Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

System Update - Comprehensive

8:56 AM, EST:

There have been a huge number of changes that I have made to my computer system.  And in addition to my android phone system.  I'm actually using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking mobile assistant on my android phone and it's working perfectly.  I will elaborate as I do this report.


By not using it a feed reader inside Firefox.  It is actually working a great deal better than it would if it had it's own built in RSS feed reader.  At the same time, while I have enjoyed using Feedly.  Because of the synchronicity that Windows live writer has with FeedDemon.  That is basically what I'm using for an RSS feed reader, instead of using Feedly, by going through Firefox.

Feed Readers:

As I was saying above, FeedDemon has more compatibility and possibly synchronicity with Windows live writer then do any of the other or at least most of the other feed readers.  The one that I have found has the highest degree of integration with Dragon NaturallySpeaking has been the owl reader.  And I actually might go back to that sometime this morning.  Just so that I can finally have complete voice control over the system.

Personal Note:

The time is now basically 9 AM.  I'm stopping at this point to install the owl reader and take off.  Steve FeedDemon reader.  As I said, this is so that I can have a higher degree of synchronicity and compatibility with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Then I will continue this report.

I'll write later.

9:26 AM, EST:

RSS Feed Readers:

I have made the conversion from using FeedDemon to using the owl reader.  So far it's working perfectly.  Furthermore, the owl reader is synchronized with a number of different online blog services and other services.  Whereby I can actually share any of the news stories that I come across would just about any service that I might need to or wish to.  And it is of course synchronized with Firefox which then of course gives me the ability to do my Journal entries inside Windows live writer as well.


I have decided after a great deal of consideration that while I am getting literally a plethora of charity requests every day in my e-mail.  At the same time.  There are a number of those requests that are really extremely important and I would think that the human rights community will be rather interested in seeing some of those requests.  Simply on the basis that more people will be aware of potential opportunities for donations or for support should they wish to do so.

Of course putting up all of the charity requests would absolutely be inappropriate.  There are some for example that are specifically for one candidate or another.  As a human rights advocate I don't think that's really something I want to do.  But there are a host of other extremely good causes that do not become somewhat pointed or singular with regard to a particular individual or candidate.  And it is those other type of charity requests so I believe are extremely or quite appropriate here in the Journal.

So that is something new that will in fact be added to the Journal starting this morning.  The category I'm going to use is, Action.  Just the way it is listed on the websites.  And that way you will be able to look at that particular category or anything that has that category in the list of categories and be able to bring up all of the charity or donation requests or requests for support.

And so from that standpoint, the number of posts are obviously going to increase.  Which is fine.  Because as I've said this is the fourth year after my darling Aileen died.  And it is actually the very first year of the four years, where I am beginning to move away from grief and toward celebration.  Meaning, celebrating her life and her memory and what part of her is still in my life at this point.  And of course whatever possible communication.  We may in fact be doing with each other through whatever process may or may not exist.

And so as a result I'm able to focus a bit more on actually doing what I've wanted to do when what Aileen and I did together for 18 wonderful years in the area of human rights.  To that end, I have expanded tremendously the functionality of my android phone, which I will talk about in its own section below.

But with the owl reader.  There is a great deal of functionality.  Because with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 I can issue any of the calls inside the reader.  Which of course makes using the reader tremendously functional from the point of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  This is something that FeedDemon does not have.  Even though FeedDemon actually does have synchronicity with Windows live writer.  But as I've said before, using it an extension inside Firefox where I am able to pick up the title of an article and have it converted to HTML code, which I can then put into Windows live writer very easily.  This makes doing news articles from within Firefox over to Windows live writer incredibly easy.  Furthermore, I can do most of that if not all of it by voice.

So consequently that makes the addition of the RSSOwl reader are much more functional addition to my computer, makeup or my computer system, in that I now have the ability to basically control the entire computer by voice, which is what I have to do.


I am still using the MS Outlook e-mail program, which is basically working out very well, because it has completed synchronicity with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5.  As for the calendar I am basically using the Google calendar because that of course has synchronicity with my android phone calendar.

Currently in my activism folder.  I have about 43 pieces of mail.  But I also have another 175 pieces I have to go through.  There are some technical reports that I might actually do a Journal entry on if I find one that actually is pertinent.  Some of the browser articles I get may in fact be pertinent for here in the Journal.

Any of the computer articles I get will of course carry the category, System Update.  Even though it's not really part of my system.  I consider technical reports I do regarding any kind of programming to basically be part of the system.  Meaning the computer system.  Whether it is yours or mine doesn't matter.  So that will be the category for the computer or technical articles I come across.


