Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

System Update: Comprehensive

6:37AM, EST:


After working with the Thunderbird in using it as not only my e-mail but a calendar, I basically have gotten to the point where with all the different services I'm running on my system within a given time.  It just doesn't make any sense to load up the system with a calendar.  When in reality my android phone can do the job much better without affecting my system.  So, I have shifted all of my calendar back to Google calendar on my android phone.  And now my Thunderbird e-mail program does simply that.  E-mail.

This is working out a lot better because it is reducing the system memory and system resource use.  And as a result reducing the amount of acceleration that my system is experiencing and also making the programs work a lot better.


Two days ago I had over 8500 pieces of mail to go through.  Yesterday morning, that number was reduced down to about 785 pieces of e-mail.  But last night I had reduced the number down to about 450 pieces of e-mail.  My plan today is to do more work on the e-mail to reduce the number and become more current.  So there will undoubtedly be some news stories that I will do today.


Over the past several weeks, partially of course, due to this month being the month.  Then my darling Aileen died.  I have been of course going through a tremendous amount of emotion roll ups and downs.  That's just how things are.  Nobody loses someone they love without going through just about every kind of emotion that I have been experiencing unless they really didn't like the person or if they hated the person.

That or those were the case with me and my darling Aileen.  Which of course is obvious for anyone who reads my journal.  So it was very strenuous.  It was a very strenuous section of time for me.  But during that time I began to look at the nature of religion in our world.  And I've gotten to a point where he basically don't even like religion anymore.  Because I don't really see anything in religion that deserves my respect.  There is and what religion in this world that humans have used as a means to get closer to their spirituality what they actually used their religion for that purpose.  Most of the religions in this world if not all of them have used their religion.  For purposes of spreading hatred spreading racism and bigotry creating war.  And as an excuse to kill each other and to hate each other.  The right-wing Christian extremists and Catholic extremists in the United States are some of the worst examples of hypocritical filthy dirty liars in religion that I have ever met in all the years I have lived.  Anyone who buys into their Bullshit deserves exactly what they get.

Any good to the religions have done is completely overshadowed by the amount of dead bodies the religion has in fact piled up as a result of their hatred.  Bigotry their racism and all of their stupid shallow thinking.  Thinking that is based upon antiquated religious dogma that doesn't even apply to our modern world.  The sad thing about our world is that everybody's got the attitude that they don't have to change it it's their way or the highway and that's not going to get anything done because all that kind of attitude does is basically make us hate each other.  And makes that hatred grow to such an extent that which you have is a condition which exists right now in the United States where people in this country that is supposed to be United are so hateful of each other that our country basically is not even a country anymore.

And if that's the best that humanity can do.  If this is the best that humanity can do as far as maturing any involvement with the changing world in which we live that humans really do need to be made extinct.  Because we are not helping this world in any way we are using this world.  We are depleting its resources.  We are telling each other.  We are hating each other as a result of religious differences or skin color or the city or nationality.  The list of how many ways we hate each other and the excuses for why we hate each other for so long that it would take me an entire Journal entry just to list all the different ways that we hate each other.  And if that's the best humanity can do is to we fall into a species of hatred based on antiquated religious dogmatic thinking to the point where humanity is determined to kill itself and to extinguish itself as a result of prejudice and bigotry.  Them.  Like I said, humanity deserves exactly what's going to happen because things are changing with the humanity likes it or not and those changes are going to take out a certain section of humanity.

Meaning that within about 90 years only two thirds of humanity is going to be left alive.  That's simply because of the environmental conditions that are changing.  First, there are going to be wars over water.  Then there are going to be wars over food and in about 125 years up to almost 150 years.  Within that timeframe there only be one third of humanity left alive.  All because of the changing environmental conditions and because humanity is more concerned with who survives then how many survive.

