Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Four Little Words

8:06 AM, EST:

Just four little words.  Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jew.

And what did you do?  What did you humans here in this world do with those four little words?  You turn those four little words into words representing the largest mass murder of children and women and men in the history of the entire planet Earth.  That's what you did with those four little words.  You made those words the battle cry for justifying your killing and your hatred of women and children your hatred of the poor.  Even know the leaders of those four little words or the original personalities of those four little words never believed in violence.  Nor do they believe in racism or bigotry.  Nor did they believe in guns in killing and everyone of the four personalities of those four little words lived a life of poverty dedicated to protecting the poor and the downtrodden.

And yet all you could do was to turn those four little words into a battle cry in order to kill each other and to destroy everything you possibly could of each other.  And the right-wing extremists, whether you are a Christian or Catholic or a Jew or a Muslim don't even realize how similar you are to each other.  Because there is virtually no difference between any of you.  You won't allow any of your followers to listen to or to read anything that you don't approve.  Which is why the Republicans and the Catholic and Christian right wing extremists in the United States have gone through the process of banning books and not allowing any of their followers to listen to certain TV stations or even certain TV programs or to even read certain things or to learn certain things.  It's being done all over the United States right now it's being done all over the world by the extremists of those four little words.

And yet you think you know it all, you think you're so smart when you don't even have a clue.  You're not the top of the food chain.  Not by any means.  Most of the other animals here in this world other than human beings have actually lived in the world, far longer than human beings and they are actually a lot more intelligent than human beings.  Most of the other animal species in the world can actually hear farther and see farther and their senses are more acute than human beings.  Their instincts don't have to be taught to them the way that most modern human beings have to learn to get in touch with their instincts.  And none of the other animal species in the world have gone to the extent of destroying the world like the followers of these four little words.  Because that's what you did.

And because the extremists of these four different little words don't like the very God they claim to worship.  They changed the Koran and they changed the words of the Bible and they did so repeatedly in order to water down the meaning of those two extremely amazing works so that the words would fit what they wanted them to say rather than what they actually did say.

So in the United States.  We have all these pro-life Christians most of whom who carry guns and who are responsible for most of the killing and murdering of women and children in the United States.  And they call themselves pro-life which is basically not only able, I would just another lie on top of all the other lies that the right-wing extremists of these four little words have continued to do ever since they understood the meaning of those four little words.

So go ahead.  Laugh now.  Because you have no idea what's coming.  You stupid bastards who are really quite stupid, who are the right-wing extremist Catholic and Christians of Texas you really think you have it all.  Like you just know everything like you are better than everyone and you have no idea what's coming for the state of Texas, or that region of the United States.  You have no idea how things are going to change and how you're not can have any livestock you not contaminate crops your coastline is going to basically disappear.  But you don't care.

Jesus told you never to lay money down before God.  So that's exactly what you do.  Lay money down before God.  And then you lied yourselves and say that it's not gambling.  It's just playing bingo even though it is gambling.  And then you lied yourselves again justifying why it's okay for mega-church ministers and TV ministers to make millionaires out of themselves and to make money off of God.  When your own Bible and Jesus Christ told you never to do that.  But you don't care.

So you celebrate morons like Pat Robertson because he is really a really stupid bastard and he is a moron because he said dirty filthy liar and he has made millions off of God.  When Jesus told him never to do that.  Just like Rush Limbaugh claims to be a good Christian.  When in reality he embarrasses Christianity because it is hatred and his drug addiction and how overweight.  He is because of his excessive drinking and he is excessive eating and his tendency to go to the extreme of everything and yet you celebrate him.  Because you really haven't changed since the days of Rome since the days of Greece.

And yet you think you are so smart.  So you build all of these scientific mechanisms in order to try and understand the universe.  Because you think that if you can't measure it, that it doesn't exist.  Which means you really don't even understand the universe at all.  You have no idea how the universe is teeming with life.  Because you don't really care about life.  Because the extremists of those four little words do not see humanity is something to live with or something that must survive.  But simply see humanity is something to make money off of or to control.

And you call yourselves the top of the food chain.  No, you're not.  The other animal species in this world have lived here far longer than you and they are much smarter than you.  Because they have lived in accordance with their environment a lot better than you ever have.  They didn't go through the world changing everything in order to make the world.  Suitable for them.  They adapted.  Humans have not.

And then like little androids during this time of the calendar year.  You snap to attention and claim that you are following the leaders of those four little words and that you will show love to each other and then as soon as January 1 comes about like an alarm clock like a mechanized clock.  You snap back into the same degree of hatred and killing and vile ugly behavior that you as human beings have become known for.

And I say you because I'm not like that.  I never have been.  And I'm not the only one.  There have been millions and there are right now.  Millions of people or human beings just like me.  Millions have tried to warn you and all you could do was to kill them or to drive them insane or to call them stupid and laugh at them.  Because of your hatred for those four little words and your hatred for each other.

