Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Daily Life - System Update

2:53 AM, EST:

System Update:

As I said, I have been making a lot of changes not only to my system.  But to my life as well.  I am in the third year or actually going into the fourth year after my darling Aileen died.  And this year will be of course different them.  The others.  One way this year will be different is that I have made some changes to my home computer system.  As I am in the process of upgrading some of my security not only for my computer system but for my home as well.

Additionally, I am no longer using the calendar in Outlook for what might be considered a daily calendar.  This is because with Google basically being the governing software for my android phone.  It's just easier to use the Google calendar and the alarm application on my android phone for my daily schedule.


Now those of you who are actively following my Journal, you now probably have realized that the upper portion of my Journal is a lot different.  I do have news feeds for various news sources along the sides of my Journal.  But I have put the news feeds at the top of my Journal for a specific reason.  This is to give you, the readers, more of an opportunity to have access to the very same news sources I use in this Journal in my attempt to be a voice out of the millions of course, for the cause of human rights.  So if you will use those news sources you all have access to the same information that I do.  And they can be extremely helpful if you will use them.

Additionally now because I'm not going to be doing any more of the running gun battle political type articles.  I will be doing a lot more human rights articles from the standpoint that I will be posting a lot more videos and graphics from the various human rights sources that I get.  This of course will be to bring attention to the various human rights violations that are taking place in the world.  And of course point out that while religion constantly talks about going to the greater good.  In reality, religion in the modern world, meaning the four major religions, have become more like the battle cries for conflict and war and killing.

As I've always maintained I do not ever believe that this is as a result of the religions themselves.  Because the vast majority of people who are involved in the four major religions, Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, and the Muslim religion.  The majority of people involved in these different religions are truly remarkable and wonderful people.  And I know that's true because I have hundreds if not thousands of friends all over this world in the four different religions.  But I also have hundreds of friends who are of course, Buddhists.

So in the future probably beginning today, you will begin to see more graphical information and videos regarding human rights.  I will still be doing personal Journal entries like I am right now.  And my, daily life, series will continue.  As far as system updates.  There doesn't really seem to be much need for system updates at least right now because so much has become stable.  Meaning my system has become so stable with the care.  I have taken that there really doesn't seem like there's going to be many more changes that I will be making.  At least changes the are safe for me to talk about or are fitting or proper for me to talk about.  Because of course I'm not to talk about certain home security or certain computer security changes would not only be inappropriate.  But it just isn't a good idea, based on affect the if I talk about them, I then compromise their security.


I have of course gone back to using Internet Explorer, IE 11.  And it is working out just fine, because it actually does have complete compatibility with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5.  This is not to say that Firefox is not a browser.  But because I am using Dragon naturally speaking 11.5, there are still issues in that version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, with the Adobe shockwave flash player.  At least in Firefox.

And because Google Chrome basically has no compatibility whatsoever with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5.  I did not have any plans at all, under any circumstances, to begin using Google Chrome.  So I will continue using Internet Explorer, IE 11.

Daily life:

It's now actually just about one hour before I normally wake up.  Which is no big deal.  I've actually spent a certain amount of the evening in meditation, and prayer.  So my plans for today are to have some breakfast and then I will go back into meditation for a few hours.  Then I will go ahead and do my e-mail.  And as I said, as I'm doing my e-mail my Journal is going to take on a completely or a slightly different tone.  Because not only will I continue doing the human rights reports.  But as I do them.  I will be as I said above, including graphics and videos pursuant to the different human rights reports that come across my desk.

But I will also be including graphical information and other blog appropriate information from some of the technical sources that I get every day.  Such as CNET and from PC World.  And the reason for that is because I believe that these are very good sources and that you, as my readers are going to benefit from some of the information that I read every day.

As I said this year is going to be different.  Aileen's sister, Evelyn, is really a very sweet and wonderful lady.  She really is.  It's just that she really wants everything her way and doesn't have very much tolerance for anyone who needs things to be done differently than the way that she, Evelyn wants those things to be done.  And that's just not going to work for me.  Plus, as I said, my problem with that one is simply because she has become the boy who cried Wolf.  I just can't trust what she says anymore.  She has told me so many times that she was coming over.  And then never did that.  It is literally like the boy who cried Wolf.  Not to mention the fact that Evelyn is not even aware of.  And I'm not even sure she cares about, the fact that her not coming over when she was promising.  She was has actually hurt my feelings.  Because I don't believe Evelyn thinks about anyone's feelings except her own.  At least that is how she has demonstrated herself to me not only after Aileen died.  But all the years that Aileen was alive.

So I don't expect to see Evelyn or hear from her probably for a very long time.  And that's her choice.  My choices that I will not move.  Because I don't.  When I take a stand.  I remained standing there, no matter what.  And my stand is that my promises to my darling Aileen and to God and to all of you I the promises that I will keep first and that I will maintain.  No matter what.  And that means that of course I am dedicated to this Journal.  I am dedicated to all of you who read my Journal because I am as I have always said, extremely gratified and very honored that those of you who do read my Journal think enough of my Journal to feel that worthy of being read.  And that really does mean a lot.