You are a huge disappointment.  Meaning humanity is a huge disappointment.  When I was younger I actually felt that humanity had a chance at humanity actually had a chance to become something better than what humanity had been in the past or currently was.  That never happened.  Instead, humanity became more stupid more superstitious more backward more primitive more ugly more violent and more hateful.  And if that's not true then the news on TV would be the way it is every single night.

And to prove my point as ugly as that point, maybe the source notes in my see also section below are all facts.  There is in one single stupid bastard Catholic or Christian or Muslim or Jew in this world who can refute any of those facts because they are facts.  They are facts of the events actually took place.  They are facts that show very clearly that humanity has a history of being one of the dumbest and most asinine pieces of crap that ever walked around on this planet.  And it's all humanity is become an embarrassment to itself a filthy dirty, ugly species filled with hatred and ugliness of racism and a country determined to kill itself and determined hate itself on the basis of racism and all sorts of other ugly criteria.

I refuse to be part of that kind of ugliness.  All my life I have refused to ever be part of that kind of file.  This couple anti-human anti-life.  Anti-God behavior which is being demonstrated by the right wing Christian extremists and the right-wing Catholic extremists and the right-wing Muslim and Jewish extremists.  It's happening all over the world people lying about religion saying it's okay to make money off of God.  When their own Bible tells them.  That's not true.

So the stupid bastard Christian conservatives want to go ahead and keep watching those dumb mass pieces of crap ministers on TV and giving them your money, go right ahead and do so and be that stupid.  Because your own Bible tells you that Jesus had no tolerance for laying money down before God and yet that's all you Christian conservatives and you Catholics do is you put money down before God.  Thinking that you could buy your way into heaven, which shows that you don't nothing about God even nothing about heaven because if you really respected God.  And if you really respected yourselves you would lay a single dime down before God and you certainly would make money off of God.

Bullshit walks and money talks.  Actions always speak louder than words.  So humans with all of your stupid lying in all of your dumb bastard excuses can go ahead and keep making those excuses why it's okay for you to have guns and hate everyone and create war.  When Jesus Christ was a pacifist and the same is true for every other religion the leaders of your religions were pacifists.  They did not believe in war and yet that's the best that you assholes here in this world the been able to do with religion is create war and try to kill each other.

Which is exactly why I say that what's coming is exactly what you morons in the human race have in fact earned.  You made the world ugly you made the world full of lying and cheating and stealing and deceit and now you don't like what you have made and you don't have anyone to blame except yourselves.  And it's not going to be any energy your super being that's going to come down to earth and fix everything for what you've done.  You made this mess.  So it's up to you to clean it up.  And if you can't then most of you will simply die.

And if you don't like Pat go read your own religious documents your Bibles and the Koran.  Go read those books and you'll find that everything I'm saying is true humanity is on the verge of taking itself out because you're so ugly in your so filled with racism and bigotry and hatred.  You can't even learn how to be friends with each other, much less live with each other.  You used drugs as if they are the panacea for everything when all they do is destroy your body.  You trust these doctors who are more concerned with getting money from you then they are with saving your life and you believe always filthy liars on TV promising how one medication or another is going to fix your life when in reality the side effects from those medications are so dangerous that I would give those medications to my worst enemy.  Let alone to anyone.  I love.

There's a reason I don't watch television.  Why all I watch are movies.  And the reason is real simple.  Most of the crap on television is not something I would ever allow my children to watch much less want to expose myself to.  I don't like the kind of violence that most of this world celebrates on TV.  I like art I like the refinement of life and you don't find that kind of refinement in the kinds of TV programs and the filthy dirty, ugly movies that are being presented today with good and evil trying to kill each other with all sorts of extremely graphic scenes that are totally appropriate for children and yet you don't want to take any responsibility for how we treat our children.  Just like you don't take any responsibility for how the world treats women or the mentally ill or those who are disabled or downtrodden or the deceased because you don't have any tolerance for them you don't have any care for them.  You don't give it damn about them because the world is become completely selfish and self consumed ego centric your way or the highway.

