Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Friday, August 16, 2013

McDuped: Why Fast Food Chains Are Inhumane

McDuped: Why Fast Food Chains Are Inhumane .

This is yet another example of what the Republican Party has done to America.  This is another example of how the Republican Party is basically screwing the American citizens.  This is an example of how the Republican Party who has taken an oath as members of the United States government to protect and defend the Constitution and to secure the rights and liberties of the American people are basically saying with their actions that they don't give a damn about the American people because all they care about is screwing the American people and stealing money from the American people so that they can say to all of us as American citizens that they the Republican Party and the white Christian extremists of this nation hate us so badly that they want us to die.

And that's exactly the philosophy of the tea party and the right wing Christian extremists throughout this nation.  They hate America.  They hate the Constitution.  They hate the Statue of Liberty.  They hate all Americans in this country who are not white and Christian and as far as they are concerned, they don't give a damn how many children and how many women and families starve to death.  As long as the white Christians of this nation get everything they want, and the rest of us can go to hell and burn because they hate us.  They have no desire to practice Christian charity.  They have no desire to follow the words of Jesus Christ, they have no desire whatsoever to obey or support or protect the Constitution because all they care about is hurting as many people as possible.

And of course, that that is not true.  I dare any of the Republicans to come forward and to justify their high salaries and to justify all the medical benefits they get while depriving the American general citizenry of getting the medical benefits that we the people need.  We were the ones who put them in office.  And yet they are screwing us every time we turn around, they are stealing money from us, they are lying to us and these right wing Christian extremist organizations like NASCAR are practicing as much racism and hatred for the American general public as they possibly can.  And we the people of this nation are guilty for letting them do this to us.

It needs to stop.  This is not about me.  Because I don't even figure in any of this.  I'm 62 years old and in my own life.  It doesn't matter whether I really survive or not, that's not what this article are any of my efforts with regard to human rights are about.  My efforts with regard to human rights are simply my attempt to be a voice however small or insignificant in the world for the greater good.  That's all I'm trying to do.  And I don't believe that my generation is taking the responsibility that we have as the older generation as seriously as we need.  Because our children are ending up being screwed.  We have millions of families in this country who are working at the minimum wage level, and the Republican Party continues to lie and cheat, and to steal money from middle America and from the middle income families of this country so that they can give more money to the wealthy.  And that is inexcusable and it is also a violation of their oath as members of Congress because they are not securing the rights and liberties of the American people.  They are putting their religious agendas and their personal agendas regarding the wealthy ahead of their duty to protect and defend the Constitution, which means they are in violation of not fulfilling their duty as members of Congress.

As I've said before, the law is not very exciting and it's not something that we like to think about every day, but it is in fact the driving force of this nation.  Laws throughout the world are the only logical basis for countries to be able to exist without chaos and without tremendous inequality, going on to the point where people are literally dropping dead.  And yet in reality that is exactly what is happening.  The wealthy are showing such a hatred and such a contempt for the poor that a lot of these lower income workers are basically telling places like McDonald's to go to hell and they are walking off the job and I totally support that move.  I totally support workers in all companies if they are not being treated fairly and not being paid a fair wage to simply walk off the job and tell the employer to go to hell.  Let these rich bastards who are running their companies who don't want to pay their employees fairly let them find other people to go and work for them because as far as I'm concerned if they wanted treat the lower income people who are working for them.  With the kind of disrespect.  They are currently showing then they don't deserve to have anyone working for them.

Furthermore, I suggest that all of the middle and lower income citizens in the United States begin to think very carefully about who they are going to buy from in the future.  I specifically and very carefully.  Make sure that I do business with only certain kinds of companies in this country.  And I do so in order to make sure that I'm not doing business with companies that are based in or supportive of the Republican white Christian extremist agenda.  I will not do business with those companies.  Furthermore, I believe it is important that we as a people we as the people of this country stand up together, united and demand that the Republicans start fulfilling their oath of office in protecting and securing our civil liberties and if they can't do that, then we need to recall the Congress and kick these bastards out of office.  They don't deserve to serve.  They do not deserve to serve in our Congress that they are not willing to fulfill their duty pursuant to the Constitution of the United States.

The Republican Party and the tea party and the right wing Christian extremists of the United States desperately want to destroy this nation because they hate America.  They hate the United States.  They hate every American citizen in this country who is not white and Christian.  They hate the Statue of Liberty and they basically hate every single nation in the world.  They hate Europe.  They hate all of Africa.  They hate Asia.  They hate everyone in South America.  They hate.  Just about everyone in the world because that's all you ever hear them talking about.  That's all you ever see them doing is demonstrating their hatred.  And what they are trying to do is to basically affect the world with their hatred so that the entire world ends up in nothing but chaos and nothing but global warfare, so that the wealthy can make money selling guns and arms to everyone, while at the same time doing nothing to try to sustain our world or to give something back to our children that they can actually do something constructive with.

As a result of this new story and other stories I have seen I will never go to McDonald's under any circumstances.  Again, I'm going to boycott their establishments as I'm going to boycott all businesses that refused to pay their workers a livable wage.  If an employer does not want to pay their workers a livable wage.  They are not going to get my business.  They are not going to get my money.  It's as simple as that.

And I am calling upon all like-minded Americans who feel that the middle and lower classes of the United States are being mistreated to join me in this effort.  Begin to boycott these businesses and do everything we possibly can not to give them any more of our money boycott all businesses that a Republican oriented boycott any business that is based upon or supportive of the right wing Christian extremist agenda.  Boycott them.  Do not give them any more of your money.  And do not go to any state that is overrun with right-wing Christian extremism, such as Texas.  Don't give Texas anymore of your money.  Don't go there for visits and urge your family members who were living there.  If they don't like the conditions under which they are living to leave the state.  Somehow or other, get out of the state make Texas.  An example and make all states that are mistreating people who are not white and Christian.  An example show these right wing Christian extremists that we the people of the United States are not going to allow them to destroy our nation that we are not going to allow them to attack and destroy the Constitution that we are not going to allow the Republican Party to screw the middle class and the poor so they can give more money to the white Christian extremist sent to the wealthy.  We need to stand together as one nation, united whereby we will in fact secure the rights and liberties of the American people and give liberty and justice to all Americans, not just the wealthy or those who are white and Christian.