Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
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Friday, August 30, 2013

System Update: Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Advanced System Care Professional

9:29 AM:

Advanced System Care Professional (Ultimate):

What I have basically done is to set up advanced system care professional, so that the optimization level is set at the, basic, level.  That would then mean that advanced system care professional will have the highest degree of compatibility with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  So that's the first thing that I have done.  The next thing that I did was to make sure that advanced system care professional would not be doing any of the cleaning of the system automatically in the background.  But with the performance monitor of advanced system care professional.  I am able to check whether or not the system does need to be cleaned or adjusted.  So when that is the case, I can simply close down the profile I'm using inside Dragon NaturallySpeaking and then do the cleaning very easily.

The other thing I'm doing is of course not having advanced system care professional do any kind of automatic optimization of the programs on the system so that the priority of Dragon NaturallySpeaking will not be manipulated.  While I'm actually using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

And so with all of that taken into consideration.  As I'm looking at the resource monitor for advanced system care professional.  Right now the CPU is fluctuating from 43% and going up as high, sometimes as about 73% with the RAM basically sitting at about 70%.  Which is not bad because I have a number of programs running at the same time.

Because the way that I'm running things is that I have Dragon NaturallySpeaking, starting with the task scheduler and that's really the only program that is loading when Windows starts up with the exception of my atomic alarm clock and of course advanced system care professional.  Then once the system is loaded.  I'm then initiating the iSpy security program and so it disappoint with all of these things going on, or at least with the programs I have loaded as I said the CPU is at the level anywhere from 43% up to about 70%, and the RAM is basically sitting for the most part at around 60%.  And that is with the following programs running.

1.  Windows live writer
2.  My television program.
3.  ISpy
4.  Thunderbird
5.  Atomic alarm clock.
6.  Advanced system care professional (Ultimate)
7.  Logitech setpoint (for my mouse)
8.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking

So with all those programs running the RAM is basically sitting at about 61% and the CPU is also equally at about 60%.  Which is really fairly good, considering everything I have going at the same time.  But the key is really to not allow advanced system care professional to do any kind of automatic cleaning in the background.  And specifically, only because doing so would interfere with the normal functioning of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

The other thing to do of course is that when you install Dragon NaturallySpeaking and you have advanced system care professional on the system.  You need to make sure that when you do your initial registry cleaning that you select all of those registry entries pertaining to Dragon NaturallySpeaking and thereby ignore those entries so that they will not be tampered with, or manipulated in any way by advanced system care professional.  Once you have done that there should be no problems whatsoever.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking:

Now basically what I have done would Dragon NaturallySpeaking is that I now have two different profiles.  I have the one profile that is the USB desktop microphone profile.  And I now have the second profile, which is the single-sided headset microphone profile.  And I went back to using the single-sided headset microphone because the reality is that the physical environment in which I am trying to do all of this makes it absolutely necessary.  And the reason for that is because I have this portable air conditioner right in the next room and that is definitely making a lot of noise.  But I don't have any choice.  The weather is absolutely disgusting.  Right now, because of how hot and how extremely oppressive.  It is.  So I have to have that air conditioner up here in the front of the house or the front of the house will simply be unbearable.

So that basically means that I'm going to have to work around that kind of background noise.  Once the weather begins to break and it begins to become cooler.  I won't really need to run the air conditioner, of course.  And as a result, I will then be able to perhaps go back to the desktop microphone.  But I'm not sure about that.  Because at this point, the headset microphone is becoming so much easier to use than the desktop microphone.  At the same time, there are certain things that I do on my computer where the desktop microphone is absolutely important.  Because it actually does have the better sound quality.  So if I'm making recordings, meaning voice recordings, for those circumstances, or those situations.  That's where the desktop microphone actually comes in being a lot handier.

So what I very well may end up doing is getting rid of the desktop microphone profile altogether, which I may do in the next few weeks, or even the next few days.  Because the reality is whether I like it or not the is actually the most accurate when it comes to using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  So I'm really beginning to think as I'm watching the way that the programs are responding with each other.  That the reality is that the single-sided headset microphone is really the way to go.  When using Dragon NaturallySpeaking on my system, with the way that my system is currently configured.

