Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
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Friday, March 22, 2013

Universe ages 80M years; Big Bang gets clearer

Universe ages 80M years; Big Bang gets clearer

Okay ladies and gentlemen. What I'm doing now is only because I feel a little sorry for the scientists. Not only regarding this story, but regarding how science is actually looking at science. Before I go any further. It's important for people to understand regardless of anything. I do not hate scientists. I just find their tendency to want to put things into boxes, counterproductive to the entire concept of scientific discovery. Secondly, most of what I am about to describe or talk about comes from those five minutes when I was dead. Because during those five minutes. At one point, I saw every single piece of information that has ever existed ever. Every piece of information that existed at that singular moment in time. And every piece of information that would ever exist beyond any concept of time that we humans have. And most of the information had nothing to do with this planet.

It was almost 2 years, before I began to recognize what I have actually seen during those five minutes. And it wasn't until I got to Fort Lewis college in Durango Colorado and began studying the multidimensionality of informational signal recognition. Based upon various Newtonian metaphysics, theorems that I began to realize the significance of what actually took place during those five minutes.

This led me on a course of study, which included an association with BF Skinner. And JB Rhine. The most pertinent aspect were the conversations that I had with Dr. JB Rhine, regarding his thesis on the Tesseract. Because he is thesis on the Tesseract substantiated that the Tesseract, one constructed correctly, became mathematically. The image of a fourth dimensional square. At which point, Dr. JB Rhine then concluded through a series of mathematical calculations, that there were infinite dimensions.

From that series of communications. I then went back to Newtonian metaphysics and began to analyze the work of Wolfgang Pauli, regarding the neutrino. And I've been augmented my study, we as conversations as I said with Dr. BF Skinner. In addition to some of the advance work that was being done on the chaos theory. Because at that point the chaos theory had not been formally presented as a thesis.

Now, as I have said, all throughout my life and as people who knew me at Fort Lewis college might remember. One of the major abilities I have is to be able to analyze anything. That's my main ability. As far as arithmetic. I basically almost need a calculator to count change. But when it comes to analyzing anything. For whatever reason, I'm able to do so in my head. And if anyone thinks that has made me special they are making a huge mistake. Because that ability basically put me into one position after another where people were very interested in using my ability to analyze anything, oftentimes for their own purposes.

Had I not died for those five minutes in 1968. And had I not experienced what I did during those five minutes. Those things have haunted me my entire life. Because I've always wondered if I still would have had later in life, as I do now this uncanny ability to be able to analyze anything. But that is a point of digression.

So the first thing I want to say is that time is not what people think it is. Scientists including these illustrious scientists think in terms of time and is a semi-measurable distance between two different events. Whether those events are multidimensional or not doesn't really matter. But that is part of the mistake. Because time is a human created concept. And in point of fact, time did not become sophisticatedly indoctrinated into the human condition until the creation of the clock. And again, at the risk of potential digression, the creation of the clock is basically when humanity began to attempt to build a box around scientific discovery.

The mistake that many scientists make is presuming under any circumstances, that any concept that we might have here on Earth applies in the universe. Because that is not only illogical, but not true. To begin with, using logic alone. Humanity meaning we humans, meaning the human species, is a subset of animal life on Earth. Animal life on Earth is the larger of the two sets with humanity being the subset. And then the larger set again, is all forms of life on Earth. Which includes plant life and possible mineral life. So now on Earth, we have three different sets with humanity being a subset with animals or other animals being another subset. Plant life being another subset.

Logically proceeding, Earth is a subset of the solar system. The solar system is a subset of this quadrant of space. This quadrant of space is a subset of our galaxy the Milky Way. The Milky Way is a subset of the entire section of space that houses hundreds and hundreds of galaxies. The subset of space that houses hundreds and hundreds of galaxies is a subset of the larger area of space, which houses thousands and thousands of galaxies. And that is a subset of even a larger set of space, which houses even more. And so what continues.

That's just logic, ladies and gentlemen. Just logic.

