Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Humanity Makes Mistakes

11:35 PM, EST:

The right-wing Christian extremists of the United States really believe that they in fact understand God and yet the behavior shows very clearly that they understand nothing.  They have become so arrogant to think that they can change the word of God in any way they want.  With the use stupid bastards of the right-wing Catholic and right-wing Christian extremists in the United States do not understand is how actually typical they really are.  Because they and their ugliness and their evil is not only existing in the United States their evil ugliness is existing all through this world.  And they really aren't anything special.  The matter what their experts or their so called experts might think.  There ugliness has existed for over 10,000 years.  And every time there ugliness got to a certain point God recognized this mistake inhumanity and God fixed the mistake.  Just like God fixed the mistake with the great flood and with the explosion of Krakatau and at the base of Mount Sinai.  Every time the ugliness of these right wing Christian extremists.  First of all they are not Christians and they know that there ugliness existed during World War II under Adolf Hitler.  There ugliness existed under Caligula and under Nero at the fall of Rome there ugliness has existed for 10,000 years and every time there ugliness got to a certain point God corrected that mistake in the human condition.

And while 10,000 years may seem like a rather long time it's really not that long at all.  It only seems like a long time.  And you stupid bastards of the right-wing Catholic and right-wing Christian extremists will laugh at people like me you will scream and yell and try to silence people like but mostly you will laugh at us.  Just like you did before the great flood.  Just like you did for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.  Just like you did prior to the explosion of Krakatau just like you did at the base of Mount Sinai just like you did and 1939 and 1940 in Germany as Adolf Hitler was coming to power.  Because that's what you evil mistakes in the human condition have always done.  You have never changed.  You are the same ugly evil you have been for 10,000 years.

And every time your ugliness has gotten to a certain point God has corrected that mistake by wiping you away.  And that is exactly what God will do to you this time.  God will have the final say and God will correct this mistake inhumanity and then none of you will exist.  Your families will be gone your land will be gone.  Your children will be gone.  Every example of you in the world will disappear.  You will be wiped away.  Whether it happens by natural disaster, or whether disaster whether it happens by pestilence or disease or terminal illness God will fix this mistake.  Humans have never been able to fix this kind of evil in the world kind of evil that you right-wing Christian conservative extremists are.  Because that's what you right-wing Christian extremists really are.  You are a mistake in the human condition.  And you know that and so does the world.  And I don't care if you are that stupid bastard mega-church ministering Houston or where you're evil is existing God will fix this mistake and then none of you will be in the world anymore.  Your children will be in the world.  You're evil won't be in the world and the ones of you that are left will finally realize that they don't put up and shut up.  They will be wiped away as well.  And this will not happen by any human hand it will be God that fixes this mistake because no human can fix this kind of ugliness in the world because no kind of human made kind of ugliness.  It was a mistake by God that you are even allowed to exist in this world.  So God will fix this mistake.  Just as God has always fixed this mistake all through history.

The examples of your evil and your ugliness exists all through history.  And every time your ugliness get to a certain point in your evil got to be so pronounced God.  Then fixed that evil and he erased that evil from the world.  You are no different.  The matter what you think.  You are no different you are just as ugly and just as evil as you were during the fall of Rome, and during all the other times in history.  But now that you have finally said you're going to go ahead and thumb your nose at God's and tell God you don't like the way that God talks you no longer the problem of humanity.  You're no longer any group of humans here in the world.  As far as they are considering a problem.  You are now God's problem you have made it so because of your arrogance with all your so-called experts your so-called experts who were really so stupid and so arrogant that it's hard to tell the difference between their arrogance and their stupid thing.

And you will laugh at me and call me stupid.  And that's a good thing because if you did anything else that would be unusual that's the one thing that you right-wing extremists are not.  You're not unusual your extremely typical and very predictable.  I know exactly how you will behave.  I know exactly what you will do in this world because you have done it time and time again for the last 10,000 years you've done exactly what you are doing right now.  You haven't changed one single bit.  You have not evil you have not learned anything new you haven't demonstrated any kind of unique value all you've done is bring the same ugly evil to the world that you always have the last 10,000 years.  And that's not my problem.  You're God's problem, not humanities.  And God will do to you exactly what you are doing to God because that's what God does.  God fixes God's mistakes.  And you right-wing extremists are definitely a mistake.  Your lives are a mistake your children your businesses your expressions your expression of faith it's all just a big mistake.  You are no different than the neo-Nazis in Germany you are no different than the extremely evil souls who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah, or who lived under Caligula you are no different than the evil that existed under Emperor Nero you are no different than the evil that was in the world.  Just before the explosion of Krakatau you are no different than the evil that existed at the base of Mount Sinai just before the creation of the 10 Commandments.

