Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Traveling the Dark Side of the Street

Most people are not going to really care about what I'm about to say.  Others might.  As a result of talking about the repeated abuse I suffered from the white supremacist Christian conservative extremist in the United States, both professionally and personally all my life.  And then also talking about how these right wing Christian conservatives who are extremists and white supremacists and also Republicans basically missed treated and abused my wife while she was dying of cancer.  Having to talk about those things.  Whether I was aware of it or not actually caused me to have a series of rather turbulent and disturbing nightmares last night.  It was all totally unconscious.  Although I do remember some of the nightmares.

The Christian conservatives who are extremists and white supremacist won't give a damn if I had nightmares because they are still really upset that they were not able to kill my wife because they wanted to do that, just like there really angry that they can't come and kill me because they want to do that ass holes like Pat Boone and Rick Perry really thrive on being able to see blood being spilled they love seeing people murdered this is what really makes them happy because they are violent evil racist people they are not good examples of Christianity, not by any means.  They are some of the most despicable ugly forms of Christianity in the way they behave the way they act and their arrogance and their racism.

So I'm sure that ass holes like Rick Perry are probably very happy that I'm having horrible nightmares because they love seeing people suffer because that's what gives them their power.  It's what makes them feel strong.  It's what completes them.  That's why they go out of their way to hurt women is much as possible.

On the other hand, there are some really amazing Christians in this country and fantastic Catholics and Jews and Muslims a lot of them are conservative in their views.  They are not extremist, but they are conservative and I have a lot of them is personal friends and some of them will feel badly that I had nightmares thinking about how these extremists like Rick Perry and his other Asshole friends who are nothing but filthy dirty racists using their Puritan ethic to try and take over this country are probably cheering and happy that I'm suffering.

But that's why I have brought up this entire issue of the Puritan ethic.  Because that's exactly the two factions of Christian conservatives that exist in the United States.  There is the group of Christian conservatives who are conservative in their views and yet still believe in the educational system.  They believe in the Statue of Liberty.  They believe in equal rights for all Americans.  They respect other people's religious views.  They are conservative, to the point where they just don't feel comfortable very often around people of other religious persuasions our beliefs.  But they're very good people.

The other group, of course, are the extremists like Pat Boone Rick Perry the tea party and host of others who subscribe to the very basic principle of Christian conservatism that stretches all the way back to the Puritan ethic and to the very sinister hidden plot by the Puritans in England, where they were going to overthrow the government and that same ugly principle is what exists in the extremists of the Christian conservative movement in this country.  For most people not to understand this is for most people to basically not paying attention.  Because this is the reality.  Whether anyone likes it or not this is the reality.

And that's what I said yesterday that we as a nation need to understand that all of us, whether we are Catholics are Christians or Jews or Muslims or Wiccan or pagan or atheist, agnostic, Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, it doesn't matter.  Every one of us is under attack by these white supremacists who are Christian conservatives.  But who are the extremist faction of that movement.  The ones who are supporting and promoting the Puritan ethic.  Whereby they are secretly making plans behind everyone's back to manipulate the media.  Manipulate the entertainment industry.  Manipulate education, government everything they possibly can for the purposes of being as divisive as they can.  By separating us by pitting us at each other's throats.  So a lot of the news stories are actually almost fabricated because they are trying to drive a wedge between us because they want is separated they want is fighting each other because they know that when they get us to that point they will have an easier time taking over the government.

And that's why I'm trying to explain the difference between Christian conservatives who are really amazingly good Christians good people honest people, loving people and a lot of them look at Jews like me as their brothers and sisters their brothers and sisters in faith.  But the extremists don't and I have to say there is an extremist section 2 of every single religion that exists because extremism is simply succinct only to the Christian ideology exists in every single religion on the planet.  But the fact of the matter is, is that with the United States being 78% Christian.  Most of the dynamics that are going on in this country are being engineered by the extremist faction of the Christian conservative movement.

