Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Work in Progress

I'm working on a series of explanations that I want to present in this Journal because humanity is basically moving in a rather self-destructive and limiting direction.  And humanity is running out of time to continue behaving flat minded or linear in their thinking.  Because of the near and flat minded thinking are of course identified as symptomatic thinking or symptomatic logic, which is in fact logic based upon a reactionary perspective.  Rather than an anticipatory perspective, which is the other type of logical thinking known as problematic thinking.  What most people don't realize is that the two types of logical perspective or energy.  If you will actually exist throughout the entire universe and in every aspect of life.  We are the only ones who actually codify that energy into various logical perspectives or the two logical perspective is based on the fact that we identify concepts and sensory information in terms of linguistic symbols.  Meaning language.

But universe doesn't use language just like the universe doesn't pay attention to any of our explanations of what we think the universe is or will be.  Because we are a subset of the universe not the other way around.  But again, I don't expect anyone to believe me because if they did or a lot of people were actually to believe me.  Then things might actually changed and that could be even more problematic than things to continue along the line or lines, that life is moving on or in at this time.  But for people to understand that last statement they would have to realize that in the energetic exchange of information, which is Multi-dimensionally to find throughout the entire universe symptomatic or limited or linear thinking is merely an extrapolation of the overall logical process, which is in fact anticipatory.  And for people to understand that they would have to be able to realize that not only is the universe infinite in every conceivable manner.  But that the entire universe as infinite as it is is completely remapped every single instance and it is completely destroying created every single instant and the process is actually so fast.  We don't even notice it's impossible to see it's impossible to measure.  Because our measurement of time is always in terms of Earth.  And yet that's not how the universe measures time.  Just like here on earth life will go between two points in a straight direction unless manipulated somehow where the mirrors or prisms.  But that's not how light behaves in the universe.  Because like does travel in a straight line but in the universe light is actually manipulated not by mirrors or prisms but is actually manipulated by electromagnetic and various types of gravitational fields.  So in reality it is not unheard of to see light traveling in such a way where it represents.  Perhaps a figure 8 or the shape of a pretzel.  Because that's really how certain Electromagnetic fields and various types of gravitational fields interact in the universe.

So to try and change humanity or to enlighten humanity pursuant to the benefits of problematic thinking about problematic logical perspective pursuant to being anticipatory and pervasive rather than reactionary and linear is a job that is beyond untenable.  Because humanity is not of the disposition collectively speaking, to be interested in being more pervasive in their logical view of themselves or their relationship to other humans or humanity to this world.  Just like most humans don't want to admit that most of the information that we get every single day is not physical.  That most of the information we get every day, we obtain outside of our physical five senses.  Which is true and there are tons of examples such as déjà vu.  Because déjà vu is an example of informational exchange and basically takes place without incurring or interacting with the five senses.  And that's just one example every single day every form of life on this planet experiences over 1000 different types of paranormal expression of one form or another.  Every form of life, whether it is a rock or water, any animal on the planet any plant.  Because most of the informational exchange that takes place in the universe is also not physical.  It is multidimensional in nature and that aspect is what makes a lot of the scientific theory today basically useless.  Because the scientific theory that's being focused on and developed today is quite earthbound.  Always from the human perspective, but humans are a subset of the total life process not the other way around.  So for humans to attempt to define the universe in terms of human intellectual understanding is to attempt to put the universe into a box when in reality, as I said, humans are a subset of the life in the universe.  The universe is not a subset of humanity.

So again trying to elucidate humanity about the necessity of developing more problematic perspectives with regard to how humanity relates to itself and to this world is as I said, a job that is basically untenable.  Which means in reality, the outcome of the argument pursuant to humanity's existence in the world is to a certain extent already decided.  Because of the simple cause-and-effect relationship that all aspects of everything has to itself.  And it's not is simply defined as a chain reaction that is a human concept of the process that actually takes place in the universe and so on Earth we see the process as being chain reaction oriented when in reality chain reaction or the chain reaction is only one small aspect of the interactive process that information is transferred and received and is expressed in the universe.  But again, that means that humanity has to expand their thinking beyond what they normally live in.  Because here on Earth, everything is defined in terms of money or other very temporal concepts.  When in fact, the universe doesn't even have any concept of time as we understand it here on Earth.  And whenever we attempt to apply what we understand here on Earth in terms of how we understand those things pursuant to the universe.  We always end up making a mistake.  Because the universe does not function in terms of how or very temporal and box oriented thinking.