It's probably hard for a lot of you to understand the gyrations.  I'm having to go through with my computer because a lot of you are probably working in rather more sophisticated environments where you don't have any of the kind of issues that I may be dealing with.  But that's really part of what my life is really like..  Really becomes tremendously oppressive in the house during the summer months.  And right now with the heat being the way it is, that air conditioner really needs to be in the front of the house so that I can keep the den as comfortable as possible.  It's just what I have to contend with.  And that's not really a big deal.  It's just the way that things are.

Then, in addition, when you add to all of that, the fact that I am losing my teeth, which makes my enunciation, a little more difficult.  And that I have this slight speech impediment.  All these factors together make trying to do dictations at the very least somewhat challenging.  But I am not one to give up on anything.  So that is why I am persevering.  It's all, in so many ways, just bullshit.  What I might call, the bullshit of my life.  But that would be simply me complaining and I don't think that's appropriate, so I won't do that..

I might actually try changing the optimization level inside try also turning on the active optimization which works in the background.  That is, if I'm going to use the single-sided headset then any kind of acceleration, the system might have whereby it might actually make a little more noise really won't be a problem because the single-sided headset microphone will be accurate enough to pick up my voice even though there is background noise.

Now, two other things I have done is that for one, I have placed what is known as an acoustic buffer, which is a small fabric kind of sock that fits over the microphone portion of my headset and what this does is basically filter out some of the background noise.  And that actually can be quite helpful, especially when I'm trying to do dictations.  And the other thing I have done is to move the slider inside Dragon NaturallySpeaking with the options so that it is not going to need to listen to as many words as it normally otherwise might.  Which means it will respond faster to my dictations.  And in actuality, the acoustic sock is working rather well because the microphone is picking up my voice, but is also filtering out a lot of the background noise and that's helping my dictation to be a bit more accurate.  So that was a good idea.  Plus, moving the slider, meaning the accuracy slider, further to the left, which means the Dragon NaturallySpeaking is not going to have to listen to as many words when I'm dictating is also helping.

And as I'm watching the program right now respond to the dictation I'm doing.  I'm actually thinking that I don't really need to change anything as far as the background automatic optimization feature of advanced system care professional.  Because I don't really think it's necessary, at least at this point in time.  But it's all really somewhat guesswork which is again why I'm thinking that turning on the automatic optimization feature inside advanced system care professional might actually be a good idea.

So let me go and make a few adjustments to advanced system care professional and then I will come back and finish this journal entry.

The time right now is 10:12 AM.

10:46 AM:

Okay.  In order to keep this as simple as possible.  I'm going to explain step-by-step what I did.

1.  The first thing I did was to turn on the automatic optimization feature inside advanced system care professional.  This would enable advanced system care professional to manipulate the priorities of the different programs running on the system so that the one program or the programs that I'm actively using at that moment would actually have a higher priority in the system than the other programs.  And that these priorities would in fact be managed by advanced system care professional.

2.  The second thing I did was to go into the user profiles for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  I then got rid of the profile for the desktop microphone.  That means that when Dragon NaturallySpeaking loads, it will automatically load the one profile which I am now using which is the single-sided headset microphone profile.

3.  I then went step-by-step and I closed down all of the programs that were running at the time, such as iSpy and my TV program and Thunderbird.

4.  Once I had done that, I went ahead and then using, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I executed the programming call to restart my computer.

5.  Once I did that.  I then logged back on to my computer and into my Windows 7 session.  But because I had changed the profile structure inside Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  When I initially logged in Dragon NaturallySpeaking did not load.  And that is basically normal because the task scheduler of course links right into the Windows 7 timing mechanism which records every single action on the computer.

6.  So then I logged off manually.  And then when I logged back on, Dragon NaturallySpeaking of course showed up and loaded normally.  So once it had done that.  I then executed the command using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to log back off of my system.  And then when I did that again Dragon NaturallySpeaking loaded correctly.