But that is not to say that there are not extremist factions in all the other religions because there are.  As a Jew, I continue most certainly that some of the most extremist aspects of the Jewish religion are found in the ultraconservative orthodoxy.  And I don't mean specifically Orthodox Jews.  Leonard Nimoy who played Mr. Spock on Star Trek was an Orthodox Jew.  They are the very and most conservatives of the Jewish faith.  But that's not the extremist aspect of the Orthodox or the orthodoxy as it is sometimes called the extremist aspect of the orthodoxy is just as extreme as the white supremacists of the Christian conservatives who are extremists.  The extremists of the orthodoxy.  However, are more involved with Israel, then they are with the United States.  That's just fact of the matter.

And I feel the same way.  If and when any religious group in this country begins to show so much disrespect for the Constitution that they are actually challenging the civil liberties and the rights and freedoms of the rest of us.  It is time for the rest of us, regardless of our religions, regardless of our political parties, regardless of all the spurious criteria.  We applied to each other.  It is time for the rest of us to put all that aside stand together and say, and to declare that we are not going to have this done to us.  Because we are the United States.  We are the freedoms of this country.  So for any extremist movement.  Whether it's the Christian conservatives or the Jews the Muslims or anyone else to attempt to subvert those rights or to impeach those writer abrogate those rights is a call to duty and a call to service on all of us.  So that we will stand together and do what we are required to do as American citizens come to the aid in the rescue of our Constitution and to the defense of our Constitution.  That's what it's all about.

So I had a really crummy night.  Not physically not really emotionally but psychologically and not really consciously.  Because I can't tell you what the nightmares were.  But I do have a sense that they include not only my personal experience with these extremists who are white supremacists of the Christian conservative movement, but also what my darling Aileen went through when she was dying of cancer and during the 18 years we were married.  That's my sense of what happened.  So needless to say I didn't get a lot of sleep.  But over the years working as a financial analyst.  There were a number of times when I really didn't sleep much.  So it's not a big deal.  You don't get to be 62 years old by allowing every little thing in the world to bother you.  Because if you do let almost every little thing in the world bother you, you won't get to be 62 years old.  Because if you let everything by the you are every little thing you'll die long before you ever get to age 62.  So when you do finally reached an age like mine.  And of course with all due respect to the tremendous amount of wonderful people who are far older than I am.  When you reach these ages intellectually and psychologically you get to a point where a lot of stuff just doesn't matter because you seen so much in your life that you just really aren't surprised very much anymore.  So you begin to take a lot of things in stride.

So I had a really lousy night.  So what.  Every single minute in the United States there are at least two women being beaten, raped or murdered every 20 minutes in the United States and other child is being sexually abused her sexually assaulted.  Every 15 minutes in the United States.  Another child or adult becomes so desperate within their own mind that they can only think of doing one thing, which is to take their own life.

So trust me I know I had a crummy night was probably one of the worst nights I've had in a few months, but I'm laughing about it because that's generally how I get through.  And I probably or undoubtedly and going to take a nap here in a while.  In point of fact, I hardly slept at all from midnight on.  So I'm sure that by around 9 AM or 10 AM that I'm definitely going to want to lean back and take a nap.  But because this is the very first day we have had some reasonable temperatures thank God you can bet your bottom dollar I'm getting in the shower and the reason I didn't earlier.  The reason I didn't get in the shower earlier was because the temperature in the other side of the house was so extreme that if I got in the shower I would be perspiring so badly.  By the time I walked downstairs from the upstairs bathroom that it would have been pointless for me to take a shower, which of course is really embarrassing because I do like taking a shower and being clean, but the temperature was so absolutely hot in the other side of the house that there was just no reason for me to do that.  So absolutely I'm taking a shower today certain like taking my life back.

