Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

System Update - WEBEXP (virus - Trojan), Logitech Setpoint

9:45 AM, EST:


For those who have been reading my Journal for a great deal of time, you know that I hardly ever have any kind of Trojan or virus or malware on my system.  I'm that careful.  But in any event, I did end up having the,webexp, Trojan on my system.  After doing some research I found the following website which instructs you on how to remove the WEBEXP Trojan from your system.

Remove the WEBEXP malware from your system

Now there is a free program that you can in fact download to do this and it is explained on the above webpage.  Once you do that.  There are some other helpful tips on the page to prevent you from being victimized by this type of Trojan again.  In point of fact, my of vast antivirus program did pick up the Trojan but was not able to stop it from being downloaded to my system.  It did not cause any harm, but it certainly did reduce the effectiveness of my computer system.  Meaning the overall performance.

But once you download this extra program, which is free, to your system.  You should then have no problem whatsoever removing every trace of the, WEBEXP, Trojan from your system.

Logitech  Setpoint:

Again, for those who have been reading my Journal for any length of time you know that I have had issues over the past years with Logitech and their setpoint software.  It finally came to a head yesterday.  Because I discovered that when you go to the Logitech download page, and you download the setpoint software using the smart installer.  What ends up happening is that setpoint is put onto your system but is done so in such a way so that setpoint does not show up in the control panel.  It actually bypasses the core system or administrative services of your computer system in order to install the software package on your system.  And as a result, does not give you, the user, and/or customer, your legal right to be allowed to remove the software, within a reasonable procedure, at your discretion.

And for that reason I believe that Logitech is guilty of misrepresentation with intent to defraud, which is a felony under federal law.  I believe that Logitech is not doing business in good faith in the United States.  That they are in fact basically victimizing the customers or the computer users with the manner in which setpoint is installed on the system.  And, thereby of course not only violating a number of federal laws.  But they are also showing open contempt for the customer.  When the customer is the one who is paying for the product.

And when I read online.  How many IT professionals another computer professionals and general computer users were furious that Logitech for this kind of gangster tactic with regard to their software.  I was amazed.  Because nobody likes the way that Logitech is operating with regard to setpoint.  And Logitech doesn't really care.  The people all of the company don't care because as far as they are concerned they are Logitech and the customer will put up and shut up and do what we are told.

That of course is the wrong attitude to take with me.  Because I don't allow companies to push me around.  I never have and I never will.

So beginning yesterday morning at approximately 7:30 AM, I began trying to scrub my system to get rid of the setpoint software.  The only way that I was able to do so is by following the following procedures.

1.  You go to the Logitech software download website.  You then download the full installer package of the appropriate set point software for your current mouse or keyboard.

2.  You then go to the free Revo uninstaller website, and download the free version of Revo .  UnInstaller, to your system.

3.  Once you have done that, the next thing you do is to install the full setpoint package to your system.

4.  After you have installed the full setpoint software package to your system, before you do anything else.  Meaning you do not access the setpoint software in any way.  And you don't run any other programs.  And you certainly don't run any kind of system cleaning programs.  So after you have installed the setpoint software to your system.  The very next thing that you do is to run the Revo UnInstaller program.

5.  When you do this you will probably have to shut down all of the other programs on your system for Revo to operate correctly.  Revo will then bring up every single instance in the registry and on your system that is associated with, or has anything to do with, the setpoint software.

6.  Once you have that presented to you in the Revo UnInstaller program.  You then go ahead and initiate the removal of all of those registry entries and all of the other aspects of the setpoint software.

7.  Once that is done, then you should have no problem whatsoever with setpoint again, because you have effectively removed setpoint from your system, even though Logitech, as a corporate identity in the United States, basically is telling the United States to go to hell and telling the users meeting all of you to go to hell because Logitech is taking the attitude that once you put setpoint on your system.  You are going to be victimized by setpoint because Logitech doesn't give a damn because they've got your money.  So they are not going to do anything to make it easier for you to get rid of their software because they basically don't care about the customer.  And again that's obvious.  Because if they didn't care then people would not have to go to the extent that I have had to go through in the preceding steps in order to remove the software from my system.

If Logitech actually cared about their customers.  They would not make it so difficult to get rid of their software when their software is causing any kind of problem with someone's computer.  Bullshit walks and money talks.  Actions speak louder than words.

12:04 PM, EST:

I had to handle a business meeting on the phone.  So I had to stop this Journal entry well I of course was taking care of that call.

But the reality of what I'm saying is that companies like Logitech or any of these other major companies should not be allowed to install software on your computer without giving you adequate and reasonable means, or methods, to uninstall the software, and/or to nullify the contract.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking :

Now the reason why I was having problems with Logitech is because a lot of times the use mouse and software software packages for your mouse and keyboard actually do not work very well with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  And the reason for that of course is because Dragon NaturallySpeaking takes over the functionality of your mouse and your keyboard.  So if you are having issues with one form of software or another for your mouse or your keyboard and you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it is suggested.  Or at least I am suggesting that you take a look at your software for your mouse and your keyboard and you very well may find that it is in fact causing your speech program to perform less effectively or efficiently.  Because of redundancy, and of course because of the potential software conflict that exists.

Windows Live Writer :

Now with regard to Windows live writer.  Windows live writer has actually gone through several upgrades over the past few years, which in fact has made Dragon NaturallySpeaking or rather Windows live writer, to become more compatible with and synchronized with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  So consequently, you really don't need to use the dictation box when using Windows live writer, because you can actually dictate right into Windows live writer using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, either 10.5 or 11.5 or greater.


As of right now with the being basically noon.  I am planning on taking care of the petitions I have and of course sharing some of those with my Journal as appropriate.  And I will work as long as I can.  Today and then perhaps take a rest.  I might actually do that now and then come back.  Because it has been a rather long morning.  But I did want to get out this one report about Logitech because I believe it is so very important to do so.

Thank you very much for listening.

I'll write later.

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