So now you get a world that's basically in the toilet and you don't have anyone to blame except yourselves and you don't like what you're seeing in the mirror.  It's not my fault.  Don't blame me for the way this world.  Turned out.  I've been speaking out against this kind of ugliness for the last 45 years and for the last 45 years.  Most of you have seen fit to look at me and laugh at me and call me stupid.  We will see who is in fact stupid in another 90 years.  First of all I probably won't be around in 90 years.  And second of all in 19 years.  One third of the human race will not even exist.  Because there won't be enough water or food or air.  And when that happens knowing the way humanity has been in the past and the way humanity is right now all that you humans will do is become even more ugly and more violent and hateful of each other, you will lie and you will cheated you will steal from each other you will behave like rats clawing around on a ship that is sinking.

If you don't like this Journal entry that's not my fault.  I'm not the one that created this world.  Most of you are out there in the world in your working every day.  Which means you have the ability to contribute to this world.  Every day in all of the interactions you have.  So if all you do is read your bad mood or your ugliness from one person to another.  Then you are not helping the process you are not helping humanity move forward.  Your actually dragging humanity down backward into the racism and all the ugliness and you're using your religions to do it.  So you deserve what you get.  Because you're not willing to change your not willing to grow up.  You're not willing to stop being addicted to everything in the world is not willing to make yourselves healthier you're not willing to take control of your own lives.  You're not willing to take control of your own.  But if you're not willing to approve yourselves.  You're not willing to give back to this world and try to help this world.  You're not willing to stop all the lying and cheating in the murdering and killing in a violent hatred.  You're not willing to do any of those things which is why we have a lot of people who are so fat they can't even walk around and when we have a lot more people who are addicted to medications, prescription drugs, alcohol, booze anything you can imagine because most of the world is so weak minded they don't even not take control of their own lives much less how to live their lives.  He and who do they listen to?  They listen to these dirty filthy false prophets on TV these ministers of mega-churches who claim to be talking from God when they are nothing but dirty filthy liars by the very fact that they are taking money and accepting money for what they do they are in fact divorcing themselves from God because their own Bible tells them that taking money before God is a sin.  And yet they do it.  And then they lie about it.  Just like the Christian conservatives are nothing but filthy dirty liars when they quote from the book of Saul, saying those are the words of God.  When in reality the book of Saul was not written by Jesus Christ and it was not written by God.  It was written by a human being, which means the Christian conservatives are dirty filthy liars when they quote from the book of Saul because those are not the words of God.  Those are the words of the human being a disciple and nothing else.  So using the book of Saul to justify your war in your killing in your violence is basically the Christian conservatives shaking their fist at God and telling God how much they hate God and that they will kill God because they want to kill everything because they hate everything.  And if that's how you want to go before your creator.  No problem because I don't have a problem going before God.  You Christian conservatives should definitely have a problem going before God because you have committed so many crimes against God.  The most of you are going to burn in hell.  And it's out of your own Bible.  None my Bible your Bible and yet you don't even want to follow your own Bible.  Because you can't stand allowing anyone to tell you what to do, which is why you Christian conservatives hate every single type of person that your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died protecting and how do we know that's true?  Because it's in the news every day.  And the statistics in my see also section below clearly show that you Christian conservatives and you Catholics have basically ruined this world with your hatred and your killing in your violence and your continuing to do so every day and any good that you do is been completely wiped out by all of the ugliness of the racism and the bigotry and prejudice that you support and promote.

And whether you like it or not.  Every single one of us is going to go before that creator what you call it energy or God or Allah doesn't matter.  We're all going to go in front of that energy and if you think you are going to get somewhere.  By lying and cheating God and cheating yourself and cheating your friends and lying and stealing in this world if you think you're really going to be better off take your best shot.  Just leave me out of it.