Because that's part of my plan as far as this Journal is going.  As I said there are three main purpose is to this Journal.  The first purpose being that this Journal is a Journal my darling Aileen wanted to do with me but never got the chance to do so.

The second principle is of course that this Journal is the continuation of the human rights efforts that Aileen and I did shoulder to shoulder for 18 years.  And that I have actually been doing in one form or another for the last 45 years.

And the third principle of the Journal is that this Journal is really my way of supplicating myself for my creator in whatever years I have left here in the world.

So the three principles while quite distinct and separate also encompass a myriad of different types of articles.  So far I have developed a series called, daily life.  These are primarily my personal Journal entries about how things are going.  What I'm doing what my schedule is and so forth.  So those types of articles generally carry the category daily life.

The next category.  I have is system updates.  And those of course have anything to do with computers and computer systems programming software, hardware, news articles and the like.

The next category.  I have is where I actually write to my darling Aileen.  And those articles generally carry simply the categories of my life, and Aileen's name, which is, Aileen Terra.

And then there are of course the news articles and they generally will be caring their own titles.

There are of course other types of articles that are scientific and articles that are of human rights nature or political nature or where I'm actually going through some kind of internal analysis or investigation or something going on in my life.  And sometimes these articles will carry their own title.  For example, in the instance of the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster.  The article I wrote five days after the disaster was simply entitled, the truth about what is really going on in Japan.

So there are certain articles that I will be doing that have their own titles altogether.  That is, I guess just creative license.

My Android Phone:

My android phone is an LD HG android phone.  And as such it of course has the ability to have all sorts of applications on it.  Recently I have expanded those applications to complement what I do on my personal computer system and have begun sharing files back and forth using the drop box program.  Dropbox actually works very well and I have a subscription whereby I have a rather significant amount of space were I could even back of my system if I had to.

One application I am using on my android phone, which is working incredibly well is the Dragon NaturallySpeaking mobile assistant.  With that I can is basically put on my headset and talk to my android phone and it will do just about anything that I need for to do.  I can launch any of the applications or go to any webpage or search the Internet.  And I can do it all by voice.  So it really does work very well.

And in that way it's basically happening is that my android phone is now becoming like a second computer where I can actually just go basically from one computer to the next.  So for example, if I'm looking at a news article on my android phone verified discover something that I believe is of interest.  I can then just go ahead and send that article or move it over to dropbox.  And then I can just use it.  My Journal or I can even post from my android phone directly to blogger.  And that I will sometimes do.

Additionally, the android phone can be rather helpful.  For tomorrow, with it being the day that I get my check.  Of course I will be going out to do the shopping.  And because I have my GPS turned on.  That basically means that any of you want to follow me as I do my walking to and from the store, which should take about three hours.  You will be able to follow my movements through the GPS.

I've also downloaded some really incredible applications for managing money and doing the shopping.  Plus I have all of the capability that I have with my computer basically on my android phone.  So it's just a way of having a second interface to my main system and at the same time augmenting what I'm doing on my system.

I realize I'm probably way behind everyone else in what they are doing with these phones.  But then I'm not out in the world.  And as active as most people are.  So the way I've tailored my android phone has been more specific pursuant to the conditions of my life.

If there is any interest in applications that I believe do work.  I will in fact mention those.  I won't be able to put up links because the links I have are actually from the Google place store.  And so those links are pertinent really only two android phones.  Meaning that the links would be able to be visible in your browser on your laptop or desktop computer.  But the programs might not work on your laptop or your desktop because they are basically designed for android phones.

For that reason I will them probably simply list the name of the program and of course that it is on the Google place store.

Currently on my android phone I am using the following software.

Alarm clock extreme.
Weatherbug elite.
Tunein radio Pro.
Crackle TV.
Picasa tool.
Stock watcher
Amazon shopper.
NBC news.
Local Cleveland news.
First aid.
NPR news.
Spell Checker Pro.
Google Earth.
Auto redialer.
Shopping calculator Pro.
Dragon NaturallySpeaking mobile assistant.
Google +.
Avas Mobile Security

Now those are the main programs that I have on my system that I'm using at this time.  And the avast program actually synchronizes of course with my avast on my computer.  So all works very well.  And as I said as I move forward with the development of this Journal in conjunction to my android phone I'm actually able to complement the Journal and use more in the Journal because of what I'm doing.  So there will be a lot more activity.


Now that I have finally caught up on my activism folder I can begin moving through the rest of my e-mail and then of course I want to start looking at the different news items so that I can start sharing those from the newsfeed so that I get.

So it is right now about 10:17 AM.  And I will get started.

Thank you very much for listening.

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