According to the work of Wolfgang Pauli. The only time when neutrinos become physical, is when they in fact, strike one another. And the only way that to neutrinos can strike one another is when both neutrinos have the same density, which in fact includes the same speed of the sub particle's pursuant to the neutrino and neutrionic action. In addition to the same wavelength meaning the same wavelength being produced by the sub particle activity. Which in turn then produces the same exact density. Furthermore, we have learned that the collision of neutrinos or neutrionic action actually increases in areas of high density as compared to areas of low density, pursuant to various Electromagnetic fields.

So that means that neutrinos that are passing through Electromagnetic fields to have a very high density are neutrinos that are passing through Electromagnetic fields where with the density being higher. The particles are in fact moving slower, which means the potentiality of those sub particles colliding with each other becomes less because their movement is more restricted. And as a result those sub particles then are able to facilitate and the catalytic in providing for more neutrinos to collide with each other. Thereby increasing the neutrionic action within that Electromagnetic field.

By the same token neutrinos passing through Electromagnetic fields of low density are less likely to collide with each other because Electromagnetic fields that have low density the particles are moving much faster. The wavelength is longer, which of course produces a lower density. And with the particles moving faster than their potentiality of colliding with one another is greater. And as a result of that potentiality those sub particles are then less able to facilitate or be catalytic in any kind of collisions that neutrinos might have with themselves or neutrionic action. Therefore in Electromagnetic fields that have lower density the neutrionic action is lower.

It also needs to be understood that when a neutrino is traveling relatively slow that it actually has the speed almost 25 times the speed of light. And this is because neutrinos do not operate simply on the basis of electromagnetic field influence or sub particle gravitational or electromagnetic field states of flux or influence. Neutrinos actually also operate on the wavelength of various particles. So if they sub particle in the proximity of to neutrinos has a higher density. It actually very well might be moving slower than other particles within the field whereby that particle meaning that sub particle to facilitate in a neutrino collision or a neutrionic action.

So moving forward. When you think in terms of neutrionic action or the neutrinos throughout space, which are traveling at tremendous amounts of speed basically blowing away Einstein's theory of relativity pursuant to the speed of light. Because neutrinos actually can reach speeds in excess of 250 times the speed of light. And even greater. And everything I have said about the neutrino right now is simply based upon the human concept of time and space, pursuant to how time is calculated between the distance of two different events regardless of where or what those events are.

Because time and the universe does not respond or react in any way in terms of what we humans considered time to be. There are planetary bodies in space that actually move and almost the same speed. Even though they may be at great distances from each other. And yet are still influencing each other regardless of any electromagnetic field or gravitational field influence. Purely on the basis of the time differential between the density of the sub particles and the wavelength of the sub particles and the speed of the sub particles pursuant to any given sub particle as it relates to the wavelength of the superset of the sub particle is part of pursuant to its wavelength and time duration displacement. So under those circumstances, any electromagnetic field installation may have 100 different types of time differentials within that field. Which means that the time duration of any electromagnetic field and space may not in fact be the aggregate time differential which may in fact be visible or be able to be extrapolated by any kind of definition, pursuant to earthbound orientation or understanding of time.

There are Electromagnetic fields and space that have so many different time differentials within those Electromagnetic fields based on the time differentials of the sub particles within those fields and the sub particles of those sub particles and all the varying wavelengths and the accompanying density differentials that as a result the Electromagnetic fields may have 1000 different types of time differentials within that electromagnetic field. And that electromagnetic field may in fact be influencing and electromagnetic field. That is hundreds of thousands of light years away. Leon the basis of the time differential relationship within that electromagnetic field and the sub particles within that electromagnetic field as those time differentials in fact relate to surrounding Electromagnetic fields. And so forth. Because in space, time does not operate the same way as it does on Earth.

Because on Earth humans basically based most of their calculations regarding time on other aspects of and other understandings of the concept of time. But the universe never studied time, in terms of what we humans have studied time. Because in the universe. The length of one hour and the length of one second can be exactly equal. The concept of the Big Bang as large as scientists think it is is actually incredibly small. Because the concept of the Big Bang doesn't take into consideration that what Dr. JB Rhine actually was talking about with his thesis on the Tesseract was that there are infinite dimensions. Meaning that the concept of the Big Bang is being described pursuant to and in terms of concepts that can in one way or another be physically explained or related or extrapolated or extended.

