Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


6:12 AM, EST:

I had to retrain my Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech profile, because as I have explained before, and due to the attack/accident that took place in 1962, where the right side of my face was basically rebuilt.  The slight imperfections that people have in their faces where they talk slightly differently out of the left side of their mouth as compared to the right side of their mouths, of course, are slightly more exaggerated with my face as a result of the injuries that the right side of my face sustained in 1962.

I was wearing the microphone on the right side of my face because it was a little more comfortable or accessible because of course I'm right handed.  But because the glasses I'm wearing one of the arms from the glasses on the left side is slightly broken.  If I were the microphone on the right side of my face.  That leaves the arm of my glasses on the left side of my head.  Actually being exposed to digging into the skin right behind my left ear.

So by switching the headset to the left side of my face the ear pad for the single sided headset microphone is actually pressing on that arm that is slightly broken and thereby keeping it from inadvertently digging into my skin.  But because the microphone is on the left side of my face versus the right side of my face.  I have had to go through training because my voice actually sounds different at least two speech programs, when I am talking out of the right side of my face or the left.

It's not noticeable.  People don't seem my mouth jerking one way or the other to the right or the left.  That's not what happens.  It's simply that the skin around my mouth on the right side of my face is just slightly tighter than the skin on the left side of my face.  So that when I speak.  If I have the microphone like a headset microphone positioned on the right side of my face and subsequently on the right side of my mouth.  The sound of my voice actually sounds different than if the headset microphone were positioned on the left side of my face and subsequently on the left side of my mouth.

And that subtle differences enough to make it more difficult for the speech program to recognize my speaking accurately.  It's no big deal.  It's just something that I've known about for a number of years, especially ever since I began using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


Today, of course, is the anniversary of when my darling Aileen and I first met.  So it is somewhat of an important day.  It's also the day just before Thanksgiving.  And the news in the world is basically pretty much garbage.  We humans have done a really great job of making things is lousy for ourselves as we possibly could.  And of course it that's not true then we would not have millions of humans from every walk of life and in every country on the planet suffering so badly while the extremely selfish wealthy people do everything they can to keep their money and make themselves out like they are better than everyone while at the same time they pretty much grind most of us who are middle and lower class and the poor into the ground.  As much as they can.

But that's not my fault and it certainly is not the fault of most of the people in the world.  The conditions of water happening in the world are directly as a result of the cumulative greed and selfishness and egocentrism and ethnocentrism that is basically affecting humanity.  Like some very terrible sickness.

With the foregoing in mind, I plan on resting for a few hours and then I will do my e-mail at 9 AM when I normally do.  And because I am basically caught up on my petitions I should not have any trouble in being able to do the news stories like I want.  I was mistaken the other day because I thought I had actually lost some days when I transferred my mail from Thunderbird back to Outlook.  I discovered yesterday that is not the case.  I have all the e-mail.  So I have not lost any petitions or e-mail.

That of course will be good news to a lot of my fellow human rights advocates and activists because it means that I will not ignore her or forget to address any of the petitions coming through my inbox.  So it will all get done.

But like I said, I just had some breakfast.  Some hot cereal.  So I'm going to do a little morning meditation and then I will move forward with getting everything done.  But part of me wonders how much ugliness we are going to do today.  How many people will have their rights violated how many children will be killed how many women will be raped and beaten and murdered.  How many of us will be driven to the point where we can't stand it anymore and we will take our own lives.

And for everyone we lose, for every single one of us who dies needlessly we in the human condition lose another potential lawyer or Dr. or politician or another potential nurse or doctor or teacher or just a good mother or father or sister or brother or son or daughter.  But we don't think about that collectively that much because the world is becoming consumed with the, me first, mentality.  And that's sad.  Because that kind of selfishness.  Generally really doesn't do any good for anyone except the individual and then nobody benefits from anything that the individual is doing for themselves.  Because they are not doing it for the benefit of anyone else they are doing it for the benefit of themselves only.

