Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Humanity Is Not the Top of the Food Chain

4:20 AM, EST:

As I said earlier humans are not the most important species in the world and if any of you don't believe me, that just proves how absolutely stupid.  You really are.  Because there are animal species in this world right now that if they were no longer in the world humanity would not exist.  That's because humanity does not create anything in this world that the world needs.  Humanity is nothing but consumers.  That is what humanity does.  Humanity consumes.  There are animal species in this world that produce things of the world actually need to.  Humanity is not one of those animal species.

And if you think you are so smart.  You need to go ahead and look back and tell you have introduced different animal species into different places in the world and what has happened is that the balance between animals has become unbalanced as a result of the introduction of those animals in those different places in the world and the problems that resulted were catastrophic.  And of course, humanity has many examples of exactly what I'm saying.


Like I said go ahead and fill yourselves up with as much arrogance as you want.  He is Selfridge's you want think you are the best thing in the entire world.  And that will only certify how much more quickly.  You will be taken out of the world.  Because you are not or humanity is not the most important species in this world.  The world does not need humanity in order to exist.  There are hundreds of animal species in this world that the world actually does need in order to continue to exist in such a manner so as to provide a living environment.  Humans are not one of those species.

Humans create waste because they are consumers.  As a matter of fact the amount of wasted humans have created is now actually causing so many problems for survival not only of humanity but of other animals as well.  That's what humans do they create waste.  That's the only thing that humans create.  Because there's nothing that humans create that is of value to the world.  Not one single thing in the entire history of the world and in the history of humanity.  There is not one single thing that humans have created the world needs in order to continue to survive.

Said go ahead and fill yourselves up with as much arrogance is you want the as violent as you want and is selfish and as greedy as you think you should be.  And the more you act that way.  The more you will certify how quickly you will be erased.  Because that is what God or whatever you want to call God and the world does.  God in the world fixes mistakes.  The selfishness the war of the destruction that humanity has done all through human history is nothing but a mistake.  And if you think I'm wrong think back to the days before the great flood or the days before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah think back before the downfall of Caligula or Nero, or the explosion of Krakatau.  Think back to those times and you will see exactly the same arrogance exactly the same violence exactly the same selfishness, greed self righteousness that exists today.  Just like that same degree of self righteousness and hatred and arrogance and greed existed during World War II, World War I.  During all the wars that humanity is fought out of their anger and their hatred for each other.  Because that is the one thing that humans have done that actually has helped the world you have created anger and hatred for each other, which ends up taking out large sections of humanity that's what you have done you have created anger and hatred and racism and bigotry and prejudice and violence in the world and the only byproduct from what you have created is that you end up taking yourselves out.

So go ahead and prove me wrong and laugh at me because then you will be consistent exactly the way you behave that the base of Mount Sinai when Moses was getting the word of God.  And when Moses came down he saw a group of people who were trying to rewrite the word of God and then God had God's say.  And when God was finished talking.  Those people were no longer part of the world.  So you think you can go ahead and rewrite the word of God go ahead and try.  Because you are writing in human language and if you think God speaks in human language then you don't know anything about God because humans did not create God.  God created humans.  Humans are the ones who created language not God.

And as I said changes in the world, because that is what is happening.  Humans will either change as the world changes or humans won't be part of the world and the matter how much you think you know with all of your scientific equipment, you know the nothing your scientific equipment is geared and actually proportionate to and synchronized with the clock.  But God didn't create the clock humans did.  So if you think you can actually measure the age of the universe that is one of the highest forms of arrogance and stupidity that humans have been known for all through human history.  You think you can measure everything you think you can inspect every single thing.  And that if you cannot see it it does not exist.  And that again is your own arrogance and your stupidity.

There are over 10 million forms of life in just this to area of space alone.  Most of those life forms.  You can't even see because most of them are so evolved that humans look like nothing but maggots crawling around on a pile of garbage.  And if you think I'm wrong.  Just wait and I don't mean wait five or 10 years.  I mean weight perhaps the 10,000 years or 1 million years and you'll see way too.  You see how humans look if humans survive in 5 million years you won't look anything like you do now.