Some not real pleased with humanity, nor am I impressed with humanity every single day where I live.  I see so many people ruining their lives with prescription medications and drugs.  And with religion.  That is ridiculous.  I see people basically using religion as a means to hate each other.  It kill each other.  I see people.  So gullible and stupid that there believing all this crap on TV about one medication or another.  And then they end up getting sick from the medication they're taking to fix one problem because that's exactly what the drug makers are doing.  They're making drugs that will fix one problem inside of yourself.  But at the same time will cause another problem so that you'll have to go back to the drug makers to get a second meditation to fix a second problem only that second meditation will cause another problem sister always going back to the drug makers needing more drops.  There's no difference between the drug makers in this world and the drug dealers on the back alleys.  No difference.  The pharmaceutical companies are nothing more than a high-priced drug dealers and that's all they are.  They don't give a damn about human life.  All they care about is keeping their customer base and they keep their customer base by making us sick would the drugs they are giving us.  And again, if you don't believe me look at the side effects of most of the drugs that most of the people in this world.  Take, which is why I don't take any of those products.  I'm very careful what I put into my body and I'm not to put any of that crap into my body, because I know in every fiber of my body that doing so is wrong.

Yet all of this world we of people taking this crap medication is nothing but garbage medication that's so expensive that a lot of times the people and apparently the dog food just to pay for the damn medication.  The level of alcoholism and drug abuse in this world is skyrocketing, and it is so because most people don't have the guts to be honest with themselves.  And if we are not addicted to drugs or alcohol.  Then we are addicted to food or we are addicted to working but we are addicted to almost anything we can think of.  Because that's the best that humans can do is to be weak, stupid addicted types of animals.  That's all humans have turned into addicted fat, stupid, lazy individuals people who are so fat they can't even walk around and they are not fat because of genetic reasons where fat because they're weak minded their stupid they don't know how to take care of their bodies.  They don't know how to eat right.  They don't not exercise right because they're being told not to by religion.  They're being told what to do by religions religion still the one to get up when they go to bed who to vote for how to dress who to love who not to love who to hate who not to hate what to believe how to think how to feel, everything.  And then the same people wonder why they are so weak minded that they can't even make a decision for themselves.  It's no surprise to me.  When you give control of your life to someone else you then.  No longer are in control of your life.  Obviously but what also happens is that your entire personality in your brain and your mind begins to become very used to allowing others to tell you what to do so.  You become weak minded.  You become so weak minded that trying to make a decision in your own life becomes really difficult you become stupid.  Because that's exactly what the religions want religious don't like people who have brains because they can't control people who have brains.  That's why they want to keep their followers stupid as possible.

So go ahead be proud of the work you have done here on Earth, because you have ruined this world.  You have ruined it for our children you have ruined it for future generations.  You have ruined it for humanity.  Because when this world needs to correct whatever damage we humans have done to this world.  It will shake off humanity like a dog shaking off water and inhumanity won't even exist anymore.  And it will be your own fault.  It'll be humanity's fault for allowing this to happen.  This world was pristine teeming with life when humanity first began to live communally in the world.  And in the short time that humanity lived in the world.  What we do?  Could we improve the world?  No we did not we basically trashed the entire planet.  And you're proud of that?  Anyone of you who thinks that life is good here on Earth is either so stupid or such a filthy dirty bastard that on the one hand, it would be a waste of time for me even to be around you and on the other hand, if you are dirty filthy unscrupulous bastard you are so evil that I don't even want you anywhere near me.

And I'm not better than anyone and don't ever think that because I have never said I was and I have never aspired to be anything more than a speck of dust.  I have never wanted to be anything more than a single grain of sand in this world.  I have never aspired to be more than that ever.  Everyone who's ever known me all my life knows that's true.  So I'm not making myself I like I'm better than you I'm making myself out to be different.  And that's all I'm doing.

So celebrate all your selfishness and celebrate all your stupid bastard religions because they've done nothing except destroy this world.  And I don't have any respect for religion under any circumstances anymore.  Because it is nothing more than a bunch of filthy dirty lies that humans are using to justify one form of killing and mass murder versus another.  Show me and show God if you will that you can do something positive with their religions like get along.  But you humans can't even do that.

