Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Daily Life

2:54 PM, EST:

Well I got my energy back.  And I also was able to clear my mind from what I learned this morning from my meditation.  So I am moving forward.  I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed by the number of requests for contributions.  I understand the dynamics and I understand that.  Unfortunately almost all if not the majority of the work that is done to save lives and to fight for human rights is dependent on certain amounts of money.  But it just seems that with the wealthy doing everything they can to record as much money as they possibly can.  That it often falls to the middle and lower classes and those living in poverty to support many of these efforts with money to fight for better human rights.  And that is what I find disappointing.

But that is part of the current enigmatic condition of human rights these days around the world.  The wealthy and the right-wing extremists throughout the world do everything they can to cause human rights problems.  Because of their hatred for the middle class and the lower classes and the poor.  And then once they have caused those problems the wealthy then do everything they can do hoard their money because they don't want to give up any of their money because they just simply want us who are poor to give them our money and then to go away and die.

And that, unfortunately, is something that is probably not going to change until something rather cataclysmic takes place on earth whereby humanity is put into a position where they see how superfluous and how extremely trivial all the money that they rush around trying to get as much of, really is.  Because in the final analysis, in those last hours when someone is alive, all that money they have spent most of their life chasing doesn't really mean very much.  The money isn't going to buy them in any way a better place in heaven.  If there is such a place.  It's not going to make them more important.  It's not going to make people regard them any better.  Oftentimes those people who poured money and basically make themselves out to be better than others.  Because of how much money they have, or some other stupid criteria usually end up dying very much alone.  Even if they have friends and family around them.  They usually end up feeling very much alone.  Because the only thing that gives them any kind of solace whatsoever is their money.

But in those last hours of life the solace they get from knowing that they have all that money doesn't really matter.  Because in those last hours of life within the next few hours.  They won't even be part of the equation anymore.  Which means they won't be able to touch their money.  They won't be able to use their money.  They won't be able to chase after their money anymore.  And that's all they will have.  Their money.  Not to mention the fact that if they focus on their money and don't really focus on any kind of personal relationships that are not based on money.  But the people who will be around them while they are dying are going to be more interested in their money than they are in them.

But you can't tell most people about this because most people don't care.  Because our world functions on money.  And it functions on certain people being better than others.  And it functions on the struggle between the group of people who believe that humanity is something to make money from versus the group of people who believe that humanity is something to live with.  And unfortunately the people who are actually running the governments throughout the world generally are more concerned.  Or at least oriented toward looking at humanity in terms of something to make money off of, rather than something to live with.

And we know that's true because of the unfortunate statistics of how cruel our world really is.  As I've always said if we as humanity were doing a good job at human rights in our world.  Then the numbers of children dying and the numbers of women being persecuted and dying and the numbers of men being tortured and dying would either be staying the same, or they would be slowing down in their ever forward, increase.  Or they would in fact be going down.  But that's not what the numbers are doing.

The numbers are actually going up and they are going up faster than the rate of population.  Meaning the rate of population growth.  And that means that we as humanity are actually killing more children and murdering more women every year in spite of all of the money we are gathering together and all the money we are spending and all of the energy we are spending.  Because if we were really having any effect whatsoever.  Those numbers would either be staying the same or they would be going down or the would be slowing down.  And the numbers are not doing any of those things.  They are accelerating.  Meaning that we are just getting more bloodthirsty and that we really don't care about resolving human rights.  Because if we were really concerned about resolving human rights then there would be a fax from our human rights, which means the number of children being murdered and the number of women being abused and murdered would be decreasing or it would not be advancing.  But that's not the case.  The numbers are going up more and more every year.

And that of course means that we are not learning anything about how to live with each other and also means we are not doing a very good job with regard to human rights, and it means that most of the money we are spending on human rights is not having any real affect on the human rights crisis that is taking place inhumanity at this time.  Where millions of children and millions of women are being beaten and raped and murdered and destroyed every single year.  The numbers in my see also section below not only certify this fact but should remind everyone who is reading this Journal entry of what a miserable job.  We as human beings are doing at maintaining ourselves in this world as one of the animal species who lives in the world.

Bullshit walks and the money talks.  For 45 years I have been saying this exact same thing that I have said in the above paragraphs.  And for 45 years.  Most of the people in the world have found it to be a very good idea to laugh at me and call me stupid, rather than to realize that I have been telling the truth.  And to realize that it is not going to be a problem for me if humanity does not address what I'm talking about.  It's going to be a problem for humanity.  And whether humanity grows up and ask more mature and more responsible, whereby humanity begins to no longer think in terms of how to make money off of each other.  But in fact how to live with each other.  Until that happens, these terrible human rights tragedies will continue and they will get worse.

