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Are We There Yet?
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

System Update: Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Browsers, Blogging

5:53 AM:

After sleeping on it last night, I decided it was actually a good idea to go back to IE 9.  And the reason being because Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 really does have a much higher compatibility with Internet Explorer that it does with any of the other browsers.  Additionally, because I'm using Windows live writer for my blog editor, Internet Explorer actually has of course, complete compatibility with Windows live writer.

As I said when I finally do make the move over to Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12, premium edition.  At that time I very well may consider going back to Firefox.  But for the time being.  I really need to have as much compatibility as possible.

I have been testing Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5, with the different programs I use.  And of course I've been testing it with Internet Explorer.  So far, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 is really very stable.  At least as long as I don't use any kind of, potentially unclassified, third-party applications.  Which is okay.

The reality is that with the winter months my hands generally end up having a harder time with the keyboard then they normally otherwise might.  So I'm not really in a position where I have much choice.  But now that I have all of the conversion completed, I expect that things will go rather smoothly.

Additionally, I did, as I said, a system clean with advanced system care professional and I excluded the temporary files and the MRU's.  As a result, there has been no reaction whatsoever on the part of any of the programs that I normally use, such as Windows live writer.  Or Outlook or of course Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  So it appears that the real vulnerability to Dragon NaturallySpeaking is if you actually cleaned out the MRU's or the temporary files.  Those actually need to be relegated to simply letting the system clean out those files on its own.

So anyhow, that being said, I have a lot of things I will be doing today.  Not only will e-mail and news stories.  But of course I have a lot of household chores that have to be done.  So there will be a certain amount of activity.

The difference in the programming calls between Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 and version 11.5 are significant enough to provide me a much easier time of managing my desktop.  And from what I have seen, Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12 doesn't really have very much advantage over 11.5, other than, potentially, some of the adaptation of version 12 being more accommodating and more compatible with, Windows 8.  But I believe I have made my position on Windows 8 very clear.

I mean, as I've said before, simply from a business standpoint, it makes so much more sense for Microsoft as a corporation to not turned their back on Windows 7.  Not only, as I have said, from the standpoint, that the general American population has just gone through one of the worst financial crises in modern history.  Where as a result, most Americans just don't have very much money.  So when you consider the fact that most people who have desktop computers or laptop computers at this point, when confronted with Windows 8, are going to have to spend at least a number of hundreds of dollars just to be able to buy the extra peripheral equipment to use Windows 8.  That's really not very good business.  Because people just don't have that money.  Which is why every single technician I have talked to has said they really don't find Windows 8 to be anything more than a kind of revamped Windows Vista.  And most of the technicians I've spoken with said they are firmly behind Windows 7.  They've said that next Windows 7 the strongest operating system.  Microsoft ever produced was Windows XP.  But everyone pretty much knows the story about Windows XP.  Steve Ballmer basically turned his back on Windows XP because he was so hysterically frantic about trying to be down the competition rather than to services customers.  And so as a result Windows Vista was pushed on the market, which of course blew up in Microsoft's face.

And so here we are again with another Steve Ballmer campaign where he is trying to push Windows 8 on the consumers not only in North America, but around the world.  And the consumers are basically telling Steve Ballmer that they are not very interested in Windows 8 unless the machine can accommodate that operating system.  And the consumers are saying they really find Windows 7 to be just as solid.  If possibly more so, than Windows XP.

And to that, of course, Steve Ballmer basically telling the consumers of North America around the world to go to hell.  Because he's going to get his way, whether we like it or not.  And he is going to shove Windows 8 down our throats.  Because he is probably going to turn his back on Windows 7 within another 18 months.  But of course thank goodness, he while be with the company at that time.  And if Microsoft is smart, from a business standpoint, they will do exactly what Bill Gates did with Windows XP.  They will put a lot of their time and their energy and their money into Windows 7, realizing it is not only one of the strongest operating systems they have recently produced very it but also that it is exactly what the customer wants.

