Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

System Update: Comprehensive

Internet Explorer:

I realized that I was really very vehement about not wanting to upgrade to IE 10.  But as I began to think about it while I was taking a nap and meditating earlier.  I realized that it was going to probably be installed on my system.  Regardless.  So I went ahead and I have upgraded to IE 10.

To begin with, I have to admit is a great deal faster.  It's all so much less system intensive and memory intensive.  And that is.  Just like one of the biggest benefits I can think of.  Because that was one of the major problems I had with using IE 9.  Because IE 9 became so memory intensive and system intensive, in addition to my running Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  That IE 9 basically made the system accelerates so loudly and so quickly that it was hard for my speech program to hear my voice.

So the fact that IE can actually has a much better system management orientation, whereby it is utilizing less system resources and system memory is.  Like I said a tremendous benefit.

Windows live writer:

For purposes all compatibility and ease of use.  I have gone back to using Windows live writer, because it does have a more natural interface and interaction with more succinctly to IE 10 and Internet Explorer in general.  And so that is one of the reasons I went back to using Windows live writer.

The other reason is that I discovered that in IE 10, trying to interface Dragon NaturallySpeaking into the text entry area of the blogger new post template was basically impossible.  So that was the other motivation for going back to Windows live writer.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking:

Now, as anyone who has been following my Journal knows.  I have reverted back to Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10.5.  And the reason I did that of course is because there is so much extra junk with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.5 that version 11.5 becomes so top heavy that it accelerates the system so fast that my microphone can barely hear my own voice.

Now, in part, this is my own fault.  And for that I have to go back to Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 9.  Because with version 9 the home version basically didn't really give me control over my e-mail programs.  So with version 9, I upgraded to the preferred version of version 9.  And of course that gave me access to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking for my e-mail.  And other support programs.

This is basically where I made my most significant mistake.  I was thinking that when I upgraded to version 10 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking that I needed to upgrade to the preferred version.  Which was basically true.  But not necessarily true.  It was basically true, because the preferred version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10.  Actually does give more speech capability and recognition for all of the various programs on your system, which is the home version may in fact be lacking.

But what happened after that was a nightmare.  Because what happened after that was that Dragon NaturallySpeaking basically change the rules of the game.  Because version 11 of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Meaning the home version actually had all the capabilities of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 in 10.5 of the preferred version.  With the exception of some of the additional recording sources such as the smart phones.

But Dragon NaturallySpeaking didn't let anyone know that of course, which I think is a bit underhanded.  Because in reality, by upgrading to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5, with the preferred version.  I had all of this extra programming that I did not need nor would I use.  And the extra programming was causing my system to accelerate unnecessarily.

So using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5.  Like I said became basically a nightmare.  Which is why I have gone back to using version 10.5.  And what is remarkable is that version 10.5 has a higher degree of compatibility with IE 10 than it did with IE 9.  Why that is so I don't even want to know.

So at this point, I am back to using IE 10.  Well actually, it's the first time I'm using it.  And I'm back to using Windows live writer.  And I'm back to using the Logitech software for my keyboard and mouse.  Because I figured out why my mouse has been behaving hysterically.  Meaning that it has been having issues trying to resize a window or reposition a window.  And it has nothing to do with Logitech or any other program.  It actually has to do with simply my iSpy program, which is of course my security program.  And it's not a big deal, but that's really what is going on.

Windows 7:

Now, I learned something from having Dragon NaturallySpeaking running meaning actively running at the time I was uninstalling Windows live writer.  Because when I did that of course Dragon NaturallySpeaking basically got totally and completely corrupted.  Which cost me about three hours of production time.  And I was not a happy camper.  As a matter of fact, I was really pissed off.  In any event, I got through that.

But the reason I'm mentioning it is because of the fact that when you install a program a lot of the programmers are software makers will tell you to go right ahead and install the program sometimes even if you have other programs running.  And at the same time, they are saying that the instructions on the program itself generally tell you to shut everything down.

Well, I am from the old school.  I know computers better than most people know how to get dressed.  And it only takes me a couple of times hitting the wall before I finally get the message who.  And that is that I really totally understand how important it is for you to shut down every single program that you possibly can when you install any new program on your system.  Specifically and including Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

I know the temptation is there.  Because I feel that temptation myself.  Rather than to use your hands you want to use your speech program to run your system.  And to install programs.  But it's not a good idea.  It is a bad idea all the way around.  Because Dragon NaturallySpeaking actually interacts with and interfaces with every single program on your system.  So you are going to install any new programming you need to shut down Dragon NaturallySpeaking no matter what any of the instructions might say.  Furthermore, this is even more especially true if you are uninstalling a program.  And even more critical if the program actually anoraks live in any way Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Meaning if it has any of the shared DLL files.

Registry Cleaners:

Believe it or not, I have always been against using Registry cleaners.  This is because I grew up with computers when they occupied almost a full city block of space.  I grew up with computers when they were first starting out and went all the way through their growth and progression.  The only time I ever felt was a good idea to use a registry cleaner was if I got positioned in my own system whereby the alternative was to do a reinstallation and I never felt I wanted to do that.  I mean, I have in fact rebuilt my computer system.  Not only this one, but the other computer systems I have owned, a number of times.  And in actuality, I can really rebuild an entire computer system basically in about 45 minutes.

