Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Austria's Jews wary of quiet rise in anti-Semitism - World News


Austria's Jews wary of quiet rise in anti-Semitism - World News

As my biographical profile  clearly shows, in 1962.  The Catholics and the Jews of Cleveland Heights meaning the schoolchildren I was going to school with.  A group of those children tried to kill me.  This of course has been documented because in 1965 there is a medical statement in my biographical profile  showing very clearly that is a result of the attack in 1962.  My left leg became partially disabled or partially crippled.

But in 1962 when the attack happened.  I actually fell off my bicycle, because I was being chased by Jewish and Catholic children, who basically wanted to kill me.  The Jewish children hated me because my adopted mother was Catholic.  And the Catholic children hated me because my adopted father was Jewish.  And what actually happened was that I slid for 10 feet on the left side of my face and had to have the entire left side of my face to rebuild.  During that time my face was recovering I actually developed the flesh eating disease known as impetigo, where it was thought that I might actually lose all of the skin on my face.

So where I actually had an indication of how ugly racism is in the United States when I was as young as eight years old.  By age 12, I knew exactly how despicable racism really is.  Because I was being treated with racial hatred by my fellow Jews.  And by Catholics and Christians.  I wasn't acceptable to anyone.

And all my life I have heard all of the off-color and dirty jokes made by Christians about Jews.  I've heard every single joke that anyone might tell regarding a Jew.  It's always easy for people to be racially prejudiced against someone else just like the Jews are prejudiced against Muslims and just like the Muslims are prejudice against Jews.  There's always a reason to have hatred for someone else.  The real challenge is to be able to love others as much as possible.

But that's something that our world just doesn't really seem very interested in doing.  Because our world doesn't seem to really care very much about actually loving everyone in this world.  There's always those groups of people who have hatred for someone else.  And as I said to this very day.  A lot of my fellow Jews have nothing but hatred for me.  Because again my adopted mother was Catholic.  So they basically think I'm nothing more than a half breed.

But I have always been proud of the fact that I am a Jew.  And as my biographical profile  clearly shows the Rabbi who actually brought me up in the Jewish religion was the extremely famous, Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver.

And Rabbi Silver was actually the president of the American Jewish Congress.  So my answer to my fellow Jews has always been the same.  If the head of the American Jewish Congress felt that I was good enough to be considered a Jew that I don't really understand why my fellow Jews in Cleveland have a problem with my being a Jew when the leader of the American Jewish Congress, Rabbi Silver felt that I was good enough to be accepted as a Jew.  If I was good enough for him than I certainly don't understand why I'm not good enough for most of my fellow Jews in Cleveland and around the country even to this day.

But that's okay.  Because at age 62 I'm getting very clear signals in my own mind and in my own heart and soul that no matter how much hatred this world may have for me and no matter how many people in this world want to do everything they can to take as much from me as they possibly can without ever communicating with me without ever showing any kind of respect.  God has never treated me that way.  God has always been my friend.  Even though my fellow Jews have basically treated me like crap.  Even though in the United States a lot of Christians treat Jews like we are nothing but filth.  And that really doesn't make any sense, especially considering the fact that Jesus was a Jew when he was crucified.

As I've said before, the Maschke family doesn't even consider me one of the Maschke's they consider me nothing more than a filthy dirty bastard.  That's how most of the Maschke family considers me.  And that's why most of the Maschke family wants nothing to do with me.  Because I was adopted.  So they don't even consider me part of the Maschke family because they think I'm not of the bloodline even though it is highly probable that my father actually was my father.  Meaning my adopted father was actually my father because he was actually having relations with my mother who was a maid in the Maschke household.  Which means I am of the bloodline.  But that's not good enough for the Maschke family.  Because most of the Maschke family treats me like crap.