So it doesn't matter whether anyone really believes what I'm saying or not.  The outcome for the most part of humanity's existence is to a great extent already predefined as a result of the choices we have already made cumulatively and culturally and anthropologically.  Those choices are what have brought humanity to the place where a lot of the groundwater is becoming infected with carcinogens and is radioactive as a result of the many different types of nuclear accidents that have taken place over the years including the nuclear accident in Tokyo.  We have carcinogens in our products we have allowed ourselves to become defined as medical consumers rather than human beings.  We are allowing the medical industry to maintain this position of being reactionary and symptomatic rather than to be anticipatory and holistic and problematic.  Because the medical industry can't make any money if it prevents people from getting sick.  Because our road is all about making money, the medical industry doesn't want to become really holistic because if they do then they don't make as much money as when they can maintain someone's illness.  Maintaining someone's illness or curing that illness ends up making industry.  Meaning the medical industry a lot of money.  Which is why the medical industry isn't really in favor of being problematic in their logical view of medicine.  Because they don't want to be anticipatory because of their anticipatory it means they will be holistic, which means they will work more on ways to prevent illness and put their money into that kind of medical treatment.  When in reality most of the money in the United States and around the world in the medical industry goes into treating illnesses treating diseases curing diseases not in preventing them.

And of course that's really easily seen with the various costs of medical care from one country to the next.  So the medical industry can go ahead and deny anything they want.  Just like the field of science and going ahead and deny anything they want.  But the reality is that the universe is the superset.  We are the subset.  And as long as we think we have all the knowledge we need in order to be able to tell the superset how it is allowed to exist we will not fully understand the nature of the superset.  Because that's what were doing.  We have a large body of scientists who say that the universe is not infinite.  Yet, if you press them they cannot give you the exact dimensions of the universe.  All they can do is give you the dimensions they have discovered or the size of the universe that they have discovered that they can't give you the actual size of the universe, because it is infinite, but they don't want to admit that it is infinite because if they admit that it is infinite they won't make as much money as if they claim that it is infinite, which means all of their projects and all of their scientific grants are then worth a lot more money because they can then convince everyone that we here on Earth is physical human beings actually have the right to define the universe and to tell the universe that it will not be allowed to exist outside of our realm of understanding.

And if that's not arrogant and egomaniacal and egocentric that I don't know what is.  But that is the kind of pervading logic that is here in this world.  At least right now, and it's like a sickness, because we don't even want to get close to the understanding that we have to have to achieve the greatest degree of survival is were not interested in that everybody's pretty much interested in their own survival.  How much can they get rather than the survival of the race.  One country fights with another one religion fights with another one political party fight with another.  One group of people fight with another every time we turn around were trying to kill each other as a result of all of the various differences that we perceive, which in fact have no relevancy beyond this world.  The relevancy of at the city for example doesn't exist in the universe.  The relevancy of religious dogmatic principles or superstitious thinking does not exist in the universe.  The so-called God particle has virtually no relevance whatsoever in the overall scheme of how the universe functions.  It only has relevancy pursuant to our understanding of how we believe the universe functions.  But the God particle is based upon the fact that science or a lot of scientists believe that the universe is not infinite.  And yet if you press science to give you the exact dimensions of the universe.  Science is not able to do that.  They can give you their best gas, but they can give you the exact dimensions of the universe.  And yet they are claiming that the universe has exact dimensions it's just that science can't give you what those dimensions are.  Which then raises the question as to whether science is in denial.  Meaning that the universe actually is infinite in every conceivable manner or perhaps science is right and that we humans are actually the superset of the entire universe and at the universe actually only exists as a result of our understanding.  So please say that the universe is not infinite the universe will snap to attention and old Bay what we want it to okay it will act the way we demand because we are human beings and we are the ones who decide how things are in the universe.  Just like we are the ones who decide what and who God is just like we are the ones who decide how life will be because we are humans and we are full of ourselves and we are full of our own egos and what we say goes and as the universe does not obey with what we want it to do.  Then we just won't pay any attention to that.

Which is one of the reasons why environmental issues in this world have gotten to the point where they are.  From just that kind of extremely selfish self-serving linear flat minded reactionary thinking.  Thinking in terms of what we can get from understanding something.  Not what we can learn.  And then even when we are thinking in terms of what we can learn we are always thinking in terms of what we are going to get from learning what we are learning and not realizing that one of the most powerful side effects of learning is realizing how little you actually know.