So those four little words basically caused more murder and mass murder of women and children than any other set of words in the history of humankind.  And you think you're the top of the food chain.  There's a joke.

So go ahead and be full of yourselves.  Do.  So why you can.  Because you really think that the world needs humans in order to exist?  You really think the universe gives a damn about humanity?  Because if you do then you are not only stupid but so deluded that talking to you is pointless.

It wasn't my job to fix anything that's not the agreement I made in order to come back.  It was simply my job to try and warn you and I was told during that long discussion I had with whatever you want to call it.  The all that is.  I was told during that discussion in 1969 on September 1 at the top of the subtle Ridge in Tucson Arizona that most of you would laugh at me and call me stupid.  Isn't that interesting because you've done exactly what I was told.  You did exactly what I was told you would do.

Additionally, I was rather pissed off that the creator or whatever you want to call it had put me in the position where I would understand certain things.  And then have the responsibility to try and be one of the millions of voices on Earth to warn you.  But I got over that.  Because I realized how pointless it was to get angry because I understood that hardly any of you would ever take me seriously because hardly any of you ever take your own religion, or those four little words very seriously.  Because if you took them seriously.  You would not be building bombs you would not be making war you would not be owning guns.

And if you really took those four little words very seriously.  You would've not gone through the several re-writings of the Bible, you would have not rewritten the Bible you would have not rewritten the Koran but you did because you didn't like the fact that there was a creator who had made you and so you set yourselves up to create God and Allah in your own image and that's exactly what you did.  Even though the original words of God and Allah told you never to do that.  But that's how stupid humanity has become.  You tell humanity not to do something and then humanity will go out of its way to do exactly that thing that you have told them not to do because humanity is so full of arrogance and selfishness and greed that they don't care.

The Koch brothers.  What a sterling example of the bastardization of Christianity.  Selfishness, greed, racism, bigotry, prejudice, hatred, violence.  There's no Christianity in any of those words.  And yet they call themselves good Christians.  Pro-life there's another set of words that is nothing but a bastardization of those words themselves.  Because the pro-life movement is not pro-life.  Because the pro-life movement has actually murdered and killed more women in recent history than almost any other movement on the entire planet.  And yet they lie about it.  Just like Pat Robertson lies about being a follower of Jesus Christ.  When in actuality he made money off of Jesus Christ.  He became a millionaire off of the money he has made by pushing God.  Like some pharmaceutical on a drugstore counter.  Because that's what he does he goes on TV selling God like he's some medicine man and the followers of the 700 club and the PTL club and these other stupid bastards asking for money.  When Jesus told him never to lay money down before God they think they are so close to God and in reality they have done nothing but to mark themselves so that the only thing they will get is the judgment of God for committing a crime against God.

And yet you all think.  You know so much.  No problem.  You will find out.  Probably too late.  Science thinks it knows everything you all think you are so smart and yet to study the smallest particle meeting the smallest of physical particles your scientific equipment has to be almost miles in diameter and even then with the smallest particle or one of the smallest particles known you're only really able to discover the evidence of the particle but not the particle itself.  And then you think you know so much about science.  When the particle you are studying or the particles you are studying don't even come close to the teeming life and the number of particles that exist in the universe most of which don't even exist physically most of the time.  But you think you know it all, you think you're so smart.

You are so smart that you have destroyed most of the other animal species on this planet.  You have destroyed most of the living inhabitable places in the world you have destroyed historical sites religious sites.  You have murdered hundreds of millions of women and children and made the ground read from the blood you have spilled because of your hatred of each other on the account of those four little words when the leaders are the creators or the personalities who led those movements of those four little words were all pacifists.  They did not believe in violence.

So naturally and your so-called holier than thou position of how you hate the creator and how you hate yourselves hate this world and hate each other.  You shook your fist at the creator and you change the words of the Bible and you change the words of the Koran.  And you did so with the intention of giving yourselves an excuse to kill each other and to hate each other.  That's not smart that showing exactly how stupid backward and primitive you really are.  And you're not the top of the food chain.  Because you can't even exist in your own environment without all sorts of mechanisms for comfort.  Animals who have lived in this world far longer than humans don't need any of those comforts and they are a lot smarter than humans have ever been or ever will be.  Because they survive and they do so without destroying the world.  Humans are the only animal on the planet that cannot live in the world without destroying the world.

Congratulations.  You wanted to show the entire world and the entire section of this part of the universe how really stupid and hateful and backward and primitive you are and you have done a great job of doing exactly that.  So now during the holidays you will of course put on these false fronts of how you really care about each other and how loving you are and then as soon as the first of the year comes around.  You will take off those false fronts and pick up your guns and start screaming and yelling at each other about how much you hate each other.  Just like mechanized robots.