But in reality, when you think of the foregoing, what you end up understanding is that as large as we think the Big Bang was it really was in terms of the universe itself incredibly miniscule. Meaning it was a very tiny and singular event. And it did not in fact determine the beginning of the universe.

There is every indication to believe with all of the scientific study that has been done over the last 5000 years, to indicate that the Big Bang was actually not what scientists have projected it to be. But that the Big Bang was actually an entire section of space. And that it did not compressed into a very tiny small mass. But that it actually ended up in a chain reaction that was completely incongruent with an inconsistent with the chain reactions of the various Electromagnetic fields and particles and sub particles of the surrounding space. So much so, that a collision between the two fields and the two aggregate densities took place to such an extent, whereby as a result. The concepts of time regarding both of the fields went in both directions at the same time. Meaning that there was compression and expansion almost equally between the two fields at exactly the same instant. Meaning, that the fields not only contracted incredibly within themselves. Meaning, they were actually being drawn toward each other at incredible speed, but at the same time they were being repelled by each other at exactly the same speed at the same instant.

So under those terms, the scenario then is suggested that the Big Bang was not a singular event. But in fact, was the culmination of a series of events that were taking place at exactly the same instant whereby an entire section of space in the universe was contracting and repelling at exactly the same instant with exactly the same velocity. And it happened at exactly the same instant, and it was not based on solely density. It was actually based on being timing differentials, pursuant to the various wavelength within the field and the sub particles and their accelerations within the field. And so forth, going downward because in each electromagnetic field. You have well over 1000 or more possibly even infinite variables of time differentials based on the various sub particle activity within that field. And pursuant to the chaos theory, within any given field. With regard to Dr. JB Rhine study of the Tesseract. The amount of time differentials within any electromagnetic field become almost infinite. Because the small you go, the larger things become.

So when the scientists are talking about the age of the universe. This is an example once again of science attempting to put the universe into a kind of nice neat little box. But the universe does not operate that way. In reality in the universe. There are lifeforms that are only visible in the third dimension meaning visible to the naked eye or any kind of physical extrapolation or study, only periodically. That there are lifeforms and entire galaxies and entire planetary bodies and souls are systems and so forth that are totally and completely nonphysical most of the time. At the only time when they become physical is when the time differentials within the Electromagnetic fields housing those galaxies and housing those planetary bodies actually changes in such a way whereby the speed of the particles and the wavelength in the density changes to such an extent, whereby portions of those planetary bodies. Meaning their existence or their presentation. Then for a section of what we might consider as time become physical. But time and the universe does not operate in terms of the clock.

Because time in the universe operates in terms of itself. One second is equal to one hour. One hour is equal to 1 billion years. One second is equal to infinite time. Because time does not have any meaning in the universe. Because time is relative strictly to itself and strictly to whatever changes may in fact be taking place in sub particle activity pursuant to wavelength extension or compression, pursuant to the sub particle activity. Not only to that sub particle but to the sub particles that are actually assisting that's sub particle. And so forth and so forth. So in any given electromagnetic field as I said, you can have infinite amounts of different types of time differentials whereby in any electromagnetic field. The Electromagnetic fields can in fact move from one quadrant of space to another in an instant and still be in the same place. It was. Even though it is now someplace else. Because of the multidimensionality of the universe.

So the pervading thinking regarding Newtonian metaphysics is that the Big Bang theory was really not what scientists are considering but in fact an entire section of space. Whereby in that section of space to aspects of Electromagnetic fields. In addition to, and possibly in conjunction with, various gravitational fields began to compressed into contract at exactly the same instant within themselves and to each other. Not solely based on density, but based more on the time differentials within those fields. Whereby the time differentials began to become so inconsistent within those fields whereby the field began to compressed and to expand at exactly the same instant with exactly the same force. Almost like two neutrinos striking each other.