And as I've said before, the fires of hell are not what any of these rather dimwitted pastors or religious people might suggest.  Because there are no physical fires of hell burning around you when you die.  And I know that because I was there.  But what does happened is that if you fill your consciousness with nothing but negative anger and hatred and violence.  Most of that ugliness is not going to go away when your consciousness re-centers outside of the physical shell that is your body.  And when that consciousness then begins to exist on the other side of the veil in what we call death.  All that crap that people have filled themselves up with with regard to violence killing and hatred and racism and all the other stupid very ugly forms of behavior that so many of us buy into.  That ugliness is not going to go away.  At least not most of it.  And what is really unfortunate is that people don't realize that when they get on the other side of the veil.  If you have filled your life with all of that violence and all that ugliness most of it is still going to be there in your consciousness.  When you get to the other side of the veil regardless of how your consciousness changes.

But don't believe me.  At least don't believe me right now.  Because you will believe what I'm saying.  And you will probably believe what I'm saying after someone else says what I'm saying.  Because that's the type of person I am.  Nobody wants to believe that someone like me might ever know what they are talking about.  Because I'm really not that important to this world.  And I never have been.  And I have never wanted to be so.  So most people won't believe what I'm saying even know the numbers prove that what I'm saying is true.  People will wait for someone else with some sort of recognition or someone who is more famous where someone who has lots of money or someone who is able to buy their way into the various media shows on TV.  Then they will believe.  Or when it is convenient or personally or economically or politically or religiously expedient.  Then they will believe.  The only problem is that humanity is running out of time.

So the longer that humanity continues to lie to itself about how great things are in the world.  When every single minute 25 children are starving to death.  And every single minute 25 more children are being murdered and when in the United States every single 30 seconds that takes place another woman is being pressed up against the wall of her home being either raped, beaten or murdered with 78% of those crimes being committed by pro-life Christians.  Most of them are Republicans.  That pretty much certifies that humanity doesn't really have any very sincere interest in learning how to live with itself, because humanity is much more concerned with clawing and scraping on each other and climbing over each other like a pile of maggots climbing around on a pile of garbage.

And if that's the best that humanity can do that.  It really won't be very much of a surprise a few generations from now, or perhaps within 200 years.  When humanity finds that it is running out of resources running out of room running out of air.  And when there just aren't that many people left in the world.  Because that is a potentiality whether humanity wants to admit it or not.  And when humanity gets to that point none of the wealthy with all of their dirty filthy money will be laughing.  Because there won't be enough people to work in their factories.  And there won't be enough people to work for their companies and it won't be enough people to buy any of their crap products.  Because most of the people will either be dead or will be dying.

And when that happens the wealthy won't be laughing very much anymore because their money won't mean a damn thing and their self-importance won't mean anything either.  Because they'll just be another human trying to figure out how the hell do survive in a world that is no longer friendly and in a world where survival is going to be a lot tougher than it ever has been.

So humanity will either wake up or over the next period of years.  Perhaps 200 years.  Most of humanity just won't exist anymore.  And then no one will be laughing.  And it will be humanity's fault for letting that happen.  Not gods or not anyone else's.  Humanity will have done it to itself as a result of the selfishness and agreed and the hatred and the racism and the ticket freak and all of the other ugly things that humanity chooses to demonstrate to one another when they have the same opportunity to demonstrate kindness but choose not to.

As I always say,

It's your karma….  Not mine….

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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

    For the record, I am pro-life . I do not support violence against, or the killing of any human being under any circumstances! In the entire 62 years of my life I have never raised my hands in anger at, or struck a single human being. And the only way that I ever deviate from that stand is that I do not believe that God has ever given any human the right to dictate to any woman how she is to arbitrate her life with the Almighty, and/or God . Therefore, I believe that all women deserve the right to choose for themselves the fate of their own bodies, pursuant to their relationship with the Almighty, and/or God . My position regarding this statement is more fully explained in my article entitled: Second Gear.


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    For the record, I do not now, nor have I ever hated any human being on earth. I do not hate, regarding my spirituality, and spiritual beliefs, anything that the energy that is beyond this world that so many of us call, God, did make. Meaning that I do not hate the “humanity” that exists within any human being. However, God did not make the personal choices that humans make, regarding how they behave, and/or present themselves, to the world. So if a human being chooses, of their own free will to demonstrate their behavior with racism, bigotry, prejudice, and hatred for other humans, on the basis of their own free will choice as to how they define their spirituality within themselves, that is their own choice. So I do not hate any human being for being that which God did make. I hate only the choices and the manner in which humans have decided to demonstrate their behavior to one another. Whereby, as a result of those choices, war and mass murder have all too often been the primary result. I do not hate religion. However, I will never give my support to “any” religion, that has ever caused harm to, or killed, a single human being, in any way, as a result of the religion demonstrating, or manifesting it’s presence in the world. If any religion has ever harmed or killed a single human being, I respect the right of all humans to believe what they want in life. And subsequently, to follow whatever religion they choose. however, I, personally, will under no circumstances give my support for, or to, any religion, or theological belief, that has ever harmed or killed even a single human being. This is what I have dedicated my life to as a spiritualist and a pacifist here on earth. So any attempt by anyone to portray me as hating anyone is a lie. Because that is not so, as the foregoing clearly explains. 


    The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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    The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)


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