My grandmother the life of the really extremely famous politician, Maurice Maschke, who was the leader of the Republican Party for all Northern Ohio during the 1920s, which again is supported and substantiated my biographical profile.  My grandmother always felt I was a Maschke and that I was a good Jew.  And so did Rabbi Abba Hillel silver.  So while most of my fellow Jews in Cleveland and around the world pretty much hate my guts.  They can't ever take away from me that the president of the American Jewish Congress who they all respected always felt that I was a good Jew.

But nothing is going to stop the ugly racism in this country or around the world.  Because that's how our world exists anymore.  The Jews hate the Muslims and the Muslims hate the Jews and the Catholics and Christians hate everyone.  That was true when I was eight years old and it's even more true now.  And I don't see anything to change that perspective.  Nothing.  Because the mass majority of Christians hate Jews and a hate Muslims.  Just like the mass majority of Jews hate Muslims and the mass majority of Muslims hate Jews.  And for what?

When you die you go to the same place regardless what religion you are.  We all go to the same place.

And I'm only writing about this because I am so fed up with racism and prejudice in this world I really am.  Our world has become so mean and selfish.  My neighborhood is filled with selfish liars.  As one of the reasons I hardly ever go out.  Because I don't want to be part of that ugly behavior.  I wanted nothing to do with that kind of horrible ugly behavior.  And of the world wants to go ahead and celebrate racism and ugliness and bitterness and telling they can do so without me.  Which is why I really am glad that I'm getting older, because I know that eventually I will finally die and the sooner I do I will be really happy.  Because when I finally am dead than all those Jews who hate me for being a half breed and all of those Maschke who hate me for being nothing but a filthy dirty bastard, which is what they have always considered me will then have to go and find someone else to hate.  Because I won't be here.  And that's probably going to really upset them.  Because those kinds of monsters to live on love, because they thrive on hatred.  So when I'm not around to be the target of their hatred.  The probably have to find someone else to direct their hatred at and they will because that's the kind of ugliness that those monsters subscribe to.

Every one of us has a choice every single second.  We can either behave like a filthy dirty monster supporting racism and bigotry and lying and hatred and killing all we can actually embrace the same kind of love that the creator had when the creator created us.  But of course doing that means that we actually have to celebrate love.  And that's not something the world likes to do.  Because if they did then the news stories would not be filled every day with all of the ugliness that we do to each other and to ourselves.

That's one of the reasons I loved and I still love my darling Aileen so much.  Because in a world where my own family hates my guts and would rather have me dead.  Because they feel that I'm nothing but a filthy dirty half breed Jew bastard and that's how the Maschke family treats me.  In a world where my own family hates my guts.  My darling Aileen never did.  In a world where the Jews my fellow Jews basically treat me like I'm a piece of crap.  My darling Aileen never did.  In a world where most Christians and Catholics who hate me because they look at me as a stupid bastard who is nothing but I dirty half breed Jew.  My darling Aileen never did.

My darling Aileen always loved me for me simply being me.  Which is something that my Maschke family could never do for me because they never accepted me as one of the Maschke's that always felt that I was nothing but a piece of crap.  And that is how they have always treated me, which is no problem.  Because when I die, I won't have to go in front of any Maschke to justify my soul.  I'll be going in front of God and no matter how important the Maschke's think they are to this world they are not more important than God.  Just like my neighbors in this neighborhood who are basically liars and drug addicts and alcoholics and racists.  They may think they have the right to push me down.  But they won't have the right to own my soul because my soul belongs to God and no human being has the right to arbitrate over my soul.  Because no human being is God.

And it needs to be said. That I have many friends around the world. Friends who are Jews, Muslims, Catholics and Christians. And none of these wonderful people have treated me the way that the Maschke family has treated me. None of these people have treated me the way that my fellow Jews in Cleveland have treated me.

so, when I say what I have above about the Catholics and the Jews and their hatred of me. I do not now, nor have I ever, included the wonderful people who have been my friends in my life, from all the different religions of this world. And from all the different ethnicities of this world. I am grateful every single day for the friends I have. I am just fed up with the filthy ugly behavior of lying and racism, and prejudice.

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