And I'm not just talking about Earth, ladies and gentlemen, there are forces in this section of space right now that have a rather significant probability of changing the entire world in a matter of days.  And the scientists here in the world know about these things such as asteroids and that's only one of the things.  There are many more things in the universe they could change the world of the matter of days inhumanity would not even be a memory.  And yet you think you are the top of the food chain you'd better start thinking a whole new way if you learn to survive because humanity is not the top of the food chain.  There are life forms in the universe that would find humans very appetizing.  And they are anything you have seen in any kind of science fiction movie, because those are the constructions of the human mind and the universe doesn't operate on the basis of the human mind the human mind is only able to see fractions of the universe in order to really see the universe.  You have to step out side of the human mind and if you don't know what the human mind is compared to the human brain.  Then you will never know how to step outside of the human mind.

It's coming up to a brand-new year ladies and gentlemen, and humans have a legacy of tragedy and sadness that is so catastrophic that when you start looking at all of the tragedy and sadness that humans have created for themselves.  It becomes almost suffocating.  If you think the level of tragedy and sadness that exists today is bad you have no idea what humans are capable of because you've done it several times before.  It's in the history books.  And no matter how much any of you right-wing extremist the matter where you are changed the words of the history books.  You will never be able to change history because it has already happened.  So you can't change what you have done.  And even if you could even if you could go back in time to change history.  There are ramifications to doing that that are unspeakable.

You better wise up.  Because it's not my problem it's the future of humankind.  It's the future of humanity.  It's their problem and all of the previous generations of humanity have felt like they were the top of the food chain and so your problems just Compounding one on top of another.  You have made your water table almost unfit for human consumption.  You have practically destroyed the food chain on which you depend for food.  You only have to look at the number of food recalls to see how your so-called food chain has become infected with so much crap some of which you are putting into the food that you are basically taking yourselves out the level of disease in the world.  A lot of it is coming from what you were what we humans have done.  And you think you are so smart that you just could go on doing all these horrible mistakes and things to yourselves and that there are no consequences.  You'll find out.  There are plenty of consequences.  Just look at the number of cancer cases all over the world and how cancer is exploding look at the number of cancer cases.  Now, proportionally speaking to the number of people in the world as compared to previous generations and then as compared to other civilizations look at the ratio.  Then you'll get a glimpse of what humans have done to themselves to your cells to ourselves.  Then you'll get a glimpse of exactly how you have destroyed practically everything you came in contact with.

So be proud of your achievements and pat each other on the back and talk about how great you are do that what you can because the world is changing and you will either change with the world or you won't be part of the world, because the world doesn't need humans to exist.  The animal species that are important for survival of this planet will continue despite your best efforts to kill every animal species.  You can in the use it in any way you possibly can.  You will not destroy the actual animals that are actually needed for survival of this planet.  Because you don't have that kind of power even though you've tried your best you will not destroy the fundamentals of life in this world because before that happens you will destroy yourselves.

And as I said, the real sadness in all of this is the loss of potential.  That's the real sadness.  You rush around this planet would your guns creating war screaming and yelling at each other about how much you hate each other.  When in reality you are all part of the same ectoplasmic process.  Humans are just part of an ongoing process.  You're not the top of that process.  You are simply part of it.  And you are not a part that is critical that's where humans have made their mistake you think you are critical.

The loss of potential is the real tragedy.  Because there have been millions and millions of amazing creations that humans have come up with that are works of conceptual brilliance intellectual brilliance and those will be lost.  Because when humanity takes itself out those things won't be around anymore.  And you've already destroyed hundreds if not thousands of religious sites and historical sites.  You destroyed nations you have destroyed cultures you have destroyed so many human lives in the history of humankind that listing them all would take so long that you would forget where the list began.

