Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Friday, July 12, 2013

System Update


I've done a tremendous amount of thinking over the last couple of days and all the thinking was centered around these journals.  At one point I was considering doing only one system update per day and one daily life Journal entry per day because my thinking was that by doing that, it would be less repetitive and less of a burden for you, the readers.  Because instead of seeing multiple system updates and multiple daily life Journal entries per day, you would see only one which would be cumulative.  But that began to look like it was going to be a lot more complicated than was necessary.

Now on my understanding of computers is tremendously extensive due to the number of years I have been screwing around with these machines, even long before the desktop computer was ever even thought of.  My knowledge base, so to speak about blogging or the technical aspects of blogging is nowhere near as extensive as most of you who are reading this journal.  But I am a quick study.  I always have been.  So what follows is basically the culmination of my thinking that I did while I was sleeping.

1.  There are already classifications or categories on both of the two journals, meaning on blogger and WordPress, for, my life, and daily life.  Realizing that with those two categories.  I already had two separate activities pursuant to my online experience fairly well classified, which would make it easier for you, the readers to be able to identify which activity I might be talking about.  I then realized that the one category that was not present was in fact, system update.  And that basically doesn't make a lot of sense.  So as of this morning, there are now all three categories on both journals for the specific activities regarding my personal life.

2.  Daily life:

This category involves my daily schedule and my personal health and my exercise.  Things of that nature.  So that you, the reader, when you are in fact interested in knowing anything about my personal health or my personal scheduling or my exercise routines can simply pull-up that category, daily life, and that's what you will see.  Because that category is for that kind of activity.

2.  My life:

This category obviously has to do with my personal life and my personal observations, and of course my relationship to my darling Aileen.  No real further explanation is necessary.  Except the category of my life has to do with the personal aspects of my life and nothing to do with human rights or politics, unless I am pontificating on those subjects.  For example, I might suddenly have an inspirational moment where I might talk at a great length about human rights pursuant to the human condition relative to my own personal perspectives.  Under those circumstances, I would find it most logical to categorize that journal entry as my life because it's not really pertinent to any ongoing discussion with regard to some of the more typical categories.

Just like I might talk to or talk about my late wife Aileen.  And a host of other things.  So, my life is the category that basically encompasses my personal journal entries.  They are not private.  Obviously, because I'm doing them online.  They are just personal because they're not really germane to or including any of the more typical categories pursuant to the world like news or politics, and things of that nature.

3.  System update:

This is the one category that was not or has not or I did not provide for online with regard to my blogging or my doing a journal.  And yet that's sort of a mistake.  Because there should have been a category for system update.  Because the only way that you, the reader, can actually find that type of journal entry or blog entry is in the nomenclature of the title.  And that's just dumb.  Because it's relatively easy to do.  And it makes the most sense logically.

So as of today there are all three of those categories on both of the journals.  Meaning the journal on blogger and the journal on WordPress.  So the category of system update has to do with my computer system and any changes I make to my computer system and what I do with my computer system.  Again, logic.

So not only are those three categories now present on both of the journals.  But the title of any journal entry or blog entry pursuant to any of those three categories will simply have that category as the name.  Without any other verbiage in the titles.  Again, which makes sense.  Because that way.  All you have to do is look for one of those three categories to see the three different types of writing I do.

A.  Daily life.
B.  System update.
C.  My life

And those are the three categories representing the three aspects of my life.  So with that in mind, this is where the journals are going.  The last night and yesterday as I was attempting to migrate away from Internet Explorer regarding news reading over to Feeddemon I actually thought it would be a lot easier to generate only one journal entry for daily life or for system update on any given day.  I thought that actually might reduce any repetition and be easier for you, the reader to have access to that information.  Again, not really logical.  Because if I have those three categories on both journals, then all I have to do is do a journal entry with those categories as the main title and of course associate the journal entry or blog entry to that specific category with the other relevant categories and use the reader will know what I'm talking about.  Daily life.  My personal schedule and health and exercise and other issues related to that.  System update anything having to do with my computer or my android phone.  And my life which is in fact the category that comprises my personal journal entries.

So there's not going to be only one single entry per day.  There will be journal entries pursuant to daily life and system update on an ongoing basis.  Meaning as they happen.

Now, originally when Aileen died in November 2010 one of the promises I made to her before she died was that I was going to continue writing.  Partially because my writing is actually what drew her to me.  And of course that story is in my biographical profile to one extent or another.  Briefly, Aileen was reading my journal entries here in Cleveland on a local BBS in 1992 for a solid year before we actually ever met.  And it was my writing that interested her enough to the point where she was basically relentless in her pursuit of us getting to know each other.  Which of course as I have said was one of the most miraculous events in my entire life.

