Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Helpful Hints


The problem with the Logitech mouse and keyboard software really is not so much the software itself.  It's weird the way that Logitech updates that software.  Because Logitech will do a background silent update.  Now the problem with doing a background silent update is that the software is updated, but it is updated in such a way so that it becomes more difficult to remove the software through the standard method with control panel.

And at that point you are then having to do what I had to do, which is to go through the registry and actually remove the Logitech software.  That way by removing all of the registry entries for Logitech.  So the remedy is to not allow Logitech to do any background automatic updates.

What you do instead is to update the software manually.  So that when you do, the software is then tracked and cataloged inside control panel where you can then remove the software totally and completely without having to go through the registry.

But the reality is that the reason I even had to do this was that the Logitech software ended up causing a software crash on my system, where the mouse and keyboard virtually were not functional at all.  And this is about the fourth time that this is happened since I have been using Logitech mouse and keyboard software on my Dell XPS 410 system.

I don't believe that the conflict that is going on, that was causing the problem with Logitech is due to Windows 7.  I firmly believed that Logitech is completely compliant and compatible with Windows 7.  I do however believe that the problem or the potential incompatibility with the Logitech has to do with my Dell XPS 410 system in conjunction with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, on my system.

And it seems that once again the specific Java code for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the C. runtime routine, is what actually facilitates the conflict.

Bed Bugs:

As I said, the Cleveland area right now is experiencing an infestation of bedbug activity.  And the area in which I live is relatively close to the lake.  Consequently, we are experiencing in this particular area of the city.  A rather high degree of bedbug activity.

After reading online a number of articles.  The main theme that was being presented is that the one substance that seems to work the best is something very simple that most of us have at home.  It's, baking soda.  Pour baking powder.

According to the article what you do is you sprinkle baking powder along the edges of the room.  So that it will go into the cracks of the room between the floor and the sides of the room.  Then what you do is use sprinkle the base of your bed.  Meaning underneath the mattress and on top of the mattress with a thin coating of baking soda.  Then subsequently will also have to sprinkle baking soda underneath your bed as well.

Now before you use the baking soda it is recommended that you vacuum the entire room.  And it is also recommended that after you have vacuumed that you spray the entrance to your vacuum bag with bug spray.  So that any of the bugs that are inside the vacuum bag.  If they attempt to climb out or leave the vacuum bag will of course be killed by the bug spray.

As you have now sprinkled baking soda around the edges of the room that you are treating.  In addition to having treated the mattress of your bed and underneath your bed.  You also at the same time, wash all of the betting that is possible to be washed.

Then what you do is you put plastic over the mattress after you of course have sprinkled the mattress with baking soda or baking powder.  That way, the bedbug will not be able to go through the plastic and get to you.

The baking soda will actually cause their skeleton to not be able to breathe properly, which will of course kill them.

But in all the articles I read that has been the main theme of what seems to work the best.  Even experienced exterminators were saying in the articles that they could never really guarantee getting rid of them completely.  But the baking soda seems to have the highest degree of effectiveness.

The Swelling of My Outer Ear:

It now makes sense to me that I have this slight swelling of my Outer ear.  Because it appears that the infection that I have in my Outer ear may in fact have been caused by a bedbug bite.

Once again going online and reading through the home remedies the most effective home remedy I found that was continually talked about in the different articles was to mix up a solution 50-50 of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar.  Then what you do is you place about four or five drops into the ear with the infection.  You leave the solution in the ear for about five minutes.  Then you give the ear a wash with warm water.  And the solution basically kills any of the bacteria that is in fact causing the infection.

Then according to the articles, you're a natural immune system will take over without the bacteria being present any longer.  And the infection should then go away.


So, to begin with, my ear infection was not caused by my glasses.  And upon closer inspection last night I found that these $75 glasses that Aileen and I got through Medicaid actually are fairly decent glasses.  It was simply that because of how they were being positioned that they were really were not as effective as they might be.  And I have corrected that.

The ear infection, as I said, after looking at these home remedies.  The hydrogen peroxide and vinegar is the one thing that was talked about in all the different articles I was reading.  One article even explained that because of how antibiotics have been so overused or the years.  That a lot of these infections are becoming resistant to the different antibiotics.  And the consensus is that if you use something like hydrogen peroxide and vinegar to kill the bacteria causing the infection.  That your natural immune system actually will be more effective than the antibiotics.

So, my plan for today is to not immediately take a shower.  But two in fact, goes through the down and actually vacuum up as much as possible.  Then I'm going to wrap the bedding that I actually lay upon.  And I will wrap that in plastic.  And that way, any dormant bedbugs or bed bugs that are actually in the bedding itself will not be able to escape.

