Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

System Update: Dragon NaturallySpeaking, And Windows 7

When I had the last crash on my computer, where I had a blue screen come up, and I wrote about it in my journals, a friend of mine who I used to work with a number of years ago, got in touch with me and asked me if I still had the dump file from that blue screen crash.  I told them that I did.  He then asked if I could send the dump file to him.  Which I did.  Then actually early this morning he sent me a text message and asked me to give him a call when I got up.  So I did.  And we talked.  The upshot is that the blue screen was not caused by Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  It was actually caused by another program, that is part of Windows 7.  And it really is an inconsequential program.  It is, the sticky notes program.  And the way it turns out, is that the sticky notes program is actually a carryover from Windows Vista.  And in actuality it is an additional overlay on the screen.  Whereby it was causing an undue amount of stress to the video card.  And as a result, the blue screen happened.

So, the conversation proceeded and he felt that with all that I'm doing on my system at any given time.  That I should actually go back and try to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Once again, with my system.  But to make sure not to use the sticky notes program because it evidently was having a when in fact I'm also running all these other services on my system at the same time.  So I did that.  And during that conversation.  We also talked about the Windows 7 timing mechanism.  And the way the conversation ran is that in reality, based on what I am running on my system.  That I should not relegate the priority of Windows 7 to the background services, but to the programs instead.  Which is exactly what I have done.

In this friend is actually a programmer who are used to work with at a company I once worked with a number of years ago and have always stayed in touch ever since.  And so what follows now is a kind of outline of how I have set up my machine with Dragon NaturallySpeaking to make it work as effectively as possible.  And of course I'm providing this because I know there are a number of individuals, which is common knowledge, who are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking :

So the first thing that I need to explain is that I have relegated the priority of my Windows 7 session to give more priority to the programs than to the background services.

Now what I have done in order to make Dragon NaturallySpeaking start up correctly with Windows 7 is I have again set up a task scheduler event in the task scheduler to launch Dragon NaturallySpeaking at Windows logon.  And further, what I have done is I've gone through a process whereby I can actually restart my computer using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and at the surface doing that may appear to be somewhat problematic, but it's really not.

The way that you do.  This is first by understanding that the Windows 7 timing mechanism which includes the log files, actually records every single mouse movement and keyboard stroke and every execution of every command that is made during your Windows 7 session.  Now by understanding that you need to understand that if you issue the call with Dragon NaturallySpeaking to restart your computer or to log off of your Windows 7 session that you are actually putting into the log files which are associated with the Windows 7 scheduling mechanism a command that needs to actually be recorded into the log files and adopted as part of the normal command activity in Windows 7 or your Windows 7 session.

How you do this is rather simple.  The first thing that you do is you obviously have Dragon NaturallySpeaking loaded, and you are in your Windows 7 session.  So the first thing that you do is you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to issue the call to log off Windows.  Then you log back on.  Of course manually.  Then what you do is you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to issue the call to restart Windows.  And then of course your system will automatically restart and you will be presented with your log on screen where you will log on manually.

At this point, the command sequence using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to log off Windows has actually been recorded in the log files.  But the restarting of your system using Dragon NaturallySpeaking has only been logged into the temporary files and not the actual log files.  So now that you have the logoff command using Dragon NaturallySpeaking recorded in the log files and you have restarted your machine using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  The one time.  You then issue a call once again to have Dragon NaturallySpeaking restart your computer.  And by doing that you are now putting not only the logoff command and the restart command in the log files.  But you are doing so in such a way so that they are in fact looked upon by the Windows 7 timing mechanism as normalized commands within the Windows 7 session.

During this process, you might notice that your sound speaker on your taskbar is showing that the audio files are not loaded.  But that will actually correct itself during the process of using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to log off your Windows session and to restart your computer.  And generally, it only takes two or three restarts to get the Dragon NaturallySpeaking command recorded into the log files as a normalized command so that the audio files and that little speaker in your taskbar will in fact be presented correctly.

So with the foregoing in mind, I am of course, once again using Dragon NaturallySpeaking on my system and I'm not using any program that might place an extra overlay on the screen.  Whereby, as a result Dragon NaturallySpeaking would have a problem with that overlay and possibly produce a blue screen.  The other thing to consider is that, for example, on my computer system with so many services running at the same time.  Where I have a number of different visual effects taking place on the screen in the given time period that it probably is not advisable under any circumstances to use the command bar for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  But to in fact relegate Dragon NaturallySpeaking to the icon in your taskbar.  Because by doing that you are actually decreasing the amount of overlay on the screen or stress to your video card.


This entire set of circumstances actually came about as I said, because this friend of mine realized that I do in fact, multitask, and the alloys have.  Long before there were computers.  I was actually having to multitask as the partner and co-owner of pioneer linen supply in Cleveland, Ohio.  So, my friend who actually knows me pretty well, basically said that I would be able to increase my multitasking capability by using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  And that the acceleration to the system would probably be minimal.  And he was of course correct.

So my plan or plans with my computer and with my journals is basically as it was this morning.  I'm working through my petitions right now.  And then I will go on and begin presenting news stories that I have been collecting using my android phone.  And because I realize that I have got an awful lot of news stories that I have basically sent to myself in order to use in my journals.  I will be presenting the most recent news stories to make my journal a little bit more timely with the older news stories being used for reference and research in future articles.

Now, I do have the capability of generating journal entries from my android phone.  But as large as they are.  I have always found it a lot easier, to send news stories from my android phone to myself so that I can use those news stories on my computer using Windows live writer , which is a lot easier to use than trying to fumble around the very small keyboard on my android phone.

So as I said, you can look for news stories coming probably a little bit later today.  And now that I finally have everything pretty well set.  As far as my home and all sorts of other personal directions.  I should be able to maintain a more constant and consistent profile regarding my activity with my journals.  And I think that's important.  Because my journals are as I said, a map of my life as I go through these years, which however many they may be, are the last ones I'm probably going to be around.  And I don't think I'm going to die anytime soon.  That's not what that means.  It just means that with my late wife, Aileen, of course, having died of liver cancer in 2010.  That this journal or these journals have always been set up on three basic purposes.  The first purpose being of course to be the journal or journals that Aileen wanted to do with me but was never able to have the opportunity to do so.  Secondly, of course, is the continuing effort regarding human rights that Aileen and I engaged in and worked on shoulder to shoulder for 18 years.  And thirdly, of course, it is my testimony, so to speak, before the creator of everything.  I am.

And it is the third choice or the third principle, this journal or my journals, being that testimony before the creator of all that I am.  Which actually then precipitates into this Journal being what it really is, a journal.  A kind of map of my life as I make my way through my life.

And so that brings me to where I am right now.  Doing about five different things at one time.  And thanks to the absolutely fantastic qualities of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I'm able to get all these things done at one time, and still have my hands free in case I need to do something else like make sure that the cats don't go where they don't belong.  (Just kidding)

And as always, I am providing source notes, which include the current profile of my computer system.  And of course the various programs that I have tested and used over the years, which I have found to be reliable.

And I will of course write later, as I said above, presenting news stories as I am able to get to them.  Once I have finished doing my email and petitions.

Thank you very much for listening.

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