No problem.  If you can't clean up your mess.  Then it will be cleaned up for you.  And when that happens most of you won't even be around because the world doesn't need humanity in order for the world to exist.  Humans need the world not the other way around.  And if you think I'm kidding just look at some of the recent disasters that have taken place in the world.  Natural weather disasters take place and humans die the world doesn't die.  Humans do.  The world goes through a process of correcting itself and humans get in the way and just as I have said, the world shakes off humanity like a dog shaking off water.  But you all are so smart that you don't care.  You will why you will cheat each other.  You will steal from each other you will lie to each other about how wonderful you are doing which human rights and taking care of each other when in point of fact the number of children being murdered and the number of women being abused slaughtered is actually increasing faster than the rate of population which means all of your human rights efforts are not doing one single thing to fix problems or even to slow down the problem because the problem is accelerating.  And it is accelerating faster than the rate of population growth.  Which means you want to stopping it or slowing it down and that no matter what you do you are having no effect on it whatsoever.  Because if you were the numbers of murders and tortures and killings and beatings and raping so women and the numbers of murdering and killing of children would actually either be slowing down or staying the same or going down.  And those numbers are not doing that.  So then you listen to these liars on TV who use smoke and mirrors with their language to convince you that they are telling the truth when in reality they are nothing but liars spreading racism and bigotry and hatred, because humanity hasn't changed in over 10,000 years.  You are just as gullible now to believe those kind of lies as you were back during the days of Aristotle and Plato and Socrates, and even before.

But you think you're smart.  You all think.  You just know what all.  So you cling to your guns and you hold up your guns then you scream and yell all those four little words so that you can go ahead and kill each other and make more war and kill more people spill more blood so that you can walk over Morgan dead bodies of children and women.  All because of those four little words.  And then you turn around and call yourself pro-life which is a lie.  What you call yourselves good Christians which is a lie.  You call yourselves loving, which is another lie.  You call yourselves the top of the food chain and that's one of the biggest lies of all.  Because you're not the top of the food chain.  Not by any means all you are is conceptual.  That's the only extra ability you have.  Because your instincts can't even come close to some of the instincts of the other animals that live in this world.  Because of your instincts were that strong your ears would be a different size your nose would be a different size you would not have to be taught your instincts or talk to get in touch with your instincts.  Because other animals don't have to learn that it just happens.

But you think you're all smart.  You think you know what all.  And you will destroy everything.  You will destroy this world you will destroy each other.  And you don't even care.  You are so dimwitted and so gullible that you will just sit there and not pay attention to anyone you don't like you won't read anything you can't understand you will pay attention to anything that you don't already know.  And yet, you think you're smart.

I'm of course not talking about some of you and I'm not talking of course about the majority of those of you who read my Journal articles.  Because the truly stupid don't read articles like mine.  The truly arrogant and holier than thou morons who think they are better than others.  Don't read Journal articles like what I write.  Either they are not allowed to read articles like mine because people like Pat Robertson have threatened to kill their entire families.  It they do.  Or they don't read articles like what I'm writing because they don't have the brains or they don't want to know.  There's always an excuse for people to go ahead and ridicule and laugh and make small of people like me.  You did it would John the Baptist you did it with Martin Luther you did it would Joan of arc you did it with the children of Lourdes.  You did with the children of Fatima.  You did it all through history.  Any time anyone tried to warn you about what you are doing the reaction of your right-wing extremists in the Catholic and Christian religions was for you to kill them.  Good job.

So what do you learn from John the Baptist or Martin Luther or Joan of arc or Sir Thomas Moore?  What did you learn from the children of Fatima or the children of Lourdes?  You learned nothing.  Because of you have learned anything you wouldn't still be murdering and killing women like you are in the United States with most of the killing of women being done by Christian members of the pro-life movement of the United States.

And what's even more stupid is that you people who are members of the pro-life movement Christian movement in the United States actually think that Jesus is going to come down and thank you for murdering and killing women and children.  When he died protecting them.  That's how stupid you really are.

So go ahead and call me stupid.  I'm used to that.  You have acted exactly like I was told you were going to behave.  And people who knew me at the time in 1969 and in 1970 and 1971 and 1972 know that's true.  Because I haven't changed.  At least in that regard.

So laugh now.  Get all your laughing out of the way right now.  Because you stupid bastards in Texas with all of your racism and all of your bigotry and prejudice and all of your arrogance and your greed and your selfishness.  You have no idea what's coming.  You have no idea how your state if not going to have any crops or any animals and no resources how most of you are going to end up starving to death and dying because of what you have done to your own environment.  You have trashed your environment.  Or are you people in Texas forgetting that the weather patterns in northern Texas are now becoming some of the worst in world history?  It's only a matter of time and you idiots down there in Texas will either wake up or you won't be around.  You have made the oceans almost unfit for animal life.  You are killing animal life all through the oceans every day.  You have destroyed the Electromagnetic fields in the oceans in certain places to such an extent where no life can even exist in those places.  And you call yourselves smart.  Like I said that is a joke.

