Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Inner Storm

As I've been thinking about things I've been thinking more specifically about the Catholics and the Christians who of course have actually killed more human beings than any other group in the history of humankind.  All in the name of Jesus.  So obviously Catholicism is basically a joke.  Because hardly anyone follows exactly what Jesus said at the sermon on the mount.  Everyone comes up with all sorts of excuses.  And yet logically speaking they don't have any proof whatsoever that Jesus actually had a hand in writing any other portion of the Bible because the only time he was ever alive to be able to speak was during the passion story.  Meaning that everything else in the New Testament is nothing more than things that were written down his disciples and priests and ministers and so forth.  But they are not the word of Jesus Christ because the only actual words that exist are while he was alive.

That is of course unless the Catholics and Christians are willing to admit that he did not ascend into heaven and that he's not supposed to come back in the second coming of Christ.  But if they do that then logically speaking they would then have to admit that they don't believe in Jesus and they're not going to do that.  So consequently they have to admit that they do believe in Jesus Christ with all of the religious overtones and so forth.  Which means they have to admit that the only time he ever spoke was during the passion story.  Which means when they use all these other books of the Bible to justify their hatred and their violence and they're killing that they are not doing so on the basis of what Jesus taught them.  But on the basis of what his disciples interpreted and then wrote down.

Which means, of course of the Catholics and the Christians are not following Jesus Christ not a failing guns and not if they practice prejudice or racism in any way.

And what's so remarkable is that I'm a Jew.  And I'm nothing special to this world.  Actually I don't matter to this world in any way whatsoever.  I never did.  I died in 1968 and saw lots of things.  Things that nobody will probably ever understand or believe.  And if I tried to explain that the majority of people will even understand what I'm saying.  Nor will they believe what I'm saying.  And I've learned over the years.  It doesn't make sense to try to explain what I saw because of I do.  No one will understand.  And they probably won't believe me.

But that doesn't make me special because I never thought I was.  My parents and the Maschke family among just literally thousands of other Americans or other American families have a really huge history in this country and my parents in the Maschke family were important.  I wasn't and I never wanted to be and I never aspired to be.  All ever wanted to do was to survive.  And that's exactly what I've done.

So growing up, I'm a Jew.  But when I was reading what he was saying at the sermon on the mount.  It made a lot of sense.  The kind to other people.  Never lie.  Don't hate anyone.  Don't do any harm to anyone.  The matter what they do.  Don't harm anyone no matter how much they harm you the matter what they do to you don't strike back.

So as a Jew.  That just made a lot of sense and that's all I have lived my life.  And like I said, I am nothing special.  So if I have been able to do that all my life.  Then what's the problem with the rest of the people in this world?  Because I'm not anything special to this world and I have never made out that I was.  The kind of brain.  I have has been more of a burden than most people will ever realize.  It's alienated me from most people more than I ever wanted.  But at the same time, I have always believed in that energy beyond this world that all of us humans call why so many different names.  Some of us call it.  Allah.  Some of us call it.  Buddha.  Some of us call it Moses or Jehovah.  Some of us call it Jesus.  But it doesn't matter because there's a whole other section of the who; energy.

So, I have followed the spirit of all those words all my life.  And like I said, I am nothing special in this world in any way.  I will be the first to admit that.  And my life has been incredible.  But it hasn't been really anything special.  Everything I ever said I did.  I actually did do.  But so what?  I didn't do it because I wanted any kind of recognition or because I wanted something in return every dumb.  I ever did anything.  Just like I'm doing what I'm doing right now.  I of only done because it makes sense to do so.

So when you look at the four different major religions in this world.  The Muslims, the Jews, the Catholics, and the Christians, all claiming to be pro-life.  And yet at the same time having a legacy were these four religions have murdered more people than all of the wars in the history of the world.  And that's the truth.  All you have to do is look at history.  And when you do you end up saying that all four religions are basically made up mostly of liars.  People who are using their religion for personal gain or for political advantage or to make money with.  It happens in every country.  And in every country where one religion is running the country.  Or where one religion is basically the majority in the country.  You see the same thing.  Most of the people that were supposed to be protected are being screwed.  Mohammed was very much like Jesus a number of ways but only more specifically, pursuant to the Muslim religion.  He was a pacifist.  He cared about the poor.  Yet it all of the Muslim countries.  You see the poor being screwed.  Even though Muhammad would have never of them that.  And the same is true in Israel.  If you are reformed Jew in Israel you are basically treated like trash.  And that's not really consistent with the Torah.