But like I've said also, Microsoft doesn't really give a damn about what the customer wants.  Because Microsoft is much more interested in demonstrating to the entire world that they are the biggest bully on the block and that they have more money than anyone else and they can make everyone do whatever Microsoft wants us to do.  Which is why there are now a number of different operating systems competing with Microsoft because the consumers are fed up with Microsoft trying to be a big bully with their software.

So we will see exactly what happens.  If Microsoft is smart they will put a lot more time and energy into Windows 7, realizing that if they don't, they're going to lose a lot more personal user customers.  But then the reality also is, that Microsoft doesn't really care about the personal computer user because they don't get that much money from us, the personal computer user.  They get most of their money from what they call, enterprise users or the business community.  So that's where Microsoft basically spends a lot of their time and their energy and their money.  Satisfying businesses and basically telling the consumers to put up and shut up and take exactly what Microsoft gives us.

That is exactly why Internet Explorer is not very user friendly at all.  Because it wasn't built for the personal computer user.  It was built for the business community.  Because that's what Microsoft cares about mostly.  Money.  And they don't get very much money from us, the personal computer user.  So we are basically, and also ran, with Microsoft.  And of course, if Microsoft doesn't like me saying what I am then all they have to do is demonstrate with their actions anything they want in order to prove me wrong.  But so far Microsoft has proven me exactly correct.  But they don't give a damn about the personal computer user because all they care about is pushing what they want on us.  Not thinking about how much it's going to cost us because they don't give a damn about us as a personal users they want us to put up and shut up and take exactly what they give us.  And if we come out and say that Windows 7 is a good operating system, Microsoft will basically tell us to go to hell and you push a new operating system on us.  Whether we like it or not.

And as I've said before that is not only stupid behavior.  It's just bad business.  Which is why Microsoft isn't making a lot of money from personal computer users right now.  When you analyze the stock activity for Microsoft you see a number of things.  First of all their stock price can't even compare with Google.  And that's because Google does the one thing that Microsoft is not doing.  Google is giving the customer what the customer wants.  Microsoft on the other hand is giving the business community exactly what they want and then turning around and looking at us his personal computer users and saying to us, that we need to put up and shut up and take exactly what we are given.

And that kind of arrogance has no place in business.  And yet that is exactly what is going on in most of the major corporations throughout the entire world.  Because the old axiom of giving the customer what they want doesn't really play very well with the large corporations.  The large corporations think they have so much money and they are such a big bullies that they can go ahead and do whatever they want and tell the consumers to put up and shut up and take exactly what we are given.  And that's exactly why a lot of these large corporations are top-heavy.  Because they're paying out huge amounts of money to their vice presidents and their executives while at the same time turning their back on the middle income lower income and minimum income customers because they basically don't give it damn about us all they care about is getting their dirty filthy money.

And like I said, fax are facts.  Bullshit walks, money talks.  And when you look at the stock price for Microsoft as compared to Google or Apple, Microsoft is not even on the radar.  Some of matter how good they might have as far as profits for a quarter they cannot compare with Google they cannot compare with Apple because Microsoft doesn't give a damn about the personal computer user, you can see that very clearly in their move to push Windows 8 on the consumers of the United States and around the world.  When the consumers don't have the money.  And Microsoft doesn't care about that.  Because Microsoft is saying that we will come up with the money we won't be able to use our computers.  Because that's exactly how nasty and how arrogant and mean-spirited Microsoft has become.

So Microsoft has a lot of growing up to do.  And as to whether or not they are actually going to be able to do that growing up remains to be seen.  The day that any company whether they are a large corporation or a small independent business can basically turn around and tell the customers to put up and shut up and take what they are given is not any kind of an environment that of businesses going to succeed in.  It can't.  Not unless they are willing to go into people's homes and beat the holy crap out of them and steal their money.  And Microsoft just doesn't have that kind of gangster mentality.  Because they know full well if they try to walk into people's homes and beat the living crap out of us.  And steal our money that they won't have a company.  Or do we need to go back and remember that Microsoft has been sued twice.  In two of the largest corporate lawsuits in the history of the world?  And that they lost both of those lawsuits.  They lost the one in the United States.  And they lost the one in Europe.  Because of their arrogance and their mean-spirited hate for the consumers.  And yet they want us to buy their products.  When they show all this hatred and arrogance toward us.  And that's not going to play very well.  Because the consumers are getting fed up with that kind of arrogance and deceit.