I will of course be rather busy in this coming year.  Because I am doing a lot more with my Journal and because I'm also doing a lot more in my real life.  Because of how I have made certain changes in my life, economically.  I am going to be doing a lot more shopping in the future.  Plus this year I will be making improvements to the house to of course not only maintain the house, but to also repair some of the general damage that houses experience.

And I am becoming a lot more involved with my neighbors, which just makes sense.  I'm coming out of my shell somewhat.  Meaning that I'm finally doing a lot more celebrating of my darling Aileen and her life rather than grieving for her death.  However, I still to this very day never start a single morning without walking over and gently kissing my darling Aileen sashes and always reminding her that no matter what.  I am still here.  Right by her side always moving forward.  And that is the basic key.  I am always moving forward, no matter what.

So the Journal will become a lot more alive.  I will be putting up medical reports I will be putting up computer reports I will be putting up product recalls I will be talking more about cancer I'll be talking more about what I have learned from being a cancer survivor and knowing so many wonderful amazing people.  People who are absolutely and who were absolutely some of the most incredible people anyone would ever want to know.  And of course some of them did not survive their cancer and others have.

So that is one of the things I will begin talking about.  Because it's time.  The good people from the hospice team who took care of my wife have always left an open door for me to join their effort.  But because of my own physical limitations along with how painful it was for me to watch my darling Aileen die.  I have just never believed nor do I still believe that I could ever really be another caregiver again.  If that is to happen I will let God decide when that should happen.

But I can as a fellow world citizens to all of you stand by all of you need to stand by your side as a friend.  Which is what I have always been all my life.  So I will be sharing more product recalls and food recalls and medical information.  I'll be sharing a lot more computer information of different types of software and different mechanisms that I have found reliable and generally of course those reports will be coming from extremely reliable sources on the Internet.  Sources that you as readers will be able to trust without any question.

So my Journal is going to come alive.  So to speak.  And of course there will be those messages where I write to my darling Aileen.  Where in the first couple of paragraphs I always start out talking to her.  And then, through the miracle of the process of how the energy within us changes as it goes to the other side of the veil.  Within a few paragraphs what is always amazing is that she begins talking back.

So there will be those articles as well.

Some big changes are on the way, ladies and gentlemen.  And the changes are all good.  And they are for you.  Not me.  Because well this Journal is actually has one of the three principles states.  This Journal is in fact the Journal my darling Aileen wanted to do with me, but never was able to do so.  And it is also that continuing human rights efforts that my darling Aileen and I did for 18 years.  This Journal also belongs to all of you.  Whether or not you know it.  It really does belong to all of you.  That doesn't mean that it is your Journal in that you all are part of the writing of this Journal.  Of course I am the writer.  But all of you have the ability and the opportunity to comment.  If you wish.  And you are more than welcome to do so.  And so in that regard it really is your Journal, just like it is mine.  Just like it belongs to my darling Aileen.

So we will move forward together.  Side by side.  Sharing what we know.  Sharing what we have learned.  Because that's what you do in life.  You study and you research.  You learn.  And then you do.

Like I've always said.  Life is meant to be lived.  Life is meant to be used.  Life is not meant to be wasted or abused.  So when you are given a life.  You are meant to use that life and to live that life to the fullest extent possible.  Because that is what you do.  You are given a life.  If you are religious you believe that life comes to you from God, or Allah or Buddha.  If you are not you believe that life comes to as a result of them are active the scientific processes that generates all life here on this planet.  But in any event, you are given a life.  And when you are given that life you live that life.  You use that life.  You use that live to do good for yourself and for others.  You use that life to learn as much as you can and did grow is much is you can to exercise your brain and your heart and your soul and your body and everything that is part of you.  But if you waste that life or abused that life.  Well things, generally then just don't go very well.

So my message to you is for you to use this Journal.  Use the information I have provided here.  Don't just read the Journal entries.  That's not what this Journal page is.  I have set it up to be a resource center for you to give you a lot of information.  To give you a tremendous amount of resource information that you can use not only in your daily lives.  But in your efforts regarding human rights that we are all concerned with.  So that we can at least know that if we're not able to save or to rescue everyone.  Perhaps we can at least save or rescue some.

So now everything moves forward.  And that's exactly the way it should be.  I have always called God, the old man.  Don't ask me why because I'm not sure I even know.  It's just what I have always called God.  So the old man knows that I'm doing exactly what I said I would do and so does my darling Aileen.  And those of you who have known me over the years.  You know this as well.  That when I say I'm going to do the same.  99.9% of the time.  That's exactly what I do.

So is ever onward.  Sometimes fast.  Sometimes slow.  But ever onward.

I'm going to have something to eat and then I will go back into meditation and then.  Well, we will begin.  One step at a time.  But always ever onward.

Thank you very much for listening.

I'll write later.

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