Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

System Update

3:35 PM, EST:


Internet Explorer 11:

It's not a very good browser.  It can go to most of the website said I need and when it does it crashes.  It constantly crashes.  The RSS feed reader in IE 11 basically stinks.  Again it won't even go to have the website said I need.  It has no way of controlling the pop-ups.  Because the only way you can control the pop-ups is to not allow any pop-ups whatsoever.  And that's not a really good option.  It's just another signal that Microsoft still believes that they can be the bully in the computer community.  And that's just really stupid.  Because they are doing nothing but making people basically hate their company.

So the people at Microsoft don't really give a damn whether anyone likes are not then they don't have to change their behavior at all.  Because they are succeeding at making most of the people in the world basically hate their company.  And of course the news is full of people being angry at Microsoft because of the way they are handling their company.  The way they are handling Windows 8 point 1 The Way they're handling Windows 7.

So Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 is really not a very good option at all.  I would not suggest that anyone use IE 11 for personal use at least if they are using Windows 7.  And as far as Windows 8.  There is no way while I am still alive that I will ever use Windows 8.  If Microsoft tries to force me to use Windows 8.  I will throw my computer into the street and I will keep it with a hammer.  I will never use Windows 8.

Google Chrome:

I have gone back to using Google Chrome because I am fed up with these stupid browser games.  I don't have time for them and I really resent Microsoft being so belligerent with Windows 8 and with their Internet Explorer that they refused to make Internet Explorer user friendly which is not.  They don't give adequate advertising blocking in Internet Explorer at all.  As far as it being standards compliant what they are basically talking about is the business community because Microsoft doesn't give a damn about the personal user because they don't really get any money from the personal user most of their money as can be seen by their public financial records comes from the business community and that's which you can always count on the people at Microsoft being.  They are money hungry.  They are selfish.  They are arrogant and as far as they are concerned all they care about is getting the money just like most of the other large corporations in this country.  That's one thing you can say about Microsoft is that they are consistent they are acting just like a lot of the other wealthy filthy selfish asinine bastard in the business community where they don't really care about the customer as long as they get their money.

So, I have relegated IE 11 for strictly interfacing with certain files on my computer.  But as far as using it for a web browser.  I would rather use a chisel and hammer them to use IE 11.  It is a colossal failure it won't load correctly.  It won't even handle the RSS feeds correctly.  So it's just a waste of time.

Google Chrome while it does not have full synchronicity with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 is actually light years ahead of the other browsers because I don't have to put up with a lot of the Java error codes that I do with Firefox or especially with IE 11.


I will be moving forward with my Journal.  As I explained in the last two Journal entries I've gone through some slight PTSD episodes which have begun to settle so I am on my way back.  Meaning I'm getting back to normal.

But I have to say that I just learned that the right-wing Christian extremists are now in the process of rewriting the New Testament in order to suit more of their right-wing concepts and standards.  And I think that's rather interesting because God has not given them permission to rewrite the Bible.  So they are rewriting it on their own so that they can make God in their own image.  And that's fine.  If they want to go ahead and shake their fist at God.  That's their business.  Because they will get back exactly what they send out.  So they want to shake their fist at Jesus Christ and tell Jesus Christ that they hate Jesus Christ because they don't like what he said.  So they are going to rewrite his words.  Even know Jesus has not given them permission to do so.  And even though God has not given them permission to do so.  Then you can bet your bottom dollar that they the right-wing Christian extremists will get exactly what they deserve from God for shaking their fist at God and telling God to go to hell because they don't like the way that God has spoken.  So they are going to rewrite his words even though God never gave them permission to do so.

So if a lot of them end up having really bad block or lots of horrible things happen to them it will be by their own hand because they are the ones who have decided that they hate God and that they hate Jesus Christ and they don't like the way that Jesus were God has spoken.  So they are going to rewrite his words because as far as they are concerned they are going to tell God what he is allowed to doing what he is not allowed to do and anyone here on Earth who disagrees those right-wing Christian extremists will then go ahead and they will kill everyone who dares disagree with them.  And I sincerely hope that they start with me first because I would rather be with God than to ever associate myself with any of their disgusting anti-God anti-Jesus Christ anti-American principles.

Whether anyone realizes it or not.  What's going on right now has gone on many times before in world history.  So of these right-wing Christian extremists think that they are doing anything new.  They are just basically stupid because what they are doing is nothing new.  It's the same old tired crap that they have been pulling ever since the days of the Greek empire.  They have never changed their just as stupid.  Just as selfish just as asinine.  And just as backward.

So when the world begins to have environmental problems which it is already having an when those problems get much worse.  Which they will over the next few hundred years, most of these right-wing Christian extremists who are left alive will be around because they will be shaking their fist at Earth and they will be shaking their fist at God.  Telling God to how down to them because they run this world and God's answer will be to simply wipe them out once and for all.  Because the right-wing Christian extremists think that they can tell God what to do.  That's why they are rewriting the Bible.  Because they don't like the way that God is talking.  So they are going to tell God what he is allowed to say and what he is not allowed to say, which means they are making God in their own image which is committing blasphemy against God.

No problem.  Thank God.  I will be dead long before these right-wing Christian extremists destroy this world.  And if I'm not then I sincerely hope I am one of the first to die because I would rather die.  I would rather be burned alive in public then to ever submit to or to associate with any of the bastard principles of the right-wing Christian extremists whether right-wing Catholic extremists.  And if they would like to test that out all they have to do is knock on my door.  I have no problem dying.  I've lived a fairly decent life.  And if these right-wing Christian extremists are so desperate to shake their fist at God and tell God to go to hell because they don't like the way that God is talking then they will get exactly what they deserve as a result of committing that kind of blasphemy.

Humanity will learn eventually that humanity is not that important either to this planet or to the universe.  And if it takes four or five or six or 10 more civilizations being created and then destroyed for humanity to finally grow up and understand that humanity is nothing more than a pinprick compared to the other life in the universe.  And that humanity is not the most significant thing in the universe.  That's probably what will happen.  By that time.  Of course I will be dad.  And thank God for that.

May God have mercy on the right-wing Christian extremists for their act of blasphemy and their active hatred against God and Jesus Christ, because that is what they are doing by rewriting the Bible and what they have done against God.  God will do against them as their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ said at the sermon on the mount.  And obviously the action of rewriting the Bible by the right-wing Christian extremists is almost identical to the stupid bastard behavior that humanity demonstrated at the tower of Babel.  Which means humanity really hasn't learned hardly anything at all.

The first thing that the right-wing Christian extremists are planning on doing is declaring that Jesus was white and then declaring that anyone who says anything different needs to be murdered on site.  Because that's exactly what they will do they will declare that Jesus was white and that anyone who says anything different must be killed immediately because that's what the right-wing Christian extremists support the support murder and killing they support eugenics and the murdering of children and the killing of women they support the abuse of women and the murdering of anyone who disagrees with them is they hate everyone in the United States.  They hate the United States they hate everyone in the world they hate everyone in Europe and South America they hate every single form of life in this world who is not white and Christian and as far as they are concerned they will destroy every nation in the entire world they will kill everyone they will murder every baby they will kill every child they will murder every man and woman in this entire world in order to make sure that the only people allowed to live in this world will be white Christians who will obey exactly what they are told by the right-wing Christian extremists.  That is the world they want and they will get that world the matter how much blood they must spill the matter how many children, no matter how many babies no matter how many women they have to murder they will get what they want.  Just like Adolf Hitler tried to do.

May God have mercy on them for the crime against humanity.  They are committing.

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