So don't look for me to go to Windows 8.  Because I'm not going to.  I like Windows 7 it is a very solid operating system and if Microsoft doesn't give a damn about what I or the other consumers think that they will lose more personal consumer business and they won't get very much money and they will end up being hated in the future as they are right now.  Because nobody likes Microsoft.  People.  Simply put up with Microsoft.  And they do so because they have to.  And if there was another real viable choice for on operating system that is IBM oriented, you can bet your bottom dollar consumers all over this world would be jumping at that operating system.  But there is not another operating system that is IBM oriented other than Microsoft and perhaps a few small other ones.  So we consumers are trapped.

Microsoft did give all of us this big song and dance about how they divested and are no longer the monopoly.  But that's basically a dirty filthy lie.  Because they are a monopoly.  And they're acting just as much like gangsters now as they always have been.  And Windows 8 is a clear demonstration of that gangster bully mentality.  I've known dirty bastards like Microsoft all my life and business and I've seen a lot of those businesses go broke because of their gangster bully mentality.  So if Microsoft wants to be smart they will be the ones to put up and shut up and put their energy and their time behind Windows 7 and stop pushing us consumers around and stop trying to screw around with our operating systems and leave the one that works alone and do exactly what businesses do when they want to survive and do well.

Give the customer what they want.  And the customers want Windows 7.  Or again, do we need to start looking at all the technical notations on Windows 8 and all of the problems Windows 8 has had.  Do we need to look at all the problems that Windows 8.1 is already having?  Do we need to start looking at all of the hundreds of dollars people have to spend on the peripheral equipment with their current pieces of equipment, their current computers just to use Windows 8?  And where is Microsoft going with all this?  The people in the United States are basically broke.  The tea party and the Republican Party did everything they could to screw the American people.  They did everything they could to take as much money away from everyone in this country as they possibly could and to cripple this country to the point where unemployment is skyrocketing people are losing their homes every single day, while the stupid bastard Republicans and the dirty filthy lying tea party bastards are getting all the money they want.

And that's the same type of ugly asinine behavior that Microsoft is demonstrating to the personal computer users in the United States and around the world.  That they don't give a damn about us as long as they can get our money.  And my message to Microsoft is they had better put up and shut up what urban and up with not very many personal computer users and their been a be hated much more than they already are.  Nobody likes Internet Explorer, at least none of the personal user's unless they IT professionals.  And most people are not IT professionals.  So when you look at Microsoft's numbers about Internet Explorer.  That's another very clear example where Microsoft is basically shoving their software down the throats of us, the consumers.  And, like I said, Microsoft tried to do that in Europe and Europe basically told Microsoft to put up and shut up and do exactly what they, the consumers of Europe wanted Microsoft to do.  And Microsoft spent millions and millions and millions of dollars on their lawyers and everything else in that lawsuit.  And they lost the largest international lawsuit in the history of the entire world because they couldn't force Europe to take Internet Explorer.  Because Europe did not want Internet Explorer and Microsoft lost the case.  And they also lost lots of money and lots of credibility.  They also lost lots of customers.  And they are now actually one of the biggest laughing stocks in the entire computer community.  Like I said, nobody likes Microsoft people just put up with Microsoft because they are just nothing more than a big bully who try their best to intimidate and threaten because they are exactly like the Republicans of the tea party, they don't give a damn about what people want, as long as they get what they want.

And if I'm out of line they just go right ahead to any search engine and look at the number of lawsuits Microsoft has had not only over Windows 8.  But over Windows Vista and over Internet Explorer.  Because when you do it will be an eye opening experience.  You will see how many millions of dollars.  Microsoft has had to spend trying to hide all of the lawsuits that they have been hit with over Windows 8 Windows Vista and Internet Explorer.  Because Microsoft doesn't know a lot of be honest they don't know how to do business honestly.  Because it they did Windows 8 would never have been brought out on the market.