So if the four major religions were really doing a fantastic job.  Then why do we have so many human rights tragedies taking place every single minute?  And if the four major religions are really that honest.  Then why do we have so much lying and so much deceit and greed and selfishness?

Don't start talking about Satan.  Because that's just fairly stupid.  And the reason is stupid is because it's all the same energy.  The concept of Satan is more along the lines of a comic book then it is actual reality.  Because of you can see.  Or figure that the creator or the creative energy made everything and that means he made Satan as well.  So don't talk to me about Satan.  Because that's just baloney.  It's just an excuse.

But we as humans have run out of excuses or we are quickly running out of excuses.  The environment.  Meaning the physical environment of Earth is changing so dramatically that we then 50 to 70 years, about one third of the population on the planet is either going to be extremely gravely ill or are simply going to die.  And by sometime in the middle of next century.  Almost 2/3 of the population on the planet are going to either be extremely gravely ill or they are going to die.

It's not rocket science, ladies and gentlemen.  And it's not smoke and mirrors.  And it's not magic.  We are running out of resources.  We are running out of room.  We are running out of patience with each other.  We've murdered and destroyed most of the animal species in the world.  We are depleting most of the planets resources.  We're sucking this planet dry.  Just so some people can have more money than others.

So if the religions were really doing a great job.  It one religion was really better than another.  You would actually see physical evidence of that being so.  And you don't.  My fellow Jews plan to be pro-life and yet they've got one of the fiercest armies that exist in the world.  That's not really very pro-life.  I mean life means sustaining life.  Not taking life.  At least if we are going to be honest and consistent with what words mean.

But with the level of dishonesty and greed and how people use religion to make money with.  And they do.  Because in the United States making money by using God is a big huge business.  Millions and millions of dollars, if not billions of dollars are spent every year in the God business.  We have TV stations all over the United States that every single day have programs where ministers go on TV and priests go on TV asking for money in the name of God.  When in their own Bible their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ had nothing to do with money and wanted nothing to do with the money.

So the Christians come up with all sorts of excuses to justify that.  Just like they justify gambling everything else.  Whenever it suits their purpose.  And they are not the only ones doing it.  The four major religions have basically trashed.  This whole world as a result of their hatred for each other.  And yet here I am.  And other pacifist.  Like me.  And there are a lot of us in the world.  Like I said.  I'm nothing special to this world.  I have a good brain and I have a real knack for being able to analyze just about anything.  The matter what it is.  And I'm really good with words.  But I'm nothing special.

I never wanted to be.  When I got out of that hospital in 1969.  After watching nine of my close friends die in front of me during that year.  The things that my fellow students seemed to care about this didn't matter that much to me.  But then they didn't die.  Like I did.  They didn't see what I saw during those eight months.  You have to be there to understand.  It's impossible for me to describe what it was really like.  And due to the trauma I have from of all I can't remember everything.  Because a lot of it has been blocked out.  But what I do remember.  It's very difficult to put that into words.

So I got out of the hospital in 1969 I didn't care about what most people cared about anymore.  Those first three or four years I lived with a kind of theater again that I can't really put into words.  Because I hadn't gotten used to the constant danger that I was going to have to live with the rest of my life that if I fell down.  I would not survive.  And then I got angry.  I figured if I was in the fall down.  I was going to make it a good one.  So I began climbing mountains and I had some of the most amazing experiences as a result of the things that probably none of you would ever believe.  But that actually did happen.  So I don't talk about those things, because there's no point.  No one commendably me anyhow.  So I've kept it to myself all these years because there's no point in talking about it.  No one will ever believe me.  Just like during those 5 min.  I saw things that again, no one is ever going to believe.  I did try to talk about some of those things.  When I got out in 1969.  And I was basically told by certain people to shop the hell up.  Cannot talk about it.  At least it was suggested that it would be for my own good, not to talk about it.  So I didn't.  And I haven't.