78% of the United States is Christian which means that 78% of all of the women being murdered in the United States or being murdered by pro-life Christians.  So where the hell is their pro-life stand when they're killing women?  And if you Christians and Catholics are so good.  Then why is it that in every single nation what the Catholics and Christians are running that nation that the very people that Jesus died protecting the very people that you Catholics and Christians in those countries are screwing is much is possible and taking away everything you can from those people?  If you really celebrate Jesus.  Then why are you doing everything to hurt and cause harm to the very people that Jesus died on the cross to protect?

The numbers speak for themselves, ladies and gentlemen.  And if you don't like what I'm saying proof those numbers wrong.  And if you can't did you have to get used to the fact that humanity as a species here in the world has become nothing but a colossal failure.  Humanity is now bent on trying to murder each other rather than to live with each other and to survive.  You don't even care about your own survival.  Because most of humanity is concerned with how many survive.  But who survives.

And as long as you maintain that kind of thinking humanity doesn't have very much chance of any survival.  But don't believe me.  God for bid, you would ever believe me.  I think it's remarkable the little over 2000 years ago it was a Jew who tried to warn humanity about the way humanity was living and all you morons here in the world could do was to cut his head off and put it on a plate.  And I'm not John the Baptist because I'm nothing to this world.  I never have been and I've never wanted to be.  But that doesn't mean I can't see what's going on because I can.  So here it is a little over 2000 years later.  And again it's another Jew trying to warn you about what you're doing to yourselves into this world and you doing exactly what you did 2000 years ago you are looking at that individual like me calling me stupid and laughing at me because you don't have the guts to admit what you have done is wrong.  You don't have the guts to take responsibility for what you've done.  You don't have the guts to grow up and put up and shut up and start taking control of your lives and stop allowing others to beat you into the ground.  And if that's the level of your self-respect you have no self-respect.

It's not normal for people who are 20 and 30 years John but then I am to look worse than I do.  And yet I see that every day.  I see bodies and lives that are used up every day.  People who are using their lives up with booze alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, eating where they're eating so much that they are so fat they can even get up out of a chair.  And they blame everyone else for their problems.  Just like the Christian conservatives they blame everyone else for everything that's wrong in the world even if they are holding the smoking gun.

So your choices are very clear, ladies and gentlemen, humanity needs to grow up humanity needs to take control of itself humanity needs to stop taking all these prescription medications and start taking control of their own lives and I'm not talking about people who have legitimate terminal illnesses I'm talking about all this other junk like the pain medication that people take rather than dealing with their pain.  I've dealt with my pain for 45 years and as I said I'm nothing special.  So if I can do it.  What's the matter with the rest of you?

Like I said, my attitude toward humanity has changed over the last several weeks.  I don't really see much hope for humanity anymore.  Because humanity doesn't seem much hope for itself and every day.  It's nothing but a parade of criminal activity were humanity doesn't even take any steps to stop any of the criminal activity and I know that's true because in my own city the TV stations will not put up any telephone numbers for domestic violence or suicide.  Because the TV stations were I live in Cleveland Ohio I'm much more concerned with being at the scene of the crime so that they can photograph someone killing themselves or someone being beaten to death.  Then they would take any kind of action to prevent the crime and they can do that very easily by putting those numbers up during their broadcasts.  But they don't want to do that because they want the ratings because they are that bloodthirsty they are that's filled with the love of money and money being more important than human life.  They don't give it damn about saving any of these women in this country.  They don't give a damn about saving any children because they don't put up any numbers that would save their lives because they want those ratings and that's exactly what you're religions have become ratings machines generating money because you're religions are now making money off of God.  When your own religious documents tell you that is not what you are supposed to be doing and the fact that you are doing it shows that you don't even care about your own religions because if you did you would not have these mega-church ministers, raking in millions of dollars.  Where do they get off making millions of dollars off of God?

