Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Daily Life - Blogging

7:48 AM, EST:

I am quite sure that most of the people who have been reading my Journal for the past couple of days.  I'm not really thrilled by some of the the potentially confrontational points that I have been making.  It's important to remember that part of my job is to be indecisive.  To present alternate views and positions regarding any specific issue, as that issue relates to human rights.

Furthermore, to challenge any group or any entity or political party or religious movement who in fact supports or promotes, in any way, any form of human rights abuses.  Not only in the United States, but throughout the entire world.  The actions of right-wing extremists regardless of whether their political, economic theological or cultural makes no difference.  The right-wing extremism in our world is basically ruining our children and it is ruining our world.  It has already basically or at least virtually, destroyed the global economic system and a number of different ways.  And now this right-wing extremism is beginning to destroy our art and our science or sciences.  It is also destroying our schools and our family units.  There is nothing good that is coming from right-wing extremists of anywhere in the world.

So as difficult as it might be to read the positions I'm taking regarding right-wing extremism in the United States I do so on the basis that the right-wing extremists in the United States are virtually on a campaign of destruction of the United States government and freedoms in this country.  This of course can be seen by their physical actions and their public statements.

At the same time I have done a great deal of thinking over the past two days.  I have concluded that the degree of how evil and hateful and anti-human and anti-life and of course anti-religion the right-wing Christian and right-wing Catholic extremists in the United States along with the Republicans and the tea party really are.  That there are no amount of words and no amount of public demonstration that is going to open them or at least open their minds, let alone their hearts so that they will understand that the lies that they are telling and the cheating they are doing and all of the stealing and all of the hatred and racism they are promoting.  All of this ugliness is not doing anything to demonstrate to anyone in the world that they have any Christianity whatsoever.  That of course is making them liars before humanity and before God.

Furthermore, it has become very clear to me that Fox news has.  This story about Jesus being white, because they know that it is a red flag.  And because they have so much hatred and because the people at Fox news are basically sets stupid bastards are basically failed journalist can't get work anywhere else.  The best that they can do is to turn Fox news into a yellow journalistic rag.  Because that's what Fox news has become.  Tabloid news.  None of which is true.  The journalists are the lowest form of journalists in the business no honest TV station or media outlet whatever higher anyone who works at Fox news, because honest news media outlets don't higher liars or racists.

There is not one single commentator at Fox news who can get a job anywhere else.  At any other news organization because they are the worst possible form of news commentators they are liars.  They are racists and they're basically stupid.  And they are as I have said failed journalists.  Bill O'Reilly couldn't get work it any news organization anywhere in the world because no one in the world respects him because everyone in the world knows that he is basically a racist and a liar.

And the same is said for every single news commentator at Fox news.  Every one of them is a racist and every single one of them is a liar and every single one of them is paid to spread propaganda and not to tell the truth.

So this news story about Jesus being white is not only a dirty filthy lie.  Because there are more than adequate historical document showing very clearly that there were no Caucasians who were Jews at the time that Jesus was living.  Meaning there was no one who was white and at the same time a Jew, while Jesus Christ was living.  There are records certifying this after Vatican in Rome for the Catholic Church just as there are records for this in the Muslim and Jewish religions as well.

Fox news and Rupert Murdoch know very well that they are basically lying and they enjoy doing that because they don't care Rupert Murdoch thinks that he has enough money so they can basically tell the world to go to hell and that he could say anything he wants in the world will not bother him whatsoever.  He found recently that the UK basically is not going to allow him to cheat and steal from the people of the UK.  Unfortunately here in the United States, the United States takes the posture that they enjoy being lied to and cheated and basically treated as if the population in the United States is a bunch of stupid assholes.  Because United States taking no action whatsoever to shut down Fox news or to stop them from lying and being racists while using the news media services of the United States.

And that's probably not going to change.  Because the right-wing Christian extremists of the United States have no problem killing elected officials murdering TV publishers and TV managers and news broadcasters they don't have any problem killing police officers murdering American soldiers killing American veterans they don't care if they have to murder and kill American women and children and burned them alive they don't care if they have to kill the governors of their own states or judges or their own family.  Because the right-wing extremists who are Christians and Catholics, the right-wing Catholic and Christian extremists of the United States care about only one thing killing and murdering every single American citizen the matter who they are unless that American citizen will now down to get down on their knees and pray to the right-wing Christian extremists as if they were God because if anyone does not do what the right-wing Christian extremists tell them to do the right-wing Christian extremist will hold up their signs saying they are pro-life in one hand and they will hold their Bible under their arm and they will take a gun and they will kill everyone in your family they will murder your children they will burn your house to the ground.  They will blow up your business they will kill your elected officials they will kill the police officers in your city and your state they will well up your state the world are in this country to the ground in order to get what they want.  Because being pro-life to them means burning and killing and murdering children killing women beating women to death.  Raping them destroying life and killing and destroying this country.

