Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
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Sunday, May 26, 2013

System Update: Dragon NaturallySpeaking

I do a lot of the processing for how I get through my day when I'm sleeping.  So last night, having had a very good nights sleep.  When I woke up, I began to realize that one of the problems with Dragon NaturallySpeaking was that I was attempting to upgrade a profile that was two versions of old.  Meaning the profile was from Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10.  And that was one of the reasons why Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12 continued crashing.

So, basically what I did, was to shut down all of the running programs with the exception of my alarm clock.  And then I reinstalled Dragon NaturallySpeaking  version 12.  And this time I created a completely new user profile.  No part of the reason for that is because the profile that existed under version 10 had a lot of different sound attributes connected to the profile.  And those sound attributes, of course, have been changed as a result of Dragon NaturallySpeaking now being in a more progressed version.

Additionally what I have done is that I don't have any kind of software running on my system that will manage or manipulate the timing mechanism of Windows 7.  Meaning, make Windows 7 run faster.  And I'm not using any kind of junk file cleanup program.  The reason for this is extremely important.  The temporary files on the Windows 7 operating system are there basically to house the various temporary files that are needed during the Windows session.  So unless you have a tremendous issue with privacy in the environment where you are using Windows 7.  It is preferable that you do not use any of these junk file cleaning programs.  Because more times than not, they will modify some of your existing programs, pursuant to their use of the temporary files.  And that can actually alter the way the program runs.

So it's important if you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to get rid of all of the programs that might accelerate your computer or manipulate your computer to be more efficient in any way.  And get rid of all of the registry cleaner or junk file cleaner programs.  Because those programs will do nothing except cause Dragon NaturallySpeaking to not work effectively.

That being said, I can say that version 12 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking .  The home edition, is actually one of the best versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking I have ever used.  And I am the first one to admit when I am wrong.  I was wrong, saying that Dragon NaturallySpeaking would not work on my system.  It was simply that I was actually trying to incorporate a user profile that was two versions old into Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12.  And by so doing, as a result, Dragon NaturallySpeaking then had issues with being able to identify and to open and use that profile.

Personal Note:

Now the reason I went back to Dragon NaturallySpeaking is because whether I like it or not continuing to type on the keyboard with my hands is having a definite negative impact on my upper spine and my arms.  My hands sometime have issues with typing, after having typed at about 100 words per minute since I was 12 years old.  But my hands were not the major factor.  It was the degree of fatigue and muscle strain, I was noticing in my upper arms.  My collarbone and my upper spine, that basically brought me to this decision.

The one thing you can say about computers is that no matter what, if you refuse to change with the way things change in the computer environment.  You then end up not doing as well as you could with your computer.  So consequently, moving back to Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a very important thing for me to do so that I can actually get the most out of my computer system and stay on track.

I am of course providing source notes to this article for your reference and also to give you possible resource information for various programs.  I have used and found reliable.

And as always, I sincerely hope that this has been helpful.

(Now that I'm using Dragon NaturallySpeaking again I will go back to my customary closing)

Thank you very much for listening.

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My Dell XPS 410 Computer Configuration:

  • Rating: 3.5 Windows Experience Index
  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40 GHz
  • Installed Memory (RAM) 4.00 GB (3.00 GB usable
  • System Type: 32-bit Operating System

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