Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Double Headed Coin

What I'm about to say is probably going to make some people rather uncomfortable.  But it needs to be said.
As I have previously explained, growing up in the Maschke household was anything but normal.  As I said, in one of my earlier journal entries.  My mother and father basically based their relationship and how they related to us, their children, by lying.  That was given.  Everyone lied all the time.  Except that I was required to always tell the truth.  Even though my mother and father based their entire relationship.  And the household on lying.
Needless to say there were a great deal of arguments between my mother and father really bad arguments.  So by age 8 with the difference between my mother and father and being at home with them.  As compared to being with my grandmother aunt Helen was extremely stark.  Because my grandmother based everything on always telling the truth.  No matter what.  She always told the truth.
So when I lash out at the Republican Party there is a very significant reason why.
(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)
I've known the kind of monsters that the tea party as holes are.  I've known the kind of arrogant spoiled brats that Congressman Ryan is.  I've known those kind of ugly people all my life.  My father was never the Republican that my grandfather was.  My grandfather from every single person I met throughout this entire nation.  And I mean, I met people who knew my grandfather.  Personally, who lived as far away as California.  Every single person who knew my grandfather said the same thing.
He was the most honest man they ever knew.
And of course that made a lot of sense, as I thought back to finding it much more favorable to be with my grandmother and aunt Helen then I did with my mother and father.  My mother and father were very much like the Asshole's of the tea party and very much like the spoiled brat Asshole Congressman Ryan.  They were arrogant.  They were selfish, they were self-serving they were mean-spirited they were racist.  And they were extremely dishonest.  They didn't give a damn about politics.  They didn't give a damn about the Republican Party, other than what they could get from the Republican Party.  Just like the Asshole the tea party.  Just like the Asshole Congressman Ryan.  I've seen his kind of ugliness all my life.
But when I was around my grandmother because of her honesty.  And because every single person that I met in every state that I traveled to throughout my entire life.  And in actuality, I have been in all 50 states of this nation at one time or another.  And I have met people throughout my entire 62 years from every single state in this country, who knew my grandfather.  And the one thing they always said every single person I ever met said exactly the same thing.
It was the most honest man they had ever known.
(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)
My father was actually so ugly that the way he treated my grandmother a lot of times was despicable.  Never really treating her with any kind of real respect.  Always barking orders at her telling her what to do.  And hardly ever asking her opinion.  Never really showing any kind of real respect for my grandfather other than what he could use.  My father was all about being able to use my grandfather's political Islam in order to get what he wanted meaning.  My father would always use my grandfather's political career.  So that he my father, could get whatever he wanted.
Just like the Asshole's and the tea party.  Just like the Asshole Congressman Ryan was nothing but a filthy racist and who has no respect whatsoever for the grand old party.  And that is exactly what the Republican Party really used to be.  It used to be the grand old party.  It used to be a party of honesty.  It used to be the party of bridging the gap between the upper class and the lower classes.  That's really what the Republican Party used to be.  But it's not what it is now.
Growing up with my mother and father I had to learn very quickly, whether I liked it or not, how to separate behavior from the individual.  Because if I did not do that.  I would have hated my father.  In reality, I hated his racism.  I hated his lying.  I hated his corruption I hated his disregard for the law.  I hated how he used to money to get whatever he wanted.  There are a lot of things about my father I hated that I did not hate my father.  And the only reason I didn't was because I learned very early in my life how to separate behavior from the individual.  That was the only way I survived.
The story of my grandmother and my grandfather is absolutely a row at.  It's the stuff that you read in romantic novels.  Because by all accounts, and this is not me talking ladies and gentlemen, this is all of the thousands of people I've met and 62 years, who knew my grandfather personally.  This is all of them talking.  So if any of the Asshole's from the tea party, what a filthy racist spoiled brat Asshole Congressman Ryan wants to shoot off their mouth.  My advice to them is for them to shut up.  Because the thousands of people I've met all over this country also said that no matter what the matter where or when and the matter what party anyone was from.  If they were in trouble and they needed help.  They could walk right into my grandfather's office and he would do whatever it took to give them assistance.
(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)
People from Idaho told me that.  People from North Dakota and South Dakota and California and Arizona and Louisiana and Mississippi and Texas and Colorado.  Everywhere I went people told me the same thing about my grandfather.  That he was honest, and he was a good man he believed in the grand old party.  He believed in this nation.  He believed in the sanctity of the two-party system.  He believed that we as a nation the matter what would be honest enough with each other and honest enough with ourselves.  To celebrate our differences for the sake of the Union.
My father as I said was nothing like that at all.  He was a gangster.  There's no other way to say it.  And I suppose the only reason why my father did not end up going to prison was because of his political connections or the money he would pay out in bribes.  And I don't have any documentation on that at all.  There's no point in going after me I was never part of that.  I refused to be part of that.  That's one of the reasons I got the hell out of the house when I was 16.  I couldn't stand being around all of the lying and all of the bribery and all of the filthy drinking and all of the ugly fighting that went on almost every single week.  I got fed up.
