Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

System Update: Windows 7, blogging

After a lot of consideration, I finally have gotten to the point where I'm not really very impressed with Windows live writer anymore. It takes up so many system resources. It is so visually graphically intensive that running the program in the background may not always become an issue, but whenever I use it with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It definitely does become a major issue. There is always a substantial amount of acceleration. Plus, considering the fact that it is so graphically intensive as a result, it makes it harder for me to do more things at one time on my system then using, for example BlogJet.

While there are not a lot of programming goals that are effectively inside blogjet that's not really a big deal. Because blogjet is so much easier to use than Windows live writer. Meaning easier on the system. For example, I can use the dictation box with blogjet at least the new version, blogjet 3. And that makes doing my journal so much easier. Plus I'm not the one for doing lots of cute little videos and a lot of pictures in my journal. Not that I'm not interested in doing so, I just don't really have any close friends who are reading my journal that I stay in touch with all the time.

And since for example, no one from southern Arizona school in 45 years has even telephoned me or communicated with me in any way except for two of the students. And as I said, those contacts did not go very well. We didn't end up in an argument. It's just we never communicated beyond to single phone calls that were made over the years. So, since that's basically the attitude of the students from southern Arizona school where I went to high school. Meaning that they don't really give a damn about me and they don't really care if they ever talk to me or communicate with me. If that's really their attitude, no problem. It's the same way with people from Fort Lewis College. Not one single person from Fort Lewis College has ever communicated with me since I left Fort Lewis. The same is true with Case Western Reserve University. So either that says that I'm basically not really very well thought of by my fellow students board means that they basically don't care. And I know I was fairly well thought of at Fort Lewis. Because I was running for student government. And I had a lot of support. Plus I also got along very well with everyone at Fort Lewis. So it's probably that they just don't care. Which is okay.

But given that fact that they basically don't care enough to get in touch. I don't really see any reason to put much effort into or spend much time with doing pictures in my journal because there's no one to really share those pictures with and I don't want to be part of Facebook. Especially now that I'm reading that Facebook is going to go to video advertising on its website. The last thing I need or want. When I go to the Internet to do research is to be bombarded with television type advertising. I don't like being bombarded with television type information unless I am the one who is controlling what information I am looking at. Which is why I have a large amount of films that I have downloaded onto my DirecTV DVR that I can watch anytime I want. Because if I don't see anything that I like or that I feel is compatible with my personality on TV at the time, I will simply watch one of the recorded films that I have already downloaded onto my DVR.

A lot of what is on TV today is, in my personal estimation, an abomination. The Puritan right-wing Christian extremists who were being led at the time by Pat Boone basically took the position as Pat Boone said publicly at an event sponsored by the right wing Christian extremists that it would only be a matter of time before Hollywood fell under their control. Meaning that it would only be a matter of time before Pat Boone and the Puritan right-wing Christian extremists basically eliminated any of the Jewish intellectuals that were still in existence in Hollywood because they hate the Jewish intellectual

So as a result of Hollywood to a large extent these days being controlled by the right wing Christian extremist movement of the United States. Naturally, the kind of movies that are being produced are some of the worst in the history of the world. Because the movies are all about good and evil and conflict and lots of fighting and lots of killing and lots of machine guns and bombs and all sorts of ugly things like that. You don't see movies dealing with novels, you don't see movies starring opera singers anymore. You don't see a lot of musicals and it's because the right wing Christians hate musicals they hate art they hate anything intelligent because they love killing. They love war. They love seeing people murdered and slaughtered. They love programs that will scare the hell out of their children because they want their children always frightened and intimidated so they love programming that will scare the hell out of their children. They want their children always frightened they want their children always to be scared of the parents. They want their children living in fear.

And we know that's true because the kind of crap that is on TV today basically does all of those things except for the sitcoms. And the sitcoms are basically garbage. They don't really deal with any very serious social issues. Like right-wing extremism in this country. So I'm not about to subject my psyche to the kind of crap that is on TV today. I'm just not going to do it. I'm not going to watch films about people murdering each other and killing each other and about war. Because that's what pro-life Christians who follow Jesus love to watch. They love to watch movies about war and people being killed and blown up. They love seeing movies about war was someone marching into a city with an army and killing everyone in murdering all the children because that's basically what's on TV a lot these days. Movies about war and hostages and guns and bombs and blowing things up.