Your evil is extremely predictable because you have never changed.  So I know exactly what you will do it's all spelled out all through history, because you are exactly the same.  Now as you were 10,000 years ago you are exactly the same as you were just prior to the great flood.  So fill yourselves up with all of your lies and all of your arrogance do exactly what you have done before then God will fix this mistake.  Just like God has fixed other mistakes God will fix this mistake as well and you are the mistake your extremism is a mistake.  You know that as well as anyone else, the only thing that most people don't realize is that you do know you are a mistake but that you do not have the integrity or the moral stamina to admit that you really are just like people didn't admit they were a mistake at the base of Mount Sinai just like those people standing on the rock at the great flood.  Realizing they had become a mistake while the waters rose and God wiped you away.  God will do the same.  You can count on that.  And judging from the timelines of how things unfold and how quickly God moves in the world.  This mistake will probably not be corrected before I am no longer needed in the world which is why I said the other day I don't have to worry about you anymore.  You are God's problem now.  You have made yourself that way with your arrogance.  Your false self-importance.  And it didn't dawn on me until I saw some of the things I have seen over the last few months.  How really typical you really are.  Then I understood.

When I meditated on it.  I completely understood.  You're the same as you were all through history, just like you were during the hundred years war.  Just like you were during the Spanish Inquisition during the Crusades the burning times you haven't changed.  And that's one of the things about life.  Humans will change whether they like it or not.  Because that's what happens in the world.  Life changes.  And if life does not change in the world that part of life that does not change is erased.

The matter what any of you here in the world might say you cannot take away the physical evidence of my back.  The physical evidence of my spinal fusion and the other things that happened to me in my life all happened for a reason.  Just like my survival has happened for a reason.  I am in this world.  Because of a specific reason.  Whether any of you see that are not doesn't matter.  But those of you who do understand will never say anything because you don't have to those of you who don't understand will say all sorts of things.  And yet nobody will really believe you.

Because I as who I am am nothing to this world.  I have never been so I never will be.  Anything to this world.  But the energy that is inside of me.  That came from God.  And no matter what you say and the matter what you do you will never destroy that energy because you can't.  So as I said, now that you have begun to show the level of arrogance that you have shown all through history.  I don't even need to worry about any of you anymore.  The world shouldn't either.  Because your kind of ugliness and your kind of evil only is allowed to exist in the world for a certain amount of time and then God fixes that mistake in order to give humanity more time to change into.  We've all and to grow because that's what life does in this world in this place.  Life changes and evolves and grows and the lives that don't change and don't involve and don't grow they are erased.  They are made no longer present in the world.  You don't have to be a genius to understand that all you have to do is open any history book anywhere in the world and you will see examples of your ugly evil the ugliness and evil of the right-wing Christian extremists who are not Christians at all.  Your examples are everywhere in the world right now.  The matter what religion you call yourselves the matter what land you are living in you are all the same.  There's no difference between you.  You only appear to be different but you really aren't.  And everything about you is extremely typical.

Your behavior is typical.  Your behavior is extremely predictable.  And in the end you will take your selves out by the hand of God you will end up becoming your own worst enemy and your stupidity will be your undoing.  Just like at the base of Mount Sinai just like prior to the great flood.  Just like the conditions that existed prior to the explosion of Krakatau.  Just like you were during Caligula and Nero and all the other times through history God only allowed your kind of evil to exist for a certain amount of time and then God erased that mistake.  And you are the mistake.  Or rather, you are a mistake.  That's why don't have to worry about you anymore.

I actually thought earlier in my life that there was a chance of enlightenment but I see clearly that time is not would it really seems.  10,000 years seems like such a very long time.  And yet in reality it's only but a few seconds.  And that's not really enough time to give certain mistakes in the human condition enough time to correct themselves.  Even know 10,000 years seems like a long time.  It's really not.  And your kind of mistake is really quite typical.  Because as much as you would really like to believe that there is perfection in the universe that's not really true.  There are mistakes all through the universe and generally those mistakes have a rather short time line of existence, relatively speaking.  Because time is a human concept.  Time in actuality doesn't really exist in the universe.  Because the universe doesn't operate on the clock or on the principle of the clock.  Humans operate on the principle of the clock.  The universe doesn't give a damn about the clock.  So mistakes like you do exist all through the universe and have existed so many years that there is no real word to put on how many years those kinds of mistakes have existed but every time mistakes like you have a.  Those mistakes were corrected one way or the other they were in fact corrected usually by being erased.  Meaning made no longer part of anything.

