Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Walmart wants to take exploitation to the next level and have customers deliver orders

Walmart wants to take exploitation to the next level and have customers deliver orders 

10:56 AM, EST:

Every time I think I know how greedy and selfish these right-wing Christian extremists are and how much they are nothing but dirty filthy liars before God.  One of them or one of their groups comes out with something new to surprise me and to show the entire world exactly how ugly and hateful and moneygrubbing they can be.  Because that's what this move is all about ladies and gentlemen.  Getting more money and they don't care who gets hurt in the process.

I don't have any problem whatsoever dying right now.  I don't have any problem dying at any given time.  Thank God I have never done any of the crap that the right-wing Christian or right-wing Catholic extremists have done in this world.  Thank God I have never done any of the horrible crimes that the right-wing Muslim or right-wing Jewish extremists have done.  So I don't have a problem going to God.  I don't have a problem going and standing before the creator.  I've never harmed a single human soul I have never struck anyone in my entire life I've never owned a gun or a firearm of any kind.  I have never engaged in war.  I have never engaged in stealing or committing crimes I have never wronged anyone other than the impersonal disputes like my divorces.  But even then I was always the first one and still am to accept full responsibility for the failure of those marriages on my part.

So I don't have any problem going before the creator.

The dirty lying bastards of Walmart will never be able to make that claim.  Because they don't care about people they don't care about Jesus Christ even though they claim to be Christians.  Because if they actually did care about Jesus Christ they would never be cheating and stealing from and abusing.  People that Jesus Christ died protecting.

Bullshit walks and money talks.  Actions speak louder than words.  The matter what.  Walmart says the matter how many different lies they might tell they are being seen exactly for what they are liars people who claim to be Christian when in fact they don't do anything that is really Christian at least they don't support or respect the very people that their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified for protecting.  So they don't respect any of those people and they don't treat it with any kind of dignity or respect then how can they say that they respect Jesus Christ if they hate the very people he gave his life to protect and was crucified for protecting?

Logic, ladies and gentlemen that enemy of religion that one thing that religion hates the most.  Logic.  Because religion can fight logic.  That's why they come up with all these dirty filthy lies about how God has given special permission for someone to be the voice of God in the world.  When in fact God never gave that permission there is no evidence of that there is nothing written in the Bible where God gave that minister from Houston, Texas who broadcasts nationally in the United States the right to become a millionaire God never gave them that right.  And in fact Jesus Christ overturned the tables of the money lenders in the Temple saying very clearly render unto Caesar what is Caesar's.  And render unto God what is God's.  Meaning you do not lay money down before God.

But that doesn't matter to that dirty filthy liar because he is a millionaire off of the money he has made off of God.  And it says in his own Bible that he's not supposed to do that because Jesus never supported people becoming wealthy off of God or are we forgetting that Jesus was actually poor?

So this news story is just another reason why I will never shop at Walmart.  And why I am calling for a boycott of their business.  They are despicable.  And this news article is correct.  There will be a lot of legal challenges that Walmart will have to face for trying to push this practice forward.  Not to mention the fact that the owners of Walmart and all the managers who are responsible for this will probably burn in hell for mistreating and abusing enjoying absolute disrespect for the very types of people that their Lord and Savior was crucified for protecting.

Logic, ladies and gentlemen.  Like I said.  Logic is the enemy of religion because religion doesn't want people to think logically.  They don't want to talk to God they don't want them to do what God tells them to they don't want to do would Mohammed tells them to they don't want to do what Allah tells them to religions want everyone to do exactly what the religion tells them to do.  And if you don't do with religion tells you to do they will kill you or they will kick you out and they will fire you from your place of work they were ruin your life in every single way.  And if they are Christian.  They will pick up that cross and they will saying onward Christian soldiers marching as to war with the cross of Jesus going on before and they will destroy you and they will kill children and they will earn babies and they will murder women.

And how do I know that?

Because they have been doing that ever since they formed their religion.  Or are we forgetting about the burning times, or the Spanish Inquisition or the beginnings of the English or European Inquisition are we forgetting about the Crusades?  I we forgetting about all the wars that have been fought over politics, economics and religion?  I we forgetting about all of the millions and tens of millions and hundreds of millions of men women and children who have been slaughtered murdered their blood spilling on the ground.  Because these for religions hate each other so much and are demanding that everyone in the world understand that they alone are the only way to worship God that if you worship God in any other way you will be killed.  That's the motto of the right-wing extremists who are Muslim.  That is the motto of the right-wing extremists who are Jewish.  It is the motto of the right-wing extremists who are Catholic.  It is the motto of the right-wing extremists who are Christian.

Do what we tell you or we will kill you.

And then they turn around and they celebrate the 10 Commandments one of which says, thou shalt not kill.

But they get around that claiming that the catechism was written by God when in fact it was not.  It was written by an ecumenical Council of Catholic priests.  Human beings, ladies and gentlemen.  Not God.