So go ahead and feel real proud of yourselves for what you have done you have basically given future generations a toilet that is what humanity has done so far is to give our children and our future generations a toilet a ruined world where you have murdered most of the animal species in the world you have destroyed nations you have destroyed yourselves.  You have destroyed your economic systems.  You destroyed your philosophical and your religious and your spiritual systems.  You destroyed almost everything you could because of your hatred for each other and your arrogance and your selfishness.  And now you think you're going to go ahead and rewrite the word of God because you think you are better than God.  You think you have the right to tell God to tell the universe how the universe will exist.  That is a level of arrogance that the universe.  And God will not tolerate.  And there are many examples to prove what I'm saying.  So go ahead and laugh at me like I said I'm counting on that.  And the reason I'm counting on that is not because I'm vindictive I'm counting on that.  Because I know that if you continue with the arrogance that you have been a certain section of humanity will simply disappear because that arrogant section of humanity that feeds on violence and destruction and killing each other will simply take itself out and that's exactly what's happening all over the world factions of extremism fighting with each other murdering each other basically taking each other out and as that extremism spreads so will the war spread.  And as the war spreads so will humanity take out larger sections of humanity basically even racing the mistake.  The hand of God, ladies and gentlemen, the hand of God working through humanity allowing you with your own free will choices to think you are so arrogant that you can do anything you want and hate each other.  And that there are no consequences from your hatred or that negative energy.  No problem.  What will be left will be a different kind of human.  And just like what happened at the base of Mount Sinai or after Krakatau the ones that were left were different types of humans that existed before.

So laugh at me and call me stupid.  Not a problem because I am nothing to this world.  I never was.  I was simply someone that when I died.  I stood right there, right in front of everything that runs everything and while with the human clock ticking it was 5 min. the time that it actually existed was not 5 min.  Because the clock was not invented by God and God doesn't operate on the human clock.  So while the time that was measured was 5 min.  I actually stood there a lot longer and I saw everything and nothing that any of you can say will ever change that.  And that doesn't make me better in any way been anything.  Because I am not.  I never have been I never was meant to be that I was given back my life for a reason.  This is part of that reason to try and warn you about what you have done.  And most of my years here in this world you have laughed at me and called me stupid.

I wonder how many of you will be laughing and calling me stupid.  As the world changes.  Just a little bit more.  Because when that happens most of you won't be laughing at me and others like me in calling us stupid you be doing exactly what you did before the great flood with Noah you'll be standing there begging God for mercy and God will show you any mercy.  Because what happened during the great flood was by your own hand by your own free will.  So, God wasn't going to go ahead and save you from your cells you had become a mistake.  Just like it's Ottoman the more.  Just like prior to Krakatau just like before any of the really significant advance in world history.  You always showed the same degree of arrogance and selfishness and greed and every time you did.  And it got to a certain point the world and God corrected the mistake.  And in all those years you have learned nothing.

He created the clock.  Because you could live in accordance with God's clock or God's time.  So you had to make your own time almost demanding that the universe.  And God conform to your clock and if you look back through human history.  You can see how well that has worked.  So go ahead and be full of yourselves.  Be proud of what you have done because again that will be exactly in character.  You will sit there and think that you are them best thing in the entire universe.  When in reality you don't matter at all to the universe you're one of the millions of life forms most of which cannot ever be seen with the physical human eyesight or measured by any of your stupid scientific equipment because as sophisticated as your scientific equipment is you know virtually nothing about the universe.  Because you're forgetting one simple word that is used in science about the universe.  Known.  The known universe.  That's what it's actually called in science, ladies and gentlemen.  The known universe.  Meaning there is a nether part of the universe called the unknown universe.  You better wise up because what you know is a pinprick of what's out there.  And don't look at me for any answers you would not even understand half of what I saw when I was standing there and I wouldn't even have the words to put it forward to express it to you.  Because there isn't language for some of what I saw.  And again, that doesn't make me special.  It doesn't make me better because I'm not.  Not by any means, at least not by any human measurement I'm not better than anyone.  And if you can't see that then you are either blind or you are basically stupid.  By human terms.  I am not better than anyone that is extremely obvious and I never wanted to be not after I saw what I did in 1968.  I had no desire to be after I saw that.

So continue to destroy the world.  Keep on killing animal species destroying one animal species after another.  Keep on depleting all of the resources that you need in order to survive keep trying to destroy as much of this world as you possibly can with your arrogance and your hatred and your violence in your war and see which you have left.  The world of God will only let you get to a certain point and when you reach that point the world and God will slap you down so hard it will take you 10,000 years to realize you're not even in the world anymore and they don't take you another million years to figure out where you are then it will probably take you another 10 million years to figure out how to come back.  And if you think that's a long time.  Then you don't understand time in the universe because time is what humans invented the very moment they invented the clock time doesn't matter to God and it doesn't matter to the world and it doesn't matter to the universe time is only important to humans.