So all you right-wing extremists.  Just like you idiot bastards here in this country, who call yourselves Christians.  When you don't even have anything about you that is identifiable to Christianity when you are the same kind of ugly evil that you have been for the last 10,000 years.  Even know you will laughing.  You will ridicule everyone.  You don't like and show exactly how primitive and backward.  You are God will have the final word.  Just like God always has the final word and God will correct this mistake.  Just like God corrects every mistake.

It doesn't matter what you call God.  It doesn't matter whether you call it energy or plasma or whatever religious name you might apply here on Earth, because the process is the same.  When mistakes that cause a certain amount of instability to the entire process present themselves those mistakes are either corrected or they are eliminated.  So go ahead and be full of yourselves right now and pound on your chest sweat how much you think you are so great and you'll see.  What are the majority of humanity rises up against you to erase you through the hand of God or whether you erase yourselves as a result of your own selfishness and your own greed and your own stupidity or whether it is pestilence or disease or terminal illness or whether it is a natural disaster or a weather disaster doesn't matter the level of arrogance and stupidity you are attempting to achieve right now is extremely typical and is very predictable.  Because you have acted this way.  Like I said the last 10,000 years and perhaps even longer.  There are examples at least in recorded history of your kind of evil being in the world longer than 10,000 years.  But every time your evil did present itself that Eva was eliminated and you are no different the matter how much you would like to thank you are you are no different.

The sadness lies in the loss of potential.  That's the sad thing.  Because if you're self-determination wasn't in the direction of being as evil as you are and is ugly and as anti-life is you are there really is a good bit of potential but you never realize that potential.  Because your evil and your ugliness will cause God to eliminate you, whether by your own hand or one of these other mechanisms I have already described it will happen.  And you will be erased and then your evil won't even be in the world anymore and the ones who are left.  Well, depending on the nature of how things exist not only here on Earth, but throughout the universe.  It's almost like a progression.  I don't think that humanity is done seeing your evil in the world, once God erases you.  But you will be erased.  Because that's what God does.  When God sees a mistake in the universe one that actually threatens the positive progression or the positive expansion of the universe God erases that mistake.  So that is the one thing that you right-wing extremists here inhumanity can count on.  That you will be erased.  With the you take yourselves out or whether it comes by any of the other means I have already explained it doesn't matter you are a non sequitur.  You are in a logical expression of the human condition.  You are so illogical and so counterproductive to the human condition that you no longer function as part of the human condition.  Because your purpose in the world is not to foster a positive progression of the human condition but to limit that expression and to limit that progression and with all your so called experts they won't know anything.  They will know nothing.  Because the sum total of their knowledge doesn't amount to anything.  It doesn't take any brains to lie about God the way that you right-wing Catholic and right-wing Christian extremists are doing just like all the other right-wing stupid bastard extremists throughout the human condition are doing right now it doesn't take any brains to do that.  And whether you change the history books doesn't matter.  You can't change what took place at the great flood you can't change what took place at the base of Mount Sinai you can't change what took place under Emperor Nero or prior to the explosion of Krakatau or under Caligula or under Nazi Germany or during any of the other Holocaust times in human history.  You can't change the events you can only change the books.  You can only change the words you can only change what you teach future generations would you will not change history by doing so you can only make humans as stupid as possible so that they don't remember what actually took place.  And if you do that again.  That's extremely predictable because you've done that all through history for the last 10,000 years.

You've never changed.  There is so much evidence of this that it is a self evident truths.  With all your guns and all your bombs and all of your war you have made yourself so ugly and so evil but you cannot even see how evil and ugly you have become.  And that in itself is also extremely predictable and extremely typical.  So as I said you're not my problem anymore.  And he hoped that I might of had or any others like me in the world might have had of being able to enlighten you, it is practically nonexistent anymore.  Because you are doing exactly what you have always done.  When confronted with any real enlightenment you have buried your heads in the ground.  You have buried your heads and refuse to to look at anything that might enlighten you or to actually get rid of the evil that you subscribe to.  And that in itself is extremely predictable.  So go on with all of your arrogance and your thinking that you know everything.  In that aspect again you are no different than you were 10,000 years ago thinking you knew everything thinking you had all the answers only to find that everything you knew was wrong and it always happens when it was too late when you didn't have any time to change.  That's when you finally woke up to how stupid you were when you no longer had any time to fix the way you were because you had been given every opportunity to do so, and you refused.  And for your refusal you were a laminated because you are no longer a positive element in the progression of the human condition in the progression of life you became a mistake.