Then, I'm going to do what the articles are saying, which is to treat the bottom layer of the chaise lounge with baking soda.  And underneath the area where the chaise lounge rests.  And of course along the cracks of the walls were the walls meet the floor.

It would be unfair of me to say, where these bedbugs are coming from.  Because in reality, according to the articles I have read over the last 20 days.  The entire city of Cleveland in different sections of the city are experiencing a tremendous infestation of bedbug activity.  And I know that my neighbors to the west have definitely had bedbug activity in their home and last night.  I actually found a couple that were crawling on the chaise lounge, which of course I killed.

Needless to say it is a creepy feeling when you see one of those critters crawling around where you are sleeping.  That's why I went online to look for a natural remedy.

Most of the remedies that are being advertised online or by different test services according to the exterminators who were in discussions online.  Really only have marginal effectiveness.  The one thing I've found continually was the baking soda remedy, which seems to be the most effective along with sealing the bedding that you are sleeping on.

So I probably am not going to treat my ear with the hydrogen peroxide vinegar mix until later today.  Because I'm going to be spending the early morning getting all of the bedding treated and the room cleaned and treated to try to minimize and basically get rid of any bedbug activity.

Now what's remarkable.  Is that during the time my darling Aileen was sick with liver cancer.  Back in 2010.  We never really noticed any kind of bedbug activity in the house.  Neither did we notice any kind of cockroach activity very much at all.

The house next door to my house on the West side has always been a problem with various infestations.  And the owner while a very nice person is not really doing as effective a job as they should or could at eliminating the past infestations that are going on in the house.

So then of course it falls to me, and the other homeowners, individually, to take matters into our own hands so that the bedbug activity as it moves from one house to the next is minimized.  And then of course eventually eliminated.

I always had the feeling about this swelling in my Outer ear that it was not really something that was terribly serious.  But more of an irritation.  And from reading the articles I did online now I see that I am correct.

I guess you would say that this Journal entry is an example of where I'm attempting to take my life back.  Because on the one hand, I'm going to get rid of the bedbugs.  Additionally, I'm going to finally get this swelling in my ear resolved.  And I'm getting rid of software on my system that is just doing nothing but causing problems.

With regard to Logitech.  I actually really do like their headset and microphone accessories and equipment.  But their mouse and keyboard combinations have just never worked well on my computer.  And as I said, I don't believe it's because of Windows 7.  I believe it has more to do with the peculiarities of the Dell XPS 410 system in conjunction with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and the C. runtime routine.  Because the C. runtime routine would Dragon NaturallySpeaking actually has certainly peculiarities that can show up.  When Dragon NaturallySpeaking is used with the most compatible Web browser, Internet Explorer.

And while I really do like Firefox a lot better than Internet Explorer.  IE 10 really is working out to be a very good and solid browser that doesn't really take up a lot of memory.  And has a tremendously high compatibility with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

But again, I'm using Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10.5.  And I refused under any circumstances to migrate up to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.  I do not see the need in doing so.  There's no point in upgrading to version 12.  And the reason there is no point in upgrading to version 12 is because I'm not upgrading the software or the operating system of my computer.  So consequently version 10.5 is working just fine.  And since it's working just fine there is no reason to upgrade.

And as I've said before, Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.5 and version 11 were nothing but a waste of money.  I never saw any version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking have so many software conflicts and software issues as Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 and 11.5.  Spending the money on Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11 was probably the worst money I have spent in recent memory.

The other thing also, is that with the increase of the effectiveness and the capabilities of the android phone.  I can see over a period of the next few months and years where the desktop computer basically will not really be around much longer.  That's what most people will do is to get rid of their desktop computers and basically either use laptops or android phones.  And of course that can be seen in current market activity and how does talks are actually becoming less and less available because people aren't buying them as much because they are spending their money more on laptops and of course on android phones.

But because I have my television built into my computer.  One way or the other my desktop will still be around.  So if my desktop ends up being nothing more than a glorified TV.  That's fine with me.  Because my android phone already can do just about everything that my desktop computer can do.

And if I am ever going to change computers, I probably will not get another desktop.  I probably will simply buy a laptop.

In any event, I hope that this information will be of use to you.  Because I'm not really sure where you are living.  But if Cleveland is having a problem with bedbugs.  Then it is my guess that if you are somewhere here in the United States you are probably having an issue with bedbugs as well.

Thank you very much for listening.

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