Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Reality Game

People for it was basically stupid and crazy when I said that the radiation from the Japanese earthquake where the nuclear plant was leaking would eventually reach the United States.  But it did.

People thought I was stupid and crazy when I said that the radiation from that nuclear plant was actually going to affect the groundwater not only in Asia.  But eventually throughout the entire world.  And it's happening.

People thought I was basically stupid and crazy when I said that the amount of cancer would begin to increase dramatically as a result of radiation contamination from the various nuclear accidents we have had and how that radiation has gone into the water tables and into the food chain.  But it's happening.

People think I'm basically stupid and crazy when I say that most of the products we make these days.  Meaning most of the products we manufacture and a lot of the food was put on our tables is contaminated with various carcinogens.  But it's been reported in the news that's exactly what is taking place.

So obviously people think I'm stupid and crazy when I say that this summer based on all the information that has been presented so far that sunlight is going to be a lot more dangerous than it has been in the past.  And that cases of melanoma are going to begin to escalate rather dramatically.

It's easy to call me stupid and crazy until what I say actually happens.  Then people usually becomes very indignant and insulting because they can't really wrap their minds around the fact that I actually know what I'm talking about.  No problem.

I have protected my home, from what is going to happen and what is taking place.  People think I'm stupid and crazy for doing so.  I wonder how many people will be saying I'm stupid and crazy this summer.  How many people are going to laugh at me then?  How many people are going to call me stupid and crazy when the level of melanoma begins to soar or to increase dramatically by the end of the summer?  How many people are going to think I'm stupid and crazy when I am explaining that sunlight is going to begin to become much more dangerous, especially during the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere.  And in the winter months, in the Northern Hemisphere when it is actually summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

When the Earth's axis tilts more directly toward the sun that sunlight is going to be a lot more dangerous than it has been before.  And I'm not talking about ozone.  As I said before people who have a real brains are going to make sure they don't go out without wearing a hat.  And they're not given go out in short sleeve shirts.  Because sunlight is going to get a lot more lethal.  Not because of what we have done in as much as what has been taking place on earth.  The natural process of the earth getting older and going through climate change or a change in the environment.

Another change is going on in this world.  Only 40% of that changes due to what we humans have done.  That's the best estimates of the scientists in this world.  So if anyone wants to shoot off their mouth how they think I'm stupid and crazy than they need to ask themselves why we humans gave all those scientists all those awards when they were saying other things would as soon as they start talking about the environment we say that their stupid and crazy.  If we are saying they are stupid and crazy now.  Then why did we humans give all those scientists all those grants and all those awards?

You can't have it both ways.  Either humanity will put up and shut up and stop screaming and yelling and fighting over the filthy dirty money that humans have put so much of value on or humanity will find that a lot of humans are going to get a lot sicker with a lot of humans dying of various forms of cancer, while the Republican Party screams and yells about how they want their money and they don't give a damn about cancer patients, unless they get something from it.

The time for me to pretending is over.  I've tried for years.  Meaning ever since 1972 to warn people about what was taking place in this world.  But most people just thought it was much more fun to call me stupid and crazy.  I wonder exactly how many people are going to be laughing by next September.

I have dealt with in suffered with mental illnesses that was four years old.  But I'm not crazy.  And I'm certainly not stupid.  Because everything I said was going to happen has in fact taken place and it's all documented in this Journal.  Within one week after the nuclear accident in Japan I warned that the groundwater throughout the world would in fact be affected.  And it has.  Which means I was right.  And I know that really makes people very angry because they hate the fact that I actually know what I'm talking about they would rather murder their own children than ever admit I or someone like myself might actually know what we are talking about.

No problem.

Will see like I said, how many people are laughing by the end of summer.  Meaning sometime around September.  We'll see how many people are laughing then.  If humans are smart they will start realizing that the sun is no longer going to be very friendly.  And neither is our weather.  The products we are making has a lot of carcinogens in those products just like a lot of the food we are producing has the same thing.  Various types of low-level radiation.  And that radiation is affecting people and people are getting sick.  Unless the Republican Party and all of their stupid asinine Asshole arrogance has another answer for why cancer is escalating.  And the Republicans aren't that smart, because all they really care about is getting their money.  They don't care about cancer, because they don't really want to give any money to treat cancer.  That's just by their own published actions.  And if the Republicans don't want to be seen like a bunch of filthy stupid selfish Asshole spoiled brats.  Then maybe they need to change their behavior.