So the outcome of humanity is already fairly well defined.  Humans will for the most part, argue with themselves and scream and yell about money and humans will argue as to whether any kind of environmental changes are taking place.  And all the while humans are arguing about whether or not it is happening the changes are becoming more significant, and more relevant.  There have been more than enough indications over the last 30 years to show very clearly that electromagnetic fields in the world and throughout the world and throughout this section of space where Earth resides are in fact changing those fields are changing those fields are slowly degrading.  We could see evidences of this here on Earth, but we choose not to pay any attention to it and we choose to ignore it and to live in denial of it.

Which is one of the reasons cancer cases are spiking.  Which is one of the reasons why the medical industry is much more interested in being reactionary and symptomatic in their thinking rather than problematic because the medical industry is much more interested in the money they are getting then an actual understanding of the human condition.  Because if the medical industry were really interested in understanding the human condition they would realize that anticipatory or problematic logic is a much more pertinent logical view of the human body and medical issues than the symptomatic logic that is all too often used in the medical industry and which has produced an economic environment throughout the world, whereby humans are for the most part medical consumers.  As medicine realizes he of medicine actually engages in overall holistic thinking regarding the human body.  In other words, becomes more concerned with how to prevent illness rather than to cure illness.  As long as medicine puts more money into curing illnesses rather than into preventing them than us and will continue along the lines of attempting to make humans into medical consumers rather than empowering them so that they won't need medicine as much.  And of course that's the philosophy of planned obsolescence.  Medicine realizes that if they actually go in the direction of holistic thinking that medicine will basically be cutting its own throat, because medicine doesn't make a lot of money by preventing disease.  In his much as they make a huge amount of money trying to cure diseases and fix diseases, which is where pharmaceuticals come in every aspect of medicine throughout the world is set up on the basis of fixing medical problems rather than preventing them 10 times the amount of money goes into fixing medical issues as compared to preventing them.

And that same kind of thinking is exactly what science is involved with as well.  Which is why science does not want to admit to the multidimensionality of informational signal recognition.  But the fact is that just because scientists don't want to admit that something exists does not mean that thing does not exist.  It merely means that science is not paying attention to the potentiality of existence of that thing and that is all it means.  Which is no problem, because it's no skin off my nose.  If humanity wants to be that stupid, if humanity really wants to be that dumb and to ignore what's going on in this world.  Behaviorally environmentally and a host of other ways that simply humanity.  But as a result of that particular stand.  Humanity is now a great deal more conflicted went basically, legions of this planet all over in every single culture trying to kill each other.  Rather than trying to get along.  And yet instinctively we know that trying to get along is far more important we just don't want to pay attention to that kind of thinking, because we don't see any profit.  And it prophet money no problem, as I keep saying I hope girls out of their money because when the water levels begin to rise in the temperatures begin to increase all that money won't buy squat.

And this is very little to do with me because I will not be around when most of the effects of all of this will begin happening.  But my writing and the writing of other people will.  So it is all a huge big informational game and war.  Because that's what humans do best.  When they want to deny something they play a game.  When they want to deny something they basically misrepresent the facts in order to fit their own beliefs rather than to alter their beliefs in order to fit the facts.  Which is okay to a certain point.  And we are quickly coming to that point.  The physical environment on the planet is getting more strenuous more difficult for humans to survive in.  Lying has become almost an international pastime.  I aggression and conflict are so out of control that we almost don't even know how to talk to each other anymore.  And it's okay.  Because under those offices humanity and the chances that humanity will survive intact are extremely diminished the chances that humanity will in the pragmatic rather significantly.  Our increased, but nobody wants to worry about that because humanity is so arrogant that humanity thinks it has the right to define how the entire universe functions, when humanity is but a small aspect of the universe.  And everything in human logic clearly shows that it is inappropriate for the subset to define how the superset exists since a subset is a part of the superset.  That's logic.

But we turn that logic around whenever it's convenient, and we suddenly say no we are the subset of the universe but we actually know how the universe functions and we actually have the right to define how the universe exists in the universe will old Bay us even though we are a subset of the universe because we are humans.  Which means the universe exists at our discretion.  And if we choose the universe not to exist it won't and if we say the universe is not infinite.  It isn't even though it may be because the universe doesn't have a right to exist in any way outside of our realm of thinking.  Just like medicine doesn't give a damn about preventing disease because they spend hardly any of their money on preventing disease because most of their money is spent on fixing diseases.  And that's just economics, you can see that from looking at how much money is spent in various aspects of the medical industry on fixing diseases.  The pharmaceutical industry prosthetics back braces, operations prognosis diagnosis.  Most of what the medical industry does is knee-jerk symptomatic reactionary thinking fix what is wrong.  Rather than to prevent it from happening in the first place.  So consequently, most of what the medical industry spends its money on is fixing diseases rather than preventing them.