Just like the Jews claim that the Talmud is actually the word of God.  When in fact it is not.  The Talmud was written in the 1800s and it was written.  Again by a Council of rabbis.  And a Talmud started out as nothing as extensive as it is today.  It was actually only a series of pages of interpretation of the Torah.  It was written by human beings, ladies and gentlemen.  Not God.

So go ahead, you right-wing extremists keep lying to yourselves about the word of Allah and the word of God and the word of Jesus and Muhammad and Moses keep lying to yourselves and see what kind of the world you have.  Because what Walmart is doing is just another example of how the wealthy basically hate their own customers.  They hate their customers because they don't see them with any value.  The only see them as a way to make money.  And that of course is proven with this article.

No problem.  Like I said, I don't have a problem going before God.  Because I never behaved in ways like this.  I didn't take part in all of the hatred and the racism and bigotry and the war and the prejudice and the killing and the murderer and a fascism that the right-wing extremists of these four different religions have in fact supported and promoted.  And whether they like it or not God or Allah will be the judge.  They may be able to lie to themselves and lie to each other but they won't be able to lie to Allah and they won't be able to lie to God.  So they think that all of their bloodletting and all their war is going to get them a place in heaven being celebrated by Allah or God than they are probably too stupid to be reading this article.

And if any of the right-wing extremists don't like what I have the sake I dare any of you to come to my porch with a gun and to bring that gun and knock on my door.  It is.  If you do I will walk out of my front door and I will stand there on my porch and I will let you kill me and everyone in the whole world will see you do it.  And when you kill me, I will be the one dying in defense of God and freedom and liberty for all humanity and you will be the cold-blooded murder you will be killing a Jew.  When your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified for being one.

So the hate me.  No problem.  I already know that I am a piece of crap.  I already know that I am the lowest thing in this world.  Aileen sounds sister hates me so badly that she actually believes that even though I was Aileen's husband for 18 years that she as Aileen's sister should have been the one to be allowed to sit vigil with Aileen.  And that I should have been simply told to go home and not the allowed to sit with my own wife.  She constantly brings up about how I had Aileen for 18 years.  Even know Aileen was her sister.  So she's blaming me because she did not come out to see Aileen more often because he says, I had Aileen for those 18 years.  When she didn't even take one movement whatsoever to spend more time with her on sister before she died.  And so it's my fault that she didn't have as much time with.  She wanted because she said I had her because I was married to her.

That's the kind of stupid bastard thinking ladies and gentlemen that I am really sick and tired of being around.  It's the kind of stupid thinking that doesn't even come close to any real understanding.  Evelyn and clawed were born into the same family as Aileen.  They had every opportunity to spend as much time around her as they wanted.  And they did not do so and now they are trying to make it my fault that they did not spend more time around her because they need someone to blame and Evelyn hates me so much that she is jealous that I was allowed to spend time with my wife sitting individual what she died that she has her sister should have that right and I should've been simply kicked out of the hospital.

And so now suddenly she wants to reappear in my life again and drive me to the drivers license bureau.  And why do you think I am not impressed?

So trying to reason with these right wing Catholic and right-wing Christian and Muslim and Jewish extremists is like trying to talk to a wall.  They will not listen.  Because they see themselves as victims.  I have never once in my entire life been a victim of anything ever.  I have always been a survivor I have never been a victim.

So that's pretty much the heart of the matter.  Like I said, I don't have any problem going to God.  I didn't commit any of these crimes that most people in this world are doing or at least a lot of the people in this world are doing.  And that is one of the reasons that people really hate me because they think I'm actually making myself out better when I have never done so because I am not better than anything.  I'm just different.  That's all I am I'm just different.  I'm not better than anyone.  I'm not that are than the worst person in this world.  At their best moment.  And I am not worst than the best person at their worst moment.  I am nothing to this world.  I am a grain of sand I am the lowest form of life got ever through down onto this planet.  And that's fine by me.  Because even in the least of all that God has made the wholeness or the entire presence of God is known.  And if you don't believe that then you really don't know anything about the Muslim religion or the Jewish religion or the Catholic or Christian religions.  All four of these religions respect the least of all that God has made at least they do in word.  They don't do so in action.

Which is why this news story was written in the first place.

In reality, there is part of me that would rather be thrown from a speeding car on the highway than to spend time around Evelyn.  That doesn't mean I don't love her.  It just means that being around her is really painful because all she does is blame everyone for her own problems.  And she hates me because I dared to have the right to sit vigil with my wife on the night she died.  When Evelyn as her sister believes that I should have not been allowed into the hospital at all.  But I should've been thrown from the hospital.  So that she alone could sit with her sister because she's jealous of me being allowed to sit with Aileen.  When she died she wanted to sit with her because she feels she's more important than I am.