Of course if I'm wrong.  Then none of the facts in my see also section below would be true.

But understanding the foregoing I realize that Pat Robertson has no problem, just like his fellow TV ministers and the ministers in most of the churches for the right-wing Christian extremists in the southern United States have no problem taking a gun to church and walking up and down the aisles and shooting and killing every single child in murdering every single person in that church if they don't do exactly what he is the minister tells them to do.  And those ministers have no problem standing at the doors of their church with a shotgun and anyone who is not a member of that church that Mr. will kill that person whether they are a five-year-old child or an older man or woman that minister will shoot them and kill them if they are police officer and nonmember that church that minister will shoot that police officer and kill him and then the federal government with think that minister for doing so because they're Christian.

And again, if you think I'm kidding.  It's in the news.

So as long as Fox news and Rupert Murdoch and the other right-wing Christian and right-wing Catholic extremists choose to behave like a bunch of stupid bastards who hate God and hate Jesus Christ and hate religion and care only about killing and murdering children.  So that they can claim to Jesus Christ that they are doing exactly what Jesus Christ one of them to do which is to go forward and kill and murder children and destroy this world so that they can take the blood of those dead children and wipe in on their Bibles a weapon on themselves and say to Jesus that they are in fact doing what he wanted them to do which was to go forward and not be there brother's keeper like to kill and murder and destroy this world Adobe murdered children and burned children alive and burn this world to the ground destroy the world.  Because that's what Jesus told them to do at the sermon on the mount.

Of course if it is not what Jesus said at the sermon on the mount then that would mean that the assholes at Fox news and the assholes who are Republican stupid bastards and the stupid bastard pieces of crap tea party assholes and the right-wing Christian and right-wing Catholic extremist pieces of garbage who live in this country are dirty filthy liars.  They are racists they are anti-American.  They are anti-God they are anti-Jesus Christ.  They are anti-religion they are anti-human.  And again my see also section below clearly shows that what I'm saying is 100% true.

But as I said, I understand that the federal government is taking the position that they enjoy this kind of mass murder that they love scene children being beaten to death and shot and murdered and killed they love seeing women being raped and tortured and blown up and set on fire.  Because the federal government is not doing one single thing to stop the lying that Fox news is doing the federal government is not doing one single thing to stop the mass murder that the Republicans and the tea party and the right-wing Catholic and right-wing Christian extremists are doing.  The federal government is doing nothing to protect our women in our children from this murderous campaign of hatred that the Republican Party and the tea party and Fox news and the right-wing Catholic and right-wing Christian extremists are waging against American citizens, in their own country.

Which means that things are never going to change.  But the right-wing Christian extremists are going to get their way and turn United States into Nazi Germany.  They will then set him death camps and every single person in this country who does not do exactly what they are told to do.  I various Christian ministers will be put into those death camps they will then be thrown into furnaces where they will be burned alive.  And then their bodies will be fed to the dogs.  And as the ground then turns red from the blood of the millions and millions of men women and children that the Republican Party and the tea party and the right-wing Catholic and Christian extremists are murdering.  As background turns red with that blood that love will also be on the soul of every single Republican Party piece of crap bastard and the tea party pieces of garbage it will be on their souls because they may what have been able to lie about the murdering their doing to humanity into themselves and to each other.  But they will not be able to tell that lied to God.  And Jesus Christ their God their Lord and Savior is going to do to every single one of them everything they have done to everyone else in this world, whether they like it or not.

