Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Helpful Hints

As I have previously explained the Earth writers meaning the rheumatoid arthritis that I have throughout my body is progressively getting worse.  And in reality, the rheumatoid arthritis in my right hand is actually so bad that I'm really not able to use the mouse or the keyboard hardly at all.

And for some reason, my hands don't react to certain household chores.  Nor does my right-hand react when I'm for example, putting on my makeup.  Or curling my hair.  However, the reason I am in rather severe pain.  Today is really twofold.

On the one hand, I'm having arthritic flaring as a result of Coors of the rain and the barometric changes.  But, the real reason that I am having really horrible pain throughout my upper body.  And in both of my arms, where the pain is really just very close to a solid 10.  The reason is because I made it very simple, but rather dumb mistake.

Normally, when I dry my hair, I generally just use the blow dryer to universally dry my hair.  Then I put my hair up and hot curlers in order to of course give it a little shape.  And so that just doesn't look really wild.

Today, I thought I would actually try to be expedient.  So, what I did instead was are used my brush with my hair dryer to try and dry my hair.  But at the same time to shape it as well.  That was my mistake.

Because the body movements I was using to do that actually ended up causing me so much severe pain that I really haven't been able to move around hardly at all.  But like I said, part of that is because of the barometric changes with regard to the rain in the area.  But the other part, is totally my fault.  Because only when I began to feel all of this really unbelievable pain throughout my upper body that I remember why I stopped using my brush with a hair dryer to dry my hair.

It was because doing so actually forced me to make body movements, which actually were extremely strenuous and stressful.  Based on the arthritic meaning the rheumatoid arthritic conditions of my arms and my shoulders and my hands in my upper back.

Needless to say, I will not do that anymore.  Because really the one reason I don't have any problem putting my makeup on this because there is hardly any pressure that is needed when I am holding any of the devices that I use to put my makeup on.

This is of course not true when it comes to simply using a pen to write with.  Because my rheumatoid arthritis is actually so bad in my right hand that I cannot use a normal pen.  I have to use a pen with a specific prosthetic that actually goes over the pen in order to give my right hand, the ability to grab the pen.  So that I can actually write.

This of course is one of the reasons why I have a call recorder on my cell phone.  Because it's really difficult for me to write.  It's much easier for me to use my speech program to make notes, then it is for me to use a pen.

But I have been resting for most of the day of course.  And even though I ended up with a lot of pain it really still feels very good to have taken a shower and at least fixed my hair.  Since I don't really go out much I don't always put on makeup.  But that's no big deal.  It's just how I live.  And again, nothing I have can compare with any of the suffering that's going on with millions and millions of amazing men women and children throughout the world including many of my own neighbors.  Many of my own neighbors including ones I don't get along with actually suffer far worse.  With so many different health conditions.  Then I do.

The only thing that is really serious about my life at all really is just the fact that my left lung doesn't work very well.  And of course my spine.  The arthritis and all that junk.  It's no different than what other people are dealing with.  And in reality, my arthritis probably is medium compared to rheumatoid arthritis sufferers in this country.

But I'm explaining this because for anyone.  Meaning any biological woman or any transgendered woman who has any kind of arthritic condition.  My experience clearly shows that if you tried to use the dryer.  Meaning the hand dryer, to try and shape your hair after you have showered.  You probably are going to end up with a good bit of pain.  And that is a personal choice on everyone's part.  For my part.  I'd rather be thrown off a tall building that have to deal with this kind of pain all the time.  And of course, like I always do.  I'm laughing.  But I wasn't laughing earlier.

But that's the other thing I have learned from reading so many online articles about rheumatoid arthritis.  And that it actually does have a tendency to make you tired.  Which is okay.  My schedule still goes forward.  And for the most part, everything gets done.  I just can't really do the petitions today, or any of my e-mail.  Mostly because I just can't focus very well.  Meaning, intellectually.  Because the pain actually goes all the way through my upper shoulders and even into my neck.

My standard line is always the same.  I'm like an old car.  Too expensive to try and fix.  And too much trouble to blow up.

But it's okay.  But as I said a number of weeks ago.  I wanted to try and start this other classification in my Journal, called helpful hints.  Because I end up doing lots of research.  Being trapped here on the chaise lounge.  And if I come across something that I think might benefit someone else.  If I come across anything that might make someone else's life a little bit easier.  It just makes sense for me to pass that information along.  My junk doesn't matter.  It really doesn't.  But it does show me very clearly that when I finally meet with this service later this month, who is offering me some assistance.  That in reality, I actually do need some assistance.  And that's something that I'm just not used to doing or asking for.

Right now I have the electric blanket turned on to level 1.  Which is just enough heat to keep my legs and my hand warm.  And again, I'm not really doing much of anything because the pain is Percy so severe that I just don't have a lot of energy.  Which is okay.  No matter how many times I fall down I seem to keep getting up.  So either I am incredibly stupid or incredibly stubborn.  Who knows.

With any luck, I should be feeling a lot better by tomorrow.  Unfortunately I did run out of aspirin.  Which is okay.  Because that means that now my pain is really and truly between me and it.  Because I don't have aspirin to act as an inflammatory.  Which is okay.  My attitude with the pains I have is when I get something new.  I just sort of put it on the list.  The only real side effect from this kind of pain that is so extensive is as I just said above.  It tends to make me rather low-energy and rather tired.

No big deal.  But I don't think I'll be writing much for the rest of the day.  I've been sort of knocked off my feet all day.  Like I said, no big deal.  No matter how many times God knocks me on my rear.  I always seem to get up.  But that's between me and God.  That's why always say, God doesn't mind if we fail.  God doesn't mind if we fall down.  But in my heart and my soul.  I really feel God does not really like it very much if we quit.

I will try to write later.