So my life wasn't really about trying to get from one place to another as far as making money or being something in life.  My life was about something really simple.  Surviving.  Because that's what I have to do every day.  And it's just as difficult mentally and psychologically as it is physically.

So here I am nothing special in this world.  Yet everything that Jesus said at the sermon on the mount made perfect sense to me.  Not to lie.  Not to harm anyone.  To be a pacifist.  To love others no matter what.  Regardless of anything they might do to you intentionally or otherwise to always love them.  And it made sense.  After what I'd seen in that ward.  It made a lot of sense.

So here we are now in 2013.  And we're basically at each other's throats.  Trying to kill each other trying to blow each other up with more bombs and guns.  Building huge pieces of scientific equipment to try to understand the universe.  When the entire science of the universe is so far beyond what we are capable of that.  It's probably going to take us another hundred years to even be able to be in to understand how some of the things work out there.  And what's even more remarkable is that some of the things that I saw during those 5 min.  Well I have a lot of understanding of how the universe works.  And what I saw will probably take science about 100 or perhaps 200 years before science will ever be able to understand anything that I might say about what I saw.

And I certainly didn't ask for that to happen.  You can bet your bottom dollar on that.  It wasn't my fault.  It wasn't my fault that my body began to mutate.  It wasn't my fault that I had this abnormal growth going on in my body that was basically killing me.  A lot of people in my life.  Sure tried to make me feel like it was my fault.  Including my parents.  And as badly as my parents treated me emotionally and psychologically along with a few of the physical things they did.  I never hated them because I don't hate anyone.  I never have.  People who knew me at Fort Lewis college in Durango, Colorado will tell you that's true.  People who knew me at southern Arizona school in Tucson Arizona will also tell you that's true.  Because I haven't changed.  In that regard I have not changed in over 45 years.  And again, I'm nothing special.  So if I can do all this.  If I can do what I have done in my own life.  And I'm nothing special.  Then the question that comes to my mind all the time.  It is, what the hell is the problem with the rest of the world?

If I'm able to live a life of peace and make friends.  Just about anywhere.  I have ever gone then why can't the world do the same?  And don't rush at me with all your answers.  Because that's ridiculous.  Because I've thought about that.  All these years.  If I'm nothing special to this world.  Then why the hell can't the world even identify let alone understand the way I am.  Because the world is so full of greed and violence and hatred and lying that it's sickening.

Like I said it.  We were really doing a good job meaning of our religions the four major religions were actually doing what they claim to be doing then we wouldn't have the poor and the Meek being mistreated in every country in the world.  But we do.  And actions speak louder than words ladies and gentlemen.  Somehow matter what anyone has for an excuse whether they are racist or not it doesn't matter.  Because the bottom line is that the four major religions are screwing the very people that their leaders set out to save.

And don't talk to me about shepherds and flocks.  Because that's just baloney.  Like I said, I'm nothing special.  And if I can do it.  Then why can't others?

But as a human rights advocate, it's my job to be as tough as I can.  To stand my ground.  To never look at humanity is what humanity currently is but to always look at humanity is what humanity has the potential of being.  And then to demand that humanity take that leap.