And under those circumstances, in conjunction with Dr. JB Rhine. It then would suggest. And the key word is suggest. That the Big Bang was not what scientists currently are concluding. But in fact an entire section of space. That was probably 1000 times larger than the entire section of space that houses perhaps 1 million galaxies. Which in terms of space itself is incredibly small. Because you can take an entire section housing over 1 million galaxies. And here on Earth that seems like a very huge and gigantic section of space. But in terms of space. It's really a minuscule amount of space. Because that's how big space really is. And even though that is a huge section of space in terms of what we consider large here on Earth, while in terms of space it's really minuscule. The subsequent reaction, while looking like it is gigantic here on Earth in terms of space is again just as minuscule. Furthermore, the reaction is not solely based within three dimensions but in fact is representative of a multidimensional expression of contraction and expansion at the same instant. Not solely based on simply the density or the speed of the particles within that field. But in fact based upon all of the various time differentials of all of the different Electromagnetic fields within that field based on the sub particles and sub particle accelerations and the wavelengths and their time differentials in such a way whereby the time differentials become inconsistent or incongruent or noncontiguous to the point where by the field actually begins to contract and expand the same instant. And so the Big Bang is more about a series of Electromagnetic fields with all of those contractions and expansions going on inside them at the same instant. Whereby those fields themselves begin to experience the same thing, where they are beginning to contract or compress and to expand at the same instant. Whereby you're looking at an entire section of space, probably larger than 1 million galaxies that was compressing and expanding at exactly the same instant not based on density, but based on various time differentials within all of the different Electromagnetic fields in that particular section of space.

Which consequently then at the very least suggests that the so-called Big Bang theory may in fact have been nothing more than a black hole in space. Simply turning inside and out. That would be an earth oriented exclamation. And that's all it can be. Because none of this language exists in space. There is everything to suggest any given the key word is, suggests. That the universe is completely infinite meaning it goes on for ever. And that's only what we understand in terms of the third dimension regarding what we are able to physically study and see. But there are billions of dimensions. Which means in fact the entire universe actually could disappear in an instant and reappear in exactly the same instant. Which means in reality, what might actually be taking place in space is nothing more than a dimensional change. Whereby what we see physically and space suddenly disappears and is instantaneously replaced by another dimension. Almost like on a wheel that is rotating with one dimension after another after another after another. So that we are in fact not actually seeing the reality of the university given moment, because it's changing every single instant it's changing dimensions. There is everything to believe that is consistent with what we see here on Earth regarding sub particle accelerations and wavelength differentials pursuant to various sub particle interactions and accelerations.

So for scientist to say that they suddenly have a handle on the length or the time differential or the time distance of the universe pursuant to the Big Bang, theory. It is probably a mistake. Because again, we are talking about infinite dimensions. We're talking about infinite dimensions within any given electromagnetic field within any field surrounding any sub particle within that field. And additionally, we are talking about various gravitational fields pursuant to the density fields of any sub particle and its accelerations and it's wavelength within that Electromagnetic fields. And in addition, we're talking about the multidimensionality of that field in itself. Which means any given Electromagnetic fields may in fact be looking at in space may not be the same half a second later. It may appear to be the same. Only because dimensionally speaking in space. There's a great deal of similarity that we just aren't seeing.

Which then suggests that the universe is actually in existence for ever meaning is infinite. That almost like on a wheel the entire universe is completely remapped in exactly the same instant because an instant in space can equal one hour and 1 billion years and one second. All in exactly the same instant. Because time in the universe is not defined in terms of the human clock. Because time in the universe is based on time differentials would in any Electromagnetic fields pursuant to the time differentials of the various sub particles and the sub particles although some particles and the sub particles of those sub particles, all within that one of Electromagnetic fields. And that Electromagnetic fields of course is a subset of the larger electromagnetic field. And so forth. Which means one Electromagnetic fields in space could actually be looked at in terms of one area of space housing 10 million galaxies and that might actually be looked upon as being very minuscule in terms of space itself. And that one field with 10 million galaxies might have 100 billion Electromagnetic fields within that field holding 10 million galaxies. Which means the one field holding 10 million galaxies might actually develop an inconsistency or incongruent state within itself pursuant to time differentials of the millions and millions and millions of Electromagnetic fields within that one field itself. Whereby the electromagnetic field holding 10 million galaxies might actually interact with a subsequent other field holding another 10 million galaxies whereby at that moment the two fields might actually contract or compress and expand at exactly the same instant, which means they would disappear and reappear in exactly the same instant. Meaning that every single thing we see in the universe physically completely disappears in exactly the same instant. And then is completely reassembled in exactly the same instant. But again, more in terms of a wheel is spinning with different dimensions. So that we look at the galaxy. We look at the universe. We look at anything in space, and we see one thing and before we even notice it changing before any measurement on Earth can measure the change everything completely disappears and completely reappears. Because the dimensions are changing and they are changing back fast. Remember neutrinos travel. When traveling slow at 25 times the speed of light. And here on Earth, they have been clock at almost 250 times the speed of light and still that is considered slow in terms of the universe.