All I can say is that I don't ever and never really have had any major problems in my life.  Even though it appears that I have.  And I suppose simply on the basis of the physical elements of my life that my life truly has been rather strenuous and in many ways just a lot of work.  Always having to watch what I say and watch where I am.  And knowing that wherever I might be that I actually might be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Because of all the racism in the prejudice that people have against Jews and then even more specifically against my type of Jew, the Sephardic Jew.

But then I learned very early in life that I would never be treated equal in this world.  Not only did my parents make sure that I understood that because they didn't consider me very valuable to themselves or to the family.  But I also learned that very well.  Because of how much hatred there was in the world for me as a Sephardic Jew and then for me as a Jew because I was coming from a mixed religious family.

So I learned a long time ago.  When I was very young that I would never be treated equally in this world, because the world enjoys its racism and its hatred and bigotry.  The world enjoys hating and subscribing to hatred on the basis of all these horrible things like racism and bigotry and prejudice.  And as long as the world enjoys hating as much as it does racism and prejudice will probably not go away anytime soon.

And yet the reality is that, whether we like it or not because of all of the various population reports and scientific reports that have been coming forward over the last several months.  Humanity will get to a place ideologically and conceptually and anthropologically where it's just not going to be a very good idea to continue all the hatred and the racism in the bigotry and prejudice.  And of course when that happens, the purveyors of racism and bigotry and prejudice are going to be very angry because they are going to be able to continue to support and promote their ugly hatred.  Because there is that faction in the world.

There are those groups of right-wing extremists in every culture and in every philosophy and in every aspect of humanity.  Those right-wing extremists who don't like the planet very much they don't like Earth very much they don't like themselves hardly at all.  They don't like humanity.  They don't like anything except their hatred.  Because that's all they spend their time and their energy and their efforts supporting and promoting.

So when these factions from the right-wing extremists here in the world suddenly realize that the world is getting fed up with their hatred.  Then the purveyors of hatred will begin to behave really very ugly.  They will start killing people.  They will start murdering people in order to force people to subscribe to hatred.  Because that's what drives these right-wing extremists.  Hatred.  That's what they live for.  That's what they want to see in the world, because they hate the world.

Just like the wealthy don't give a damn about the poor.  They only like our money.  So the wealthy business owners want everyone in the world to know that they and their families consider most of us nothing but pieces of crap.  But they do like our money.  So they don't want to have anything to do with us and they want to cheat as is much is possible.  And they want to steal from us is much is they can and they want to make sure we understand that they as the wealthy people of this world.  But they hate us in every way possible.  But they do like our money.  So they want us to get used to being hated and at the same time they want us to put up and shut up and give them as much of our money as possible.  Because there wealthy and we are crap.  And we will always be crap because we're not wealthy.

And as long as that kind of really stupid bastard thinking exists in the world business in the world is only going to become worse.  It's only going to get worse.  Because we the people who are middle class and poor are finally getting tired of being told that we are nothing but crap and it.  The only thing that the wealthy like about us is our money.  And at the wealthy will cheat us and steal from us and even kill us in order to get our money.  Because the wealthy hate us that much.

We who are of the middle class and the lower class and the poor are finally getting fed up with that kind of asinine bastard behavior which is why this holiday season shopping may not be as profitable for these retailers as it was in the past.  Because we the people of the middle class and the lower class and the poor are getting fed up with the wealthy coming out and screaming at ass and yelling at us about how they hate us how they hate everything we are how they don't want us to be able to live right how they don't want us to have food for our families.  How they don't want us to even survive, they just want our money.

We of the middle class and the lower class and the poor are finally getting fed up with that asinine bastard anti-life anti-God selfish, hateful behavior that the wealthy people in this world have been showing us for hundreds of generations if not thousands of years.

So no matter what kind of media.  Bullshit that TV stations and these businesses try to put on TV and on the Internet to convince us to give them most of our money.  So that we can end up starving.  That's probably not going to happen this year.  Because the wealthy have been very effective at stealing as much money as they possibly could from this world and stealing as much money as they could from the poor and the middle class and the lower class.  The wealthy have done everything they could to make sure that we of the middle and lower classes and the poor understand that we are nothing but crap to this world.  At the wealthy people of this world will pick up their guns and their weapons then they will go through the cities and they will start killing children and murdering women in order to get their money because they don't care about anything else and they hate all of us.  Because the only thing they like about us is our money.  They don't want us to have rights they don't want us to have freedoms.  They do don't want us to be able to enjoy anything they don't want us to do anything except put up and shut up and give them our money.