Sometimes I younger person going through school will say that human rights sounds like a very interesting thing to do in my first response is always the same.  I always tell them, don't do it.  Don't become a human rights advocate.  Don't ever do that.  The matter what.  Do anything else.  I tell them never become a human rights advocate because it's the worst thing you could ever do.  Because the moment you become a human rights advocate you will not be very popular in the world.  You won't make very much money.  Most people will hate you.  You will be mostly misunderstood and labeled.  You will end up alienating most of the people that you ever cared about.  And the rest will probably just not understand you or care.  So I always tell them definitely not.  Do anything else.  Be a janitor be a scientist be a photographer be a politician be a lawyer be a nurse be a doctor be a teacher do anything but don't be a human rights advocate because the moment you do your life will never be the same.  You'll end up caring about what goes on in this world so much that you won't be very popular and most people will misunderstand you and you'll end up being alienated most of the time and you won't have many friends.  You'll end up losing a lot of your connections with your family because they probably won't understand either.  Just like my family never did.  So it's definitely not anything I would suggest anyone try.  Plus the other reason of course is that when you become a human rights advocate you end up caring about the world a lot different than most people do.  Because you're not simply watching what's going on in the world in the news you're researching and studying and living your entire life around what happens in the world and all of the inhumanity we do to each other.  And it's not really very pleasant.  So I always warn people never to do that never to be a human rights advocate.  It's the last thing you should never want to do.  But then if they are persistent.  I tell them that if they actually want to be a human rights advocate that once they start they won't be able to turn back.  Because it's not like a light switch.  Once you turn on those feelings.  And those perceptions.  You just can't turn them back off.  Once you start opening your heart to where you can feel those terrible things going on.  You just can't turn those feelings back off.

Over the years I've tried just about every single kind of argument I could ever imagine.  I've told stories.  I've created stories not about myself.  But stories as a way of illustration.  And nothing seems to have worked.  Because all that's happening now is that we are just so angry and hateful with each other.  We can't even get along.  Like I said.  We are like rats on a sinking ship, clawing at each other.  That's what we have become.  What religion trying to kill the other one nation trying to step on top of the other fighting for resources fighting over resources fighting over money fighting over how we think, how we feel what we believe.  Being prepared to kill each other on that basis.

That doesn't make us look like we are very intelligent.  I mean, how much longer is it going to take before we finally get sick and tired of trying to murder each other before we want to try to get along?  But we keep doing it.  I read reports every day.  And I can only read them for so long before I finally have to take a nap or meditate.  Because there's so much tragedy in the world.  I can only take so much before I finally have to try and re-center myself.

I explained to people that what I do during the day is not a lot of fun.  Because I'm reading dozens and dozens of reports of tragedy of one form or another.  Where we are trying to kill each other.  Because of how much we hate each other.  And yet why I watched my darling Aileen die.  I was confronted with the same thing I saw in the ward.  The same temporary quality to our lives.  Where are they were there 1 min. and then they were gone.  And for what?

That's why after Aileen died.  I was so struck by how temporary, everything is that I never wanted to miss another opportunity when I was out to say hello to just about every single person I met or every single person I saw or would walk by.  Now with any agenda.  But just to say hello and to wish them well.  More than anything else.  That's all I wanted to.  To say hello to people who normally don't have anyone saying hello to them at all and then to simply wish them well.  And now I say it all the time to perfect strangers.  I always say something like, drive safely or try to have a really good day or be well.  Watching Aileen die brought all that back to me again.

So of course I have feelings of being cheated and being insulted because everything I have learned about what happened to my mother in 1950 virtually completely substantiates that she was murdered and that it was a cover up.  And it wasn't a murder of just my mother not by any means.  From everything I've found out there were thousands of women all who were unwed mothers who are basically having their babies harvested and who were treated to barbaric cesarean procedures to such an extent where most of them simply did not survive.  So naturally, I am bound to feel a certain amount of anger over finding that my mother was treated that way and then subsequently that other people.  Other women were treated the same.  That's only natural.

So it's not just the Catholics and the Christians who are guilty of all of this hypocrisy and all of this lying and agreed and selfishness.  All four of the religions are the same way.  And just about every religion on the planet is almost the same way with perhaps only a few exceptions.  So again it gets down to that one question in my mind.  Why?  Why is it so easy for us to hate each other and to fight.  Like spoiled children rather than to be adults and to realize that if we don't work together as a species as a human race that we really don't have very much chance at all?  What's the problem?  Like I said I've tried just about every single argument I can find over the years to try to convince humanity that the way that humanity was going was definitely the wrong idea.  And I am greatly honored that a number of people actually have listened to me, and have actually paid attention.  But at the same time human rights has become pretty much just like any other business.  Something to make money off of.  And I know that's true because most of the mail I get regarding human rights is asking for money.  But that's not the concept of pay it forward.  That's not the concept of charity.  Charity is something you do and then get paid for doing it.  Charity is something you do because it makes sense and you don't want any recognition for it.  And you don't want any money for doing it.  Because you do it simply because it makes sense.  But that's not the kind of e-mail I get.  Most of the e-mail I get is always asking for money.