Which of course makes perfect sense when you realize that the people who are making these films are for the most part, pro-life Christians who claim to follow Jesus Christ. When Jesus Christ was a pacifist. So naturally, it makes sense that the followers of Jesus Christ hate Jesus so badly that they will not be pacifists in any way, but they will be as violent as possible. And that's exactly the kind of crap TV that they are making, and the films they are putting on TV and in the movies. As a result of the right wing Christians taking over Hollywood. Bullshit TV. Violence war guns, bombs armies killing each other.

And as I said the reason for that is because the right wing Christians want their children to be as terrified as possible. They want their children terrified of their parents. They want their children living in fear, believing that their parents could kill them at any time. Because that's how the right wing Christians gain control weather over their children or anyone else. They used techniques of fear and intimidation. And they hate the Jewish intellectual like myself because we don't really give a damn about fear or intimidation, and we are not going to give in to fear or intimidation. Which really infuriates the right wing Christian extremist because they want everyone to be afraid of them. They want everyone to be living in fear and to be intimidated by them so they hate the Jewish intellectual because we are not afraid of them, and we are not intimidated by them and am basically telling them to go to hell with their ugly techniques of fear and intimidation.

So, given those circumstances, there's no way in the world. I'm going to watch most of the crap that is on television. I don't do that. So if Facebook wants to become the leading ass hole on the Internet, that's their choice. Just like it is my choice not to give them any of my time or my money or my attention. Because of Facebook wants to actually behave like a spoiled asinine brat with all of this video advertising, then they can do so without me. I don't need Facebook in order to live my life in peace. I don't need all of of the violent ugly hateful films that the Christian conservatives who are the extremists in Hollywood are producing. I'm not going to watch films about an alien predator basically destroying Marines and then going into a town and killing everyone that's not my idea of entertainment.

I enjoy movies that are musicals movies that are biographies about inventors and great artists. I enjoy movies with opera stars in the movies. I enjoy musicals. I enjoy movies about art and literature. Movies where I can actually learn something from the movie while at the same time being entertained. You can't do that with these violent ugly horrible monstrous films that the Christian conservatives in Hollywood are producing. You can't learn anything from those kind of crappy monstrous pieces of garbage films. Because those films teach you nothing. They don't teach you a damn thing. The only thing you get when you watch a film like that is how much hatred. There is, and you begin to believe in the hatred and you begin to believe that the person with the biggest amount of guns and the most bombs always wins. And I'm sorry but I'm just not going to allow the stupid bastards who are nothing but pieces of crap to this nation. The right wing Christian extremists. I'm not going to allow them to ever intimidate me, or threaten me with their violence and their hatred. They are following Jesus Christ and if they are following Jesus Christ. They have no business whatsoever supporting violence and killing, but they do support that because that's the kind of films that they produce in Hollywood these days. Films about killing in violence and murder. That's all the Christian conservatives love because they don't like films about art they don't like films that will help anyone to think or to learn because they don't like education, they don't like anyone who is an intellectual. They hate intellectuals. They hate people who are smart because they can't control someone who is smart, so they want people to be as stupid as possible within certain parameters so that the Christian conservatives can then control those people much more easily.

So my message to the Christian conservatives who are running Hollywood is very simple. Go to hell. Take your bullshit pieces of crap films and simply go to hell because I am not going to watch your movies. I'm not going to watch your crappy programming because I do not believe that what you are making has any value whatsoever to this culture. Making films about monsters and scaring our children have to death is not really going to teach our children anything. And if you really want to keep our children as stupid as possible, then continue making all these ugly horrible films about war and killing and murder in monsters and demons. Go ahead and keep scaring the hell out of our children because eventually you're going to end up making our children, psychotic from that kind of continual programming and when that happens, you're going to end up finding your own children turning on you rather violently because you've taught them violence you haven't given them anything that they can intellectually grow with all you've given them are movies about killing in monsters in violence and demons and being burned alive are going to hell are being dragged into the 10th level of Hell by some demon. That's the quality of the kind of crap that Pat Boone and the other filthy dirty bastards of the right wing Christian extremists in Hollywood are making.