And the people I'm talking about throughout this nation who said all those wonderful or rather amazing things about my grandfather were people from every single walk of life in this country.  They were white Christians.  They were fundamentalist Christians.  They were Catholics.  They were Jews.  They were black Americans.  They were Muslims.  They were people from every single walk of life in this country and they all said the same thing.
So you tell me.  Do you really want to put your money on a filthy racist and spoiled brat Asshole but tea party and the spoiled brat Asshole mentality of Congressman Ryan.  Because those monsters have basically destroyed the grand old party.  They have destroyed the Republican Party would their selfishness would their arrogance with their hatred and their racism.  The Republican Party used to be the grand old party, but it's not that anymore.  The tea party castles have seen to that.  And so has Congressman Ryan because he is an arrogant selfish racist spoiled brat.  He's an anti-Semitic Jew hater.
(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)
I attacked the Republican Party, because I love the Republican Party.  Growing up and traveling all over this country as an adolescent.  And then as a young adult.  It was impossible for me not to be impressed.  It was impossible.  No matter where I went, whether I met someone who was simply a farmer or someone who was a lawyer or a doctor or teacher.  Even janitors.  People of every single type people of any type you can possibly imagine.  Every single person I've met in this country of every single ethnicity of every single religion always said the same thing.
It was the most honest man they ever knew.  And no matter what, if you were in trouble, you could always walk into his office and he would give you whatever assistance you need it no matter what, no matter where or when.
But it was the more affluent people I met throughout this country.  The doctors the lawyers the politicians, who also said something else.  Almost every single one of them.  And when I say almost because there were a very small fraction of some of these more affluent people who were very much like my father.  Meaning they were liars, and they believed that using money was the way to get ahead.  So I discounted crap that they would say and pay attention to people who would always say or tell the truth.  And from these more affluent people like these doctors and these lawyers they always said that my grandfather truly gave back to the grand old party the spirit of what the grand old party was really all about.
I don't have any claim whatsoever in this world.  But I promised my grandmother before she died, that no matter what I would always stand up for her and my grandfather.  No matter what the matter when, no matter of anything.  I always told her and I promised her that I would in fact always stand up for her and for grandfather.  Because they were honest they were good Republicans.  They believed in the grand old party.  They believed in the spirit of this nation.
(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)
So you decide.  If you really want the Republican Party to be a bunch of filthy Asshole spoiled brats like a filthy racist ass holes of the tea party.  That's your choice.  If you want to embrace the spoiled brat Asshole piece of crap mentality of Congressman Ryan.  That's your choice.  On the other hand, you could in fact look at the Republican Party and see it for what it used to be and what it can be again.  The grand old party.
But that's not the time we are living in these days.  Because everyone is an extremist.  Nobody wants to compromise even though that is the basis upon which this nation was founded.  Like I said yesterday.  I wonder how many Jewish friends Congressman Ryan and his family have.  I wonder how many Jews they actually know.  I wonder if Congressman Ryan actually respect anyone who is a Jew.  I wonder if the respect anyone who is a Muslim.  Because he's basically nothing but a spoiled arrogant Asshole brat.  He claims to be a Christian yet he has no respect for Jesus Christ.  Because Jesus Christ died protecting the poor people in this world.  And yet Congressman Ryan the Asshole the is and the spoiled brat Asshole but tea party are doing everything they can to victimize and to destroy the poor in this country their taking as much money away from the poor as possible.  And then they go to church and claim to be good Christians and worship Jesus Christ.  When in fact they have no respect for Jesus Christ because if they really did respect Jesus Christ they would never under any circumstances cause any harm to or attack in any way anyone who is poor in this country.  Yet that's exactly what the Asshole spoiled brat Congressman Ryan is doing that's exactly what the Asshole the tea party are doing.  They are attacking the poor and taking as much money and services away from the poor as possible to give to the wealthy.  Just like my father.  And they are doing it with lying and bribery and all sorts of other Asshole pieces of crap techniques.  And then they lie.  They lied to themselves, they lied to their families they lied to God claiming they are good Christians when they have no intention whatsoever of following what they are Lord and Savior told them to do.  Because if they did they would never make the kind of bullshit proposals that they are making where those proposals are hurting the poor.  Because if they really respected Jesus Christ they would never do anything to hurt the poor.
Bullshit walks and money talks.  Actions speak louder than words.
