Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Negative Energy

It's important for anyone reading my Journal to understand, that I don't hate the Republican Party.  I never have.  But as my biographical profile, listed in the right-hand side panel of this Journal page, explains.  My grandfather and his family had to move from the west side of Cleveland, while he was the leader of the Republican Party during the 1920s.  Because the right wing white Christian and white Catholic extremists in Cleveland were actually threatening to kill him.

That is actually a true story.  And is also substantiated in my grandfather's writings which are on file at the Western reserve historical society of Cleveland Ohio.

To begin with, I don't hate the Republican Party.  What I don't like and basically I guess you could say that I hate is the behavior that we people in this world are in fact demonstrate.  I don't like the negative hatred that we are in fact demonstrating toward each other.  It's counterproductive, and it is actually not helping anything.

The Republican Party, as I said, when my grandfather and other very amazing and good Americans in this country were running the Republican Party used to be known as, the grand old party.  That's where the letters GOP came from.  And at that time, the Republican Party was really supposed to be the political party that would bridge the gap between the wealthy business owners and the lower classes who were basically the workers.

Over time, of course Republican Party became streaming mean-spirited and selfish and extremely racist.  Just like they are now.  And that's not really helping anything.  It's doing a disservice to the Republican Party is doing a disservice to the two-party system in this country is doing a disservice to the people of this country is showing disrespect for the founding principles upon which this nation was founded.  And it's not helping to give our children, anything really viable.  Because the more that we as a nation continue to fight with each other trying to be better than one another.  The less chance we have as a nation to be part of what this nation is actually all about, which is the key word in the name of this country.  United.

It's just like in my neighborhood.  There are some neighbors, though not very many, who actually do like me.  And then there are some neighbors, who actually hate me so much that they will do anything they possibly can to cause me harm order to make things as difficult for me as possible.

The way my wife was treated by staunch Republicans, while she was in fact dying of cancer is and was inexcusable.  As I said, I have a recorded conversation where a staunch Republican, who was part of the social services aspect here in Cleveland Ohio, said to my wife on the phone that she didn't deserve to have a hospital bed.  Because she was not a Christian.  And that all she deserves was to die on the floor.  That call was in fact, not only tape-recorded, but it was also witnessed by the head of the hospice team, and her sister.  In addition to myself.

As a result of that call that particular social service worker lost their job.  And my wife was given a hospital bed.  So that she was not forced to sleep on the floor while she was dying of cancer.  But that's what the Republicans wanted for my wife.  They hated her because she is not a Christian.  And they hated her even though her father, Dr. Lynn Albers was one of the major mathematical scientists.  Meaning mathematicians at the NASA Lewis research Center here in Cleveland.  He gave his life and spent his life working for this country.  And the way that the Republican Party.  Said.  Thank you for what Dr. Albers did for this country was that when my wife was dying of cancer, the Republican Party basically told her that she did not deserve to have a hospital bed when she was dying because they would rather have had her sleep on the floor.

And then within three months after my wife died, the Republican Party here in Ohio, decided that they would show exactly how much hatred they have for my grandfather actually running the Republican Party during the 1920s.  And so what they did is they sent me a letter which I have on file, where they were basically going to throw me out of my home and I also have a recorded conversation with the people representing the Republican Party in the state of Ohio, where they said exactly that to me, where they said they were just simply going to take my home away from me.

Needless to say, I telephoned an attorney.  And when it was all said and done the Republican Party realized they did not have the right to throw me out of my own home.  And one of the reasons was because I am legally Aileen's husband and my name is on the deed of this house.  But because the Republican Party is so hateful and because they are such a bunch of filthy liars.  Their attitude was that they were going to allow me to keep this home.  But they were going to hope that I would die as quickly as possible, because they said as soon as I died there can take this home away from me.  And that's the attitude of the Republican Party.  They don't care that my grandfather gave his life defending the Republican Party.  They don't care about the millions of Americans of all nationalities who died defending this country or the Republican Party.  Because the Republican Party hates everyone.  They hate every kind of American in this country they hate anyone who's not white and Christian who does not have a lot of money or who does not act like a white Christian.  So the Republican Party will never.  Say thank you to the millions of Americans of different nationalities who died protecting this country are defending the Republican Party because Republican Party hates everyone in this country is not white and Christian.

And if I'm wrong, all you have to do is go up and ask Congressman Ryan or his family or any of the guilty lying spoiled brat bastard of the tea party ask them how many friends they have who are Native American or Jewish American or black American or Muslim American or Hispanic American asked him how many friends they have where Japanese American or Asian American ask them.  And you'll find that these filthy lying white supremacist bastards of the tea party and the Republican Party don't have any friends or hardly any in the friends they have are probably nothing more than tokens.

And that's despicable.  For any of the right wing white Christian white supremacist extremists of this country could dare to think that they are going to change the name of this country from the United States of America to the Christian states of America is a very bad mistake.  Because there are millions of Americans in this country who will never allow the name of this country to be changed from United States of America to the Christian states of America.  There's a lot of people in this country who will never allow that to happen.