Any of you think I hate you that unfortunately shows your stupidity.  Because of I really hated my fellow humans my fellow world citizens.  I wouldn't even spend the time saying what I'm saying now.

Would you all know so much more than I or any of the others like me know.  You claim to be so smart with all of your sheets of paper proclaiming your intelligence.  When the sum total of your intelligence has brought you to a place where within about 200 years.  Most of you won't even exist.  And I don't mean the individual personalities.  I mean most of humanity won't really be around.  Because there won't be enough resources there will be enough air and you will have done it to yourselves.  You won't be able to blame God or Allah for what happened because you did it to yourselves.  You took those four little words, Christian, Catholic, Muslim and Jew.  And you made those words.  The battle cry for wars and killing and murder on a scale that no other animal in the history of the world has ever come close to even executing or demonstrating.  You have shown the world how stupid and ugly you are because you have destroyed most of the world.  And you really think the universe is going to allow you to do that elsewhere?  If you do then you don't understand the universe at all.

So laugh now.  Please do.  Make sure you laugh as much as you can because you won't be laughing soon.  And I'm not predicting the end of the world.  Not by any means.  Because the world is not going to and humanity for the most part will.  But the world will continue so I'm not predicting the end of the world.  I'm just telling you that humanity has made itself its own worst enemy.  And unless you put up and shut up and lay down your weapons and turn away from all of your violent ugly ways.  You will destroy yourselves and Jesus will not come down.  Nor will Muhammad, nor will Buddha nor will Allah nor will God, no deity will come down to save you.  It won't happen your environments will fail and the world will continue and other animals will continue because other animals are like humans.  The other animals here in the world are much better at surviving and humans have ever been.  And we know that's true because the evidence is right in front of you and if you can't see it.  It's your own fault nobody else's.

So go ahead and claim to your guns go ahead and go to be go in and say you're not gambling when in fact you are go ahead and give money to these mega-church in TV ministers.  When Jesus told you never to lay money down before God, go ahead and lie to God and live yourselves and then see how far you get.  Don't believe anyone like me God for bid you would ever believe anyone like me you've never have just like I said, John the Baptist Joan of arc, sir Thomas Moore, the children of Lourdes, the children of Fatima, Martin Luther, Galileo, and I could go on and on and on and on.  There are so many millions of humans all through world history who have tried to warn you about what you were doing that you didn't pay attention to that you laughed at or you murdered.  Whenever you are given the opportunity to really see what you were like and what you are doing your reaction was always and still is always the same.  You pick up a weapon and you try to kill that person you try to destroy them because you don't want anyone telling you what to do or how to think.  You don't want anyone showing you a reflection of yourselves or a mirror to show you how ugly you have made yourselves.  Because you can't stand looking in the mirror.  You can't stand looking at yourselves in the light of reality.  So you create all these games and all of these lies that you live within in order to convince yourselves that you are the top of the food chain or that you are the best of all that ever has been.  When in reality your nothing more than a somewhat failed experiment.

That's the truth of the matter, ladies and gentlemen it was an experiment that's all it was.  And it's not over.  It's just changed.  Within about two or 300 years most of humanity won't even exist anymore.  There will be only a small remnant of you left and stupid bastard assholes like the Koch brothers and all their money won't mean anything to the world, because there will be enough people in the world for the money of assholes like them to mean anything because all that will be left will be remnants of humanity.  And then the experiment will begin all over again.

And you do you will put up and shut up and learn how to live with each other or you will duplicate exactly what you have done now and the world will shake you off.  Just like it is doing now.  And then the experiment will be done again.  And again.  And again.  And after a certain amount of time the experiment just won't continue anymore because you will have destroyed so much of the core of what humanity is that there won't be enough left to rebuild upon.  And then humanity will simply become another animal species that has become extinct.  And you will done to yourselves.  All your creativity all of the good things you ever did will simply disappear because you have put more value on your guns and on greed and selfishness on hatred and on using humanity to make money off of them learning how to live with.  And for that it doesn't matter what kind of religion you are which one of the words you follow those four little words.  It's not going to matter where you are in the world you do you will put up and shut up and you will adapt or you will die.  That's the bottom line.

And if you think you need all your guns in your weapons and your bombs and all the mechanize scientific equipment in order for you to survive.  Then you really don't even understand yourselves at the basic level.  You've made yourselves so dependent on artificial chemicals and artificial living environments that you are really very much instinctive anymore.  You don't know how to live in accordance with your environment.  You don't know how to live in peace with your environment.  Because you don't do that, hardly at all.  You don't even know how to live in peace with yourselves.  Let alone the world.