(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)
In Cleveland Ohio, the last honest man, who actually ran the Republican Party for Northeastern Ohio was Judge Saul Stillman.  And when Judge Stillman was basically forced out.  That's what I no longer respected the Republican Party.  Because I knew that the tide was changing.  But the days of the grand old party no longer existed.  Because the money grabbers in the liars in the filthy racist were winning.  Just like then same as now.  As I said, I am nothing at all of this.  Because I'm really not.  There were times in my life when I had direct exposure to the Republican Party.  Where I actually was appointed to certain positions as a result of my political affiliation with the Republican Party.
But because I maintained allegiance to and dedicated my life to the same kind of honesty that my grandfather maintained.  The Republican Party didn't really have much use for me.  Because they didn't want honesty anymore they wanted power.  They didn't care about the grand old party anymore.  All they cared about was getting their way.  The same kind of ugliness and racism and filthy lying that my father based his life on and the same kind of Asshole lying that the tea party bases their political activities on the same kind of filthy lying and Asshole spoiled brat mentality that Congressman Ryan bases his political career on.
Like I've said.  And 62 years I've seen those kind of ugly monsters all my life.  And they have never impressed me.  They have been nothing to me other than liars and spoiled brats and selfish asinine and Asshole racists.  And of course if I'm wrong, I dare Congressman Ryan or his family to go ahead and start talking about how many Jewish friends they have or how many Muslim friends they have or how many native American or Japanese American or Hispanic or any other of the brilliant men and women in this country who have laid down their lives in defense of this nation.  How many of all these different kinds of Americans does Congressman Ryan call his friend?
(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)
I am nothing to this world I have never made myself out to be anything more than that.  I am the least of all that God ever threw down on this rock.  I know that.  But God also put me in the position where I was going to be adopted into one of the most amazing Republican families in northern Ohio, if not all of Ohio at the time my grandfather was living.
So for any of the Asshole Catholics who are Christians who are right-wing extremists to dare shoot off their mouth and say that God hates me is a filthy lie.  Because of God hated me he would never have allowed me to be adopted into the Maschke family to be part of my grandfather's heritage or it least to have known my grandfather.  If God hated me you would never have allowed me to be a voice in defense of the honesty that my grandfather maintained all of his political career.  And if God hated me.  Then God would never have allowed my mother with her dying breath to push me onto shore and give birth to me.
So all those Asshole's in this country who say that God hates me my message to all of you is go away and shut the hell up because you don't know what you're talking about you are doing nothing but lying you are lying to God you are lying to Jesus Christ you are lying to this country you are lying to yourselves.  You are a disgrace as American citizens.
When my grandfather was running the Republican Party in northern Ohio.  There was a real respect for the two-party system.  That respect does not exist any more.  All you have to do is look at the Asshole's of the tea party or that Asshole Congressman Ryan and his arrogance and his disregard for the poor.  And when you do easy very clearly that Ryan and the Asshole tea party have no respect for the two-party system.  No matter what filthy lies they might tell their actions speak louder than their words.  Their actions make them liars.
(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)
I have never broken my promise to my grandmother.  Not once.  I don't talk about my grandfather, because I'm trying to cling to his coattails.  Not by any means.  No one has to convince me what an unsightly freak IM to this country.  I know that.  I didn't partially crippled in my left leg because of the racism that my fellow Jews showed me in 1962 along with the Catholics of Cleveland Heights.  And when it came time to fix this.  Partially disabled leg meeting my left leg.  My parents basically said I wasn't worth it.  Because they didn't mind spending $50,000 to have the left side of my face rebuilt because they were members of Oakwood club and it was unseemly for them to have a child with scars on their face.  But when they learned was going to cost $150,000 to fix my left leg.  They basically said I wasn't worth it.
So no one has to convince me that the Republican Party and the Asshole's and the tea party the racist filth the Asshole bastards of the tea party regard me as nothing but a freak.  I know they do.  I know that Congressman Ryan that filthy racist Asshole bastard that he is regards me as a freak I understand that very clearly.  The part of the reason they treat me that way and regard me that way is because they hate the Republican Party they hate this country and they certainly don't respect the Republican Party for being what it used to be.  The grand old party the GOP.
So you decide.  Not me I've made my choice.  For 62 years I've made my choice.  I got the hell out of my mother and father's house.  I got as much distance from them as I possibly could.  I didn't want to be around their gangster tactics their bribery and their lying.  So all my life I sought truth.  I looked for those people who actually could tell the truth.  I was never impressed with someone's money the filthy ugly dirty money that so many of the wealthy used to get their way.  But show me someone who is honest.  Then you get my attention.
So the matter what any of the filthy Asshole bastards who are the freshman of the Republican Party will might want to ever say most what they say are nothing but filthy ugly self-serving selfish, spoiled brat lies at all they are spoiled brat liars.  They are not good Christians their filthy liars before Jesus Christ they are filthy liars before God.  Because they are turning their back on the very type of people that Jesus died protecting.  And God will judge they are soul for what they are doing whether they like it or not God will be the final judge.  And if they don't believe that then they don't have any damn business going to church.