So the sciences in this particular reporter extremely proud of themselves because they now think they have some kind of aggregate measurement of when the so-called Big Bang event took place. But again remember the scientists are thinking in terms of Earth. They are thinking in terms of 13 billion years. Except the concept of a year does not exist in the universe. It is in fact, an earthbound measurement that came into being. Initially, with the invention of the clock. And from that one invention all sorts of theories and axiomatic thinking was born. With regard to time. Except, time doesn't behave that way in the universe. There are lifeforms in the universe that understand the variations of time differentials within any given electromagnetic field and the sub particles within that field to such an extent where they can in actuality, manipulate the wavelength or manipulate the speed of the particles within any given field whereby as a result. They can actually change dimensions whenever they want. Meaning, of course, that there very well may in fact be lifeforms here on Earth that we are not even aware of, because they have dimensionally redefined themselves in such a way so that their time differential pursuant to their expression or their manifestation is being done with a different time differential that exists in three dimensions or the three dimensions, which we humans live in. Which means they are invisible to us and yet existing right alongside of us and we don't even know they're there because they are in a completely different dimension as a result of their manipulation and their interaction with the time differentials within any given electromagnetic field where they are in fact existed, which means they could be right here on earth they could be right outside of the solar system they could be anywhere. Because that is how the universe operates. Everything is created and completely destroyed in exactly the same instant, because one instant in the universe equals one second and also equals 1 million years and 10 billion years, all in exactly the same instant because the universe does not operate in terms of the earthbound clock. Which means in reality that what you are looking at in the universe is you're looking at a complete state of flux regarding time differentials pursuant to any given electromagnetic field and the wavelength within that field and the sub particle accelerations and interactions within that field and so forth going downward because the further you go downward in size. The larger things get, the higher you go in size, the smaller things get and vice a versa both ways. Because their infinite dimensions.

Which is why some planetary bodies in space or some galaxies themselves, may actually be drawn closer together and actually move farther away at exactly the same instant even though they are millions of light years away from each other. Not on the basis of any gravitational or electromagnetic field interaction or possible changes within the field, but more on the basis of time differentials within those fields as those time differentials in fact relate to the time differentials going on from where that field is to wear the other field is whereby the distance as may appear physically to be very great. In fact may be hardly any distance at all.

Which means that as long as humans think in terms of boxes and the clock. They are never going to understand the nature of the universe. As long as humans continue to base things on the clock they will never understand the nature of the universe. You have to take the clock and throw it away. Because the clock doesn't exist in space. It exists here on Earth. So the one understand the universe stopped thinking in terms of Earth. Because Earth has no meaning in the universe. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions of planets just like Earth's most of which are not physically represented or displayable at any one given moment in earthbound oriented time as a result of multidimensional field change.

Which then again, suggest, with the key word being suggest. That the Big Bang theory was not what scientists are considering. But was in fact an entire section of space possibly comprising something as large as 100 billion galaxies. Whereby that area of space with 100 billion galaxies actually was interacting with another section of space holding another hundred billion galaxies, whereby even though the distance between those two areas of space with those hundred billions of galaxies might be off thousand light years apart in terms of time differential they may have actually been almost on top of each other whereby their compression and their expansion happened in such a very small amount of time that as a result of force of the compression actually equaled the force of the expansion within another section of time that was so incontestably small that the entire section of space of perhaps 200 billion galaxies suddenly disappeared and reappeared in one very colossal event, which in terms of the universe may have been no larger than a pin prick.