So that's the kind of bull ship lying. They want to do before God, that's up to them. But God will have the final word, because that's what they believe in their own religion and if they don't then they are off filthy dirty bastard when they call themselves a Christian. If they don't believe that Jesus is going to judge them for every damn ugly thing they have done then they are a filthy liar when they say they are a Christian. Because if you are a Christian, you have to believe what Jesus said at the sermon on the Mount and if you don't then you are not a Christian, you are just a dirty, filthy liar who is using religion for personal gain.

So that means very honestly that whether the Christians like it or not, God is going to judge them just the way that Jesus said at the sermon on the Mount. Meaning that all of the ugliness and all of them violence in all of the negative crap that these Christian conservatives are pulling and that they are doing to the rest of the world. God is going to do to each and every one of them, because that is exactly would Jesus Christ said at the sermon on the Mount. That which you do to the least of all that God has made will be done to you. So of the stupid bastard Christian conservative ass holes don't want to believe the words of their own Lord and Savior and want to go ahead and continue making TV programs and movies all about ugliness and violence. That's up to them, but don't expect me to subject myself to that kind of ugly programming because I'm not going to I don't allow that kind of filthy programming in my home. I will not watch any of those TV programs I will not watch any of those ugly violent movies. Just because the Christians who are pro-life and who believe in being pro-life want to show their children. Lots of movies about people being murdered in killed and destroyed by demons from hell. Well, that's the choice of the Christian conservatives have. And if they want to go ahead and to intimidate their children and threaten their children and terrify their children because they don't know how to raise their children, then that's their problem. Not mine.

One of the reasons I have such a good relationship with my daughter is because I have never threatened her. I have never intimidated her. I have never tried to make her afraid of me in any way. I never did anything to try to make her afraid of living life the way that the Christian conservatives teach their children. They may not hit them physically, but they use so many different psychological techniques to keep their children off balance and basically intimidated and scared out of their wits that the children end of growing up like little automatons. Willing to blindly follow into every single thing their parents tell them to do, regardless of whether it is illegal or violent or whether it is consistent with Christianity or not. Because the Christian conservatives don't give a damn about Christianity. All they care about is power and control because of they cared about Christianity than they would not be so violent as they are, they wouldn't be so hateful as they are, they wouldn't be as racist as they are and they would not be in Hollywood producing the kind of violent ugly films that are being made in Hollywood today.

The Christian conservatives have always hated the Jewish intellectual because you can see that very clearly in their extremely ugly and very brutal attempt to destroy Hollywood during the McCarthy era hearings. Which became known as a modern-day witchhunt. And the Christian conservatives were extremely effective in destroying the number of lives. And they celebrated that. As followers of Jesus Christ, they celebrated the destruction of life. They celebrated the destruction of intellectualism. They celebrated the destruction of intelligence and anyone being a pacifist because following Jesus Christ, who was a pacifist. The majority of the right wing Christian extremists hate anyone who is a pacifist, which means they hate Jesus Christ because they don't like people who are pacifists. Which of course means that they don't like people who are pacifists, then how can they actually love Jesus Christ, who was in fact a pacifist?

Which is why the Christian conservatives who are now in control of Hollywood producing some of the worst films in the history of humankind. Films. I wouldn't show my worst enemy, let alone any of my children.

So when it comes to Facebook wind to put up video advertising on its website. My answer to Facebook is very simple. Go to hell. Because I will never use your service. If you are going to pull that kind of crap. I do not go on the Internet to be bombarded with television oriented advertising. I specifically use websites and news services where I am not confronted with that kind of crap. I don't want someone else telling me what the news is an interpreting the news for me. I enjoy reading the news so that I can actually read someone else's thoughts and learn while I'm reading the news.