The Republican Party used to be called the grand old party.  That's what I was on my grandfather ran the Republican Party for all Northern Ohio during the 1920s. (as if fully documented and "proved" in my biographical profile, and the public documents of my grandfather on file at the Western Reserve Historical Society of Cleveland, Ohio).  But you don't hear any of the stupid selfish Asshole bastards the spoiled brats of the Republican Party today.  Saying thank you.  You don't ever hear them.  Saying thank you to the millions and millions of Americans of every nationality who died protecting the Republican Party and protecting this nation.  All you hear the Republican Party doing is screaming and yelling about how they want their money.  Because they don't care about anything else.

And what's really funny is that these Republicans claim to be good Christians when they are in fact attacking and taking away as many services and has many forms of assistance from the very people that their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified protecting.  The poor.

So these filthy lying Asshole so the Republican Party and the Asshole but tea party can say anything they want about being good Christians.  But their actions make them liars.  Because their own Bible says that which you do to the least of me will be done to you.  That's what their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ told them.  So the Asshole but tea party and the Asshole the Republican Party don't give a damn about what Jesus Christ is going to do to them for how they are basically violating and destroying the poor.  When their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died defending the poor.  Then that's their choice.  God will judge them for what they have done.  And they won't be able to lie to God the matter what they think.

Just like everyone wants to call me stupid and crazy because I am protecting my home from the environmental changes that are going to be taking place and that are already taking place.  Because like I said most people are so selfish and so insulting and so absolutely full of themselves that they would rather murder their own children than to ever believe that someone like me could actually know what we are talking about.  So my message is no problem.  Laugh now.  Have a real good laugh at people like me now go ahead and laugh.  Then we'll see who's laughing at the end of summer.  We'll see who's laughing when cancer cases begin to increase dramatically.  Early in the fall.  And when that happens, then you realize that here I am in March of 2013 telling you it is going to happen.  And you will still never believe what I'm saying because you don't really give a damn because everybody has to be better than anyone else.

I don't.  I never tried to be better than anyone other than myself.  And I have always maintained that I am the lowest form of life God ever spit out on this rock.  And that's true I'm the lowest form of life God ever created.  But for any of the stupid filthy liars of the Catholic or Christian religions to dares say that God hates me is a filthy ugly blasphemous lie.  He is God had the opportunity to make sure I wasn't born when my mother gave her life to make sure I was.  And God has had 62 years to take me out.  And God hasn't done that.  So of God hates me, I dare that Catholics and the Christians to prove that.  Especially when their Lord and Savior was a Jew.

And if you think I am spewing hatred that you don't know me at all.  This isn't hatred ladies and gentlemen this is tough love.  I love humanity and I want humanity to survive.  But I do nothing but go easy.  Then you'll learn nothing.  The time for being easy is over.  Humanity will either put up and shut up and start showing a desire to actually survive as a species on this planet are most humans are in and getting very sick with a lot of humans dying and nothing but the filthy spoil Asshole brats of the Republican Party and the tea party can say will ever change that.  The Asshole selfish spoiled brats like Ryan and the other tea party selfish spoiled brats the filthy liars they are destroy the Republican Party.  They took three party from being a grand old party and made the Republican Party and will bunch of selfish self-serving filthy lying Asshole spoiled brats.  People claim to be Christian when they don't have the guts to put up and shut up and follow what their Lord and Savior was crucified for.  And like I said, I dare any of the stupid Asshole bastards of the tea party are the Republican Party to come onto my porch and did call me on national TV so that the whole world could see them doing it call me a dirty Jew.  When it was a Jewish American, my grandfather who ran the Republican Party long before Ryan the stupid Asshole white supremacist bastard he is ever became a Republican.  But you don't hear Ryan.  Saying thank you to any of the Jews.  You don't hear Ryan.  Saying thank you to any of the millions of Americans of every nationality who died protecting the Republican Party.  And I wonder how many friends Ryan and his mother and father have who are Japanese-Americans or Hispanic Americans or Native Americans or Jewish Americans.  I wonder how many friends they actually have of those types.  Want to bet they don't have hardly any if any at all?