Just like science has become so arrogant that the scientists actually think they have the right to tell the universe that it will not exist in any way other than the way that the scientists are telling the universe to exist because the scientists are saying that even though we humans are the subset of the entire universe and the entire spectrum of life as the subset we are human beings, which means we have the right to define how the entire superset exists even though we are one small speck in that superset.  Which of course is highly illogical and extremely arrogant and extremely egotistical and egocentric.  Because the reality is the universe doesn't give a damn about all of our language and all of our explanations or anything like that because universe does not exist at our discretion in the universe does not exist within our frame of understanding.  But because we are so arrogant we decide that if something exists outside of our understanding we change the reality of what we are looking at in order to fit in with our understanding and therefore we then look like we are intelligent, because everything has been shaped to fit in with our understanding.  So we work as hard as we can to make sure that what we understand is provable and we bend troops and we lie about things and we change reality in order to fit in with our thinking, because we are human beings and the universe has to learn to put up and shut up and bow down to us and to adhere to how we think of the universe because we are never going to think in terms of universe things because we are the subset, but we are human beings, which means we have more rights over the entire superset of all existence than any other form of life in the entire universe.  Which is why humanity is at a very young species in which is why after only 14 million years, which is not really a very long time.  Humanity is on the verge of taking itself out.

That's where all of this linear symptomatic thinking has gotten humanity.  That linear symptomatic thinking has produced a medical industry that is much more interested in fixing diseases rather than in preventing them or entire industries have sprung up purely on the basis of fixing different diseases rather than in preventing them.  And when you look at the economics of the medical industry is very clear to see that there is a huge amount more money spent on fixing diseases than there are on preventing them.  Which is exactly provable because the members of Congress, a specially the Republican Party and the tea party are screaming and yelling about how much costs.  Medicare and Medicaid are costing this country and Medicare and Medicaid are not spending their money preventing illness or preventing disease, but fixing those diseases.  So if the medical industry tries to say that what I'm saying is not true they'll end up looking like a bunch of liars.  Because Congress is already saying that Medicare and Medicaid and entitlement programs are skyrocketing, which means that a lot of money that's being spent on fixing disease rather than preventing disease, which means I'm right that the medical industry is a bunch of filthy liars when they say that they are really trying to prevent illness because they are not spending anywhere near as much money on preventing illness as they are on fixing those illnesses and diseases.  Which is all provable economically.  It's just numbers ladies and gentlemen and numbers don't lie.  People do.

Science is the same way.  Science says to the entire universe go to hell we are human beings and we are scientists and you the universe even though you are the superset and we are the subset you will do what we tell you to deal you will exist the way we tell you to exist, you will be the size we say you are, you will act in every way.  The way we want you to act in the way, we believe, because we are humans and we are the ones who define you.  You don't define us.  Even though we are the subset.

Which not only is highly illogical, but extremely primitive and backward and extremely symptomatic and flat minded linear thinking.

And given that being the pervasive way that science these days thanks and the way that medicine thanks and politicians and most humans think in terms of symptomatic reactionary flat minded thinking, whereby if they see something they don't understand they change the reality of that thing to fit in with what they are thinking is rather than to expand their thinking.  Because humans don't want to expand their thinking and to actually grow and become more enlightened humans would much rather tell the entire universe to go to hell and that we humans will never accept anything that we cannot put into our boxes in our brains.  Because that's how we humans are, we want everything nice and neat little boxes.  We don't want to think about the fact that the universe could actually be infinite in every conceivable way because of it is that we can apply our laws to the universe that we can't make our grant money and we can't get published and we can't win all these really cool scientific awards and be looked upon like were really smart.  When in reality, the amount we know as human beings in a 14 million years we have been around all that knowledge could fit on the head of a pin compared to the amount of knowledge in the universe.  But we don't care, because where humans in the universe will bow down to us we will make the universe in our own image.  And that's what were doing.