And as I said, if you think you are full of sadness right now for the tragedy in the world right now you are not looking at the entire picture.  You need to look at the entire human life line to see how tragic and sad humans have become how many lives have been lost how many lives have been ruined how much potential has been destroyed.  And yet you all clawed at each other making out like one is better than another and for what each human life is not even the tick of one single second in terms of how time.  If there is such a thing in the universe is actually measured.

In the scale of your rather primitive clock humans have only been in the world about 20 or 30 min.  And we are talking millions of years.  The dinosaurs who were the dumbest creatures in the entire history of this world actually lived 10 times longer than humans have ever lived and they never did anything to the world.  Like humans have done.  They didn't destroy each other.  They didn't destroy the world like humans are trying to do.  And they lived 10 times longer than humans have lived and they lived fairly much in balance and in peace.

So go ahead and fill yourselves up.  Do what is expected and what is typical what you have done all through history as you have destroyed one culture after another and then rebuilt yourselves and reinvented yourselves continuing to fill yourselves up with arrogance and self-importance.  When in reality you matter.  Nothing you don't matter to this world humans don't matter.  We are consumers that's all humans are we consume we don't create anything that is not a damn thing in this world that we have ever created.  The world needs.  Not one single thing.

There are animal species of course in this world.  Some so small you cannot see them with the naked eye.  And if you destroy one of those things.  Humans will not even exist.  They are important to the world.  They are important for survival and if you keep screwing around and keep on with your destructive means and methods and you destroy even one of those species.  Humans will not even be in the world anymore.  That's how important they are as compared to humans.

As I said change is in the world.  And humans will either change.  Meaning we will either change as the world changes and if we don't then we will be erased.  We will not be part of the world, because the world changes and if humans don't change than humans will not be part of the world.  All animals all life on earth changes as the world changes so does life on earth.  If humans choose by their own free will not to change and the world changes than humans won't be part of the world.  And that will be your choice not God's.

So laugh at me and call me stupid or don't like what I have the same it doesn't matter to me because it's not going to change my destiny it's not been a change humans destiny.  It's not to change your own personal life line.  Just look at the level of disease in the world right now look at the level of terminal illness look at the level of human deformity look at the level of war in killing manslaughter going on throughout the world.  Look at the level of destruction and pollution and all the other things humans are creating.  A consuming species.  That is what humans are they are a species that is what we are.  We are a species that consumes because I am human.  Even know I referred to humanity as you that doesn't mean I'm separate from you.  Because I am human.  I'm not making myself.  Like I'm not.  The energy that is inside of me if I tried to explain things.  It would never make any sense.  There's not enough of you who are really enlightened to even understand.  Although their are some who do.  There are sections of humanity who actually might understand what I might say or how I might explain it.  But the potential for misunderstanding is extreme the potential for misinterpretation is absolutely off the charts.  Because humanity to a large extent is still trapped in antiquated dogmatic thinking and as a result of that with superstition and magical thoughts humans really don't have the capacity intellectually at least the majority of humans don't to comprehend even what I'm saying in this article.  So a lot of what I'm writing will be looked upon as nonsense and you will laugh at me and call me stupid.  Just like you have laughed at millions of others who have tried to warn you all through human history.  Some were extremely famous others were virtually unknown and still you didn't listen.  You did not pay attention because if you had you would not be where humans are right now we humans would not be exactly where we are right now.  If humans had paid attention to any of these voices of the past.

So excuse me of I'm not going to be really in a very celebration mood this holiday season but I'm not.  After the meditations I have had recently and what I have come to understand with regard to what I have already understood there's not much room for celebration.  Cultures being destroyed civilizations on the verge of collapse environmental systems.  So fragile that humanity is literally in the cross wires and still most of you don't even understand you think the greed and avarice will get you through and that along with all of your violence will be your undoing.  Like I said, you can change all the history books you want you can change anything to make anyone believe whatever you want to but you will never be able to change history itself you will never be able to change what you have done because it has already happened.  And you can't go back and change what you have done.  And even if you could, you would not want to.  Because you wouldn't even understand the ramifications of doing so.  And don't think that I'm smart because in terms of human intelligence.  I'm really not that smart.  I may have a little bit more intelligence and some but I have far less and so many others at least in terms of human intelligence.  But then human intelligence really isn't that intelligent.  To begin with.  Because if you were or if humans were really that intelligent than humans would not be as arrogant and as willful toward violence as humans have been all through human history.  I mean if you really were intelligent.  Then things like Caligula and Nero and World War II would never have happened if you are really intelligence those confrontations would never have taken place.  The waste of human life.  The destruction of so much culture none of it would've happened.