So go on and continue to think how smart you all are and how great humanity is when you have made yourselves an embarrassment to this world.  Just because of those four little words.  Christian Catholic, Jew and Muslim.  That's all you've done.  You've used those four little words to divide yourselves and to compete with each other and to hate each other and to use them as a battle cry to destroy each other and to destroy this world.

No problem.  It wasn't my job to fix anything.  That's not the bargain.  I made.  And the creator or that energy that you call by so many different names knows that.  That energy that you call by so many different names knows that I have never turned my back on that agreement.  Not once.  And that energy also knows I have never once made myself out to be better than anyone because I'm not.  I'm the lowest form of life that the energy that you call by so many different names ever threw down on this planet.  I am the lowest form of life that ever existed in the world.  I'm not important my life has virtually no importance whatsoever.  And hardly any of you will ever know the energy inside of me.  Some of you don't want to know and others of you will never believe it's and others of you will never see it.  No problem.  Because, whether or not you ever discover what energy was put inside of me so that I would continue doesn't matter.  That's not going to save the world.  Because that's not my job.  I'm just one of millions trying to warn you and I'm nothing special.  I never have been.  I'm just different.  That's all I am just different.

But you will see.  And like maggots climbing around on a pile of garbage.  You will beg God or Allah or whatever you want to call it for forgiveness you beg for your lives.  You'll plead for the life of humanity and the only thing the world will do is laugh at you as it wipes you off the surface.

And if you think I'm wrong that would be a mistake.  There's more than enough proof in recent years and even in recent current events to show that exactly what I'm saying is happening.  And it's only going to get worse.  Because that's what you wanted.  That's what monsters like the Koch brothers want.  Because the Koch brothers don't give a damn how many of humanity survive.  Because the Koch brothers don't look at humanity is something to live with but something to make money off of.  And we know that's true because they demonstrate that ugliness every day.

And when they get old and they get feeble and they get close to dying.  The only thing they will have is their money.  Because they will never have any real assurance within their heart and soul as to whether people are around them because of their money or because of what is inside their soul.  That's what happens when you have lots of money.  Because when you have lots of money.  You never are sure whether the people who associate with you are associating with you because of your money or because they like you.  You never have that assurance because you focused so much on your money.  But it became like a God to you and so you true other people like you close to and that's exactly what you have around you.  People who worship money.  Like God.  So when you get old in your lives begin to fail those people won't be around you because they care about you.  They'll be around you.  Because they are exactly like you and they worship money as God.  So all you will have when you are dying is your dirty filthy money and it won't do a damn thing.  Because when you walk through that door and you go to the other side your money has no meaning it has no bearing.  It doesn't mean anything.  Because you can't use money in the universe.  The universe doesn't give a damn about your money, the universe doesn't give a damn about your ego or your stupid idiotic wars in your hatred for each other.  Because the universe doesn't operate on language we humans are the ones who created language not the universe.

So go ahead.  I have no problem going back to that energy that you call by so many different names.  I don't have a problem with that.  I've been ready ever since that deal was presented to me.  Just like I'm ready now.  I don't have a problem.  It's not good to be my soul.  It's going to be judged for the killing you have done.  And killing you have supported the killing you have justified the lies you have told.  I'm not the one on TV asking for money in the name of God.  I'm not the one who is a minister in church wearing a side arm threatening anyone who ever enters that church if they are not exactly what that pastor demands.  Because that's what you pro-life Christians have.  You have ministers in church who are wearing sidearms and who are ready to kill anyone who comes into that church who doesn't meet your specific standards.  Not gods your own standards.  And by doing that you have created God in your own image which of course is a sin.  It's an act of blasphemy.  But trying to tell you that is ridiculous because you have twisted those four little words, just like you twisted the Koran and the Bible to suit your own purposes to generate more war and more killing more destruction more hatred and bigotry and prejudice and war.  And that's all you've got.  An environment that is failing economic systems that are on the verge of collapse.  That's all you've got.

So be proud of yourselves.  You wanted to rule over the world and you did.  And now the world is going to have its say in the matter.  And will see which animals on earth will survive the best don't count on humans being in that group.  Because you can't even survive without all of your creature comforts you can even survive without all of your technical gadgets you can hardly survive at all.  And that's not all of you.  Not by any means.  There are huge number of you in the world who are very good at survival and you really do understand how to live in peace with your own soul and with each other.  But when you compare that very large number of people who are like that to the amount of people who are actually in the world that large number of people becomes a rather small number.  By comparison.

So we will see.  It doesn't matter to me.  And don't think about that psychological profile that has existed for well over 50 to 60 years and perhaps even longer where when someone dies they suddenly become enlightened and they think that the world is going to and so they start talking about the end of the world.  That's not what I'm doing.  Because I didn't start talking about this last year were last week.  I've been talking about this for the last 45 years.  And those who knew me when I was growing up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio know that I was even talking about it before my operation back when I was eight and nine and 10.  So I don't fit that psychological profile of someone who is dying and who is predicting the end of the world, because I'm not predicting the end of the world, because the world will continue humanity is the thing that's getting in the way.