Unfortunately, I am nothing to this world.  I'm just one consumer like everyone else.  The only thing I have is a lot of knowledge about computers because I was setting up computer networks and computer systems long before Microsoft was even a company.  Because I started doing so in 1966.  And all those years.  I learned an awful lot about business and computer systems and networks.  And as I've said, I owned four of my own companies.  And I never treated customers the way that Microsoft treats the personal computer user.  I have never seen any company act like so much of a bully trying to push their crap on consumers like Microsoft does and is doing with Windows 8.

So we will see exactly whether Microsoft has any real brains and integrity are not.  My bet is on the fact that Microsoft will continue acting like a bully threatening consumers pushing us toward something we don't want trying to steal our money.  And then lying to us exactly the way the Republican Party has done for generations, and that the tea party has done ever since they came into being.  Because that's the new mentality.  When you have the money you basically tell everyone else to put up and shut up and take what we are given whether we like it or not.  So I don't really give a damn what kind of stock numbers Microsoft posts for any quarter because I look at that bottom line.  And when you look at the bottom line Microsoft stock price stakes and it stinks because nobody wants to buy their stock.  Nobody likes their company because they spent so much time and energy trying to compete with other companies and beat down other companies that they don't have much time and energy to put into their own products that the consumers really want like Windows 7.

Most of you will of course are a lot younger than I am so you don't remember the days of Windows 3.1.  You don't remember the days when doing an update from Microsoft didn't take an hour.  But actually took almost that day and I have to because that's how it started.  The days of 300 Bd.  That's how it all started.  A baud rate of 300 whereby when you are doing a download from Microsoft.  It didn't take an hour it took something like 18 to 20 hours to get all the updates.

So they haven't changed one bit since Windows 3.1.  They're just as belligerent they're just as arrogant and they don't give a damn about the personal computer user.  Because if they did they would pull back on Windows 8 and put it exactly where the market demands.  With the tablets with the laptops.  And they would go ahead and work as hard as they could to put as much time and energy into Windows 7 for the rest of us to all desktop computers.  But don't count on that happening.  Because those people at Microsoft are some of the meanest and most arrogant and selfish and ruthless people in the computer community no matter how much they might smile in your face.  You can bet your bottom dollar.  The moment you turn your back.  They are going to stick a knife in it.  Just the way the Republican Party and the tea party does.  They will smile in your face and a moment you turn your back they will stick a knife in your back and they will kill you in take your money because that's the exact mentality of how the Republican Party and the tea party operates and it's exactly the same kind of mentality that is governing Microsoft today.

And again, don't take my word for it.  All you have to do is look in the news.  Whether Microsoft likes it or not.  They are the ones under the microscope, not us consumers.  They are the ones who are being tested they are the ones who are on trial, not us consumers.  And if Microsoft is smart.  Like I said, they will get behind Windows 7 and stop all this Bullshit with Windows 8.

And I'm not a betting man.  But I'll tell you this I would never put any money into the Microsoft Corporation.  Just like I would never put any money down on any wager that Microsoft is actually going to finally suddenly start being a responsible company that cares about their customers because they don't their entire history shows that.  Their money comes from the enterprise customers.  Meaning the business community.  Their money doesn't come from us personal computer users.  We are an afterthought.  So I don't expect Microsoft to suddenly change their behavior.  Which is why I don't trust him and which is why I am very careful whenever I do business with someone like Microsoft Corporation.  Because no matter how much they might smile in your face the moment you turn your back they will stick a knife in it.

