Like I have always said.  I am so deeply honored and very grateful for your attention.  It means so very much to me.  Please know that.  Because of the nature of the type of person I am.  I am what I write.  That is how I am judged.  That is how I am evaluated.  So I am very grateful to those of you who support my writing and you feel that my writing is good enough for you to read.  It is an honor.  I take very seriously.

I still do have some physical issues that I'm doing with.  None of which are very serious.  But these issues are in fact slowing me down slightly.  So I will get everything done today.  It just might take me a little bit longer.  But I will get it all done.

I will write later.

Thank you so very much for listening.