That is how the universe operates. So the time differential or the time duration pursuant to any possible Big Bang event. Probably is not 13 billion years. But may in fact be 200 billion years or 500 billion years or 1 billion years although 1 billion years doesn't seem very likely in terms of what we understand pursuant to time differentials as I've explained above. In reality, it seems more plausible, again using logic. That the so-called Big Bang event that scientists are conjecturing pursuant to potentially 13 billion years may in fact have really taken place two or 300 billion years ago and that all we're doing is seeing only the physical aspect of the exchange. But not actually the exchange itself. Because of the multidimensional aspects of how particles and fields are in fact changing every single instant.

If you want to think in terms of the universe you have to take every single thing you ever learned and throw it out the window. Then you have to take the concept of the clock and throw it into the trash. Because as long as humans based any calculation in terms of the clock. In any way, they will never understand the activity going on in the universe. That's part of the problem. And it really is the inherent in the human condition, at least at this stage of human understanding. As to whether humans will have enough time, again, pursuant to the clock here on Earth, in order to advance and to expand their thinking enough whereby they will actually be able to understand the nature of the universe or at least part of the nature of the universe is uncertain. Because humanity has become so conflicted within itself ideologically and philosophically and sociologically and anthropologically in every way that all of those inconsistencies and all of those conflicts are actually working in conjunction with the planet over to itself going through dramatic planetary changes or environmental changes. Whereby those changes literally present the potentiality of human's literally mutating themselves out of existence. Because the survivability of humanity depends at least as humanity as we know it, on humanity having air to breathe and food to eat. But food is changing areas changing humanity is physically becoming more and more sick with various illnesses as a result of what we have done to ourselves and what we are doing to this planet in conjunction with what the planet is going through itself. Meaning that in the space of a number of generations however nonspecific or specific perhaps anywhere from five generations to 10 generations to perhaps 100 generations humanity might actually get to a point through natural selection whereby humanity will have to find other ways to take in oxygen or to be able to live on earth. Because the reality is that the Earth is losing its ability to oxygenate the planet pursuant to the number of lifeforms living on its surface.

So either humanity will expand its thinking and throw away the clock or humanity will never understand the nature of how the universe actually operates. Because reality in the universe does not depend on what we define reality to be. We are a subset. We are not the superset. And the only way that any subset of any larger superset can actually affect the superset is give conditions within the subset become so pervasive or systemic whereby those conditions actually affect other subsets. And so forth to the extent where the conditions of one's subset, which may in fact become systemic then becomes systemic and other subsets. And so forth throughout the entire superset whereby the systemic qualities of one's subset actually could then affect or become systemic in the superset. But there is no indication under any circumstances of that happening in the universe. Not unless you look at specific events. For example like a black hole or a pulsar or a nebula. Under those circumstances, you are looking at qualities of a subset becoming so systemic that it actually is affecting the set of what it is a part of and so forth to such an extent, whereby to Electromagnetic fields which may be billions and billions of light years apart are actually right next to each other pursuant to time differentials of the two fields. Whereby as a result of their proximity pursuant to time differentials. Those two fields begin to compress into expanded exactly the same instant. So that all we might actually physically see is not what is actually happening. Because again three dimensions. There are billions of dimensions and if we're only going to focus on three then we are never going to see the entire universe. It's impossible. The universe does not exist in terms of three dimensions. Three dimensions is a subset of the dimensionality of the universe. The universe is not a subset of the three dimensions. The universe does not operate in terms of the human clock. For humanity to think that the universe does is not only sanctimonious and egocentric it is extremely arrogant. Because the universe doesn't operate in terms of the clock. We are the ones here on Earth who invented the clock. We are the ones who define how the universe pays in terms of our earthly experience based on the clock. But that's not how the universe exists. There are billions and billions of dimensions infinite dimensions. All interchanging and all changing every single second. And those dimensions are changing so fast that we do not even see this change or those changes taking place here on Earth. And sections of the entire universe, which may in fact appear to be physically billions and billions and billions of light-years distant from each other may in fact be exactly next to each other pursuant to the time differentials between the two aspects of the universe in which case we may in fact be witnessing right this very second. On another Big Bang reaction happening in the very section of space where we are in right now. Which in terms of our human clock may take billions of years to be physically visible. And yet in terms of the universe is already completed.

