Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Friday, October 18, 2013

TV networks blame GOP for shutdown, conservative study finds

TV networks blame GOP for shutdown, conservative study finds 

This story shows very clearly that the tea party and the Republicans have lost in their attempt to spread propaganda and to continue lying to the American people.  Isn't it interesting that the only TV network that is talking about the Republicans and the tea party in a positive way is in fact Fox news.  Of course it's not surprising seeing as how the owner of Fox news is Rupert Murdoch, who was convicted of or at least brought to trial in the UK for the worst scandal regarding media and blackmail in recent history in the UK?

It's no surprise to me.  I've always known that Rupert Murdoch is one of the dirtiest most dishonest and one of the ugliest human beings, socially speaking, that I have ever seen in my entire life.  Anyone who trusts Rupert Murdoch deserves exactly what happens to them.  Because he is not an honest person he is a liar he is a racist and he demands the same degree of racism and lying from the companies that he does business with it they don't lie and they are not willing to lie and cheat and steal as much is possible Rupert Murdoch wants nothing to do with those companies.

Which is why when you look at the new steam on Fox news you would see nothing but failed journalists.  Journalists who could not make it in any other TV network.  Because basically they are nothing but dirty filthy liars and they know that they are not paid to tell the truth they are paid to spread propaganda.  Which is why they are the only news network anywhere in the entire world.  That is defending the actions of the tea party and the Republican Party.

The attitude of Fox news is they don't care about any other news network, because everyone in the world is a liar except for them.  They are the only ones were telling the truth.  Because that's exactly how stupid and how demented and what a bunch of dirty filthy lying assholes and racists.  The members of the Fox news team and Fox news staff really are.  And they are that way because that's what Rupert Murdoch demands.  He is an asshole he is a liar he is a filthy dirty racist bastard so he wants every company that he does business with her that he owns to behave the same way.  At least as much as possible.

In the coming months it's only going to be a matter of time before the tea party and their members and the companies that have supported them are brought to trial by the Department of Justice for political extortion.  And based on the grounds of sedition using the Hobbs act.  Because that's exactly what is necessary.  The members in the United States Congress who are members of the tea party need to be censured.  And then they need to be kicked out of Congress.  The tea party needs to be investigated and every single constituency that supports the tea party fully needs to be investigated.  Every company that has given them money needs to be investigated.  Their activities are in fact, seditious, tantamount to insurrection against the United States of America.  And they are in fact, supporters of the Ku Klux Klan and their supporters are theocratic fascism.

That is why I'm calling upon all like-minded Americans to boycott any and all businesses owned and operated by the Republican Party or the tea party or the right-wing Christian extremists or any business that is supportive of the tea party or the Republican Party or the right-wing Christian extremists.  Further, any locality, whether it is a town, a city or a village or a state where the majority of people are supporting the tea party and the Republican Party.  We the people of this country need to boycott those locations as well.  Don't go to those towns or villages or cities or states, unless it is unavoidable don't have anything to do with them.  Don't give them any more of your money.

They are criminals.  They are enemies of the Constitution.  They will be found eventually to be guilty of sedition tantamount to insurrection against the United States and they will be tried for their crimes.  But in order for that to happen we the people must in fact, put out a call to the Department of Justice and demand that the activities and the actions of the tea party be investigated on the basis of seditious behavior pursuant to insurrection against the United States as it applies to the Hobbs act.  We have to do that now.  These people are enemies to the Constitution they are enemies to freedom they are enemies to all of us and they are and will be defined eventually whether they like it or not, as domestic enemies of the Constitution.  If found guilty, they then need to be ex-patriot to whatever country they choose.  But they should not be allowed to continue living in this country because of their crimes against the United States government and against we the people.  The Americans of this great nation.

The tea party already right now is planning on their next attack on the Constitution.  They are not satisfied with what they've gotten and they don't care that everyone in the world hates them because all they care about is getting what they want.  And they don't care who gets hurt.  They don't care what happens they don't care about their supporters they don't care about any of the businesses in this country all they care about is getting what they want and they will do that.  The plan by the tea party is to one way or the other remove the president and the vice president from office.  So the John Boehner and then in fact as speaker of the house become president of the United States, where he will sign an immediate Executive Order for every single non-Christian in the United States to be put into a death camp.  That's exactly what the tea party is planning death camps.  Their attitude is they want to kill and murder as many women and children and men in this country as possible in order to make sure that everyone in the United States understands the tea party will be the rule of law in this nation.  And that this nation will not be a free nation it will be a nation of theocratic fascism with a dictator.  That is what they want.  That's what they're working for, and it's up to us, we the people of the United States, who are dedicated to protecting the Constitution with our lives to stand in defense of the Constitution and to do so without using any form of violence or aggression but to use law this nation to secure our rights and civil liberties as granted within the law of this nation.  Which is the Constitution of these United States.

Boycott any and all businesses owned and operated by the Republican Party, the tea party, where the right-wing Christian extremists.  Boycott any and all companies that are supportive of the tea party, the Republican Party, when the right-wing Christian extremist movement in the United States.  Do not give them any more of your money.  Do not do business with them.  Turn your back on them as they have turned their back on us.

Contact the Department of Justice immediately and request a formal investigation into the political activities and associations of the tea party and the Republican Party on the basis of political extortion pursuant to the Hobbs act.  And their actions having been markedly seditious tantamount to insurrection against the United States.

Don't tread on me.
Live free or die.