And as I said, not only do I have recorded conversations to back up everything I'm saying.  I have all the legal documents to certify that what I'm saying is true.  And if that doesn't make your skin crawl to think that Republicans would dare ask someone or tell someone that they don't have the right to a hospital bed because they're not Christian.  I have the proof that they actually did that to my wife.  Even though her father spent his entire life in the service of this nation.

So that's the ingratitude and the hateful selfishness and the ugliness of the Republican Party.  They are no longer the grand old party.  They are a bunch of white supremacist racists who don't care about anything except getting their filthy dirty ugly money.

And it's just like one of the sets of my neighbors in this neighborhood, who will do anything they possibly can to hurt me.  Because that's what they thrive on.  They thrive on hurting other people.  They are condescending mean-spirited hateful horrible monsters are not really good human beings any humanity that God is put inside of them.  They are doing their best to hide that humanity from everyone or to disguise it because they will portray themselves publicly like they are really friendly and very kind people.  But if you don't do exactly what they say or if you don't bow down and worship them like they are always better than you.  They will turn on you and make your life as horrible as they possibly can.  Just like the Republican Party.

So my point is always been that the Republican Party could treat me and my wife the way they have with our families did as much as they possibly could in the service of this great nation.  That I'm really very curious that they could do that to us.  My message to anyone reading this article is, what do you think they are trying to do to everyone else in this country who is not white and Christian?

You have to ask yourselves that.  Because this goes far beyond just being ruthless and mean-spirited and hateful.  This goes to the point of actually sanctioning murder sanctioning the killing of American citizens on the basis of racism and prejudice and bigotry.  And as I said, there's enough documentation that the Western reserve historical society of Cleveland Ohio to show very clearly that the white Christian and white Catholic right wing extremists in Cleveland Ohio tried to murder my grandfather.  Because they hated him for being the leader of the Republican Party.  Because they hated him for being a Jew.

That's the fact that the fact that none of the TV stations in Cleveland can lie about it the fact that none of the filthy liars of the Republican Party can never lie about, because it is a fact.  They have demonstrated hatred for my grandfather because he was a Jew.  They have demonstrated hatred toward my wife when she was dying.  Because they hated her because she wasn't a white Christian.  That is a fact.  And they told her that she did not deserve a hospital bed to die in because they she should die on the floor.  Because she wasn't a Christian.  That is a fact.  Those are the exact words at this Republican said to my wife that she did not deserve a hospital bed.  And that she should die on the floor because she was not a Christian.

Is that the way you would like yourselves to be treated?  Is that the way you would like your mother or your father or your sister or your brother or your son or your daughter to be treated?  Because that's exactly the kind of treatment that the guilty lying asinine Asshole bastard Congressman Ryan is supporting.  That's the same kind of asinine Asshole bastard behavior that the tea party supports.  Because they support killing people they support murder, because they hate everyone in this country.  They hate every kind of American citizen does not agree with exactly what they tell them to they hate anyone who's not white and Christian.  And they are going after the poor because they hate the poor.  And what's really remarkable is that these filthy liars.  Meaning Congressman Ryan he is a filthy liar because he says he's a good Christian.  But that's impossible, because he can't be a good Christian.  When these actually attacking the very people that Jesus Christ was crucified for protecting.  Yet Christians and Catholics lie about that all the time.  They claim they have the right to go in and ruin everyone's life.  They have the right to go ahead and ruin poor people's lives when their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was crucified for protecting the very people at the Catholics and Christians are doing everything they can to destroy.

And that's not every Catholic and Christian by any means.  It's the right wing Christian extremists and the right wing Catholic extremists.  And they are not the majority.  But they are the ones that are trying to push their agenda.  And Ryan Congressman Ryan is the right wing Christian extremists.  The matter what he says he is a right wing Christian extremists is not a moderate.  And neither are the tea party members.  They are not moderates the right wing Christian extremists and their minds they hate Jesus Christ they hate Christianity.  Because they don't follow Christianity.  They don't follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.  They don't protect the very people that Jesus died protecting.  They don't show any respect for the poor are doing everything they can to take money away from the poor.  Just like they tried to take everything away from my wife.

Just like they're trying to take my home from a release date tried to.  And they failed.  So now with are going to do is they're going to try to take as many services away from the poorest possible, because they know that the only way for them to destroy me is by destroying the poor.  And that's their attitude they hate me so badly and they hate my grandfather for being that do so badly that they're going to attack everyone was poor in this country just so that they can destroy me.  That's how ugly they are that's not anti-American they are at all unpatriotic they are that's how unchristian they are.  And that's how much they are selfish ruthless spoiled brat bastard's.