7.  So now that I had Dragon NaturallySpeaking loading correctly when I would log on to my system.  I then executed the command using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to restart my computer.  And once I did that I then of course had to log back on to my computer and then log back into my Windows 7 session.  But this time because I had set up all of the mechanisms being recorded by the task scheduler where Dragon NaturallySpeaking was actually executing all of the commands.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking then loaded correctly, and now the system is running normally.

So at this point I have running:

1.  ISpy
2.  My television program.
3.  Advanced system care professional/ultimate
4.  Thunderbird
5.  Logitech/setpoint, for my mouse and keyboard.
6.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking
7.  WordPad
8.  Atomic alarm clock.

And with all of these programs running at the same time using advanced system care professional with the automatic optimization feature turned on in the background.  The basic performance of the system breaks down as, approximately anywhere from about 43% to 70% of the CPU being used.  And approximately 56% of the RAM being used.  And that is extremely efficient.  Furthermore, as I said, I am keeping the optimization level inside advanced system care professional at the basic level.  Because that has the highest degree of compatibility.  And that is important because the higher the compatibility, the better.  That advanced system care professional will in fact work with the various programs I have running on my system.  At the same time.

So, I have to say that basically this looks like a fairly good decision.  Or a good set of choices.  Because as a result of what I have done.  I've got everything running extremely efficiently and at the same time, I have no hesitation whatsoever while using Dragon NaturallySpeaking which is really exactly what I need.

As I said before, this is all somewhat guesswork because there are no real technical manuals available whereby you can actually configure how these programs work together on your computer.  A lot of it is trial and error.  That is, unfortunately, the nature of how desktop and laptop computing actually works.  And because my system is not simply used for web browsing or email but is also used for my television and my security system or at least one of my security systems.  I therefore have to be as creative as possible, or at least a little bit more creative with how I manage these different programs and fit them together.

This is actually one of the reasons that I spent the extra money when my darling wife Aileen was still alive.  On this particular computer system.  Which is, of course, the.  And it's also the reason why I basically four gigs of RAM.  And by doing that, I actually not only accommodated the system to be able to run Windows Vista, but also to be able to handle pretty much just about anything that was thrown at my computer.  Plus, in addition to being able to run Dragon NaturallySpeaking without too much difficulty.

And the reason I've gone through all this process is because I firmly believe that advanced system care professional is actually one of the best programs for system management that I have ever found in all the years I have been computing.  So while I definitely need to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  At the same time I don't want to give up using advanced system care professional.  Because it is such an absolutely fantastic program.

And of course my reason for sharing all of this hasn't been to toot my own horn or anything like that.  It has really been simply to try and provide you, my readers, with how I am doing things on my computer and how I'm getting things done with the hope that by doing this, I may be of some assistance to you in the various types of tasks that you are attempting to complete on your own computers.  That's really the only reason I share the system updates.  And if there is another reason it's just basically to keep a record in my journal, online, of what I am basically doing with my computer system.

Finally, the other thing I have done is to slide the accuracy bar inside Dragon NaturallySpeaking in the options a little further to the left, meaning that Dragon NaturallySpeaking will not have to listen to as many words that I'm dictating and at the same time, will not use as much memory.  And it will also be just a bit faster in its response, as I'm dictating.  I might even slide the bar, meaning the accuracy bar all the way over to the left to make Dragon NaturallySpeaking respond as fast as possible.  And the reason for that is because I don't believe that having Dragon NaturallySpeaking listened to a great number of words is actually going to improve my accuracy that much because I'm actually using this headset microphone which has a tremendously high degree of accuracy.  So what actually becomes more important at that point, is having Dragon NaturallySpeaking be as effective as possible as far as being as responsive as possible, which means that it needs to respond as quickly as it is able to with regards to the words I am dictating.  And it seems to be working just about how I was hoping.

So that being said I do now have of course some work to try and get done, which is to catch up on my email and of course try to do some news stories.  And of course, the news in the world is anything but good these days.  So you can count that I will probably have a number of news stories that I will be putting up sometime during the day.

So I will of course write later.

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