No problem.  I'm 62 years old.  And that's how humanity wants to go forward with that kind of backward primitive superstitious oriented and magically thought oriented thinking.  No problem, because that's exactly what humans will do and going in that direction will mean that humanity will not do anywhere is near as well, as if they would turn away from symptomatic thinking and begin to become more anticipatory and pervasive in their logical understanding of themselves and each other and the world and the universe.  Because humans don't want to be pervasive and problematic and anticipatory and their understanding of themselves and the earth and the universe they would rather be symptomatic and make sure that the universe understands that we humans will never allow the universe to exist beyond what we cogently define symptomatically from point a to point B.  Because we don't ever want to admit the universe is actually infinite because of it is that we can't put it in that box and we can't get our grant money and we can't get our our wards and nobody or read our papers and we won't get famous and we won't have our egos stroked like were really smart.

And yet we were really smart.  We wouldn't be using symptomatic logic purely would see in the overall informational exchange that takes place in the universe that the symptomatic logical perspective or that type of energy is actually nothing more than an extrapolation of the overall equation of the universe, which is in fact anticipatory and problematic.  But were going to make the universe fit into our box, because we want that grant money and we want to be made famous and we want to be looked upon like were really smart.  Because it's all about competitiveness and getting that money one person being better than another.  It's not really about helping humanity to progress because if we were really interested in helping humanity to progress we would not have a medical industry.  It is so over concerned with fixing disease in fixing illness that it is turning people in the world and the medical consumers, you would have a lot more money in the medical industry going toward preventing disease and preventing illness, which is not what is happening.  And again we are talking about accounting ladies and gentlemen.  So of the medical industry tries to lie to this world saying that they are holistic and that they are in fact problematic in that they are in fact, anticipatory they will be looked upon like what they are filthy liars.  Because of what the medical industry claims is true that they are spending a lot of money on preventing illness.  Then why is it that every nation in the world is having problems paying for medical care.  Medical care that has nothing to do with preventing illness, but has everything to do with fixing illness.

I mean, the medical industry can lie all they want, but they can't lie their way out of those economic equations.  Because those are numbers.  And the numbers show very clearly that 10 times the money from the medical industry is being spent on fixing illness rather than preventing illness that the medical industry is behaving for the most part symptomatically and reactionary pursuant to medical care rather than problematically and in an anticipatory manner.  Just like science.

Flat minded antiquated backward primitive thinking.  Linear thinking.  Point a to B. reactionary thinking.  And as I said trying to get humanity away from that kind of stereotypical and flat minded thinking is truly untenable.  Because humanity is far more interested in money right now than they are in the survival of humanity.  Which is why it's going to be rather interesting to see the chagrin on humanity's phase.  When they finally pushed the environment of this planet to the point where they won't be able to fix anything at all.  What I call, the holy crap moment.  Because that's where we are headed.  But don't believe me.  Please don't.  Do the research yourself.  Remember, economics is nothing but numbers.  And numbers don't lie.  People do.

So science will continue to think that the universe has only certain limits and yet when you press them for what exactly those limits are science will not be able to give you an answer but science will turn around and look at you and call you stupid for thinking that the universe is infinite, because science doesn't want to think as universe being infinite, because that way, then science can't justify getting the money that it gets so it has to have results measurable results.  So science takes on the attitude of telling the superset of all life the universe to put up and shut up and get used to the fact that humanity will never allow the universe to exist in terms of how the universe actually exists.  But that the universe will in fact bow down and worship the scientific minds of humanity.  Because we are human beings and we are the ones who define how all life is and if life exists outside of our knowledge, what we do is we then change reality and we change the nature of the universe in order to fit our understanding.  Rather than to expand our thinking in terms of how the universe actually exists.

Which is why in reality the outcome of how decimated humanity will be over the next several generations is almost a certainty.  Because humanity is not going to turn away from being symptomatic and knee-jerk oriented and reactionary.  Because that's how humanity finds it easy just to exist.  And that will continue to a certain point.  Where the conflict becomes more and more pronounced people are trying to kill each other more and more conflict will get completely out of control and eventually it will reach a point where governments will begin to have a very hard time expressing themselves or even existing in relation to the violence going on in the world.  And of course when that happens the potentiality of fragmentation pursuant to any anthropological group or subgroup meaning countries and governments becomes even more significant.  Meaning that over time, governments will simply break down because they won't be able to deal with the level of conflict, ideologically sociologically anthropologically economically politically religiously and in every other way.  Because that's what's happened.  But we like to live in denial.  No problem.  Because it's not my problem.  I won't be around, when humanity finally gets the wake-up call that how they have acted in what they have done and how selfish they have made the human condition finally has to pay the price for their selfishness.  But it will happen all the signs are right there.  Just like the same signs that were there.  The very day that the Japanese nuclear accident happened.  And yet the minority of scientists of which I subscribe to our the only ones who actually saw the dangers of all of that contamination going on.  The rest of the world didn't see that danger and pretty much minimized the danger.  And yet here we are, years later, and everything that those minority of scientists actually said was going to happen including myself are actually taking place.  Which means we were not wrong.  We were correct.

