Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

System update: Dragon NaturallySpeaking

2:47 AM, EST:

When I was walking to the doctors office today, this friend of mine who's moving back into the house with me, walked along to the hospital with me.  It was really nice having some company.  In any event, we then had to go to a few other places on the way home.  I finally arrived or we finally arrived at home at about 6 PM.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking :

Now as a result of the moving into the house with me.  I have gone back to using the single sided headset microphone as a profile with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  And so how I'm setting things up is that I'm keeping both the profiles as part of my Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  So that, with regard to.  Situations I can either use the desktop microphone or this headset microphone.  The obvious benefits from using the headset microphone is selected thought rather softly.  There but not disturbing my friend.  And of course because of the nature of the headset microphone that I'm using.  My dictations will, quite correctly but at a very reduced volume.

so would have to say that when we were walking.  It was in the 30s.  And basically I feel that I did okay.  The one area where I think I want to do a little more improvement is that when I go out in the cold I'm going to begin wearing some kind of trousers under my outside trousers like long underwear or just another thin layer of trousers underneath the ones that were outside or on the outside.

Because that was the only thing that seemed reactive to the temperature.

Windows 7 :

I have, I think discovered why the blue screens were happening.  It comes to mind that every time with these new screens were happening, in the event log, it always referred to the TCP connection.  And since I don't actually have in the elements of Windows 7, the TCP option selected.  The system is still capable of basic TCP transmissions and receptions.

So given that fact, and given the fact that I have programs on the system that use the standard TCP transmission and reception link.  Even your browser uses one of the various channels of or types of TCP interaction.

So again, given that.  I began thinking in terms of the size of the font.  Because it was you another layer or distortion in the calculations at the GUI would be making their my putting more stress on the system and specifically the GUI.  To the point where all the GUI is also trying to handle these multiple magnification levels at the same time there is background TCP interaction going on.

As a result resources are taken to ensure that interaction.  Meaning the TCP versus the graphics or at the exact same instance.  In one section of memory or another.  As the graphics.  Whereby as a result, the system simply doesn't kind of memory flush because it reaches an overflow of its capacity regarding the calculations or the presentation of the graphics to the screen.

Which then makes the error condition been reported by event viewer and a secondary cause or the primary cause but the secondary error condition taking place with regard to the blue screen event.

Therefore, what I've done is to reset the fonts for the system prior to joining the magnification.  So as a result I'm now running at 125% of normal magnification but with no modification to the presentation anyway.  Simply allowing Windows to control every aspect of the magnification without my having made modifications to the magnification, such as fonts or anything else.

Because I believe that staying within those parameters may in fact be critical.  Based on the number of programs I have running, in relation to the amount of TCP or telecommunications or web or Internet activity going on in the background.  Because even when you have your browser) is constant transmission going on between you and the Internet through your Internet provider.  That's why things like firewalls and other forms of protection are somewhat or if someone rather critically important.


I realize I have been quite lax in getting to my petitions and e-mail.  I sincerely hope all of you who are reading this Journal will understand.  I'm very sorry for not being more visible and more active at this moment.  I will probably feel a lot better after today and tomorrow.  Today in 2010 was probably the worst day of my entire life.  And at the same time one of the most unbelievably enlightening days of my life.

There was so much education and learning going on that it's taken me these three years to even get close to try to understand or even express a lot of what actually took place.  Because the same time all of the amazing education and enlightenment was going on at the same time there was all of this unbelievable sadness and shock and sorrow.

So it was truly that one of the worst day of my entire life but was also probably one of the most remarkable days of my entire life.  To say I celebrate my wife's honor.  To say that the depth of my love for her.  Rose every single day and my commitment to her as my wife.  Doesn't even come close to the level of absolute honor.  I feel gratitude commitment, dedication to every single thing she believed in which he lived for what she died for.  And what she taught me in so many amazing ways.

It's going to be very interesting to see how my perceptions and how my thinking process changes in the coming months, having gained this amazing sensitivity or more correctly awareness of an entire sequence of events taking place at exactly the same time that my darling Aileen was dying but that either.  I did not take notice of or could not see because of the other aspects of what was taking place.

In any event for the next few days my online activity is going to be somewhat sporadic.  If only because there are some physical things that are taking place in order to accommodate my friend coming back into the house.

What is rather incredible because my focus seems to have gained a certain degree of clarity that I don't really I have experienced in a fairly long time.  Before I met my darling Aileen.  But sometimes a good while ago.

So currently I have sort of my mail and have sort of organized my desktop and made a few changes.  So my plan is to go back to sleep.  And in about two or three hours.  I will start doing business as usual.

I'll write later.


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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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