The time for playing stupid games as overlays and gentlemen.  The storms are getting bigger storms are getting more serious and sunlight isn't going to be very friendly during the summer.  It's actually going to be a lot more dangerous.  And you can either believe me or you can laugh at me and call me stupid.  Just the way most of the world dead when I said, what was going to happen with the nuclear accident in Japan.  No one wanted to believe me.  But guess what, what I said is taking place.  Which means I was right all along.  And I know you've filthy rich Asshole's in this world just can't stand that.  Because you cling to your money, you hold on to your money like you're just so much better than everyone else when you are not.

The people of this world need to understand I came from money.  I came from a family of millionaires.  And I turned my back on that filthy ugly greed.  My mother and father were all about lighting and moneygrubbing.  And I didn't think that was any way for humans to act.  So I left.  And ever since then the wealthy have hated me because I won't cower under their filthy ugly dirty Asshole money.  They own these companies and they expect the poor to go ahead and buy their crap.  But they don't want to give the poor any jobs and they don't want to give the poor a living wage they want to take everything they can away from the poor and until the poor to put up and shut up and buy their crap give them more money after they take as much money away from the poor as possible.

That's how ugly the wealthy have become just like Donald Trump the racist Asshole bastard he really is behaving like.

The humanity of dirt is any inside the Republican Party hardly exists anymore.  And it's the humanity that God created.  But choices of the Republican Party are making they made on their own.  And they can't blame anyone for their ugly Asshole behavior.  So they want to go ahead and put a bunch of selfish roofless white supremacist Asshole bastards who are anti-somatic and anti-American.  And who are dedicated to destroying the United States because they want the United States to become the Christian states of America and that's what they really want.  No problem, but don't lie about it had the guts to be honest with your hatred.  Because I don't hate any human being, I don't hate anything God made.  But God didn't make Ryan act like a selfish white supremacist Asshole bastard who claims to be a good Christian when he is actually trying to attack and to destroy the varied types of people he is Lord and Savior Jesus Christ protecting.  Because everything Ryan does is to take money away from the poor to give to the wealthy and to the white Christians.  Because that's what Ryan is the filthy white supremacist selfish spoiled brat.  Just like tea party spoiled racist brats.  And that's what you want in this country no problem.  Because our burn in hell before I ever associate with that kind of ugly asinine anti-God and highlights behavior.  And I ain't going to hell.  I died already.  And nothing that Ryan or any of the other Asshole's from the tea party or anyone else can say will ever change that.  Because I did died and nobody can take that away from me because that's between me and God.

Ryan and his Asshole friends might take away my money and take away my home they might even kill me that he'll never touch my soul, because they don't own my soul.  My soul belongs to God not Asshole slight Ryan and that stupid selfish spoiled brats of the tea party, the Republican Party.  Grand old party my ass!

Wise up people the environment is changing humanity will either change and adapt with the environment and stop putting carcinogens into the products they sell and realized that the water table and the food tables becoming affected.  Or humanity will find a lot more people getting cancer and dying would Asshole slight Ryan taking as much money as they can away from anyone being able to get medical care.  Because Ryan doesn't give a damn about anything because he believed in eugenics.  Only he doesn't have the guts and he's not mature enough he's a spoiled little brat who doesn't have the guts to come forward and say that he supports mass murder to just lie about it and smile in your face while these destroying you and your family.  And if you want to put your faith in that kind of filthy liar.  That's your choice don't expect me to follow, because I won't I don't tolerate liars in my home and I don't tolerate liars in my life.  And I certainly don't stand near liars, because I know of all the things that the Almighty hates most are liars deceivers false prophets.

So run after your money go ahead and grab your money.  See how much your money is worth when the sea levels begin to rise in the temperatures increase.  See how much money your money is worth.  When things start falling apart.  Because the wealthy don't give a damn about the poor babe shown that as they don't do a damn thing to help anyone unless it serves their selfish purposes unless they get their pound of flesh.  So when people that nice wonderful new stories on the air.  A lot of times they're doing it for recognition for notoriety, because they're getting their pound of flesh because they won't do anything unseen they want to be seen for doing it they want their pound of flesh they want their notoriety.  Because nobody believes and charity anymore real charities to do it without any hope or agenda without in the recognition.

So go ahead and laugh at me and call me stupid.  Please do let see who's laughing next September.

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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)


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