But with my darling Aileen having all of her writings on this computer into a nether user ID all the way back to 1990.  I just don't have the discs to be able to do a complete system rebuild at this time.  So, I would end up like a lot of people being positioned to the point where by it would be somewhat of a good idea to periodically clean the registry and other files.

But I have to say something very sincerely.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking has always had a very significant problem if you clean the temporary files.  Meaning the temporary system files on your system.  Because if you do Dragon has a problem because it uses those temporary files to maintain the various profiles for different users that use Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

With the foregoing in mind.  Going forward and upgrading to IE 10.  I just don't think it is a good idea in any way to screw around with the registry or temporary files.  I believe it is much better to allow the various programs to clean up after themselves.  Because that way you're not going to inadvertently cause any problems with any particular temporary file or other shared kind of file that in fact one of your programs may need.

And for that reason, I have gotten rid of Slim cleaner and slim driver.  Because I just don't think it's a good idea to be screwing around with the drivers or the registry or the temporary files, especially if you are in the process of upgrading various programs.  Because those temporary files become very critical to programs that are recently installed.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking:

Now having said, what I did above about Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it occurs to me that the way to resolve this entire matter used to find out whether or not the home version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12 will in fact be similar to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10.5.  Because if that is the case then that is exactly what I will do.  Not immediately because I'm just not going to have the money so I'm just going to have to wait.

But that's my plan.


I have decided, because I do have to pay off that MetroHealth bill in April.  And because I do have to get is one pair of glasses repaired.  But I probably will not be buying it.

Since but simply paying to have the ones I'm wearing repaired.  So that I can continue to wear them.  Even though I am wearing them now and they are working pretty much okay.  But that one arm of glasses does need to be repaired, which I will do in April.

So now, where I began actually writing this Journal entry at about 3 PM it is now 15 minutes after four.  But I had a call from Evelyn and she wants to come by for a visit.  And I'm not certain that Claude basically is really angry with me, but I wouldn't blame him if he was.  At the same time, I have to think of my own survival.

As I explained to my sister-in-law my darling Evelyn.  I am not someone who planned on buying a home.  So I didn't have all those details in my head about buying a home.  I have never owned a home in my entire life.  All my life I have, at least until I met my darling Aileen, lived out of motel rooms and hotel rooms and apartments.  And even in tents.  I was a contract analyst.  I didn't have a fixed location.  The only thing I ever owned were a few motorcycles and a few cars and other junk.  But I never thought about owning a home it just wasn't on my radar.

So Aileen died is of course and here I am and I now suddenly own a home.  And as a result.  It's the first day of school every single day.  For example, the drain clog.  I suppose that I should have been smarter.  But then, I never owned a home really until I began living here with Aileen and we generally would call a plumber to fix the drain.  Now I'm having to do it myself.  So I'm having to learn all sorts of stuff.  And that goes for just about everything in this house.  If I don't know how to do something I go online and I do lots of reading.  And I learned as much as I can just like I did with everything else.

Just like being a good neighbor.  My concept of being a good neighbor was relegated to my living in apartments or in motels.  So I was a good neighbor to the people who were living around me.  I didn't live in a home.  Having neighbors wasn't even part of my experience, but it is now.  So again it's the first day of school.  And I'm trying my best to be a good neighbor in this neighborhood just like am trying to be a good citizen.  I always have been trying to be a good citizen.  I may have stumbled a lot but I still kept trying.

So everything is going forward and everything is getting done.  And as of this weekend the drain will finally be cleared.  And I'm going to buy this high-powered, ear wax removal system for my ear to try to get that clear.  And everything will finally go forward.

As far as Internet Explorer.  I am very impressed, at least so far, with the way that IE 10 is really working.  That does not change my opinion of Steve Ballmer.  Not one bit.  I've known his kind of personality all my life.  Very selfish very one-way oriented.  Companies like that.  Meaning companies are run wins one way people generally don't work very well.  That's one of the reasons Microsoft is having problems.

But regardless of that IE 10 really is a much better browser than is IE 9.  It works a lot better.

So, at least that's my assessment as of right now.

In any event, it's now going on for 30.  The cats need to be fed.  The trash has to be taken out.  And I'm getting tired from the day.  Big surprise.  So I'm not going to do my e-mail petitions today even though I want to.  I will probably do them sometime tomorrow after I finish paying the bills and setting up all the different accounting procedures that have to be put into place.  And as far as writing.  I don't know.  I probably will look at the news.  And maybe pop off on one item or another.  But I have to get things sorted out here.  And I've got a rooms to walk around  make sure I get all the trash.  And get it all together so that I can get the trash out.

Then tomorrow it's the rat race.  My money comes in.  He gets on a skateboard.  It then rolls by me and says, see you later.

My money and I have a very good relationship.  It waves at me as it goes by.

And I have to do more training on this microphone.  How about that.

But I probably won't do that until later tonight.  I need some down time.

Thank you very much for listening.

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