So kid yourselves if you want and cling to your violence and screaming yell about how you are all the better than each other and how you hate each other.  Because of all of these rather superfluous human contrived concepts like racism and bigotry.  When in reality all are part of the same process the human process the human part of the equation here on Earth.  The differences that humans see between each other are what humans have made God didn't make those differences humans did.

As animals here on Earth, the differences between humans are exactly the same as other animals in the world based on geography and a number of other environmental conditions.  That's reality, but that wasn't good enough for humanity you had to build and construct all sorts of concepts to separate yourselves.  And you've done such a good job that.  Now you can barely live with each other.  Because of all of the hatred you have created.  And it will be that hatred among other things that will eventually take most of humanity out.

The changes that the Earth is going through right now are beginning to accelerate.  And as they accelerate more humans will die more of humanity will be literally taken out.  You have already seen some of those extremely catastrophic changes taking place right now and it's only beginning.  You don't even understand the origins of the Sphinx.  If you did you would never have fought all the wars that you have.  But you don't even understand the most primal aspects of yourselves.  In your arrogance.  You destroyed the only written record that you actually have of how humanity began in the libraries of Alexandria and you did that, because of your arrogance and your hatred for each other.  You have no idea what you wiped out when you destroyed those libraries.  Nor do most of you care.  That's the real tragedy.  Most people don't even care about the fact that all that knowledge was destroyed.  You need to go back and read some of the notations that Cleopatra and other Egyptians were writing at the time.  Those libraries were destroyed because they weren't writing strictly as Egyptians they were writing as human beings because those writings at Alexandria were not strictly Egyptian they comprised the sum total of human knowledge at the time and in your arrogance.  You destroyed the entire library.  Good job.

That's what humans have done best.  You get to a point.  And you can't stand yourselves anymore.  So you start fighting with each other and killing each other and destroying everything you can because of your hatred for each other.  And then you wonder why now in 2013 all you have to give your children is a toilet.  That is unfortunate.  Our children don't deserve that.  And yet that is exactly what we humans are giving to our children.  We are giving them a toilet we have destroyed most of the animal species in the world.  We destroyed most of the environment while the environment was already changing.  And we are not stopping because of our selfishness and our greed in our avarice we are continuing to destroy as much as we can because we think that money is actually more important than human survival.  Just like humans thought in the past it was a good idea to bring one animal from one place in the world to another.  And then all of a sudden they found that it really wasn't a good idea because really bad things happened which in fact is still taking place.  And humans will continue with that arrogance.  And then you will bring the wrong type of animal to another place in the world words not meant to be.  And then you won't even believe how bad things will get at that time.

So this is the time when humanity as to wise up.  I'm not talking about anything imminent.  Not by any means I'm talking about a process.  And that process is moving forward and humanity will either grow up and put up and shut up and start changing to adapt to that process or humanity won't be part of the process.  Because the process does not need humanity in order to continue humanity depends on the process.  The process does not depend on humanity.

And go ahead and prove me wrong and see how far you get with that thinking.

So congratulations.  The American government is on the verge of fragmentation the world economic community is on the verge of collapse.  The environmental systems around the planet are so fragile at this point that there are actual projections of partial human extinction.  Water wars have been projected food shortages have been projected and yet you keep going with your violence and all your hatred.  Good job.  Trash the planet and see what happens.  Keep on making pigs out of humanity keep making pigs out of ourselves.  Or your selves.  Throwing waste everywhere and arguing about some of the most inconsequential things in the world.  All because of money.  Keep putting money before human survival, and in the space of time as universe understands the human concept of time see what happens.  Because 10,000 years as I said which is a long time in human history is only a matter of seconds.  When you look at things from God's point of view or the universe's point of view.

