Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Monday, November 4, 2013

System Update: Night of The Living Dead

4:38 AM EDT:

Okay. Enough of this happy horseshit!

1. The problem with the blue screen of (hey Mack fuck off and die) death, was not, and I repeat was NOT the ispy program.

2. The problem was something that is so obvious that one would think that it’s not the problem. When in fact it was definitely the problem.

3. The problem was a program by the name of subliminal blaster pro. Originally written for Windows Xp, and has never been updated since it was written. Nor is the maker even in business anymore.

4. Plus Wallpaper Master Pro, which was originally written for Windows Xp, and then upgraded for windows 7.

5. However, that being said. Let’s consider reality for a moment. You remember reality, (he says taking the large hammer and smacking himself on the side of the head several times)

Yeah, that reality.

Okay. To begin with, the GUI, when the screen is normal, is processing like thousands of calculations just to present the image to the screen. Then, when you take that image and blow it up like 150% you’re not only increasing the magnification to the screen. You are “also” increasing the number of calculations that the GUI has to send to the GUI card, and the number of calculations that the GUI card has to send back to the GUI on he motherboard, where the main chip then takes those calculations and then blends them with the “other” calculations” that the main chip does so that you don’t see a big TIC TACK TOE on the screen. But see the images that you want. Like your TV.

6. So, when you take a subliminal program on the computer, which at the very least when the screen is normal is doing what is called a graphic interrupt. Meaning that it interrupts the calculations to the screen for a millisecond so that the words, the subliminal words can show up on the screen.

Well, doing that, actually manipulates the desktop display, rather slightly at the 100% level. But when you push the GUI to like 150% of normal, you are not only increasing all the calculations that the GUI and the motherboard are doing. You are at the same time making the “other” program, like subliminal blaster pro, have to increase it’s calculations as well. Only the subliminal blaster pro is increasing it’s calculations on the basis of the words interrupting the display of the screen, pursuant to, and contingent upon the screen having a threshold of perhaps parameters that fit within the parameters of the sizes of fonts that the subliminal program has within it’s code. And does “not” take into account the “extra” calculations that are being done by the GUI. Thereby, causing the same interrupt, which is contiguous. But at the same time, because of the number of calculations by the GUI, the interrupt then becomes more than just an interrupt. It becomes almost like a distortion.

Not just a distortion of the display. But a distortion of the calculations that are presenting the display.

And the same is true of the wallpaper program. For both do something that neither ispy or the winTV program does. Both the subliminal and wallpaper program manipulate the display of the desktop. And the “LAST” thing you want to do if you are running at 150% of normal on the display is to manipulate the desktop. Because you have already given that control over to the OS, or windows 7.

7. So the lesson boys and girls and ladies and gentlemen is these machines are designed to run at 150% of normal. They are designed to blow the fucking image up and put it on the side of a building if you want. But if you fuck with the display of the desktop while doing that sort of thing, your computer is going to get an ugly attitude and basically tell you to take a flying fucking leap. Hence the blue screen of (hey Mack, why don’t you fuck off) death.

8. Now the moral of all this is … Okay. So the thing blew up. Good. You don’t learn a fucking thing when everything is running smoothly. If you buy a desktop computer and all you do is surf the net and do email and don’t push it, and do see what it can take. Then it never has any problems. And you… yeah you… never learn a damn thing. You only learn from something when the shit hits the fan. Because when it does you have to you use that gray matter between your ears and you have to think.

In this case it’s just logic. No smoke and mirrors. It’s just logic. That’s all.

And like I said, the issue is so obvious that it become not so obvious on that basis alone. Because the subliminal program only takes about 5000K to run. And the wallpaper program only takes about 20000K to run. So at first glance it might not seem logical that something so small could cause any kind of a real problem. But, at the same time, if you spend any time around computers, you learn really fast that it only takes one small insect crawling into a CPU to make your accounting run come out like a recipe for Bavarian Oatmeal!

In other words, it doesn’t take much to fuck up a run on any system. So first you look at the what seems to be the obvious. Then you look at the not so obvious. And when you do. It’s usually the little quiet guy in the back of the room making the most noise. In this case, the small subliminal program. And the wallpaper program. On the basis, that they are attempting to manipulate a desktop that is in the process of running 150 times the normal calculations to generate the images to the screen. Hence, the Bavarian Oatmeal coming to the screen instead of the normal images you want to see.

The lesson being of course that these machines are more than capable of handling subliminal messages, and wallpaper changers. But if you are running at 150% above normal. You have to make sure that the “other” programs you are using to do that sort of thing, have the internal math to be able to keep up with the motherboard, and the GUI. Because of they don’t have the math to do that, then they will distort the calculations and the images to the screen instead of being contiguous with or augment the calculations and the images to the screen.

Thus, in this case, the best scenario is to let the bus driver drive the buss instead of letting the lunatic at he back of the bus take the wheel.

So, the wallpaper program and the subliminal program are history. I might look around for an alternative. But that’s not the sort of thing I tend to hold my breath for.

And no. I have “not” been to bed yet. And I have a 9am meeting on the phone I have to deal with, along with email and the other junk, let alone running this house.

In the years that I have been working on computers I’ve learned that you can safely go about 30 hours without sleep. After that time you either tend to misplace reality. Or you end up going out and drinking heavy for the next day or so.

So, I’m pushing about 25 hours … okay. I can handle that. I’ve done that a lot in my time around these monsters that we fondly call our computers. Of course some call them by lots of funny names, like shithead and ass wipe. I generally call mine, when it’s acting up… “Hey to stupid to take a crap!”.

But anyhow, if you work around these machines like for a living and you don’t have a sense of humor. And if you are not prepared for things to blow up, and then to learn from it. Then there’s no point in having one. And definitely no point in thinking you’ll learn anything. Because you never learn anything when everything is going along just fine. Just like you never learn how to stand up until you fall down.


So, given that my day is already shot to hell. And that I have a 9am meeting. And the house….. and email. Well, I suppose it could be worse. I could have just come home from a bad date where my date mistook me for dinner! Instead of wanting to take me out for dinner.

So, I’m going to have something to eat. Then, I’m going to catch a shower. Complain to my cats that all they ever do when shit like this happens is look at me stupid, and then go back to sleep.

Then, I’ll probably meditate for about a hour. Then, handle the 9am meeting. Then, take a short nap for about 3 hours, and do some more meditation. Then, by noon, I should say I should be able to hit the ground running. Either that, or wake up and feel like I landed on Mars and wonder why there aren’t any hot dog stands around.

Seriously, it’s just how things happen sometimes. After being around these monsters for like 50 years, well, I expect them to act stupid and to blow up. Because that’s one of the things that computers do. Because they are, after all no better than the data that is put into them. Put water and sugar in your gas tank and you get a car that is suitable for an art exhibit. Put gas in and you can actually drive the thing.

Ah… now it’s 5:22am. Great. I love it when a plan completely blows up in my face, and leaves me like no time to get anything done. That way if I have to rush, and I tip over some tables or spill the coffee it’s not a big deal, usually.

So it’s off to food, shower, close the eyes for about 45 and then the meeting, and then, (hell yeah. Turn that damn light off and play dead for about 2 hours…)

Then, if the creek don’t rise and the world doesn’t blow up… I’ll hit the ground running and move on… as they say….

I’ll write later….