And what's even more remarkable is that I have shown in repeated articles that there is so much financial wealth in this world, that if we actually handled our wealth differently.  We could resolve a lot of the human rights problems with that would take people to no longer be as greedy or selfish or as self-righteous as they are.  And that's not going to happen anytime soon.  You only have to look at the headlines to see that.

So in over 40 years of thing pretty much the same thing.  Things haven't gotten any better.  They've actually gotten worse things of actually gotten so bad that a good portion of humanity is just not going to survive.  Then what?  What do we do then?  Maybe will find another planet.  We can go to and then we could screw up that planet just the way we screwed up this one.  But if we do that doesn't that make this sort of like cockroaches?  Not really learning not really improving not really evil thing or progression.  Just going from one place to the next using all the resources we can and trashing the place is much as we can so we can make more money and then one way traffic that place.  Then we get into our spaceships and go somewhere else to another planet in order to trash that place.  So where's the learning?  Where is the greater good in all of that?  Where is the improvement?

The answer of course is that there is no improvement.  There's degradation and the generation.  But not much improvement.  I certainly wouldn't consider reducing charities to money making machines as improvement.  And I wouldn't consider turning God into a business regardless of what religion we are talking about, as improvement.  And I wouldn't consider the behavior of the wealthy as enlightened.  So where's the improvement?

But like I said, I'm nothing to this world.  It's sort of funny.  The people in my neighborhood have heard me talk about how I used to walk 8 miles every day will actually it was 16 miles a day.  I walked 8 miles to work and then 8 miles back from work and it was in Colorado and I walked in all kinds of weather, including a few mornings when the temperature was approximately 30° below zero.  That's a fact ladies and gentlemen.  As I've said before I have existed in some of the toughest environments in this country.  And I know how to do so because I was taught.  And when I was taught I paid lots of attention.  And I was an only taught by the white man.  I was taught by a lot of wonderful and amazing Native Americans.  Really amazing people.  As I've said I've seen some really amazing things in my life.  Things that most people would never believe.  So I don't talk about them.  There's no point.  Because if I were to talk about some of those things most of you would not believe what I was saying you wouldn't believe it actually happened but it did so this winter when I'm out walking.  I just know that a lot of my neighbors are going to be pretty surprised.  Because I just know that some of them think I'm full of hot air when I tell them that I walked 16 miles a day to go to and from work.  But the people in Colorado know that I did.  The wonderful police officers who used to watch over me also know that I did.  And thank God they were there.  Because there were mornings when walking was probably one of the hardest things I ever had to do at that time.  I mean the standing temperature on a couple of those mornings or a few of those mornings was about 30° below zero.  But that did not include the wind.  And believe me there were mornings when I was walking when it was that cold and on the route that I was walking the wind was blowing at a good perhaps 40 miles an hour.  And that made it really cold.  So the people in Colorado know that I did these things because they saw me.  It would be very interesting this winter when I'm out walking.  Because a lot of my neighbors are just not going to know how I am doing it.  But the people in Colorado, who knew me.  They'll know how I'm doing it.  Because they saw me.  They watched me do it.  And some of them thought it was amazing.  I thought it was amazing.  But like I said when I got of a hospital in 1969 my priorities were like a lot of other people's because my main priority every given day was simply to survive.  The matter what it might take.  To simply to survive.

So don't think that I'm anything special because I'm not and don't think that I'm putting on airs.  Because I'm not doing that either.  I never thought I was special.  I never wanted to be so I never was.  And every time I ever tried to explain what I had seen during those 5 min.  No one wanted to believe me.  Anyhow.  So it began to become a lot easier just not to tell anyone what I had same.  They didn't care.  And they didn't want to believe me.  So be it.

