Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Good Start

Like I said I got a lot of news stories in my news reader on my android phone and I was going to begin putting up stories today, which I did.  For those who are reading this message in my Journal on blogger most of the news stories I put up are on WordPress  again because of quantity limitations that exist on Google, which includes blogger.  So for any of my readers on blogger who are interested in seeing the news stories I am putting up on WordPress .  Feel free to go over there and read the news Journal entries I am posting.

The way I have it set up is that my personal Journal entries and my human rights entries for the most part will go on to both journals, meaning my Journal on WordPress and on blogger .  But the news stories, meaning mostly political are probably going to be going up mostly on WordPress .

I realize that I have demonstrated today, a lot of what might be called fire and brimstone.  But that's part of being a human rights advocate.  To take a no holds barred approach to the argument, especially when people's lives are at stake.  And the so-called pro-life movement is basically a sham.  Because they are making things as hard as possible on women to be able to have adequate healthcare pursuant to their own pregnancies and their own bodies.  The right wing Christian conservatives and the tea party and the Republican Party are determined to tell all the women in the United States that they will bow down and they will submit to the Republican Party and to the Christian conservative point of view, regardless who they are or where they are living.  And in many of the states, if not most of the states or all of the states the mother's life is forfeit in all circumstances, including rape and emergency.  And even if the mother's life is in danger.  Meaning that the termination laws or the laws governing what is called abortion are set up in such a way so that the mother will die in order to make sure that she bears that child.  Which means basically the Bible thumping and God loving Christians who worship Jesus and claim to obey Jesus, when Jesus told them at the sermon on the Mount that anything they did to the least of all that God would make or that God has made God would do to them.

So obviously the Republican Party and the tea party and the right wing Christians are taking the point of view that God did not make women even though their Lord and Savior Jesus was crucified for protecting women, along with other humans.  So if God did not make women then why did Jesus die protecting women?  And if God.  Then did make women and the Christian conservatives and the Republican Party and the tea party are trying to murder women then how are they going to explain to God why they were killing God's creatures.  When Jesus told them at the sermon on the Mount never to do that?

So again.  If the tea party and the Republican Party and the Christian conservatives and all the other so-called pro-life ass holes don't really mind burning in hell for all eternity.  Because that's what's going to happen.  At least that's what their own Bible says.  There Bible says that if they do anything to the least of all that God made God is going to do exactly the same thing to them.  That's what they're Bible says.  Because I'm reading from the American activist Bible.  I'm reading the same Bible Rick Perry reads from I'm reading from the same Bible that the tea party members and the Republican Party members a reading from.  And the words are very clear anything they do to the least of all God has made God is going to do to them.

So it or they basically don't give a damn about what Jesus said, or they think they are better than Jesus or they think that they will be able to lie to God and explain their way out of murdering millions of women which are actually the numbers and in reality, women are being killed at the rate of millions per year in this country with most of those murders being done by Christians.  So if they really don't care about what God is going to do to them because they just are more concerned with intimidation and threatening and power and control.  More power to them.  Because if they don't mind religiously speaking specifically burning in hell for refusing to do what Jesus told them to do it the sermon on the Mount that's their choice.  It's not my choice, but that is the way they are behaving.

The law in Kansas.  For example, which I cited previously in my Journal articles here shows very clearly that the Kansas abortion law will not allow a woman to receive an abortion, even if she has been raped or if she is in a life-threatening emergency, or if she in fact may not survive because the Kansas law says every woman will bear a child.  If they are pregnant.  They will bear a child, regardless of they survive or not.  So the people in Kansas who claim to be good Bible thumping Christians don't care if a woman dies as long as she bears that child.  So how is that pro-life?  How is killing a woman defending life Western Mark how is killing a woman supporting their Lord and Savior Jesus when he died protecting women?  How is lying and spreading misinformation which is part of the Kansas court record regarding that law actually being a good Christian?  Because in the article talking about that law in Kansas the pro-life movement has been found guilty of misinformation and misrepresenting facts and misrepresenting the entire pregnancy to women in order to force them and to threaten them into bearing children.

So if people think I'm basically firing fire and brimstone, let's remember something.  Every year in the United States.  6.6 million women are beaten, raped or murdered.  That's every single year.  And that figure breaks down to one woman every 30 seconds being either beaten to death and murdered or being abused and beaten or being raped or just being killed.  Every 30 seconds.  (US domestic violence statistics ).  And with the United States being 78% Christian, (US religious demographic statistics ).  That means that 78% of all of the women in the United States being killed are being killed by Bible thumping God-fearing Christians.  Just the way that these Bible thumping God-fearing Christians stole people from Africa brought them over to the United States turned them into property raped the women murdered the children used a lot of the men for target practice by hanging them on meat hooks and then after they did that they went to church to thank Jesus who was actually brown skinned for giving them the ability to mass murder and kill other human beings.  When Jesus told them at the sermon on the Mount never to harm anyone.

So if I'm full of fire and brimstone, let's think about the real issue.  Because that's 6 million women in the United States that speaks nothing of the millions and millions of women throughout this world who are subjected to antiquated religious hysterical dogma and political crap and bullshit where women are being mistreated and murdered.  And what do these women get?  They get nothing but a load of bullshit from the politicians they get nothing but a load of bullshit from the Christian religion and the Catholic religion.  Because the Catholic religion and the Christian religion have a long history of hating women of murdering women.  Or are we forgetting about the burning times ?  That's when millions of women were murdered by the Catholics because they hated them.

So excuse me if I'm being a little fire and brimstone, but after 45 years of trying to speak out in defense of how women are being murdered and raped and basically destroyed every single minute in the United States, not to mention around the world.  I'm basically getting a little set up with the extremely childish arrogant asinine behavior of the right wing Christian extremist Republican Party and the tea party who claim to be the political party of the people, when in actuality they are doing everything they can to screw the people.

And of course I don't talk about things like this without any kind of substantiation, which can in fact be found in my see also section at the bottom of this article.

Thanks for reading