So that's exactly what I'm going to stay with Windows 7.  Because I can tell a lot about a software package.  Which is why I am now using once again Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5.  Because the more I thought about my experience with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 over the last few months the more I realized that most of the problems I was having with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5, was as a result of my own actions.  The problems I was having were my fault.  Not the fault of the product.  But I'm not one to rush.  So when I realized that I then went ahead and I bought Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12 home edition so that I can actually see the difference between Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12 and version 11.5.  And after using version 12 for about two months.  That's when I began to realize that 11.5 was not a bad product.  It was simply the intermediate step, on the part of nuance Corporation, to get where they are going now with Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12.  And the only reason that Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 has any kind of issues with Windows 7 is strictly because the programming calls for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 are not centered only on the desktop like Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10.  The programming calls for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 actually encompasses the entire start menu.  Meaning all of the programs you have installed on your system.  And that's a very huge and complex ability on the part of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5.

And that means if you're going to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5.  You have to take that into consideration.  Which is what I was not doing.

So I die said, I can tell a matter of seconds a lot about software package.  And I've read hundreds and hundreds of technical reports on Windows 8.  And there is no way I am impressed with that operating system.  In every single way.  It is almost just another example of a Windows Vista type operating system that Microsoft is trying to push on the business community and on us personal computer users.  And I resent that.  It's not good business.  It's not showing us who are their customers the respect we deserve.

Now as far as my system goes now.  It is in a much more stable running environment then it has been for a long time.  Because I made the decisions to get back to simplicity in order to accommodate Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5.  And while I don't really find Internet Explorer a very comfortable browser I have gone ahead and manipulated the security settings so that it is a comfortable browser.  And I've done the same thing with the rest of my computing environment.  Because I don't have time to screw around with all of these twists and turns that companies like to throw at customers.  If I would've put my money down for a piece of product or a service that I'm simply going to put my money down and I expect that product or service to work without any Bullshit.  And if Microsoft can't meet me at the table and do that then they are not going to get my money.

And make no mistake.  I don't hate Microsoft but I'm not cannot back off of my position just because they're of the bully and they have lots of money I'm not intimidated by their money.  Their money does it impressed me.  And neither does the brains of their programmers.  There are a lot of programmers in this world who don't work for Microsoft and they are just as smart as the programmers at Microsoft.  And as I said, the bottom line is their stock price.  If Microsoft is really such a great company.  Then why does their stock price stink?

Money talks.  Bullshit walks.  Actions speak louder than words.  The next 18 months are going to tell very clearly whether Microsoft has grown up and decided not to be up bully and threaten its customers and actually try to do business with us personal computer users or whether Microsoft is going to continue being a bully and threatening us and try to push crap on us that we don't want.  Just like the Republican Party.  They're doing everything they can to lie about what happened with the government shutdown because they don't have the guts to put up and shut up and be honest about what they did.  Because they're basically stupid, childish bastards again they don't have any integrity they don't have any damn guts they cost that shut down and yet they don't have the guts to admit to it.  Anapestic kind of childish behavior.  People want to put their faith and no problem, because that's their problem not mine.

And just because I'm taking a strong line year does not mean I have any hatred toward anyone.  Because I don't but I don't allow companies to push me around.  No company pushes me around.  It does not happen.  And if other consumer advocates are not willing to stand up along with me and stand by my side against Microsoft is trying to push Windows 8 on all of us.  Well, that's their choice because I'm making my choice.  And I'm doing so not only on my behalf.  But on the bathroom all of you as consumers.  You don't deserve to have Microsoft threatening you.  It pushing Windows 8 out on you and then have a you go out and spend hundreds of dollars to buy peripheral equipment.  Just to make Windows 8 work at a time in the United States where we the American people are attempting to recover from the worst financial crisis in human history.  That's not smart business.  And it's not good business.

What it is, is dirty business.  And when you engage in dirty business.  Trust me.  With my father having been a gangster.  I know all about dirty business and when you're involved in dirty business.  Nobody wins.  And again the proof is in the pudding ladies and gentlemen.  Because all you have to do is look at the price of Microsoft stock.  And when you do you see exactly how crappy their stock price really is.  If people really liked Microsoft their stock value wouldn't be as low as it is.  It's cheap stock.  They can't even compare with Google or Apple and the reason they can is because Microsoft can't get out of it.  Some way and stop acting like a bully threatening consumers try to push crap on us that we don't want.  So we will see exactly what happens over the next 18 months because Microsoft is about to put in a new CEO in their company and will see whether that guy has any brains are not because of me doesn't you like just like Steve Ballmer pushing crap on us that we don't want and the response that we as consumers are probably going to have is that will just simply go somewhere else.  And then Microsoft will suffer even more of loss in their stock value.  They'll lose more money and a become even more arrogant and more nasty if that's possible.