Just like I don't enjoy films that do not teach you something. I don't enjoy films which are about bombs and guns in war and killing in murder because I am a pacifist. Just like Jesus Christ. Just like Moses. Just like Mohammed. I am a pacifist. They were all pacifists. Which means all of these modern day violent extremists in the Muslim and the Jewish and the Catholic and Christian religions are basically filthy liars because they are not following their own religions because if they were following their own religions, there would be no excuse for them to be violent in any way. Because the leaders meeting the spiritual personalities in their different religions were not violent. They were pacifists. Saw the Christian conservatives can't put up and shut up and start following the example of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then they will be known not only by me, but by most of the world as nothing but a bunch of filthy dirty bastard liars and that's why nobody really likes to Christian conservatives because they are such a bunch of ugly liars. They don't follow Jesus Christ. They claim to, but they are basically nothing but liars because they are not following Jesus Christ because they are doing everything opposite of what Jesus told them to do.

So I hope that everyone will enjoy the new Facebook with all that video advertising because you can bet your sweet ass that I will not be there. Just because most of the world wants to let that kind of crap into their home doesn't mean I'm going to let it into my home. And I'm not going to. And whether the Christian conservatives like it or not, they will see that I am right. Because within 1 1/2 generations of putting that kind of crap on television. The Christian conservatives are going to be caught by surprise at how violent and ugly. Their children are becoming as a result of watching that kind of junk on TV. That kind of crap does not expand anyone's mind. It doesn't expand their thinking. It doesn't teach them anything. All it does is feed the base lusts of hatred and violence and killing and that's all it does. Of course, in addition to basically terrifying the viewer and making the viewer feel more intimidated and threatened by the world which is exactly what the Republicans and the tea party members and the bastards of the Christian conservatives want. They want people terrified they want people intimidated.

And if that's the best they can do. May God have mercy on their souls.

I have over 700 films that I have recorded on DVD. During the last 18 years or actually 20 years that my darling Aileen and I were together before she died. 700 movies. Not one of them dealing with the war. Not one of them dealing with murder. Not one of them dealing with the kind of demonic creature coming from hell to terrify and destroy life. The way that the Christian conservatives love making movies about these days. I have 700 films that actually celebrate life that celebrate literature and art and music. That celebrate life. And I watch those films when I want to. Because I am not going to subject myself to the kind of filth and crap that is on television today. I'm not going to do it. Just because the Christian conservatives want to treat their children like garbage, which is how they are treating them by letting them watch that kind of junk on television that doesn't mean I'm going to do it. Like I said, my daughter and I have a really great relationship. Because I have never once tried to intimidate her or threaten her or make her afraid of me or life.

So Facebook like I said, can really simply go to hell. And again, that's another reason why I don't put up a lot of videos in my journal entries. My journal entries. My writing is for people who like to read. People who like to think. People who like the written form of communication. And let's be clear, I'm not saying that everything on TV is pure garbage, because that's not true. But I don't enjoy sitcoms. And I don't enjoy those because I don't have anyone in my life. I have no one to share anything I might find enjoyable in a sitcom with. There is no one in my life. I am fairly much completely alone. So I would rather watch a movie that I can share with myself because there's no one else here then to watch a sitcom, which I might enjoy. If I were sharing that experience with someone, but since I don't have someone to share that experience with there's no real reason to watch any of those kinds of television programming.

Just like I don't like watching the news. I don't want some commentator telling me how to think about the news. I would much rather read what they write, and to read the written words of what they are thinking in print and then make my own decision. Because whether the Christian conservatives like it or not I am a Jewish intellectual, the very thing they hate the most. I like I have always said I dare any of these cowardly bastards of the Christian conservative movement to come up to my home with the threat of violence. I dare them to try because the camera systems I have here in my home can see very clearly over one block away and they are always recording and those images as I said, art, only being stored here on my computer in my home. They are being stored on another computer in another state, so that no matter what any of the Christian conservative ugly bastards might try to do before they even get to my property. They will be seen and recorded and if they are coming at my property illegally their images will be all over the Internet. Before they even step onto the porch of my home so that everyone in the world will see them committing the ugly crime they are trying to commit.