Just like I'm correct WriteNow.  The information is not invisible.  I'm not looking at things that are invisible I'm looking at things that are extremely visible.  A great number of different events that have taken place over the last 30 years.  Over the last 40 years old last 150 years all sorts of different types of events, where at first glance there doesn't seem to be any synchronicity.  And yet with closer study, it becomes very clear that there is a tremendous amount of synchronicity.  That where we are right now makes perfect sense based on all the different things that have been taking place.  Because I'm not looking at that the details of all of these different events from the standpoint of being symptomatic and reactionary or in terms of what I can make from those how much money will I get.  I look at all those different events from the standpoint of the total argument.  The total equation meaning life on earth.

So humanity doesn't want to pay any attention to the problematic perspective, because there's no money in it.  Which is why humanity will not pay attention to the problematic perspective, because there's no money in doing so.  And humanity will continue thinking that their money is going to insulate them from whatever changes may in fact take place here in the world when in fact that's not true.  Cancer cases are skyrocketing, and if you look back at the scientists including myself.  Shortly after the nuclear accident that happened in Tokyo, which I have already explained in a Journal article on the right-hand side of this page in the section entitled.  My significant Journal articles.  And that one article that deals with what was going on in Tokyo at the time shows very clearly all of the elements were very visible to everybody we were all looking at the same thing.  I just was paying attention to details of those people didn't think were important.  But as a result of looking at those details the synchronicity of various events not only from that accident but before and after all of a sudden have a tremendous amount of relevancy to one another and to the entire argument or the entire equation.

So looking at where we are right now sociologically anthropologically culturally and economically politically and religiously and in every other way.  There are tons and tons of events taking place every single day.  And most of them seem to have only certain types of relevancy or certain types of synchronicity and yet when you actually look at the entire big picture you see that there is a great deal more synchronicity and relevancy to any of these events.  Then we might actually be seeing because we are looking at things from a symptomatic point of view and being reactionary are flat might in our thinking or linear in our thinking rather than looking at these things from anticipatory point of view or problematic point of view.  Whereby our thinking is more pervasive and expanded.

No problem is your future.  Not mine.  If humanity wants to go in that direction go for it.  Don't blame me when you find that the bottom falls out from all of your reasoning and all of your logical arguments and all of your money grabbing.  Don't blame me when things start happening in the future and that sea levels rise in the temperatures increase in your money won't buy squat.  Because I've been trying to warn you about that for the last 45 years.  But that's one of the interesting characteristics of humanity.  Their intelligence is only matched by the level of their arrogance.

And the backside of that particular equation.  Is that their arrogance is directly relatable to and proportionate to the level of overall cumulative stupidity that is inherent in the human condition as a result of human condition dedicating itself pursuant to and being synchronized with symptomatic thinking or reactionary thinking, which is also known as flat minded or linear thinking.  Thinking that fits into a box.  No problem, keep walking down that road.  That's fine, because the outcome or the potential of various outcomes pursuant to that line of delineation are far more synchronized with and in relation to symptomatic thinking reactionary thinking point a to point B.  But in the universe, that kind of energy when you look at the way the universe relates to itself and the various bodies of mass and so forth all throughout the universe symptomatic thinking or reactionary thinking or reactionary energy so to speak is actually an extrapolation of the anticipatory energy or the anticipatory point of view or problematic logic, which actually is the basis for the overall equation of the universe.  And the universe does not understand any of the words I'm even putting down now.  But the energetic process of what I am talking about is something that does in fact exist in space.  There is no direction.  We applied directions based on our logical understanding and our physical orientation pursuant to our physical bodies.  So we apply the limits or the box around our space pursuant to wherever we are existing at the moment, whereby we have directions inside that box.  But the universe has no direction.  We are the ones who applied the delineation of those directions.  Because the reality is that the distance between Jupiter and the earth has no meaning in terms of the universe that has every bit of meaning in terms of our understanding of the universe and our relative position to Saturn here on Earth.  So everything is going to be earthly bound even though Earth is a miniscule pinprick in the overall size of the scheme of things in the universe because the universe is infinite in every conceivable manner, but we choose not to see it that way so we tell the universe to go to hell and that it will fit inside of our box like it or not.