Throw away the clock. The only value that the clock has is in terms of our physical biology. And in terms of our physical ability at this moment in time in human expression and existence of being able to extrapolate and to extend mathematically equations and our understanding of sub particle interactions and sub particle accelerations pursuant to wavelength and the speed of the sub particles within the wavelength as those aspects actually extend and expand and extrapolate & and relate to various density changes within any given field here on Earth. The clock. The clock gives us measurable time, pursuant to the change of events within our own bodies, pursuant to the change of events within our daily lives whereby we then are able to achieve a degree of what rhythm within our own bodies are still in two. The rhythm of our individual lives, with regard to the duration of our individual physical life. Here on earth. But there are billions of dimensions. Which means, here we are on Earth. And we have no idea of the potentiality that there very well may be billions of other lifeforms wandering around this planet right now that we do not even see. And billions of different times taking place on this planet that we don't even see. All based on time differentials pursuant to how the universe in fact relates to the distance between any two events within the universe pursuant to sub particle activities or Electromagnetic fields gravitational fields it doesn't matter. Because there is no size in the universe. A section of space holding 100 billion galaxies in terms of the universe is so small that it fits on the head of a pin. The Earth is so tiny that it's smaller than the smallest sub particle in the entire universe by comparison to the size of the universe itself. Because the universe itself is infinite.

And we know it's infinite because no scientist on earth in human history has ever been able to define what is beyond the universe. No human scientist in the history of the world has ever been able to say that the known universe is actually a subset of something larger. Because every time they've tried to do that the question comes back that if the universe is in fact, a subset of something larger than what is the superset that houses the universe? And if there is something larger than the known universe that actually houses the universe that means that whatever is larger than the universe that is housing the universe. Also must be housing something else. And science can explain that either.

Logic ladies and gentlemen. That's all this is. Logic. The universe operates on a kind of logic and a series of equations or an equation that is so complex that every single equation that humans have created in the entire history of humanity here on Earth represent perhaps a pin prick. Next to the size or the complexity of the overall equation taking place in the universe itself that manifests the multidimensionality of the universe pursuant to time differentials whereby everything I have said above. Actually can in fact take place.

Like I said before. Scientists here on earth think they are really smart. When they really are not that smart at all. Because I challenge any of the scientists in this world to go and had and measure the neutrionic variations within high density areas of the planet. As compared to low density areas of the planet and therefore as a result of that to be able to measure the variances between those two various densities of the planet and how those variations actually relate to electromagnetic field changes within the planet. Meaning underneath the earth crust as compared to the Electromagnetic fields that run along the surface of the planet. As compared to the fields that surround the plot. Science can't do that. They don't have the equipment to do that. The best that scientists can do at this point is to track the speed of certain neutrinos at only certain times. They can't measure the difference between neutrionic action or the number of neutrino explosions within any given high density area of the planet as compared to the low density area the planet and then to compare the variances between those two areas of the planet as they relate to variations throughout the planet and various Electromagnetic fields on the planet inside the planet and around the planet. Science doesn't have the equipment to do that science doesn't have the intelligence to do that science doesn't have the science to do that and as a result sciences relating to and basing their calculations on the clock, which in fact has no application in terms of the way that fields interact and particles interact in space in terms of the existence of the universe itself.

And tell scientists are willing to put up and shut up and stop acting like a bunch of sanctimonious egomaniacs and basing their calculations on the clock they will learn nothing. They will learn nothing about the universe their calculations won't mean anything because they are basing their calculations on the clock and they are not basing them on the nature of the universe itself and they are not standing there concept of time and space and dimensionality. With regard to how the universe actually relates to itself pursuant to the existence of the fact that the universe is unending it is infinite.

So go ahead. Impress yourselves. Because that's what this news article is trying to do. It's scientists trying to impress themselves and impress everyone with what they think they know. Yet they can't answer any of the questions I've just put inside this article. They don't have the science to do so they don't have the equipment to do so they don't have the knowledge to do so and they are so trapped and locked into the clock that they will never be able to understand what I'm talking about. And what I'm talking about is only a fraction of what I saw during those five minutes when I was dead.

So go ahead and think whatever you want. Because no matter what science comes up with right now, what they know is infinitesimal. As compared to the actual existence of the universe and how the universe relates to itself and how the universe actually relates to this very miniscule pin prick of existence that we call Earth.