And I am going to try to begin to do more news stories not always just right at the Christian conservatives.  But the extremists of the Christian conservatives make themselves such a target they really do they make themselves a target and what I said about the Republican Party and the tea party yesterday about them being scared of this whole Puritan ethic ideology coming back on them is absolutely true.  Because that's the one thing that the extremists of the Christian conservative movement in the United States does not want anyone to really focus on that when they came over to this country.  In 1620 they did not come over as courageous and brave individuals seeking religious freedom.  They came over basically as criminals.  Because the government of England was going to have them executed.  The government of England was going to have them killed.  Because the government of England was fed up with the subterfuge and the sinister agendas that the Puritans in England were practicing and were promoting and wanted no part of it.

You don't have to believe me.  All you have to do is read a little bit about English history.  Because the moment you do you see exactly what I'm talking about.  It's all there.  Now for my experience, the moderate Christian conservatives who are like I said, wonderfully amazingly good people.  I mean they are really kind.  They are charitable they are extremely spiritual they love humanity.  They care about anyone who has any kind of religion that is doing something positive with the religion.  These are really amazingly good people just like there are good Jews and good Muslims in good people who are Wiccan and pagan and atheist and agnostic and Catholic.  Good people everywhere okay, but the tea party has in the past and continually still does identify with the extremist faction of the Christian conservatives that Puritan ethic and because this whole issue of the Puritan ethic is now becoming to the surface.  And because a level racism is getting to the point that is actually making a lot of the ultra extremist Christian conservatives rather nervous because they weren't planning on having everyone get is angry about the racism as they have they were hoping that they could just make everyone fight about racism and then that way they can continue on trying to manipulate the government behind everyone's back.

But that didn't happen.  Because we the people didn't buy into the manipulation what happened instead this we did not write it in the streets.  We began to talk with each other and we basically is a population began to get pretty much set up with the same old tired bullshit argument being pushed on us by the extremists of the right wing Christian conservatives and the tea party and the Republican Party can see that very clearly.  So they're nervous about that.  Because they are losing their ability to be as invisible our work behind the scenes as they would like to because that's the real intention to work behind the scenes causes much trouble as possible make this has polarizes they can make us hate each other make us destroy each other so that while were focusing on fighting with each other they can without really being noticed continue to screw up the government and take away our civil liberties.

But were not being focused on something else were actually focusing on the heart of the matter what it means to be an American in the United States of America.  So naturally the Republican Party and the tea party don't want to be seen as enemies to that process.  And that goes back to the whole discussion I had yesterday between Dick Cheney and his daughter and how they are basically taking the stand that they don't give a damn about the Constitution.  They don't give a damn about the rights of Americans all they care about is the Puritan ethic agenda of doing whatever they can to destroy this government by whatever means possible.  Because they don't like the government and they want control and have to bring down the government in order to get that control that's the kind of declarations they are making.  And that's exactly what the Republican Party and the tea party do not want to be associated with.

Because not only is Republican Party answering to the right wing Christian extremists of this country.  But the Republican Party is also answering to the moderate Christian conservatives and to the other members of different religions in their own districts.  Because that's the law.  They have to be aware of all of the parties in their districts.  So this whole discussion about the two factions of the Christian conservatives coming out and its origins not only been brought out by me, but other people as well.  These things are making them nervous because they realize they're not going to be able to use subterfuge as much as they have been able to in the past.  So the game is on, so to speak.  Will they continue trying to lied to the American people or will instead, they realize that they continue doing so.  The American people might actually become unified enough where they will say to these right wing white supremacist Christian conservatives who are extremists to get out of our country to go away that we don't want you in our country.  If you are not willing to stand by our side and support the Constitution, equally with us.

And the right wing Christian conservatives who are extremists in this country and white supremacists will never stand by our side because they consider all of us nothing but garbage next to them.  That's how they think that's how elevated they believe they are, which is ridiculous.  But that's how they feel.  That's how they think.  And that sets up this whole dichotomy going on between the Republican Party and the tea party and the two different bases that are actually there voting blocs.

So that being said, I'm going to eat and then I'm going to sleep.  And then after I go to sleep.  I am going to get up and shower well do my exercises and then shower and then move on with my day.

Because at the very least, this entire last 13 hours has been extremely exhaustive.  I mean, it's been exhausting.  So I will write later.