So, I probably will never talk about some of those things.  Because there's just no point.  But in thinking about what we've done to our world.  I just don't know.  There can't be any excuse for what we have done.  Because the number of people who are going to die over the next 100 to 150 years as a result of what we have done is going to be a rather horrific sight.  And I'm sure that the religions all have predictions of what they think is going to happen most of which are pretty much wrong.  Because what's coming is not something that's in the movies or in a comic book.  What's coming is reality.  What's coming is the real stuff.  Humanity is basically running out of room.  Both physically and psychologically.  Humanity is basically running out of room.  And either humanity will wise up or most of humanity just won't be around anymore.  Like I've said before if the Earth needs to adjust itself that we get in the way the earth will shake us off like a dog shaking off water.  And you can bet your bottom dollar on that.

There's part of me that almost chuckles slightly when I see so many pieces of e-mail always asking for money while at the same time being charities and what's even more humorous is that most of the people who do most of the giving of money and time in the world are people who who have the least amount of money or time.  The people with lots of money and lots of leisure time don't volunteer quite as much and don't often give as much money as the people who have less money and who have less time.  And that speaks volumes about the human race.

Mostly, though, I feel like we've wasted our time.  We wasted our time.  We wasted our resources.  We wasted our energies we wasted just about everything.  When I was 13 years old I was that I rather fancy restaurant with my father having lunch and while we were waiting for the food to come out.  I happened to look out one of the Windows and I saw a homeless man digging through the trash for a crust of bread.  And I remember I asked the waiter and my father if there wasn't some way for some of the food that was not used in the restaurant to be made available so that the man would not have to dig through the trash.  Their answer was pretty much typical of what I've heard over the years.  Basically just excuses.

Of course now.  There are businesses who actually do exactly that.  They do whatever they can to provide from what they have left over so that others might not starve.  That's why I have always said that the smart businesses will always look at the poor.  Not as the poor.  But as potential customers and that they will in fact extend their services to the best of their ability to accommodate the poor.  Realizing that by doing so that the poor are very well may not always be as poor as they are.  And because of that kindness they will end up being better customers.  It's just good business.  But a lot of businesses are really very greedy and they don't think in those terms.  Perhaps they do maybe once or twice a year.  But the smart businesses the one to really do well in the communities where they are.  Those businesses do it all the time.

So what's the problem?  Why can't we just stop all of this rather immature and stupid behavior were we are trying to kill each other as much as we can and hate each other and try to make each other feel bad while some of us are trying to make out like we are better than others?  What's the problem?  It's not really that hard.  I've done it all my life and I'm nothing special.  I'm not anyone special to this world and anyone who says that I am is really, truly misguided because I'm not.  Aileen thought I was special and I used to call her nuts.  I used to tell her there's no way in the world I'm special, but she always felt I was.  I always dismissed that as her simply being in love with me.  Because I don't think I'm special not by any means.  I don't think I'm very important or special.  And yet I'm able to do what I've done and I don't think what I've done has been that special.  So I always wonder if I can do it then what's the problem with other people doing it?

I don't take drugs.  I don't drink.  I don't take any kind of medication.  I'm very careful about what I put into my body so that I don't put any kind of carcinogens into my body like meat pumped up with all sorts of junk.  I don't use all sorts of products that I know have different kinds of cancer-causing agents in them.  And so here I am at 63 and I'm actually a lot healthier than a lot of the people in the world because I paid attention to my body because I have thought in terms of not what I want but what I need.  But the world doesn't think that way the world is all about what they want, not what they need.  And so here we have a world that's so full of greed and selfishness that is basically choking the life out of humanity.  So again, I wonder what's the problem?  If I can do it.  What's the problem with other people being able to do the same?