So I began working on that promise which was to keep writing.  So the original intent for the journal on blogger, which is where the journals began was to set up the journal on three basic principles.  And those principles remain consistent as of today, and will be so for the duration of my doing any journal activity or blogging activity online.

The first principle, of course, is that these journals under the main title of the journals being, bitter harvest.  That term was actually the term that Aileen applied or used regarding her description of our life.  Partially because she had lost all three of her children and partially because I also lost three of my children and she felt that bitter harvest was a perfect term to describe our life, because we had gained so much and at the time lost so much.  And in actuality the first two journals I began shortly after she died, did not even have that, bitter harvest, as the name of the journal.  The first journal was called shadows in the dark.  Which was the beginning name of my journal or blogging activity and was so because that's what I felt.  Then I was chasing shadows in the dark.

Then about six months after she died, I realized having that as the name of my writing online really wasn't appropriate.  And at that time I was going through this tremendous amount of understandable grief.  And I also thought I was basically going crazy.  And even though I have suffered with mental illness.  Most of my life, I've never thought of myself as completely flaming nuts.  But in any event, the grief mutated to a point where I changed the name of that journal or in fact actually began a second journal on blogger, entitled messages from the mental ward.  Because that's exactly how I felt.  And that journal or that title for the journal project actually was maintained until in reality the summer after she died.  Because then I began to try to remember exactly what the nomenclature was that she used to describe our life.  And in the journal, messages from the mental ward is over on blogger, you can actually see in those journal entries where I'm almost frantic because I can't remember the phraseology or the term that Aileen used to describe our life.

Then suddenly one night I did remember what she said.  I actually remembered the conversation.  So consequently that is where and when I recalled the term, bitter harvest.  And that's when the bitter harvest project began.

So my first attempt to do a journal or to expand the bitter harvest project over to WordPress was a complete failure.  Not because I'm stupid because I'm not, but because I really didn't understand the nature of how categories are applied and used on the Internet with respect to, tags.

And partially because my thinking was still at that point somewhat hysterical, which means it wasn't very logical.  My first attempt at doing a journal or blog on WordPress was very much an abysmal failure with regard to categories and tags.  I ended up with so many comments and was having a very difficult time ascertaining which comments were legitimate and which ones were not that the journal basically got to a point where was unusable.  So I went back to blogger.  Because I felt over there that I could create any category.  I wanted and still do okay.

But then, for whatever reason, probably because through some process which is probably impossible for me to put into words.  I then expanded the bitter harvest project over here to WordPress.  And initially my understanding of categories, again, was probably not very logical.  Because I was thinking in terms of the Internet pursuant to other factors other than just doing a blog or a journal.  And over time that actually became very expensive and I became a lot more intelligent about how to categorize journal entries, which is the basic reason for where I am now with my online journal and blogging activity.

So that is pretty much the gist of getting from one point to the other.  In doing this online journal or blog.  So now fast forwarding to present day.  As I said yesterday I was actually thinking of only doing one of the two types of journal entries, daily life, and system update every day thinking it would of course be easier for you, the reader to manage with all the other information you are bombarded with.  But as I was sleeping.  That, of course, began to not really make much sense.  What makes more sense is to have those three categories on both blogs, so that anything I might write in any of those three categories would go into them respectively and be quite easy for you, the reader to pull up those categories and see exactly what was taking place in my life.  Pertinent to those categories and relative to your interests.


I have a huge number of newsfeeds that I keep track of every day.  Specifically for my online journal activity.  And as I've said, I've gone back to using Feeddemon for that purpose.  I didn't write much yesterday because I was involved, either in doing various types of meditation and trying to center.  My energy.  And at the other time I was attempting to migrate the newsfeeds from Internet Explorer into Feeddemon.  That process now is virtually complete.

So with that now in place.  The second thing I'm doing is working on my scheduling so that I can get everything done.  Because the three basic categories, daily life, system update, and my life, represent the three different aspects of everything that I do in my life.  As explained above.

So the newsreader.  I'm going to use is going to be Feeddemon.  Because it's the easiest thing to do and use on my system.  And beginning today, you will see multiple journal entries in the category of, system update, whereby I will be talking about anything that has to do with my computer.  And that will be easy for you, the reader, to always be able to spot my computer activity.  Because of that category.

Advanced system care professional :

I've been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking ever since version 9.  And I've been using advanced system care professional just about as long as it has been around.  And for some reason Dragon NaturallySpeaking and advanced system care professional never really got along very well.  As software on my computer.  And again, I'm not stupid because I know a lot about computers.  But no matter what I did.  I was not able, in the past, to get advanced system care professional to work in a compatible manner with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  At least not until yesterday.