So excuse me this holiday season if I do mostly contemplation and meditation because I don't really see anything to really celebrate about.  You have whole sections of humanity you are starving to death you have children dropping dead, every minute.  You have millions of men and women being slaughtered every year as a result of your will or you are continuing to destroy historical sites religious sites human potential.

And the best you can do is to argue with each other over differences like the color of your skin or the way you think.  And that is supposed to be intelligent?  Where is the intelligence in destroying yourselves.  Because of how you think or from what region you may have come from?

Humans haven't really changed in 10,000 years.  Humans are basically still fighting over territory resources and food.  So if humans have really progressed intellectually then why are humans still fighting about the same things that they have fought about for the last 10,000 years?  I mean if humanity is really become so intelligent.  Then why is humanity still fighting intellectually, the very same things that they have thought about since the beginning of humanity?  Where is the evolution?  Where is the growth?  Where is humanity evolving?  If you are still fighting about the same things you have fought about for the last 10,000 years where is the growth?

So feel good.  If you want.  Celebrate all that you want and feel real happy about how well you are doing in your individual lives thinking that one life is actually worth more than another and not even being aware of the entire process.  That would be characteristic and typical and very predictable because it is what you have done for the last 10,000 years.  And you don't even want to know how things were before them, you haven't even scratched the surface.  And you're not going to find it in any of the books you have left because you have destroyed most of those books.  You have destroyed most of your literature you have ridiculed and laughed that anyone who tried to tell you what was really going on.  Because you didn't want to hear them you didn't want to listen to them regardless of who they were because the visionaries are always someone who is extremely famous there have been many many millions of humans all through history who were not famous in any way at all.  And yet, who understood so very much and the best that humanity could do was to laugh at them and call them stupid.

So celebrate and feel happy if you want I'm feeling something else.  I am feeling ashamed.  I am feeling sad because it is a huge loss of potential that's what is really lost the potential the potential of what humanity has the potential of being.  And you are destroying the potential every single day with your selfishness your arrogance and your greed and yet you think you are the top of the food chain you have no idea what's coming.  You lied yourselves all about what is happening.  You are destroying physical living environments almost every day with your mistakes that you make.  Fukushima is only one example and if you think the effects of Fukushima are fully realized then you probably aren't paying attention the effects of Fukushima have only begun.

And that's just one example.  Check the ground around Chernobyl.  Then you will get a glimpse of what you have done.  And that yet also is just another example.  Humans don't create anything in this world that the world needs humans create things that humans need.  That's what humans do, because humans are consumers.  That is what humans are we consume.  And we will be so greedy and our consumption that we will get to appoint where we will take ourselves out and that is what we are giving to our children.  We are teaching it to our children.  We are teaching them to be racist and violent and to hate each other based upon antiquated dogmatic thinking to separate ourselves from each other thinking that one type is better than another.  Not realizing that humanity itself is part of the process.  We are part of that ectoplasmic process of life here on this planet, but we are a part of that process the planet does not need because we are not one of the critical species in this world, all you have to do is look at the level of how many bees in the world are being destroyed and the effect of the loss of those bees on food production that the loss of those bees is having.  And if you destroy the bees then you destroy food production that is a fact without the bees you have no food.

And that's only one of the species.  There are hundreds of species.  You can even see with the naked eye.  And if you destroy any one of those humanity won't last more than a week.  Go ahead, prove me wrong.  Please do your best.  Because humanity is full of arrogance that something that is also typical and predictable.  You can't stand for anyone telling you how things really are.  Because you are so full of arrogance and so full of competition than competing with each other.  You can't stand for anyone to come along and tell you how things really are.  So you pound on your chest and make yourselves out.  Like you are so much better than each other, not even realizing what you are doing to yourselves to your future or to our children.  And if you think our children are violent today.  Just wait wait a few generations and see how violent they are then from all the violence you have taught them if you think they are violent and angry today.  You have no idea that violence is not slowing down it is accelerating.  And if you don't stop teaching your children or our children the violence you are within a few generations.  You're going to see violence.  Like you never thought possible, all created by all of us humans something else.  We created because almost everything we create has some kind of negative affect it's like we are able to create anything that has a positive effect because even when we do it ends up having a negative impact or are we forgetting Fukushima?  I mean, I we forgetting the decades when humanity Saying that nuclear energy was a good idea?  Well if nuclear energy is such a good idea.  Like I said, look at the ground surrounding Chernobyl then tell me that nuclear energy is a good idea.