And of course, if what I'm saying is not true.  Then the world markets would not be in the state they are in right now.  And our politics throughout the entire world would not be set up in favor of catering to the wealthy and telling the rest of humanity to basically eat crap and die.

So the wealthy are having really wonderful Thanksgiving is here in the United States and the wealthy are having a really wonderful winter season throughout the Northern Hemisphere.  Just like the wealthy are having a really wonderful summer season in the southern hemisphere.  They are getting everything they want.  They have all the comforts they could possibly ask for in their homes and they don't give a damn how many children are dying and starving they don't give a damn how many women are being beaten, raped and murdered.  They don't give a damn how many people are having their rights taken away from them or how many people are losing their homes.  They don't give a damn about the mentally ill.  They don't give it damn about those who were diseased.  They don't give a damn about women eating murdered and beaten they don't give a damn about people who are disabled because all they care about being wealthy people is their money and getting as much of that is possible.  Regardless who they have to murder regardless who they have to cheat regarding who they have to steal from because all they care about is their dirty filthy money and having as much of it is possible.  And if millions of children and millions of men and women die in the process the wealthy don't care they don't have any problem walking on the dead bodies of men women and children and then picking their pockets while they are lying on the ground and stealing our watches and taking everything they can from us while we are lying dead.

Because it's not the poor people of the world who are engineering the wars in the world.  It is the wealthy who are engineering those wars and they are doing that because they hate us the middle class the lower classes and the poor.  So badly that they want us to basically die as quickly as possible so that they can have more of their money because that's all they care about.  Money.  They don't care about human life.  They don't care about God.  They don't care about any form of God, whether they are Muslim or Jewish or Christian or Catholic.  All they care about is their dirty filthy money and they will lie to us and they will cheat us.  And they will steal from us in any way they possibly can.

And what's really sad is that the stupid bastards who are the wealthy in this world have no clue that within about 150 years all their stupid bastard money won't be worth anything.  Because within about 150 years the human condition is going to go through some of the most tragic changes that humanity has ever faced.  And no amount of wealthy bastard money is going to change any of those things.  It's not going to stop those things from happening.  Because the things that are going to happen to the human condition are pretty much the fault of the human condition.

We didn't manage ourselves very well.  We have not managed the planet very well.  We have not managed our money very well.  Just like we have not managed our politics or our religions very well.  Because the end result of what we have and what we have done can be seen in this holiday season in the northern hemisphere and actually all over the world.  Because it's not just the poor people in one country or another who are suffering.  It's the middle class and the lower classes and the poor in every single country in this world who are suffering all because the wealthy have become nothing more than cold-blooded killers whether they are politicians in the United States government or politicians in any other country.  It doesn't matter.  The wealthy hate everyone in this world.  They hate everyone who is middle class and poor and all they want us to do is to die.  And then give them our money.

Which is why.  Like I said.  This holiday season may not be as profitable for some of these wealthy pieces of crap bastards as it has been in the past because we as a middle class and lower classes in the poor are finally getting fed up with being told that we are nothing but crap when the leaders of all four major religions on earth stood up for us.  The poor.  Mohammed and Moses and Jesus and Buddha did not stand up for the wealthy.  They stood up for us.  The poor.  The disenfranchised.

Which is exactly why the wealthy did everything they could all through human history to murder and kill as many of us for being middle class and lower class and poor as they were able to.  Which is why it all the wars that have been fought it was never the wealthy who went out on to the battle I'm it was always a middle class and the lower classes on the poor who were sent out to die because that's what the wealthy want they want us to die.  And then just simply give them our money.