So go ahead.  Kill yourselves up with more lies.  Because that's what you're doing.  All this violence all the good guns you have all the bombs you have it you don't even realize the effect that every single gun going off has electromagnetically not only on the point where the gun is fired, but how that explosion that the gun executes actually affects Electromagnetic fields throughout the entire planet.  You don't even have a clue.  Because at the current time your best science isn't able to understand the Neutrino one of the more critical sub particles.  All you can do is track the Neutrino you don't understand its relationships you don't understand how to measure the variances in the density changes because you don't even have the equipment for that.  And the best equipment.  You can build is so huge taking so much of your resources and your money that doing even one experiment on that type of equipment can basically bankrupt your entire country.

Good job.  And you think you're the top of the food chain.  That's really sad.  Because you're not the top of the food chain.  Your instincts aren't really that good.  The numbers of you that actually know how to live in accordance with your environment are really very few because most of you don't even have a clue how to do so.  And that's unfortunate.  Most of you are so prepared to pick up a weapon that you don't even know how to live in accordance or in peace with most of the animals in the world.  And that's really stupid.  Because most of the animals in the world.  Live in peace with each other.  Humans are the ones who have set up all the artificial lines and barriers between yourselves whereby you create war and kill each other and destroy the world in the process.  There are animals of course which instinctively live on the basis of kill or be killed.  But that's not all animals by any means.  Not by any means.  And yet, you think you're so smart.  If I hadn't been told that this is the way it was going to be I would be incredibly sad.  Because it's really a waste.  It's a waste of human creativity it's a waste of the human soul it's a waste of the human experience.  That's what you have done.  You've wasted just about everything you are given.  You have destroyed the air you are destroying the oceans your destroying the land you are destroying yourselves.  You are lying to each other and then bragging about it.  You are lying to each other so much that you can't even tell the truth anymore.  You don't even know what the truth is anymore.  You don't want to know what the truth is.  As I said, there are millions and millions of people around the world right now, who understand exactly what I'm talking about because they are doing exactly the same thing in many many different ways.  And in your arrogance and your selfishness and your greed.  You are laughing at them to and calling them stupid.  It's nice to see that you can be consistent with one thing.  Anyone who ever tried to warn you about what you are doing.  You either laughed at them and call them stupid or you murdered them.  Like I said it's good to see you can be consistent with one thing at least.  That's your hatred.  That's something you have never gotten a handle on.  Families killing each other every day neighbors killing each other people robbing each other people beating in murdering women, while belonging to the pro-life movement.  Liars on television telling you they are working for God while they are becoming millionaires off of God.  And then all of you being so smart that you don't even see that these TV ministers in these mega-church ministers are nothing more than the Pharisees of old.  Because that's what they are.  And yet you buy into them exactly the way you did.  When Mohammed was around when Jesus was around you doing exactly the same thing.  Like I said it's good that you can be consistent with a few things.  Even though those few things all have to do with your own self-destruction.  But that's your problem.  Not mine.  It never was much problem.  I never agreed to do any of that.  I agreed to be a voice.  Just one of millions and millions in the world that would try and warn you and you did exactly like what I was told you would do all my life.  You did exactly like I was told you would act.  You laughed at me and called me stupid.  Some of you tried to murder me some of you tried to abuse me.  Others of you have lied about me.  No problem.

Laugh now.  Get all your laughing in why you can.  Because it won't be very long before you're knocking to be laughing at all.  You'll be clinging to some rocker some three begging for your life begging God to have mercy and if you think God is going to have mercy for you as a result of what you have done.  You are either stupid or just plain crazy.  If you really think the universe in this sectionis going to allow you as human beings to bring your crap out into space.  Then you don't understand the universe.  You think the only forms of life are the ones you can measure with your equipment, or that you can see when all you have to do is close your eyes.  Because when you do you can see one hell of a lot more.  This area space is not going to tolerate humanity screwing up this section of the universe that won't happen.  Because before that happens the Earth will make an adjustment and the universe will go through and Electromagnetic fields change whereby the sub particles will accelerate and change.  And when that happens humanity probably won't even be around anymore.  Because you will have made yourselves extinct as a result of your hatred.  Your stupidity your arrogance your greed your holier than thou attitude.  Your clawing and scratching at each other trying to make each other better than each other.  When in reality, no one's better than anyone else.  And all you have to do is look at someone in those last few minutes of life.  Because when you do there is no difference.  Those four little words don't mean a damn thing in those last minutes before you die.  They don't mean that damn thing.  Because what you go through that doorway there is no more language.  So those four little words don't even exist.