So this holiday season I will be doing a lot of contemplation and meditation.  Because there doesn't seem to be much to celebrate about.  And I'm not talking personally.  Personally I actually have a lot to celebrate.  But as part of humanity.  I don't have much to celebrate about it all.  Because we have pretty much destroyed our environment.  Earth was already going through change.  But we weren't satisfied with that.  So we had to accelerate that change because we got greedy.  We wanted more money and we thought we were more important than anything else and we are going to find out that is a very bad mistake.

And just like mistakes in the past the world and God will fix that mistake.  Or at least that which we humans call God.  The name is for that energy so to speak are probably about as numerous as the different life forms in the universe.  But humans think they know everything that's one of the traits that has been our downfall.  That is one of the traits that will end up taking out most of humanity our arrogance.  Our ego.

So I don't believe any of you were really pay much attention to what I'm writing most of you won't like what I'm writing and most of you will laugh at me and call me stupid.  And that's exactly what I expect and what I am counting on.  Because I don't have to worry about those of you who are violent because you will take yourselves out, because that's exactly what you're doing every day in one conflict or another, all over this planet.  Those of you who are violent are basically taking each other out in one war or another or one conflict or another.  You are just basically eliminating each other.  Because that's all you can do you love violence you love guns you love bondage love war you love hating each other.  No problem.  And all the war that you are having fun playing around with has only one result tragedy.  Or should we say death.  Yet humans don't want to change from the violence because they love the violence they love hating each other.  They love being racist.  They love being bigoted and prejudiced having excuses to hate each other.  Not really being able to look at the big picture.  But you will learn whether humanity likes it or not, humanity will learn and probably just as before it will be too late.  Like I said you can change all the history books you want you can ban books.  You can censor books.  But you can't change history.  You can't change what has already happened you can't change what humanity has done to itself and to this planet you can't change that.  So the matter what you change in your books.  That's not going to change your future.  It's just going to change your understanding of the past.  It will not change the picture because the future is not based on your books.  It's based on what humanity has done some matter what you change in your books that's not going to change what you have done what humanity has done how humanity has embarrassed itself.  I humanity has totally trashed.  This planet.  I you destroyed so much of this planet that is basically on the point of literally tripping over.  And when it finally tips over most of humanity will be shaken off this planet like a dog shaking off water and the planet won't care, neither will God.  Neither will the universe.  Because humanity did it to itself.

And if you think I have any hatred inside of me.  You are wrong.  Because if you think that you don't even understand me at all.  Because like I said, I am sad.  I am sad at the loss of potential so much of what we have created over the years has had so much potential and all we could do was to destroy it.  Just like the libraries of Alexandria you didn't even know what you were doing.  If you really did know what you were doing back then you would've never set fire to those libraries you would have never done that.

And if you think you are really so smart then why don't you try and explain why to this very day of all the writings of Aristotle only about 25% of what Aristotle wrote is even understood by the current human population.  That's all humanity to this very day understand that what Aristotle even wrote an of the 25% that humanity understands of what Aristotle wrote only about a quarter of that has humanity ever been able to possibly disprove and even that is still up for arbitration.

And yet, humanity thinks it is so smart will of humanity is so smart then why don't you understand everything Aristotle was talking about and the reason you don't is because you really don't understand Aristotle you don't understand the world he lived in you don't understand the world he saw you don't even understand hardly how to read what he wrote and how many of humanity even reads Aristotle?

Human intelligence.  It's almost becoming an oxymoron.

So celebrate.  If you want this holiday season I will be praying to God that God have mercy on humanity.  For what humanity has done because the loss of potential is the saddest thing of all.  The years will continue no matter what cataclysmic change comes about.  The Earth will continue in one way or another.  But even that has the possibility of change.  Because at this very moment, there are enough explosives that humanity has available that of all those explosives were exploded at one single instance the world would be projected out of orbit that is a fact.  If you took 100 100 Mt bombs and placed them at any single point on the planet and you exploded those bombs in a single instant within approximately 36 hours the Earth would be out of orbit and 48 hours later all life would cease to exist.  And that doesn't come from me ladies and gentlemen that came from one of the most brilliant scientists in human history, a man by the name of Sir Isaac Newton.  So go ahead and laugh at him if you want.