In a neighborhood where I live.  Drug use is so prevalent that.  It's way beyond embarrassing.  It's actually a little sad.  Tragic.  In my neighborhood there is so much spousal abuse and child-abuse that it's ridiculous.  Like that five-year-old child crossing the street only about half a mile from where I live.  And he was rundown by some driver who did not even stop.  And the reality is that the street that this happened on is known for that kind of ugly behavior drivers you basically don't care about each other.  It's a very aggressive street to drive on.  As a matter of fact, when my darling Aileen was alive.  We always used to do everything we could to avoid driving on that street.  Because of how aggressive it really is.  So it's no surprise to me that this happened.  What is surprising is that it doesn't happen more often.  Because the street really is that aggressive.  And resources are strained so the police can't be everywhere.  So the people living on that street or nearby have to pretty much rely on each other and they do.

And yet that is only one of all the tragedies taking place just about every minute in this world.  Tragedies the don't have to happen.  But that actually do happen every single minute.  Which again makes me wonder.  What's the problem?  Why can't we actually be, what we can instead of what we are?  I mean really.  What the hell is the problem?

4:12 PM:

I just had a visit from one of the local counsel people who are running for office, and it was a very nice and a very positive visit.  But it got me thinking.  This country, the United States, was actually created not on the basis of how similar we were but on the basis of how diverse and different we were.  And that on that basis, of how different we were, that we would love each other enough, and love this country enough, to stand by this country and each other, no matter what.  And to do so.  Like I said, on the basis of regardless of our differences.  That we would in spite of our differences stand together as one nation with liberty and justice for all.

And yet we have so much lying and so much corruption and selfishness and greed.  Egotism, ethnocentrism, and even shades of fascism.  And for what?

The scheme of things is very simple.  Either humanity will learn how to stand together and if humanity does not do that then humanity will become more fragmented with more war and more killing more distressed and misunderstanding more hatred more violence.

It doesn't take a lot of courage or a lot of strength to hate someone because that's the easy thing for people to do.  It is done all the time.  And we see it everywhere.  People being selfish people thinking in terms of themselves rather than the greater good.  And then when anyone or any group attempts to think in terms of the greater good.  They are chastised or laughed at or ridiculed, which diminishes the potentiality of the greater good ever taking place or being realized.

The world is full of extremism and selfishness the articles I have put up today clearly showed that.  But so do the statistics, meaning the human rights statistics that I have put up and that are on the face page of this Journal.  You can't really see my face.  And that doesn't mean I'm crying because I'm not.  But it makes me incredibly sad to think that we have all this potential and what we mostly do with our potential is to spend so much money on guns and bombs and ways of hurting each other rather than on ways of getting along.  Like I said it doesn't take much effort or energy to hate someone or something.  Because that's the easy thing to do.  It's the easy choice to make.  The one that is more difficult is the choice of wanting to like someone.  To care about someone.  And what's remarkable is that there are amazing stories that are happening every day with our young people who are actually getting the message and are turning away from the hatred.  The extremists of course meaning the right-wing extremists for the most part, are doing everything they can to promote hatred and racism and violence, which is a self evident truth.  As a result of the way they behave.  Then the actions that they commit publicly.  But there are young people in the United States and around the world who are absolutely turning away from the hatred.  And whether humanity realizes it or not.  They are truly one of our best hopes.

But I have to remind everyone this is just my Journal.  I don't do this professionally I'm not paid and I don't have any agenda my agenda.  And this Journal is pretty much the same agenda that I used to run my own life, which is simply, to survive.  So I of course, bring that forward into my Journal and into my human rights articles where I talk about the suffering going on in the world from the same basis that I live my life by which is to survive.

Truly I wish I had lots of money.  Sometimes I do anyhow.  Only because if I did I would probably give almost all the way to try and ease some of the suffering going on every single minute.  But I don't have lots of money and I can't really go anywhere anymore.  I don't have the time or the opportunity.  So the best I can do is talk here in my Journal and sign petitions and to continue what Aileen and I did all those years.  To be a voice, however small or insignificant, in the world, for the greater good.

My laundry just came out of the dryer so I sort of need to go and put clothes away.  Then I'm probably going to need to get something to eat.  Then, because it's already 4:30 PM, or almost 4:30 PM.  I probably will simply watch a little TV and then curl up for the night.  So that I can get up tomorrow morning and do it all over again.

Sometimes fast.  Sometimes slow.  But ever onward.

I'll write later.

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