Good job.  Like I said keep walking down that road and eventually humanity will get to a point where humanity will suddenly wake up and realize it has been backing the wrong horse.  And by that time humanity won't have the opportunity to really fix anything at which point the outcomes regarding humanity's existence then become far more limiting than potentially symptomatic or yet it or symptomatically oriented just the way we have always lived our lives here in this world because we don't want to think in terms of being problematic or anticipatory.  We don't want to think about the fact that there is a kind of intuition in the overall equation of the universe.  And that equation that represents the entire universe is so huge that all of the understanding we have amassed in the 14 million years we have existed is but a pinprick as compared to the amount of intelligence and logic there is in the universe because it is so expensive and because it moves in every single conceivable way constantly.

No problem.  Like I said.  It's not my reality you are screwing up it's yours.  And that's why I take the time to write articles.  Just like this.  In the hopes that humanity will figure it out.  Humanity will see that it's making a really bad mistake by being so symptomatic and reactionary.  But as I said that particular argument is extremely untenable because anthropologically speaking throughout this entire world in every conceivable way, whether it's sociological economic political religious and doesn't matter.  Human thinking is for the most part, symptomatic knee jerk reaction to fix something rather than to prevent that thing from happening.  Because we only take on the problematic position of being anticipatory when it is going to benefit us in some way.  We don't want to take on that kind of thinking was we are going to get something from that type of thinking, which is why the medical industry is extremely reactionary, which is why the medical industry spends almost 10 times the amount of money they get on fixing things rather than preventing those things from coming about, which is why Medicare and Medicaid costs are soaring in the United States because those costs are present because of how much it's costing to fix things.  So if the medical industry were really interested in taking on problematic logic those costs would not be that high.  Because medical procedures and medical practices would change whereby the medical industry would be much more problematic in anticipatory and spend a lot more money on fixing things before they ever happened meaning preventing those things from coming about in the first place, which is not what medicine does.  Numbers don't lie, ladies and gentlemen.  People do.

An advanced the sum total of what we can do in the 14 million years we have been here in this world as a species as a sentient being.  Then we have not done a really good job.  Because our acceptance of and our expansion to problematic thinking or anticipatory thinking or pervasive logic is only done in terms of what we will get.  We only want to think in terms problematically or be anticipatory in our view of the world.  When we are going to get something for doing that.  When it benefits us.  We don't want to do it on its own merit.  Because humanity is no longer interested in education for the sake of education.  Humanity is now interested in education, in terms of how much money humanity can make from education.  Just like all the news articles over last several years about which degrees will make you more money.  Because that's what education is all about not learning.  When getting those degrees where you can get more money at which point education stopped being education, because it's no longer a dictation.  It's just memorization.  With us simply memorizing what we need to memorize in order to be able to regurgitate what we memorize in such a way so that we get those degrees that we want, which will give us more money and make us better livings and will have the money we want because we're not really interested in education in terms of education we are interested in education in terms of how much money we are going to get whether kind of job we want or the future we want whether retirement we want.  Just like science is not really interested in thinking in terms of the universe from the perspective of how the universe operates.  It is what science is demanding that universe put up and shut up and fit into the box and science puts it into.  Even though science here on Earth is a miniscule subset of the overall process the scientists here on Earth are so arrogant and self-serving and so egomaniacal that they actually believe they have the right to define how the universe exists when they cannot even put a physical limit on the universe yet they are claiming that the universe has a limit.

No problem.  Like I said.  It's not my reality you are screwing up.  It's going to be your reality, that gets screwed up.  Because I'm 62, and the likelihood of me living beyond 100 years old is nonexistent.  The likelihood of me, reaching 90 may not be very probable, but as a potentiality and the further I go down timeline from 90 the higher the probability is that I will reach that particular age.  So it's virtually certain that I'm going to reach age 63 extremely certain probably that I will reach age 64.85.  That's a question.  So given those terms of parameters pursuant to the physical existence of my physical life.  What I'm talking about here has nothing to do with me whatsoever because I won't be around.  Most of you will.

So consequently, there's no real reason for me to go into some of the potentialities that are actually going to take place or have a very strong probability of taking place in this world.  Because humanity is not going to listen to those things because humanity is not going to believe those things because humanity is much more interested in getting money and in thinking symptomatically than they are problematically.  Because humanity is much more just in being reactionary and they are anticipatory.  Which is of course why we have depleted most of the animal species in the world.  Which is why fracking has become so important.  Because people are much more just and getting money out of the earth rather than putting anything into the earth that might actually heal the planet.  Which is why we're having all sorts of problems would landmasses right now because were drilling holes in the earth like Swiss cheese and trying to take everything we can out of the earth and then of course we wonder why the Earth is developing cavities underground.  Even though we've been drilling into the earth like it worth Swiss cheese in creating all sorts of unusual and potentially abnormal spaces inside the planet because we been so interested in getting as much out of the planet as we possibly could not really giving a damn about the effects of all we were doing.  No problem.