And it's also very important to remember that the reason I'm talking this way is because I want Microsoft to do better I believe it Microsoft I believe they have the ability to do better.  I believe they have the ability to deliver better products to us the consumers.  I believe that they are important to the business community.  But they're not showing that would their actions.  They're behaving arrogant, selfish, mean-spirited just like bullies.  Just like the Republican Party.  Just like the tea party just like any other extremists in this country.  And that's the last thing that we people in this country or any of us as world citizens need.

So as I said, I have a lot of stuff I have to get done today and just doing this Journal entry is actually putting Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5.  Through its paces.  Because while I'm doing this Journal entry I'm looking at every aspect of how Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 is performing on my system.  With regard to system resources and memory use.  And again I'm telling you that most of the problems with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 are not with the program itself.  Most of the problem is with some of the third-party software that we all use and it's not our fault.  And it's not the fault of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Because Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5.  Like I said above, really seems to have been an intermediate step, on the part of the nuance Corporation to get to where they are now with Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12 area and in reality it makes perfect sense.

When you are in the world and you end up growing up to be an adult part of being an adult means that you have to know and you have to admit when you are wrong.  And that's why I am admitting that the problems I was having with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 where my fault.  Not the fault of the program.  And I'm not going to feel bad about that.  Because I've been doing them best I could to survive after my wife died.  So I'm not going to feel bad about it.  But I'm definitely not going to deny anything I'm going to admit that was my fault when it was.

But the Bullshit with Windows 8 that's not my fault.  That's Microsoft behaving just the way they have always been arrogant like bullies.  And that's the last thing that we consumers need.  The good companies in the United States right now are going out of their way to extend themselves to customers all over this country customers.  You don't have hardly any money.  There are restaurants doing this there are department stores doing this they're doing everything they can to help people who are losing their homes or who are on the verge of losing their homes who don't have much money.  These are the companies that are going to succeed because they are embracing their customers.  They are supporting their customers while at the same time giving their customers what the customer wants.

If there was ever a time in business.  When business and the customers needed to get along and take care about each other.  This is that time.  Because you can look out in your own neighborhoods wherever you are living.  And you can see people losing their homes people who are going without enough food people who are having trouble paying their bills.  The smart companies are going to do everything they can to embrace those customers and not disenfranchise them for the sake of selling only to the wealthy.

.  We will know by sometime around June I would say.  Just about the middle of the second quarter.  We'll know.  Because the actual reactions to the holiday shopping season don't really hit the market until the beginning of the second quarter.  It takes that long whether you realize it or not, the Rio bottom line activity from the holiday shopping season doesn't even hit the market universally and tell about the beginning of the second quarter.

So by around you and will know whether or not Microsoft has wised up.  And will no how many companies during the holiday shopping season were more concerned with their money than they were with their customers.

In any event, I'm going to take care of a few things around the house such as have breakfast and clean up.  And because I spent so much time over the last three days jerking around with getting a new DVR and making adjustments to the system.  I'm probably going to work as hard as I can through the day on catching up on my e-mail and things like that.  Plus taking care of household chores.  And because it's the weekend, there are are not really a lot of human rights reports.  Generally, the reporting is done only during the work week.  And that's almost laughable.  Because it indicates that a lot of the human rights reports are more business-oriented than actually human rights oriented, because if they were really human rights oriented.  They would be producing those human rights reports seven days a week instead of just during the business week.

That's what I've always said ladies and gentlemen, you have to look at every single detail.  Companies think they are so slick like it's a slight of hand and they think that nobody's paying attention.  And yet there are people like me all over this world who don't miss a single detail.  And these companies might be able to fool a lot of the people in the world.  But they won't fool us.

That being said, as I always say….

I'll write later.

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