And I know what I'm talking about because I was there and everyone who is actually met me and known me over the years, especially those from 1969 know that is true.  But I don't have to prove it to you.  That's not my job.  My job was to warn you and that's what I'm doing.  That's what I have done ever since I made that deal.  And most of you have not even understood anything all through my life I've got papers from the different places where I lived where a lot of you either made fun of me your tried to destroy my life I've got photographs I got all sorts of little things to substantiate how ugly you have behaved and how horribly.  You treated me and others.  Because of your arrogance and your greed in your selfishness.  No problem.  If that's the best you can do with your time on Earth don't think you are going to get a reprieve when you go to the other side because you won't.

It doesn't work that way.  It's nothing like what you think because when you actually do die there's a number of things that happened with your consciousness.  Because that's the energy inside of you and that is one of the truths that you actually were able to discover.  Although you really don't understand the meaning of it that well.  But it's true.  Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  Because energy is just there.  It's actually a byproduct of another process.  But of I tried to explain it to you.  There just aren't really very many people in the world who would understand or even agree because you're trapped within that mechanization of the clock of the physical world, then everything has to be physically demonstratable or it doesn't exist.  The symptomatic thinking that humans have become so good at.  Linear thinking flat minded thinking.  Reactionary thinking.  When in reality your own physical bodies are not symptomatic they are actually problematic.  They are anticipatory.  That's actually how the nervous system actually operates on a problematic basis being anticipatory because your nervous system will in fact anticipate conditions and then change.  In advance of those conditions.  But that's not how your brains work.  Or at least that's not how you taught them to work and I don't mean everyone.  Not by any means.  There are tens of millions and even hundreds of millions of you who are problematic in your thinking and who are anticipatory and your chances of survival are better as a result.

So go ahead keep filling yourselves up with all of the Bullshit and all of the lies.  Because as you do you just increase the potentiality of at least a three quarters or more extinction of your own species.  Logic, ladies and gentlemen.  No smoke and mirrors.  Just logic.

But I'm the one who stupid and crazy.  Right?  I'm the one that's easy to laugh at and call stupid.  Right?  You would all your guns and all your money and all your selfishness and all your greed having did demonstrate your love for each other rather than to simply love each other.  You have to buy all sorts of gadgets in order to make yourselves feel like you have any importance because you don't have the decency to simply love each other.  And so you use those four little words Christian, Catholic, Muslim, and you, as a battle cries to create more war kill more children and murder more women make the ground run red with the blood of those you murder because of those four little words.  How smart is that?

It's not a problem.  It's actually going exactly the way that I and so many others were told.  You won't listen.  You won't stop not until it's too late.  Here again selfish a racist bastards who follow Edward Rutledge and his band of criminals you won't stop.  That's why most of the state of Texas is nothing but a bunch of racists who hate God and hate Jesus Christ.  Even though they claim to follow Jesus Christ because they hate every kind of person that Jesus died protecting.  Which is why in Texas women are being murdered and slaughtered horribly children are being abused because naturally Jesus died protecting women and children.  So the right-wing Christian extremists of Texas believe that the way to celebrate Jesus is by killing and murdering the people he died protecting.  Just like they believe that they are actually going to get salvation by laying money down before God.  When Jesus told them never to do that.

And you call yourselves smart?  That's not a word I would use.  Not at all.

So you will either wise up or humanity?  Well he'll either fix what you did or it will be fixed for you and then nothing will be like it was.  Go ahead do the research.  Prove me wrong.  Pound on your chests like you are better than everyone else like you are bigger and stronger when you don't even have the strength of will to live with each other in peace.  So how strong are you?  It doesn't take a lot of guts to pick up a gun and blow someone away.  I've seen it done.  It doesn't take a lot of courage.  It actually takes more courage to stand there and to not react.  And in reality it's true.  You can take someone with the loudest voice in the whole world and put them at the highest mountain, where everyone in the world should be able to hear them.  And then you can have them yelling and screaming as loud as they can.  Then you can take someone with the softest voice and put them in the deepest valley in the darkest forest.  And have them simply whisper.  And the remarkable thing is that the world will hear the person whispering in the deepest valley and in the darkest forest better than the world will hear the person screaming and yelling on top of the mountain.  That's always been true.  And we know that's true because history has shown you that it is true time and time again.  But in your arrogance you haven't seen anything.  Because all you wanted to do was fight each other and hate each other and make more war and kill each other and justify your hatred and your racism in your bigotry and your bloodlust.

So what makes you the top of the food chain?  Don't answer me.  I already know the answer.  I'm asking you.  What makes you think humanity is the top of the food chain when all you have done is to destroy the world.  When know whether animal species in the history of the world has ever done that?  What makes you think you are the top of the food chain when you have turned this place.  This Earth into a toilet?