That doesn't stop crime at my home, but it is a very serious deterrent. Because I have three different security systems in my home, all of which run on their own power, so that no matter what anyone does to the power grid. Those systems will continue recording those systems will continue sending the images were they need to go so that the property will continue to be protected even if there's no power to the house. And if that sounds extreme, that's fine. But my security systems that I have in this house are a very direct example of how little I trust the Christian conservatives in the United States. I would rather trust Satan coming through my door than to trust anyone of the right wing Christian extremist movement in this country. I would rather have Satan come in and sit and have dinner with me before I will ever trust anyone who is a Republican or a tea party member. Because I have never seen such a ugly group of asinine bastards as the Republican Party and the tea party and the right wing Christian extremists in this country. I have never in my entire life seen a group of people who are following Jesus Christ, who was a pacifist and yet who are so violent and hateful that they have no problem murdering babies and killing children and beating women to death.

So that's the best they can do. More power to them. But don't expect me to follow. Because I won't. And that's why like I said, I don't put up a lot of videos or pictures in my journal.

But with regard to blogjet I have the ability to put videos and pictures in my journal on blogger. That's not a problem. I just don't do it because again, I don't really have anyone in my life on any kind of a consistent basis to share my life with. So there's no real reason to put up cute little pictures of my cats are my home, although I have done so in the past and I will undoubtedly do so in the future.

Plus, the other thing to consider is that I have PTSD. I actually have two different types of PTSD. Which is posttraumatic stress disorder. So consequently, the last thing I need to see our films that are going to end up being triggers for nightmares or flashbacks. So I don't watch a lot of the crap that a lot of people watch. Because if I do, I'm going to end up being subjected to more nightmares and flashbacks. And I'm not going to do that to myself.

And I can say with absolute certainty as I'm doing my dictation right now using blogjet that in reality the system is running much better than when I was using Windows live writer. To give you an example. When I'm working with Windows live writer. A lot of times the amount of system memory that Windows live writer ends up using is in excess of 200,000 K. But right now doing the dictation I am doing with blogjet the amount of system memory. The blogjet is using is barely 116,000 K. Which is a substantial amount less than what Windows live writer ends up taking up. Which is why I'm not using Windows live writer anymore.

But with it going to be more rainy today and tomorrow, meaning Wednesday and Thursday and possibly even Friday. I'm probably going to have to put off painting the windows on the side of the house and the back porch until over the weekend or early next week. Which is okay. It doesn't much bother me. But as I look at the weather right now it's 66° and partially cloudy. But tomorrow on Wednesday they are calling for 50% chance of thunderstorms and then 30% chance on Thursday, 50% chance on Friday and then finally, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are clear days. So again, with that kind of rain around, there's no point in my trying to do the painting of the windows on the side of the house or the back porch. So again, I'm looking at either over the weekend or the beginning of next week.

Which is okay because later this morning when I actually start my day at 4:30 AM, I'm going to take a shower and clean up and do my daily schedule a lot more in terms of getting things done, rather than in terms of having to fix things on my system. Of all the things I can do with my computer fixing things on my system is one of the last things I really want to do at all. So tomorrow morning at around 7 AM. We are talking rain here in Cleveland and then finally by 1 PM, it begins to become more sunny. But again, that kind of back and forth rain makes it practically impossible to do any kind of outside painting.

And that's why my schedule during the day allows me to have certain amounts of time where I can actually take a nap if I need to. Because with PTSD. That's one of the most effective ways to diminish or at least decrease the amount of flashbacks and nightmares that I have dealing with PTSD. Which is simply to take a nap. And with how I finally have the system a lot are easily defined and working a lot better. I will be able to do a lot more with the system than I have been able to do before and as I said, I don't hate religion. And I don't hate people who are involved in religion. But I also don't like liars. And I don't respect anyone who is a liar. Just like I don't respect people who use religion for personal gain. If you are using religion for personal gain. Not only will you not have my respect, but in addition, I can't help but feel that if that's how you are using a religion that is pretty much going to be how religion uses you. Meaning, if you use religion for personal gain. You probably are not going to get very much from your religious beliefs and you are probably not going to learn very much in this world. And if you believe in the religion that you are following you are probably going to end up having done to you what you have done to others in the name of your religion.