What people don't realize about me is I don't really care whether I live or die.  I'm ready to meet God.  I haven't done have to crap but you humans here in this world have done.  I've never struck a single human being in my entire life.  I'm 63 years old and I have never once struck a single human being in this world.  I have never risen my hands in anger against single human soul and the best that most of you can do is laugh at me because of that when your own Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was the same way and yet you laugh at me where do you get off laughing at me when you worship someone who lived exactly the way I've tried to live my whole life.  How does that work?

But I'm a big joke.  That's all I am to most of you.  So go ahead and laugh.  We will see who's laughing and another 100 years.  Because in 100 years.  Most of you won't be laughing at all.  Because survival won't be like it is today.  It'll be a lot tougher and most of you won't survive.  And it's all because of what you have done to yourselves and what you are doing to yourselves.  It's not my job to teach you how to live your lives so that you can take more responsibility for your lives, you should know that you should've learned that as you were growing up.  But obviously you didn't because if you did that we would not have the conditions that exist today in the world.  We have large corporations who are making money off of people dying we have the media services in this world that are much more concerned with photographing someone blowing their brains out rather than to give them a chance not to do it.

And for the record in the United States alone every 15 min., another child or adult become so desperate within their own minds but the only choice they can make is to take their own life.  And most of you Christian conservatives and you Catholics who claim to be pro-life don't even give it damn about saving those people's lives.  Because you're running the TV stations and you're not putting up numbers to save their lives.  You're not giving them a chance to make that call.  You're not giving them a chance to be able to get clear of where they are you saying you basically don't give a damn about their lives.  Because you would rather photograph them blowing their brains out rather than to actually give them a chance to save their own lives.

You want me to be impressed with that the only way out be impressed is if I end up being as stupid as most of you have been in your lives with how you run your lives.

And again don't you dare think that I am making myself out to be better than any of you.  Because I am not.  I have never been better than anyone in this world, because I never wanted to be.  I am different and that's all I am.  People look at me and they don't even see most of how I live my life because they weren't with me.  So most people don't even believe that I actually did the things I did.  But God knows I did and the people who knew me at Fort Lewis college in Durango, Colorado and at southern Arizona school in Tucson Arizona.  Those people knew and still no to this day that I did everything I said I've done because they saw me do it.  So don't make me out like I'm making myself out better than anyone, because I'm not and I'm not gloating myself over you, I'm talking to you.  Like someone needs to talk to you as human beings.  You're not taking responsibility for your lives, your allowing everyone to tell you what to do with what to think.  You're becoming fat, stupid and lazy for the medications and the crappy week and being addicted to all the different crappy become addicted to you would rather allow other things to control you and for you to control yourselves.  And then you want to blame someone like me who sees exactly what you are doing and doesn't want to join in.

Like I said.  It's not my problem.  I will get old.  Just like everyone else in the world.  And then at one point my body will break down to the point or I will simply no longer exist.  No problem.  I don't have a problem going before God because I never did anything wrong.  And of course I have the papers to prove that.  Because that's one of the things I've been in my life.  I've been very careful to make sure I document every single thing about my life.  So that no matter what anyone says that they try to call me a liar all I do is produce my papers and when I do that.  It's very clear who the liar is.  And it is never me.