So that basically means that Fox news will now begin calling for the Christian conservatives of the United States to rewrite the Bible, because Bill O'Reilly will probably want everyone to know that Jesus did not stand for peace but that he actually stood with a large sword in his hand at the top of the sermon on the mount and he threatened everyone they are saying that if you don't go forward and kill and murder every child in this world and earn this world of the ground then I and God will come here and we will kill all of you.  Because we are God and you will do what we tell you.  Because we get for violence.  That's the position that Bill O'Reilly takes the Jesus did for mass murder and violence and hatred and racism.  That's the position that Rupert Murdoch's Fox news takes.  That's the position that all of the journalists at Fox news take.  The Jesus did not stand for love that he stood for mass murder and killing and hatred and racism and that Jesus stood for having the followers of Jesus go forward in this country and murder women and kill children and burned every single baby alive and throw those bodies to the dogs.  That's what the Christian conservatives believe that Jesus wanted everyone in his name.  That Jesus wants the Christian conservatives to set fire to people to steal from them to take knives and kill police of the present until elected officials of Congress and then to invade other countries and kill all of the ruling families every nation in the world and to spill blood all over the planet and turn the entire Earth into nothing but blood red ground with millions and millions of dead bodies lying everywhere and disease rampant.  That's what they believe Jesus wants them to do.

And again there are copious source notes in my see also section low clearly showing that this is true.  So if that is the case.  My position really is.  I sure the hell hope these stupid bastard asshole garbage Republicans and these pieces of crap tea party bastards along with their filthy dirty, ugly garbage right-wing Catholic and right-wing Christian pieces of crap.  I hope they start with me.  If they want to go ahead and start killing people in this country to show how pro-life they are.  And if pro-life means murdering children and killing women in beating them to death and stealing and lying and cheating and shaking their fist at God and telling God to go to hell because they are going to kill anyone they want if that's what it means to be pro-life in the United States that I hope that those stupid asshole bastards start with me.

But on this account I have decided that what I'm going to do is to step away from this kind of ugliness that the Republican Party and the tea party and the right-wing Catholic and right-wing Christian pieces of crap assholes in this country are supporting and promoting.  And for that reason over the next few days the format of my Journal will in fact taking on a slightly different tone.  There will be newsfeeds at the top of the Journal for various political newsfeeds that are known for their honesty regarding politics and the religious polarization along with the open campaign of hatred that Fox news Rupert Murdoch but pieces stupid bastard crap.  He is.  Because Rupert Murdoch is just basically an asshole he knows he's going to burn in hell.  And so does his entire family and he doesn't care.  Because as far as he is concerned God can go to hell because Rupert Murdoch basically feels he owns God.  So as far as he's concerned, if he doesn't Like the Way, God is acting Rupert Murdoch will simply fire God tell him to go to hell.  And then he'll kill Jesus Christ because Rupert Murdoch is Jesus Christ anyone's the world to know that.

So these assholes in the right-wing Christian and right-wing Catholic extremists who are basically dirty bastards are never going to change.  So my message to them is that they don't like me, they just need to come and kill me because I don't have a problem dying in defense of the Constitution of these United States and equal rights for all Americans not just the right wing Catholic and right-wing Christian extremists stupid bastards who have hated this country.  Ever since they came to this country.  I will die for freedom I will die for the Constitution where everyone who is the right-wing Christian extremists will die being a dirty bastard and a blasphemer before God and as a result every single one of them and their children will burn in hell including Bill O'Reilly he will burn in hell Rupert Murdoch will burn in hell everyone at Fox news will burn in hell because their own Bible says so.

That's why they will probably change the words of those Bibles so that the Bible than will read that Jesus wanted them to lie and cheat and steal and to kill and murder and the whole did babysit they have murdered up in their hands as they go to church so that they can show everyone that they are pro-life because they are holding a dead child by the feet where they've just cut that child open with the guts spilling on the ground.  And as they are walking with those blood guts and everything spilling on the ground.  Don't hold that sign same year pro-life the other hand and they will have their Bible in their pocket.  And they will be dripping with blood, and everyone will see those signs and they will know that these Christian conservative extremists and these Catholic extremists are pro-life and they have proof that they are pro-life because they are holding it did child they have just murdered in their hands so they are saying if you don't believe that we are pro-life we will kill you.  We will murder you will destroy your home.  We will burn it to the ground.  We will kill everyone you know to make sure you understand.  We are pro-life.