Phil yourselves up with all your ego thinking how important you are and how much better you are than each other and don't look at the big picture don't look at what is happening in the world Your head stuck into the sand and ignore everything you can Phil yourselves up with guns and bombs and war and hatred and see what you have left.  Their dying every minute, ladies and gentlemen.  As a result of humanity's collective hatred and racism for each other.  Every minute.  Dying that's what you're war in your hatred for each other is doing it's not improving the human condition it's creating more bodies in Morton death every single second.  You will either stop or God will stop you just like God has done before, regardless of what you call God would you call God the universe or energy or whatever biblical name.  You might apply God will stop you because that's what the universe does.  When the universe finds a mistake.  It erases that mistake and if humans become too big of a mistake God will erase the mistake.

If you think the world has sadness right now you are not paying attention the loss of potential the loss of life.  The loss of knowledge over the timeline of humanity is unspeakable.  What a waste.  What a waste of human potential.  God gave humanity of pristine world and the best that humanity could do was to turn it into a toilet.  And you wonder why I'm said.  Unfortunately that's not surprising.  And those of you who have known me ever since I was 19 know that I'm saying exactly.  Now what I have said for the last 45 years.  That's also very typical very expected and very predictable I knew when I first started talking about this 45 years ago how it would all play out.  I knew that.  Just like I know what I'm going to die.  Just like I know when I'm no longer going to be needed here with the time I was given will be up.  Because I was there whether anyone of you believes it or not I had to argue my way back and you would never understand the nature of that argument because it would make sense, but it happened and there have been a huge number perhaps millions of people like me in the world.  All through human history.  And you have ignored them as well and you have laughed at them and call them stupid or a freak or something else.  Never really paying attention to them or what they were trying to tell you if you had some of the tragedies would never have taken place.  Certain go ahead and Phil yourselves up and see what you have left.

Like I said, I know my name because I found out what my name was during those, in Earth time, 5 min.  And that's something that most of you will never be able to understand that while the clock was ticking for 5 min.  That's not how long I stood in front of everything that runs everything I stood there for a lot longer and I was not alone.  Just like most of you won't understand when I say that I am nothing to this world, because I am not.  Just like hardly any of you will understand the energy that was is exactly part of what happened.  And it wasn't to make me special or to be anything in this world that's not why I was given my life back.

So I don't really matter that much to what is going on.  That's not my job.  My job was to try and warn you.  And as I said I'm not the only one.  There are millions all through history who have tried to do the same most of whom were not famous in any way they did make lots of money.  They didn't achieve any kind of notoriety.  And you laughed at them and ridiculed them and you murdered them.  Just like you laugh at me and others.

But you will wise up.  You will smarten up.  You will wake up and it will probably be too late.  Because the world.  You are giving or we are giving to our children is absolutely despicable.  I would give what we are giving to our children to the lowest form of life in the world our children deserve better.  And for any one section of you to think you are better than another shows exactly how your arrogance is really and truly matched only by your stupidity.  Because you don't understand the process.  But you will.  Like I said you will.  You will understand a lot more than you do right now but it won't happen until things get a good bit worse.  When humanity is faced with a fairly significant amount of self extinction.  You will suddenly wake up but it will like history is shown before been too late.

But there is always hope.  That particular type of positive energy in the universe.  There is always hope.  That's what humans call it.  It's a particular kind of energy that exists like a single spark.  But enlightenment?  The potential for that decreases almost every year with the amount of war and hatred that humanity thrives on the more war you create the less enlightenment you are able to achieve.  Like I said you who are violent are not my problem.  Because you are taking yourselves out.  You are taking yourselves out of the process you are taking yourselves out of the equation.  So it's only a matter of time before you kill each other off.  I mean you're doing so every day.  So go ahead, keep killing each other keep blowing things up keep destroying animals keep grabbing at money and see which you have left.

As I said last night.  It's the best thing I can say it's the only thing that may even have any meaning to most of you.

May God have mercy on humanity.  For what humanity has done.

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