Like I said.  What's happening now is the culmination of what we humans have done to each other and done to ourselves and done to this world by allowing the wealthy to lie to us and to cheat us and to steal from us and to convince us that being middle class or lower class or poor means that we are supposed to simply give them the wealthy all of our money and then go away and die.  Because that's what the wealthy want.  They don't care about anything as long as they can keep more of and get more of their dirty filthy money.  And if they have to start a war so that millions of us of the middle class and lower classes in the poor end up dying.  That's exactly what the wealthy will do, because they have all that money.  Which means they can buy anything they want they can get anything they want, including their own way.

So was you are gathering for your thanksgivings in North America and as you are gathering for your holiday season is all over the world.  I would ask you as one of the members of the poor that when you are sitting down with your table's full of food that you remember that there are millions of us who are poor and who are middle class and lower class and while you who are wealthy have tables full of food.  The only reason you have tables full of food is because you were able to steal as much money from us the middle class and lower classes in the poor as possible.  And without us going to you are businesses and giving you our money.  You who are wealthy would not have tables full of food, because you wouldn't have the money to buy that food.  Because, whether you like it or not you need us who are the middle class the lower classes in the poor because it.  We don't spend any of our money on any of your crap products or services then you don't get any money from us unless you kill us, so the fewer of us to spend money on your crap products and year garbage services.  The less money you have and the less money you have, the less food you have on your table, which means you who are wealthy have a very clear choice.  You'll have to either pick up your guns and start going into the streets and killing us for being poor and middle class and lower class and simply take all the money you want from us.  After you have murdered us.

Or you who are wealthy will finally have to put up and shut up and realize that you need us.  You need us who are middle class, lower class and poor.  Because without us going to your businesses most of which are crap and laying down our money.  You won't get our money.  Like I said, unless you are willing to pick up your guns and go into the streets and start killing us.  So that you can pick our pockets.  Because that's what you who are wealthy do all the time.  You'll I in you cheating you steal just to get what you want and you have the money to do so.

In my home this Thanksgiving I am praying for all of the wonderful and amazing men women and brilliant children throughout this world who are poor who are of middle class and lower classes who are struggling just to have any food on the table, struggling to feed their families with millions of women being murdered and slaughtered every year with millions of children dying every year from starvation and poverty and abuse and cold-blooded murder with hundreds of thousands of the middle class and the poor and the lower classes being so desperate that the only thing that these poor souls can think of comes down to taking their own life.

So while the wealthy will be celebrating themselves with highballs and lots of drinking and celebrations those of us who are in fact part of the middle class and lower classes in the poor.  We will be doing something else.  We will be reaching out to our brothers and sisters in every single country in this world.  We will be doing so knowing that we won't be able to save them.  In many cases, but at least we can let them know they are loved.

So while the wealthy don't give a damn about any of us who are middle class lower classes and poor.  In my home that's not the case.  And on this Thanksgiving I will be thinking about them.  Brilliant children and amazing men and women all over this world living in conditions and under conditions which are so horrible that many if not most will not be able to continue.  My thoughts will be with all of the wonderful children and amazing men and women who are becoming so confused in their own life and so desperate and so afraid that the only thing they can do is to take their own life.  My thoughts will be with them.  Knowing that I can't do anything to prevent them from taking their own life.  But at the very least I can pray.  I can pray that God will have mercy upon them and that as they leave this world if we are not able to get to them in time to save their life that at the very least when they go back to God they will know that some of those here on Earth actually did love them no matter how they may have felt.

While the wealthy are gorging themselves with as much food as they can making themselves feel like they are really better than everyone else in my home that's not what will be done.  In my home.  I was celebrate the least of those among us.  The ones who never get on the news the ones that most people never hear about but the ones that every single spiritual leader from all four of the different religions the Jews and the Catholics and the Christians and the Muslims Mohammed and Buddha.  And Allah and Jesus and Moses.  These people were real humanitarians and they love us.  They love to the middle class and the lower classes and the poor because they spent their entire lives defending us.  And they died for us.  They didn't die for the wealthy and all the selfishness in this world.  They didn't die for hatred.  They died on the basis of love and they died loving us.  Those of us who are middle class and lower classes and poor because they knew full well that we were the victims of the hatred of the wealthy.