So we will see how you humans actually works things out, because the way you get things going right now.  You don't have a chance.  Within 200 years the amount of humans left in the world will probably be only one quarter of the total world population as it is today.  And all of that will happen simply because you humans didn't want to take responsibility for your own species.  You would rather fight with each other hate each other using religious antiquated dogmatic thinking with all of your racism in your bigotry and lying to yourselves about your religions rather than to actually get along for the survival of the human race.  And humans are so filled with so much arrogance.  You actually think the universe gives it damn about humanity.  If you think that in my honest opinion you are too stupid to be reading this Journal.  Because humanity means nothing to this universe and if you think humanity does again I said you you're just too stupid to read this Journal because universe doesn't give a damn about the human race.  We are one of billions in billions of species most of which cannot even be seen were discovered with our current scientific equipment.  But humanity is so arrogant that humanity believes that the only form of life that will ever exist in this world has to be within the confines of the human consciousness and that's where humanity makes a mistake.  Because the human consciousness is not the sum total of consciousness in the universe.  The human consciousness as we know it is only but a small fragment of very tiny sliver of the entire spectrum of consciousness that exists in the universe.  Just like the amount of life in the universe doesn't exist within the parameters of what we can measure with our scientific equipment or what we can perceive with our five senses.  There are life forms in the University existed.  We will never be able to see with any of our current scientific equipment.  Because we are not that smart.  Should go ahead and be full of yourselves and think that humanity is the gift of the universe.  When in reality, that probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard any religious person ever say.  You will get it right.  It may take half 1 million years but eventually humanity will get it right and what's left won't really look like what we look like today because you ruined that potential you destroyed that future by making the planet.  So filthy and so dirty that the water doesn't even fit to drink.  You're killing animal species every day because all you're concerned with is making money and not trying to save humanity or this world.  And any time you do want to try to save this world.  It always comes down to money.  That pound of flesh.  Nobody wants to do anything without getting their pound of flesh.

I on the other hand do things for people all the time and never wants to every think about any kind of compensation because I don't do anything I do for anyone on the basis of what I'm going to get from them.  I do it simply because it makes sense to do so.  That's all.  No mystery.  No smoke and mirrors.  I do things simply because they make sense.  It makes sense to me in my mind to me my brothers and my sisters keeper because most of the people in the world don't even know how to do that.

And of course if I'm wrong then I would not be getting hundreds and hundreds of e-mails every day asking for money most of which are nothing but scams.

So it's not good to be a very good holiday season in the United States or anywhere else in the world.  Not this year.  We of people who are dying.  We of people who are suffering so bad that their stories never get to the news because they're not important enough their stories won't generate enough ratings to satisfy the new services because that's all the news services care about is getting their ratings they don't care about human life they don't care about humanity.  They don't care about doing the right thing they don't care about the survival of the human race all they care about is their dirty filthy money and getting those ratings.  And then they wonder why nobody wants to watch their programs anymore because I won't.  I don't allow that kind of programming into my house.  I don't want to listen to some asshole on TV telling me how to think about the news if I want think about the news.  I've got a brain.  And I use it.  Nobody tells me what to think or what to do.  It doesn't happen.  The only time anything like that even takes places when I'm working for someone else, and they tell me what to do as far as my job.  But nobody tells me what to do in life, nobody no religious deity no religious leader nobody tells me what to do, because I know what to do because I have a brain.  And I use it.

So it's up to humanity where this all plays out and how it plays out.  And if you don't want to get any better.  And you want humanity to basically sink into the tents level of hell that you don't have any choices to make because you already going in that direction.  If on the other hand you don't want to go in that direction and you don't want to see humanity turn out to be nothing but a bunch of maggots climbing around on a pile of garbage.  Then humanity as a whole other choices that humanity has to make because where you are headed is exactly in that direction where humanity is becoming nothing but a bunch of maggots climbing around on a pile of garbage and you only have yourselves to blame.  And again but that's not true that none of the statistics in my see also section below would be true.  And the news stories we see on TV would not be happening.  But they are happening.  And those statistics are true.  Meaning that humanity has done nothing except make itself out to be nothing but a bunch of maggots climbing around a pile of garbage.  You have not improved anything you've made yourselves gluttonous and stupid and selfish and hateful and racist and violent and ugly.  You made yourselves at the did everything fat and lazy and stupid you fight about education you hate science.  The Christian conservatives and the Catholics hate science.  Even though scientific knowledge is no different than religious knowledge because it's the same body of knowledge which means in reality that the Catholics and Christians actually hate themselves because they hate their own religion.  Because their religion is nothing more than the perspective of all knowledge.  Just like science.  And yet Catholics and Christians hate science.  They don't like education.  They don't want people to be educated.  Because educated people are harder to control that's what the Catholics and Christians hate science and why they hate education.  They want people to be as stupid as possible because they are easier to control and easier to get money from.