People look at me and call me stupid and they will laugh at me.  No problem.  Laugh all you want.  Let's see who's laughing in another 30 years or another hundred years let's see who's laughing then.  Because it won't be you.  It won't be humanity, who is laughing at me at that time.  Because humanity won't be able to laugh at that time, because they will see that I am, but others like myself have been saying all along.  Actually is taking place.  What I call, the holy crap moment.

But it's all about making money and filling our egos up.  It's all about self-importance.  It's all about being better than the next person.  It's all about making sure you don't learn anything in college, that would actually give you education because all you want to learn in college is what you can use to get that degree and you only want to get only the degrees are going to make a lot of money because the rest of the degrees don't mean crap because you won't get a good job of those degrees so they are not really important in going after because all that education means crap.  Because the only education were interested in is the kind that will make us money and get us a better job.  Just like science is only concerned with that aspect of the universe that they can understand and that will get them more grant money and make them look more important and get them more awards and get them more famous because they're not really interested in understanding the universe in terms of the universe, which is why they define everything in the universe in terms of what we understand here on Earth and the universe will meet how we understand things or we just won't pay attention to it like we do with everything else.

And then we wonder why we have the problems we do in the world that's what's really surprising.  It's no surprise to me.  Believe it or not, and there are people who knew me at Fort Lewis college back in 1972 and I was saying back then exactly what I am saying right now the exact same thing.  I've been saying the same thing for the last 40 years.  But that's how thickheaded humanity really is.  That's how stupid we are becoming that's how reactionary we are becoming that is how discretionary we are about using or embracing or promoting or accepting or expanding our thinking to the problematic logical view or being anticipatory rather than reactionary.  Because there's no profit in being anticipatory.  Only marginally so.  And as a result, we marginally will intermittently except certain types of problematic thinking.  But we won't adopt problematic thinking, because there's no money in it.

I've said, go ahead and walk on down that road, if you want.  Because that road only leads to a certain number of choices of outcomes pursuant to the existence of our species.  And if you want to go ahead and think of humans in terms of existing in a box menu will continue down that road and you will continue being symptomatic and reactionary and flat minded in your thinking.  And when you are confronted with something outside of your thinking, you will simply change that thing to fit in with your thinking, because you will never change your thinking.  To accommodate something new that you are learning you always make sure that what you learn is based upon what you already know.  Which is not education at all.

But I'm just basically stupid and crazy.  Right?  I am just mentally ill and I'm a transgendered female and I'm a half breed Jew.  So, what I say doesn't mean crap, which is exactly why most people won't take what I'm saying here seriously most people will not use what I'm saying here to their advantage.  Just like humanity doesn't give a damn about being anticipatory and really preventing things from happening, unless it is beneficial to them in some way or another.  And if it's not that we don't embrace the problematic perspective.  Only when we get something in return do we feel comfortable doing so.  And yet that's not the way the universe operates.

That's not the way the total scheme of life operates.  But we are the ones who define everything and everything has to bow down to our explanations.  Wrong answer ladies and gentlemen.  We are the subset.  We do not have the cognizance or the ability or even the intellectual right to define for the superset how the superset will in fact exist because we are not the superset we are but one of these subsets one of the billions and billions of subsets of life in the universe and you don't find other lifeforms wander around space to finding the universe in its own terms.  Not if that life form wants to continue to progress and exist.  If we don't.  And that makes us peculiar.  It also provides a rather clear explanation of why in only 14 million units of time, which is practically infinitesimal on the scale of time, pursuant to the universe that what we humans have basically done is to become extremely successful at destroying our own species.  Because we are doing that economically and environmentally to some extent we're definitely doing it politically sociologically anthropologically as well and culturally.  All because of our addiction to symptomatic thinking.  Our addiction to being reactionary and linear and flat minded rather than to truly expand our thinking in terms of the overall type of inclusion that exists in the universe.  Because we demanded everything fit into our thinking and if it doesn't.  It doesn't exist.

Humanity will do what humanity does, what humanity has always done.  React.

I will write more about this later.  You can be assured of that.

Thank you very much for listening.