That's how stupid they are, ladies and gentlemen, that's exactly how asinine they really are.  And again, all you have to do is look in the news every single Republican every single tea party member every single right-wing extremist Catholic and Christian in this country supports the killing of children the murdering of women the killing and destroying of the United States government the invasion of countries throughout the entire world and killing everyone who is the ruling party in every nation and taking over this world and letting the world become nothing but Rivers of blood with all the dead.  They want to kill.  The right-wing extremists throughout this world are the ones who have started the wars, promoting hatred and racism and bigotry.  They are the ones who are doing this stealing in the lying and cheating they are murdering our children they are killing our future and they don't care.

No problem.  As I said, let them start with me.

So as a result, I'm not going to be doing any more news stories.  Because I'm not going to lower myself to the slime level of these assholes at Fox news or the stupid bastard Republicans and piece of crap tea party garbage and a filthy dirty blaspheming liars who where the right-wing Catholic and right-wing Christian extremists in this country.  If they want to go ahead and act like a bunch of dirty filthy liars before God and turning hell let them do that on their own.

And for that reason news stories will be at the top of the Journal page.  This should take me only a few days.  And then the only articles I will be writing will be article specifically pursuant to human rights or the other three aspects of this Journal.  I'm not going to waste my energy on these ugly pieces of crap in this world the right-wing extremists who are so filled with ugliness that their homes are nothing more than toilets their lives are toilets their health this garbage their views are disgusting.  They're not pro-life their dirty filthy liars.  And every one of them will burn in hell.  They know what and where the humanity knows it or not their own God knows it as well.

So that's basically what I have had to say.  I am in the process of redefining and restructuring my Journal page.  It will probably take me a few days.  And I'm not really sure how much writing I want to do right now.  I have seen a lot of ugliness and horrible things in my life.  But I have never seen anything is uglier is despicable or anti-human or anti-religion is the right-wing Christian right wing Catholic extremists and their supporters like Fox news and the Republican Party and the tea party.  And that's the way they wanted go to God being a dirty filthy racist liar and a killer and murder if that's how they want to go would stand before God.  Let them do so.  But don't include me.  Because I'm not going to join them in their ugliness.  They have made themselves ugly before themselves and before humanity and before God.  They have not made themselves anything other than to appear as cold blooded killers who are racists and neo-Nazis and mass murderers.  That is all they have made themselves out to be.

To those of you who have supported me in my Journal please know that as I said I will be doing any more of these pointed articles because I'm not going to waste my time or energy.  But now you know exactly how I feel or at least a lot of how I feel regarding these ugly humans that have been allowed to exist in this country and to use our freedom and steal our money.  So that they could attack our government with the money they have stolen from us.  They are stealing our money and using our freedoms so that they can attack our freedoms and to attack all of us because they have hated this country.  Ever since they came to this country.  With the very leader who has led their movement since the beginning of this nation being Edward Rutledge.  Because as I said Edward Rutledge hated the United States.  He did not want the United States to be a free nation and he fought against that his entire life.

These people have not changed.  So consequently they can do so without my commentary.  I will be moving in a different direction.  And if they want to burn the hell out of this world they can do so on their own.  I will continue to fight human rights that I'm not going to engage these dirty filthy liars.  Because I'm not going to allow their ugliness to affect my life.  That's really all they want they are nothing but pieces of our bridge they are even good human beings.  They are probably in all likelihood the pieces of garbage that God did not even want to have around in the world, because they don't even know how to live they only know how to steal and cheat the world and to take from the world and to kill everyone in the world they don't know how to live in the world to live with anyone.

So to all of you who do support my Journal I want to thank you very much for listening.

And I will write later.

The foregoing are just some of the reasons that I am asking all like-minded Americans to join me, in calling upon the Department of Justice to do a formal investigation into the associations and activities of the republican party, the tea party and the right wing Christian extremists. And to do so on the basis of sedition, tantamount to insurrection against the United States Government and we, the American people.

Furthermore, I am asking all like-minded Americans to join me in boycotting any, and all companies, as much as possible, that are owned and operated by, or that support the republican party, the tea party, or the right wing Christian extremists. Since they have declared their hatred for America, and for their fellow Americans on the basis of their racist, fascist agenda. And since the republicans and the tea party kept their money, while making us go hungry, during the government shutdown. It is now time for we, the people of these United States to stand together, as one people, dedicated to protecting the Constitution of these United States.

Since they have turned their backs on us. It’s time that we now turn our backs on them.

Boycott all republican, tea party, and right wing Christian extremist companies now.

Stand and protect the Constitution of these United States. Take back our freedoms and civil liberties now.

Don’t tread on me.


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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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    The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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