So go ahead.  Turn the world into a pile of garbage and see exactly which you have left.  Because that's where you're headed.  Don't ask me to join in because I'm not going to.  Like I said, I have a brain and I know how to use it.  And I don't take anything I don't eat anything.  I don't put anything into my body.  That's going to have any kind of a negative affect.  Meaning a pervasive negative affect on my brain or any other part of my body which is why I don't drink.  Just like I don't take any painkillers.  Just like I don't take any pain medication.  I don't take any prescription drugs.  I don't take any drugs of any kind.  And I never will.  There isn't enough pain in this world to make me take any kind of pain medication that will never happen.

So don't blame me because you don't like the way the world is.  It's not my fault.  And when I finally do die.  Whenever that happens nobody one less voice like mine in the world, because I'm not the only one that's taking the way I am.  I'm not the only one that's trying to talk to you.  The way I am there are a lot of others.  But compared to the amount of people in the world as many people like me that there are in the world.  We are actually a very small number compared to the total number of people in the world.

Should go ahead make the world is ugly as you want to keep stealing from each other.  Keep lying to each other keep making yourselves out.  Like your debtor than each other.  When in reality you are not better than anyone.  Because every single one of us in those last moments of life in those last seconds before we die.  None of your money matters.  None of your stupid ugly religious hatred and take a tree matters.  None of it matters.  Because in the last moments of life in those last seconds of life the only thing that matters is the condition of your soul.  And if you've done nothing but spread hatred and bigotry and racism and ugliness and supported killing in war and that's exactly how your soul is going to go before the creator and if you want to go before God in that way.  Be my guest.

And don't make any mistake about my words or my intention.  Because of I did love humanity and if I did love this world.  I would not even spend the time to write this Journal entry.  It's on the basis that I do love humanity and I do love this world that I am writing what I am writing right now.  Those of you who actually have brains and are using those brains will see this very clearly those of you who are filled with racism and stupidity and backward primitive religious dogmatic thinking.  You will see nothing.  You will look at me and laugh at me and call me stupid.  At least you will do so until suddenly you find that reality comes right up in your face and proves everything you ever thought to be wrong.  And when that happens.  Even then you won't have the guts to be honest with yourselves.

So you as human beings will either put up and shut up and start doing the work you need to do to fix yourselves or within 200 years, only about one quarter of humanity will be left because you will either murder yourselves and take yourselves out or you would complete the resources so badly in this world that between two thirds and three quarters of humanity will no longer even exist.  And when that happens humanity will definitely get a wake-up call.  Humanity will realized that either humanity changes or humanity won't exist.  Perhaps that's exactly what needs to happen to get you all to wise up and take responsibility over your lives and stop letting people tell you what to think and how to live your life and stop delaying money down before God.  When your own Bible and the Koran tells you that is not what you are supposed to do you never lay money down before God you never make money off of God and yet that's exactly what you Christian conservatives and Catholics do you make money off of God you use God like God is some appliance in your kitchen.

And then you wonder why your lives are in the toilet.  That's what's amazing.  You actually or humanity is actually so stupid that they think that they can run God like they can't run anything else.  When you don't even realize we are nothing to this universe we are nothing to this world.  The only thing that makes us different from the other animals and other life in this world is that we have cognitive brains.  That's the only difference.

In other words, ladies and gentlemen.  It's your karma….  Not mine….


As I said, I will be working on the petitions today.  But I'm also having a certain amount of low energy just because of the weather and how the weather is relating to my arthritis.  So I will get to it.  I just may not get to it as fast as some might like or expect.  But I always get everything done that needs to get done.  No matter what.  I always get everything done.

I'll write later.


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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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    The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)


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