(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)
And I want to make it very clear.  But right now, I am in extreme arthritic pain.  But it is not my pain that is doing the talking.  It is my love of the two-party system in this country.  It is my love of the multiparty system that is part of the Constitution of these United States.  And it is my promise to my grandmother that I would never turn my back on her or my grandfather.  No matter what.  There is a beauty to the Republican Party that is being basically swept under the rug.  Because the tea party ass holes or sexual racists in such spoiled brats that they don't give a damn about anything because all they ever talk about is how they want their money.  Just like that spoiled brat Asshole Congressman Ryan.  And then these Asshole's go to church and claim to be good Christians when they are doing everything they can to show as much disrespect for and do as much harm against the very people that they go to church and pray to every day they pray to Jesus Christ.  When they go to church.  They worship Jesus Christ and yet they show Jesus Christ nothing but filthy ugly disrespect because they turn their back on the very people that Jesus died for.
And make no mistake, I am proud of being a Jew.  But I'm not a Jew like the modern-day Jew.  I am a Jew from the old school.  I am a Jew that understands the beauty of my brothers and sisters who are Muslim.  Understanding that we are from the same family.  And it is no excuse for us as Jews and Muslims to hate each other and to spend thousands of euros trying to murder each other.  Just because we came from different mothers.  There is no excuse.
And that's not a real popular position to take what my fellow Jews these days.  Which is why most of my fellow Jews hate me.  But then most of my fellow Jews are Ashkenazi Jews.  And the fact of the matter is.  I am a Sephardic Jew.  There is the difference.
So you decide.  To my dying breath.  I will always defend my grandfather and my grandmother.  And I will always defend the grand old party for what it actually was meant to be.  One of two really amazing ideological political party systems in this country.  Two major political parties.  Both representing different ideologies.  And yet both understanding and believing in the Constitution of these United States and in this nation enough to always remember that this country was not founded upon how similar we are but was in fact founded upon how different we are and that we as a people would love each other enough, and this country enough to stand by each other and this nation, no matter what.
(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)
So say anything you want.  The facts about my grandfather and his hero was him, along with the millions and millions of Americans of every nationality, who gave their lives in defense of this nation.  My grandfather's papers are on file at the Western reserve historical Society  in Cleveland Ohio.  And the full story of my grandfather, or it least part that is pertinent is of course described in my biographical profile.
But before any of the filthy Asshole racist bastards of the tea party shoot off their mouths.  I dare them to disprove anything in my see also section below.  Just like I dare any of these Asshole tea party filthy racist bastards these spoiled brats to come onto my porch and on national TV call me a dirty Jew.  I dare Ryan or any of his filthy racist family to come onto my porch in Cleveland Ohio and go on national TV and call me a dirty Jew.  When it was a Jewish American.  My grandfather.  Maurice Maschke.  Who ran the entire Republican Party for Northern Ohio during the 1920s.  And not once have you ever heard that filthy racist spoiled brat Ryan or the filthy racist spoiled brat tea party ass holes not once have you ever heard them.  Say.  Thank you to the millions of Americans of every nationality, who died who gave up their lives in defense of the Republican Party and this country.  You have never heard them.  Say.  Thank you.  Why is that?
Like I've said.  And 62 years I've seen the kind of ugly Asshole monster like Ryan and the filthy spoiled brat Asshole monsters of the tea party all my life.  I've watched the Republican Party go from being the grand old party to a bunch of Asshole racist spoiled brats who don't give a damn about the United States being the United States because they are far more interested in making United States into the Christian states of America.
But that's not what was the founding ethics or the founding design of this nation.  This nation was founded on the principle of being the United States of America.  And no matter how many filthy lies that Asshole Ryan or the Asshole tea party spoiled brats might say.  They can never change that fact in history.  So it's time for those Asshole tea party and Congressman Ryan to put up and shut up and show exactly what kind of a Christian you really is.  Is he a Christian actually follows the teachings of Jesus Christ?  Is he a Republican who actually celebrates the concept of the grand old party?  Or is he just another filthy Asshole spoiled brat racist like my father?
(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)
It's always been easy for people to laugh at me and call me stupid and crazy.  Until they find that everything I have ever said or predicted has come true.  Then the Asshole's like Ryan and those stupid Asshole racist bastards of the tea party suddenly don't laugh anymore, because there's nothing to laugh at because their ugliness becomes really visible.  Just like it is now filthy spoiled brat Asshole's that's what the tea party is.  And Ryan and his whole family are nothing but filthy racist spoiled brat Asshole's who cater to the wealthy and to the interests of the white Christians.  When this nation is made up of all of us.  Not just white Christians.
The United States will either put up and shut up and start celebrating all of us as a united nation of the United States won't be United States anymore.
Thank you very much for listening.
(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)
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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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