So go ahead and raise after your money and pick up those guns and scream and yell about how you hate each other and then during this one single month or this one single time of the year you will put those guns down and you will profess to be loving and kind to each other.  And then as soon as January 1 comes around.  You will pick up those guns and you will start screaming and yelling how you hate each other and the war will continue when the killing will continue and you will continue to destroy this world killing animals murdering each other destroying historical places religious places destroying countries murdering women killing children and then claiming you are pro-life of course.

My advice to you as human beings has a fellow human being is for you to get ready.  Prepare yourselves.  Because what's coming is not what you think it's not going to be anything like you think.  If you think your movies even come close to representing anything that really takes place in the universe you understand nothing.  Your science doesn't even have the equipment to measure some of the changes going on throughout this sectionor even here on Earth.  And the best equipment you have is so huge and cost so much money that you can barely even use the equipment.  Because you don't have enough money or enough space to build the equipment or even use the equipment because that's how you think.  You don't even realize the energy you have within your human brains.  Because if you did you wouldn't need all those pharmaceutical companies you wouldn't be eating all the crap you wouldn't be mistreating your bodies the way you are and you would've learned more than you have learned over the past 10,000 years.  But you haven't.  You did learn very much at all.  That's not my problem.  It's yours.

So go ahead.  Laugh at me and call me stupid.  Call me anything you want.  Summon up all your hatred for me.  Just like you did for John the Baptist and everyone else.  All through history who tried to warn you.  Don't change be consistent in your ignorance.  At least you will have that.  That you have been consistent in how stupid you are.  Which is why the right-wing Christian extremists the science they hate education because they don't want their followers to be smart they want their followers to be stupid because stupid people are easier to control.  That's why the Republican Party and the tea party and the right-wing Christian and right-wing Catholic extremist hate education because they know that stupid people are easier to control and that's what those religions and those political parties.  Not only in the United States but throughout the entire world are based upon.  Keeping people stupid.  So that they are easier to control because they don't like anyone who has real brains because they can't fight facts and logic.

So go ahead be proud of yourselves.  You've made the world unclean and virtually unfit for people to live in.  And if it's not there yet.  Give it time.  It won't be long.  You're running out of air.  You're running out of resources.  You're running out of room.  And you're running out of options.  And if you don't fix what you have done it will be fixed for you.  Because the universe is not going to let you screw up anything other than what you have already made into a toilet.  You turned this world into a garbage heap.  And the world won't put up with that.  Neither will the other animal species on this planet.  You don't even want to know what's going to happen or what has the potential of happening.  It's not certain but if you don't change the potentiality of certain things actually increases and you will either get out of the way or you will be wiped away.  Just like you as human beings have destroyed most of the animal species in the world.  The world will do the same to you.  And if you don't see that train coming down the tracks it's your own fault for not getting out of the way so don't blame God or anyone else you want to blame for what's happening.  You did this to yourselves.  You made the world into a toilet and you will either fix it or most of you were most of humanity will simply be gotten rid of.  And it will be some arrogant stupid bastard like the Koch brothers pulling the levers to make humanity go away.  It'll be the universe and the Earth that will shake off humanity in order to fix itself.  Because that's what you did as human beings that's exactly what you did.  You took this world and hated each other and build bombs and Bill Johnson made war and killed hundreds and hundreds of millions and millions of men women and children to the point where the ground is red from all about blood you have spilled while you are screaming and yelling how you are pro-life.

And in accordance with that deal I made so long ago.  I'm not done.  I have a ways to go.  I already know the outcome.  I've known that ever since that discussion in 1969 on September 1.  I knew the outcome back then, which is why I got so angry but then I stopped being angry because I realized there was no point in getting angry at least at that energy that you call by so many names because it wasn't it's fault that I handed up where I was.  It was just how things turned out.  And there actually is a synchronicity for why everything happened the way it did.  But most of you would not understand what I would be saying you wouldn't understand the explanation and even more of you would not believe it.  So there's no point in talking about it.  Especially when most of you think I'm nothing but a stupid idiot who knows nothing.  And if that's all you see when you look at me.  You see nothing.  Even know you have convinced yourselves you know everything about me.  You know all about me.  You know the way my brain works you know everything you need to know when in reality you don't know anything.  Because if you were pressed to explain even one single aspect of my life.  Most of you wouldn't be able to do so.

And as I said before, within 10 min. after I leave this place.  Most of you won't even remember my name.  You won't even remember that I was here.  That's how important I am because I'm not anything important.  The energy inside of me.  That's something different.  But again, there's no point in explaining it to you.  Some of you would either call me stupid.  Others of you would laugh at me and call me crazy.  Others of you would be so filled with your own self-importance that you would not believe me or you would say that I'm lying because you just can't bear that someone like me might actually know what I'm talking about.  You just can't stand that.  Because your arrogance is only matched by your own stupidity.  No problem.

It's not my future you have to worry about.  It's yours.

May God have mercy on you for what you have done.

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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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    The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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    The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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