So well everybody is visiting with families and people are getting drunk and families are arguing about this or that in my home.  I will be praying.  I will be praying to God that some of these amazing children and some of these unbelievable and wonderful men and women regardless of where they are will somehow find the courage to keep believing.  Even though to them.  There doesn't seem to be a reason to do so.

And those of you who are part of us.  The middle class the lower classes on the poor and those of you who actually do care about us.  I would ask you to do the same.  This Thanksgiving.  Pray for your brothers and sisters because we all are.  At least that.  Pray for them because they are suffering horribly every single second.  And by the end of today, many of them will no longer be alive.  If we can't do something to help them.  Let us at least let them know that we love them.  Don't they deserve that?

If they are going to leave this world in the next few minutes.  Don't they deserve to know that they really were not hated in this world?  Don't they deserve to know that we really do love them and that we are sorry that they are dying?  The wealthy don't care about them dying.  The wealthy don't care about anything except their filthy money.  So it's up to the rest of us.  It's up to those of us who are not racist and prejudiced and bigoted and hateful to remember that Jesus Christ and Mohammed and Moses and Buddha were all pacifists they did not believe in violence.  They did not believe in hatred they did not believe in bigotry or prejudice or war they believed in love.

So I'm urging everyone at least anyone who's reading this Journal and anyone who may feel like I do.  It's the day before Thanksgiving in the United States.  And regardless of how ugly the history of this holiday in the United States really is regarding the hatred that white humans have had for Native Americans.  Regardless of that.  It's still a time during the year all over this world, where at the very least every one of us has the opportunity to let those who we really love know how much we love them.

If God will not allow the smallest sparrow to fall to the ground.  Then why should we as a creations of that energy or that God or Allah do any less?

So is your gathering for your family gatherings and celebrating you with drinking and songs happy insecure in your homes stop for a moment, please.  Just stop for one moment and think for a moment that as you are celebrating with all the food you could possibly want with all of your comforts.  But by the end of today millions of wonderful men women and children all over this world will be dad and they did not have all the food you have.  They didn't have any of the comforts you have.  They didn't have any of the peace of mind.  And generally speaking they are dying and they have died in a very faraway places that the news doesn't report on with most of them dying alone feeling that no one in the world really even loves them.

As you celebrating today.  Take a moment and close your eyes.  Send your love and all of your emotions to these children to these brilliant women in these amazing men all over this world feeling like no one love some because they will be dead by tonight.  Send them your energy send them your love.  Let them know that they are loved, regardless of what they have been told or how they feel.  If we can't save their lives.  Let us at least embrace their lives.  Let us support their lives.  Let us let them know that is they are going back to God that they were not hated here on Earth that there were some who loved them.

It's not that I cost you anything to do that.  It's not going to cost you one single penny.  Because it doesn't cost any money to close your eyes and think about those two are going through terrible difficult situations.  They need our love they need to know.  And they deserve to know before they die that they were not hated in this world.  Nobody deserves to die feeling that way.

And as you are thinking about these people then become quiet for a second moment and the second moment is really important the first moment you are becoming quiet the said your love and all of your energy to these people who are dying who are suffering who don't have enough food who are battling conditions and circumstances in their own lives which are so horrible that most of us won't even look at what is going on with them.  So it's important to send that energy and our love to those people.  They deserve to have our love and our respect.

But the other part of the process is just as important because after you have sent your energy to these people who are suffering that I'm going to ask you to do something very difficult.  But it's only difficult because it's a state of mind.  I'm going to ask you to think about yourselves with all the creature comforts you have with all the foods you have with all the things you want right at your fingertips think about all those wonderful things you have well.  Millions are dying because the second part of this process which is so hard very important.  Includes being grateful.  Not just being grateful for everything you have.  But being grateful that you are not one of these people who are suffering so badly, but to be grateful with the utmost of humility, knowing that it wouldn't take very much in this world to put you exactly where these other people who are dying are at this very second.

If we can't have any humanity between us, then where is our humanity?

May God have mercy on us for what we have done.

I'll write later.

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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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    The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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