They are not good Republicans.  They are not good citizens they are not good patriots.  They are nothing but filthy spoiled brat liars.  And if I'm wrong, make them prove that they're not racist.  Make them prove that they actually follow the teachings of Jesus Christ make them prove that they actually follow the Constitution of these United States.  Make them prove that they actually are securing the rights and liberties of all Americans.  And not just white Christians in the wealthy make them prove it because if they have nothing to hide the be more than happy to prove.  But they won't prove it, because they have plenty to hide.  And they know it.  And so do I.

On a personal note:

Is the first day in two weeks that I've actually been able to put my left foot on the floor without excruciating pain.  The pain was so bad last night I can barely breathe.  But I have never said that anything I have equals anything compared to what other people are going through.  I have always maintained and I shall to my dying breath that even the neighbors who hate me more than anything have more health issues that I do.  That their suffering is much more than what I'm going through.  I've always maintained that.  But that's never been good enough for them because they just hate me.  Just like the Republican Party hates me.  But nothing I have ever experienced in my life can ever equal the suffering of the millions of American veterans in this country or the millions of women throughout this nation who are being beaten raped and murdered at the rate of one every 30 seconds.  Nothing I've ever experienced can ever come close to the level of suffering that millions of American men women and children are going through every day.  Nothing I have ever experienced can ever come close to the level of suffering that millions and millions of amazing wonderful children and brilliant men and women throughout this world are doing with every single day.  I know that I will never make out what I have as being significant compared to what anyone else is dealing with.  It's only significant within my own life.

And in my own life, the level of pain I've been going through over the last three weeks has been horrific.  It's been horrible.  Unless you have ever experienced sciatic nerve damage in either of your legs.  You are probably going to have a hard time understanding what I'm talking about.  Because the sciatic nerve when it begins to have a problem.  Not only affects the leg in which the sciatic nerve is located, but it also affects a number of other nervous systems or aspects of your nervous system drugs or body.

I had planned on being able to try and do some petitions this afternoon.  But because I've had so little sleep over the last three or four days.  I'm actually going to have to rest.  I've got to recover.  It's been difficult.  Not difficult compared to what anyone else is dealing with.  Difficult only in my own life.  And that makes me a failure in someone else's eyes.  Then I'm sorry.  I'm sorry I'm not as strong as perhaps some of my neighbors.  I'm sorry I'm not as strong as someone else.  I'm sorry I'm not big and just like other people.  I'm sorry I'm not what other people want me to be.  I'm sorry for every aspect of my life.  I am more embarrassed by my own disabilities in my own shortcomings than anything else.  Anyone who knows me knows that's true.  I am the first one to say that I am nothing but a failure.  I've said that to myself all my life.  But even though I would say that I still kept trying to move forward.  I never had any real grand dreams of becoming rich and famous because I never wanted to be rich and famous.  When I got out of the hospital.  All I ever wanted to do was to simply do the best I could being me.

And that is something I think I've done a pretty good job at doing.  At being myself.  So it's all well and good for people to laugh at me and call me stupid.  But if you read my article that was written within three days after the nuclear accident in Japan.  You will see that every single thing that I said was going to happen in that article is in fact right now taking place.  Just as I said it would.

So it doesn't matter to me whether anyone believes what I'm saying or not.  Because I know what's going to happen, because I know what's happening now.  And I know how things are going to play out.  And I also know that the Republican Party is so dishonest in so much a bunch of filthy racists liars that they will never be honest enough to admit to their own shortcomings.  Or how they have basically turned their back on the Constitution of these United States and all of the Americans in this country by supporting the rights of only white Christians and the wealthy.

I know where I stand in all of this.  I stand on the side of the Constitution.  I stand on the side of all Americans in this country.  Not just a white American Christians.  And not just the white American Catholics.  I stand on the side of all Americans, as I stand on the side of these United States, with liberty and justice for all not liberty and justice for white Christians and the wealthy.

If we as a nation don't force these business owners to stop putting carcinogens into their products.  And we don't take better care of our water supply and our food supply.  The number of cancer cases is going to only get worse.  And that's not a decision.  I can make for anyone else, each one of us has to make that decision.  And we have to force the Republican Party to stop screaming and yelling about money and start fulfilling their oath of office, which is to protect and defend the Constitution of these United States and to secure the rights and liberties of all Americans.  Not the rights and liberties of the wealthy and white Christians.

Because they've we don't.  If we don't force Republican Party to start demonstrating their patriotism and their dedication to the Constitution and we allow them to run their racism and their selfish spoiled brat Asshole behavior all over this country.  The wealthy will get everything they want the white Christians will get everything they want.  And people with cancer like my wife will be insulted treated horribly.  Just like she was just like so many other cancer patients right now are being mistreated.  Because of the Republican agenda.  Like I said.  If they can do that to me and my wife with as significant as our parents were well her parent, her father.  My grandfather.  If they can do that to us what you think they're doing to the rest of America.  What you think they're doing to you?

Thank you very much for listening.