And of course you're not going to believe anything I'm saying your ego's won't allow you to and that's fine.  Why would you do anything different now when you have not done so for the last 10,000 years?  You never believed anyone who tried to enlighten you.  So why would you start now?

All I can say is, be ready.  Because when God begins to fix this mistake you will be given the opportunity to step away from the ugliness you have clung to.  And if you don't, it won't be humanity's problem.  Because humanity didn't create you.  You created your own ugliness but the energy inside of you came from God.  So since humanity didn't create you and God created that energy God will fix this mistake.  Like I said, there are times in human history when the hand of God actually came through humanity itself were humanity rose up against the evil and eliminated that evil there are so many examples of this are history that it would be ridiculous to try to list them all here.

So there's no point in trying to reason with any of you.  You won't believe anything that anyone says you never have.  And you probably never will because you never have.  And then at the very last possible moment when the hand of God lays upon this place.  You will feel all the fear that you have felt before and you'll run like rats screaming and yelling and begging for mercy and you will get exactly what you have given out.  No mercy.

Since you have major so so ugly and full of arrogance and stupidity that will be your undoing.  Just like it has happened so many times before.  But like I said humans things that 10,000 years is a very long time.  And even with the biggest minds on Earth the biggest brains in the human condition the longest time that humans can think of is really but nothing more than a pinprick in the scheme of time.  Because as I said time is a human concept.  It doesn't exist in the mind of God or the universe.  It's a human creation.  So humanity will either progress and be consistent with the other aspects of life in the universe or humanity just won't be part of the universe the mistake will be erased.

As I said, they only really sad thing is the loss of potential.  But in reality I don't know that it is actually a loss as much as a displacement.  So go ahead and count on your chest about how much you know how you know everything and now you want things a certain way.  And when you're done talking, then God will have God's say.  And when that happens the mistake will be erased.  Just like it has been all through the history of this planet and throughout the entire history of the universe.  And the history of the universe that humans understand again is only a pinprick of the actual history of the universe just like human comprehension of the size of the universe is only a pinprick of what is actually out there.  Because that's how human brains.  Thank.  You think you know so much that also is predictable.  And quite typical.

So be ready.  Change is in the world.  Because that's what the world does.  The world changes.  And you either adapt or you are no longer part of the world.  The matter how steadfast you think you can be.  You either adapt or you are no longer part of the world.

My part in all of this doesn't even matter.  It was never meant to matter.  That's not why I was given my life back.  And that's fine.  Like I've said before, I know my name.  It doesn't matter whether anyone else knows my name or not, that's not what I was given my life back.  All I can say is, be ready.  Because the world will change regardless of anything that you right-wing extremists might think the world will change and the harder you try to prevent any change the stronger the change will be.  The harder you fight against change, the more significant the change becomes.

Those of you who are in touch with what is going on inside of you will understand those of you who are in synchronization with that inner energy inside of you will comprehend you will know exactly what is coming and all of your books if you have written all through history won't even come close.  Because the change that needs to take place will take place and if you right-wing extremists refuse to change.  Then you simply won't be part of the world he will be part of the changes taking place.  Which means you will be erased you will cease to exist and the remnants that are left hind will probably create more mistakes and at humanity survives those mistakes will continue to be erased and at humanity does not survive the world will go on and life will go on and the universe will go on and God will go on.  Without the mistake.