Which is one of the main reasons that I always have subscribed to the Wiccan philosophy when it comes to life. The basic principle I'm talking about is simply, to harm none. And that is the philosophy of the Wiccan doctrine or the Wiccan religion or the Wiccan belief system. To harm none. Nonviolence. So with all the lies that the Christian conservatives tell about those people who are involved in the Wiccan belief or Wiccan religion or the Wiccan theology. The reality is much different from what the Christian conservatives portray. Because Wiccan individuals are extremely piece oriented and they are to a large extent pacifists like me. They don't believe in violence. You do have groups within the Wiccan belief system, who are violent, just like the Christian conservatives have the right wing Christian extremists who are extremely violent. Every religion has that aspect of the religion that believes that violence is the only way of expressing the religious belief and I have never felt that was a very good idea. So again, I'm not going to watch or be intimidated by or expose myself to a lot of the ugly programming that the Christian conservatives are producing in Hollywood. It's just not going to happen.

And if that upsets them, too bad they can get used to disappointment. They may be able to intimidate other people with all of their violence in all of their guns and their bombs and their hatred. But they don't impress me, and they never have. I'm not impressed with how many guns or how many bombs, someone has I'm impressed with how many brain cells. They use. Show me someone who's actually using their brain for more than simply hatred and violence. And I will show you someone who I can actually have a conversation with which is why most of the world and I don't really get along anymore because most of the world is all about violence and killing. And that's the last thing I want to have anything to do with. Because I won't. Because I don't need to. It's not a requirement for me to get along in this world. To subscribe to the same kind of ugly violence that the pro-life movement of the United States subscribes to, and preaches. If they want to go ahead and basically tell their own Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that they don't really care about the fact that he was a pacifist and that they hate him for being a pacifist. They couldn't do a better job of that than by being as violent and is ugly as they are. And if they think God is not watching then they are basically stupid because whether you call it God or energy or whether you are an atheist or an agnostic or a member of any different religion. It doesn't matter. That energy that is beyond this world that we call by so many different religious names is always the final answer whether we like it or not.

And if we don't care about that, then why are we maintaining the belief systems that we maintain. If we don't care about what we actually claim to believe in, then why do we believe in what we believe in?

So if the world wants to go ahead and subject itself to the video advertising of Facebook. That's the world's choice. Just like it is my choice not to follow the herd. That's why in my home. The energy is a lot different than in any other of the homes in the area where I live. Because in most of those homes. People are either alcoholic or drug addicts or they are addicted to prescription medication. Or they are extremely racist and hateful. I mean, that's the neighborhood in which I live. Racism, hatred, bigotry, violence, drug addiction, lying, cheating, stealing, intimidation, it's just the way things are. It's the way that the Republicans and the tea party members want things in this country. They want people to be constantly in a state of anger and intimidation and fear. They want people afraid they want people who they can control easily make believe anything they want. By simply putting a new story on TV. So that's what they do they use TV to intimidate and threaten and to scare the hell out of people to get them to do what they want.

I just want allow that kind of crap into my home.

3:12 AM:

Deleted Windows live writer, and then ran ccleaner to clean out the left over information from Windows live writer then I did a restart.  Plus, the other thing I have done is to get rid of having the desktop change pictures periodically.  And by doing that active desktop calendar actually works better and is more effective, but also I'm using a lot less memory.  And a lot less system resources, which makes the system run better.  Because I actually have an imaging program that comes up automatically at different times during the day, either for managing the pictures I have in my inventory or if I want to display a slideshow I can use the program to do that, which then takes pressure off of the central timing mechanism of Windows 7.  With the end result being that Windows 7 operates more efficiently and effectively.

So, in any event, would today being so rainy like I said, all I'm going to do is simply clean up and clean the house a little.  And do my schedule.  I do have about 100 pieces of activist or activism emailed to go through this morning, which I will do at about 9 AM.  So other than that, I think what I'm going to do is simply relax for a little while and perhaps watch some television.  And of course, checked my horoscope.  And then I will get the day started.