Which of course makes me wonder why 18 years ago.  Why did I walked into this kind of conflict?  I love Aileen more than I love my own life.  To this very day.  I never start any given day without walking over and pressing my lips to her ashes.  And I promised Aileen this morning that I would not act out verbally with Evelyn that I would sit there and just let Evelyn bombard me with all sorts of guilt and all of her jealousy and all of her anger that I was allowed to sit with Aileen and that I had her for 18 years.  Meaning Evelyn wasn't even allowed to see Aileen which is not true.  I have dozens of recorded conversations where Aileen and I were actually begging Evelyn to come over and see us and Evelyn kept coming up with all sorts of excuses why she couldn't do so.  And now because Aileen is dead.  Evelyn is making all those times when she did not come over to see Aileen my fault.

What's amazing is that I have not summoned the courage to simply organize my papers and send them off to friends and family and then to simply end my life because there's really no reason for me to be in the world anymore.  Nobody wants me here.  Nobody really likes me.  My own family hates me and calls me a bastard and a failed abortion Aileen's brother and sister don't even want to have anything to do with me.  And when they do it's all about blaming me because I evidently somehow deprived them of being able to make the free will choice to come over and see her sister while she was living and before she died.  It's my fault for the choices they made.

Like I said I'm really surprised that I am not at that point where I am ready to and my life.  But you can bet your bottom dollar that several times a week I beg God and my prayers, to let me go home to let me to leave this place to let me believe Earth because there's no real reason for me to be in the world anymore.  I don't like being places where I'm not wanted.  I don't like being around people who don't want me around and I don't get the indication that this world wants me in this world.  I get the opposite feeling.

But I don't have that kind of courage.  I don't have the kind of courage it takes to and my life.  So instead I just pray.  I pray to God that I die.  I pray to God that I die soon as I can because the sooner I die the sooner I go back to God and into the arms of my darling Aileen and thank God for that because then when I'm gone people can say all the hateful things they want, but I won't have to hear it anymore.

But I promised Aileen.  I would not act out.  So I'm not going to.  I told her this morning that I would not say a single word to Evelyn.  The matter how hateful she might the the matter how she might accuse me of one thing or another.  The matter how she might make what she is going through far worse than anything I could ever experience even know it is very different because I was not born into the same family with Aileen.  I had to search for her my entire life.  And then when I found her after 40 years of searching I only was able to spend 18 years with her before she died.  So naturally Evelyn feels like she has been cheated.  Claude said very clearly just after Aileen died that he and Evelyn and Aileen had a wonderful relationship going until I came along and fell in love with Aileen.  And in his words basically screwed everything up.

That's the attitude the Claude and Evelyn have about me.  They see me is is an interference.  They see me as someone who came in to their perfect relationship and that I had no right whatsoever to fall in love with Aileen.  Because they had a really good relationship going until I fell in love with her and I should be damned for all time.  Because I fell in love with this woman.  That I should be damned for all time because I did everything I could for 18 years to try to help her to find happiness on any given day that I was there when she was drunk and could not get into bed by herself that I was there to answer the phone that I was there to take care of the bills that I was there to make sure that she got home safely from work and that I drove her to work every day because she didn't really drive that well that I was there to cook for her and take care of her in every way I could that I'm guilty for some crime because I did all that and all they can think about is what they lost.  They don't even give it damn about what I suffered as far as a loss.  Neither does my family.

And of course in the scheme of things.  My losing Aileen doesn't even come on the radar as far as how badly people are suffering every single day.  Not only in the United States but around the world.  We have amazing men women and children all over this planet who will not live to see the sunset today.  So in the scheme of things.  My suffering means nothing.  And I know that I don't have a problem with that which is why I try to spend as much time as I'm able to every single day.  Speaking out for these millions and millions of unbelievable children in these amazing men and women all over this world who are being mistreated and hated by extremism whether it is from the Muslim with a Jewish or Christian or Catholic religion doesn't matter.

But as I pressed my lips to Aileen sashes this morning I whispered to her.  I promise you my darling I will not act out.  If Evelyn calls and actually wants to take me to the drivers license bureau I will be polite.  I will not say a single word, no matter how much she accuses me your attacks me.  No matter how jealous she is of me because I was the one who sat by Aileen's side was she was dying.  Even though the entire world understands that I had every right to do so.  And that's what Claude and Evelyn do not understand because they don't feel I should have have that right.  Even though I was her husband that I should not have been allowed to sit by her side that Evelyn should of had that right because she's more important than I am.

That is really depressing to think about.  So on that note, I'm going to meditate because that is the best thing to do.  When you have turbulent waters inside the best thing you can do is to calm those waters.  Because if you have turbulent waters inside moving forward is very difficult the waters of your soul have to be very calm in order for you to get through your days without acting out without making a fool out of yourself.  And the only way you calm those waters is you either pray or you meditate.  I've already spent a few hours this morning praying for everyone in the world and all of these poor children and men and women who are dying today and because now I'm becoming more aware of how much conflict there is actually going to be when Evelyn picks me up the best thing I can do is to calm those waters in my soul.  And the only way I do that is.  I meditate.  I'll I'll my soul to open to spread out to unfold and to interact with all that energy that so many of us called by different names as God or Allah or Buddha.  Because I promised her I would not act out.  And of all the promises I have made in my life.  The ones I made to my darling Aileen always come first.

I'll write later.


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    The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)



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