Us.  Like I said, I'm nothing in all of this and that's fine.  I know this sounds that I have to make.  Because I know the vibration that I am.  I know the vibration of the energy that is inside of me just like I know how I will die just like I know my place in all of this and has very little to do with all the turmoil that humans have created for themselves.  So go on with all of your arrogance and all of your chest pounding and with all of your selfishness in your greed clawing like rats on a ship.  Do it as long as you can.  Because all you're doing is making the mistake more and more pronounced more and more significant.  And when it gets to be too disruptive for two large the world will move forward and the mistake will become more distended more irregular more inconsistent to the point where the mistake will just not be part of the world.  And you will have done it to yourselves just the way you have all through human history.  How extremely typical and predictable.  But that's not really a big deal.  It's sort of expected and there are a lot of reasons why that is so, so many that it would take too long to try to explain it but it will all come right in the end.  With the humanity survives or not.  Well that's not really very certain at this point.  But what will be left again.  What will be left may or may not survive.  There's a lot of different elements involved in how the world changes.  And very little of it has to do with the rather infantile and primitive and disruptive evil of the right-wing extremism in humanity.  Because humanity just isn't really that significant in the world.  Your only one of the species in the world.  You're not the most important species in the world.  You just one of them.  With all your inventions and all of your greed in all of your selfishness and all of your arrogance he not the most important species on earth you just one of them.

And again, there are a lot of examples to prove that out.  All you have to do is look around at the other types of animal species in the world to see how truly temporary and in consequential humans are to the world.  So if you think the world needs humanity in order to exist.  That's just another side of your own arrogance and your stupidity.  So you will find out.  You will either change or you just won't be around.  The matter what you do or say.  Just like it has happened so many many times before.  The same thing will happen again.

On the human plane.  There is a real sadness because it involves personal lives and personal aspirations and dreams and hopes that will be simply eliminated because they won't be part of the world anymore.  There is so many ways right now that humans could express themselves in a more positive manner in order to correct some of these mistakes when humanity as a species just doesn't have the wherewithal necessary to make those changes.  So since humanity doesn't have the ability to make those changes those changes will be made for humanity.  In which case certain sections of humanity will just not exist.  Because you either change or you just aren't part of the world anymore.  You either adapt and if you don't the world moves forward without you.

Don't believe me, I'm counting on that.  If you were really were to believe someone like me that would actually be extraordinary and that's something that your type of mistake in the world has never been.  You have never been extraordinary you have been extremely predictable and very typical.  So you're probably not point is suddenly spring forward and become truly enlightened you don't have the impetus to do so.  You don't have the motivation to do so.  So you won't.  In which case.  If you don't move forward with the world as the world changes.  That's up to you.  That's your choice.

So fill yourselves up with all the arrogance and all of your self-importance right now.  Make yourselves out to be like you are actually something really significant to the world.  Because that's what you do, because that's what you've always done and that's fine.  Then the world and God will have their say.  And that's okay.  Maybe there is a chance that what's left after things are all said and done that humanity may actually survive.  There is a possibility not very likely.  But there is a possibility.  And again, don't think in terms of time, because that in itself would be yet another mistake.  If you think in terms of the clock.  That humans have invented then you will understand nothing.  Because if you limit yourselves or limit your perspective.  In those terms, you will see nothing.

So much violence so much tragedy so much sadness.  And for what?  So that someone can be right and someone can be wrong?  It will be interesting to see how many or how many different aspects of humanity understand the mistakes that have been made this time.  If you measure sadness in terms of your own life.  You see nothing of the sadness in humanity or in the history of humanity, you have to look at the entire life line of humanity to even get a glimpse of the level of sadness that humanity has endured.  The sadness and tragedy that humanity has brought on itself with its own unbending arrogance.  Like I said it's happened so many times before that it's actually almost ridiculous to talk about it.

So think all you want about how you created the world, or how you created God.  Thank all you want about how much you know and then watch how everything you know, matters nothing but it doesn't even come close to the reality.  So just plain to all that if that's all you can do but remember the world changes the world continues to change any of you.  You change or the world moves on without you.  And that's because the world is synchronized with the universe.  Even though humans as one of the species on Earth may not be synchronized with the world.  So the world will continue to move forward.  Just like the rest of the universe.  It will continue to progress.  It will continue to expand and either you will change or you won't.  And if you don't, the result will be exactly the same as it has been.

I guess there is a part of me that wishes I had something better to say, but it would make sense.  So there's no point in saying it.  Because no matter who says it.  The extremism in the world will not listen.  They never have.  And for as long as they are part of the world.  They probably never will.  So that's what you have.  You created the mess that is in this place.  You made the world is ugly as it is and the world is going to fix that and so will God any do you will be part of that change or you won't.  And if you don't change that's up to you and don't apply any projections to what I'm saying.  I'm just looking at human history and the history of the world as we have come to understand it on Earth in addition to what I have learned from being on the other side which I was though most of you even have a hard time admitting that.

I can't say, may God have mercy on humanity.  For what humanity has done if I have any sentiment whatsoever.  That would be mine.

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