Because after a discussion I had with the makers of advanced system care professional.  I was then able to ascertain the right procedures to take with advanced system care professional.  So the Dragon NaturallySpeaking could in fact be used effectively with advanced system care professional.

1.  In the settings for advanced system care professional.  I now have automatic optimization turned on.  Because that way, advanced system care professional will automatically optimize the programs in any given Windows session in terms of the other aspects of what advanced system care professional is applying to the system, rather than giving over that control to the Windows 7 timing mechanism and the task scheduler.  In short, active optimization is a replacement for task scheduler within the advanced system care professional program.

So that's the first thing that I did yesterday.  Was to give advanced system care professional that kind of control.

2.  The second thing I did was to turn off the memory resident utility, the cleans out the memory registers on an ongoing basis.  That utility is called smart RAM.  And that part of advanced system care professional is really not necessary because with automatic optimization running in the background.  There's really no need for that utility pursuant to my computer.  Additionally doing that kind of activity while running Dragon NaturallySpeaking can actually reduce the effectiveness of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  So that feature is not being used inside advanced system care professional.

3.  In advanced system care professional.  I have the basic optimization for the system set at top performance.  This actually includes everything I do with my computer and top performance actually increases the effectiveness and the Windows 7 settings to be able to have the system be as effective as possible with certain services being turned off by advanced system care professional, so that the system can function more effectively.  And that sitting works perfectly for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

4.  The other thing that was critical with advanced system care professional was turning off the, auto clean, feature.  Because with that turned on, while under most circumstances, that's really a very effective way of going.  With Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  It's not because when Dragon NaturallySpeaking loads it needs to have the system pretty much in a static state.  Meaning that if you do any kind of cleaning at all as Windows 7 is starting up.  That's going to actually reduce the effectiveness of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and even prevent it from starting.  So that feature has been turned off.  Everything else is turned on, meaning everything else is automatic and does not interfere with Dragon NaturallySpeaking in any way.

So with these things now in place advanced system care professional is working perfectly with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Windows 7 :

So now what it comes to is trying to get Dragon NaturallySpeaking to start up with the Windows 7 session.  And I don't want to relegate Dragon NaturallySpeaking to the test scheduler.  Because that actually is the job of advanced system care professional.  Therefore, so far, I have Dragon NaturallySpeaking in the startup folder of the start menu and I'm about 90% of the way there of getting Dragon NaturallySpeaking to start effectively with the Windows 7 session.  I plan on finishing that work this morning.  I was actually going to finish it last night.  But I became overtired and just wasn't able to do so.

Dropbox :

Now this utility is actually what I use to transfer files and photographs back and forth between my android phone and my desktop computer.  The only problem is that, without my knowing it, dropbox actually has a certain degree of software incompatibility with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Meaning that if dropbox is running that's going to reduce the effectiveness of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

And I think the problem with dropbox is because it actually interfaces with all of the file folders on your system.  But so does advanced system care professional and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  So dropbox actually becomes a third program attempting to interface with or manipulate the file folders on your system.  Whereby, as a result, it then as a result of doing that causes problems for Dragon NaturallySpeaking

So dropbox has now been simply relegated to an icon on my desktop that can be called up when necessary.  Specifically, when Dragon NaturallySpeaking is not actively being used.

And at this point, as I said what I'm doing now is just working to the process of getting Dragon NaturallySpeaking to initiate with the logon of Windows 7.  And as I said I'm about 90% there.  I will be finishing that work over the next few hours.  And when I do I of course will make a another system update report.

Windows live writer :

Windows live writer has long been the best blogging editor on the Internet.  Not because it's made by Microsoft.  Which is because it is.  However, while Windows live writer is actually the best blog editor the feature known as, auto linking, actually can cause more problems for blogging than is preferable.  So what I have done inside Windows live writer is to relegate auto linking to only one link per Journal entry, which is an option inside Windows live writer.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking :

The previous versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking always seem to have had issues with Windows live writer.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking home edition version 12 really does not have any issues with Windows live writer, but actually works very well with it.  But for a host of factors, including my voice and other imperfections in the manner in which I speak using the dictation box with Dragon NaturallySpeaking pursuant to using Windows live writer has always been the best way to go.  That will continue.

And in reality, that's what I'm doing right now.  I'm using the dictation box to compose my dictation or to compose my Journal entry inside Windows live writer, so that any thing that I might say will not in fact set off one of the buttons inside Windows live writer or any of the commands inside Windows live writer, which will interfere with my composing my Journal entry.

And as I said I'm at the point where I'm just getting Dragon NaturallySpeaking to work more effectively with the Windows 7 environment where it will initiate at Windows logon.  And I should have that completed within the next hour.


So once I finish all this then everything should be fairly well laid out and things should move forward with some degree of regularity and a lot more consistency.  And as I said, I will of course make a report as things are happening.