Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Bullying Attack Leaves Boy in Coma | ABC News Blogs - Yahoo!

Bullying Attack Leaves Boy in Coma | ABC News Blogs - Yahoo!

My thoughts and my prayers go out to the family of this young man.  As my biographical profile, which a link is listed in the sidebar of this Journal page, clearly shows, I am a survivor of bullying.  Even today, in my own neighborhood, I have to deal with bullies.  There is a family that is made up of nothing but bullies that lives in my own neighborhood.  All my life I've had to deal with bullies.  And as I've said before, maybe it was because I was born so short.  Or maybe it was for some other reason.  But my left leg has been partially disabled as a result of a bullying attack that took place against me in 1962.  That also is documented in my biographical profile where there is a link to that Journal entry in the side panel of this Journal page.

I really don't know what goes through the mind of some parent that allows their child to be a bully.  And I really don't understand the dynamics, psychologically speaking, that goes through the mind of bullies.  But that's what we have in this world.  And the United States is quickly becoming a bullying nation.  Because we're doing virtually nothing to stop the bullying.  And lives are being ruined.  As I was going through school.  I was beat up almost every single week.  Until about six months before my spinal fusion operation.  After my spinal fusion operation life changed.  The bullies for the most part didn't want to bully me anymore.  At least not until I started to try to make a living in this world.

And because there are bullies in my own neighborhood.  That's one of the reasons I have blocked off my house so that no one can see into my home.  I refuse to allow the bullies of my neighborhood to push me around in my own home.  I am an American citizen I own this home and I work hard every day to improve this property and to be a good neighbor and a good American citizen.  There is no reason for bullies in my neighborhood to bully me around.  Just because they happen to hate me.  Just like there is no reason for this young man to be in a coma.  There's no excuse.  And I don't care what the bullies say.  All they've done is to make sure that whatever state of consciousness.  They have when they die.  It's not going to be very pleasant.  Because all they've got is there bullying.  And one of these days those who have been bullied like me, will in fact have enough courage to stand up against these hatemongers.

In my life, I'm 62 years old.  And never once have I ever struck another human being.  Never once.  And I have to clarify that.  Because when I was at summer camp one summer when I was 12 years old.  I had to engage in a boxing match.  And after only one or two blows in the watching match I walked away I wanted nothing to do with that kind of physical expression.  The only other time was when I shoved a student when I was in seventh grade when they called my mother a whore.  But other than that I have never once lifted my arms in anger and never once have I ever struck another human being.  Even when I was being beaten with clubs and even when I was being beaten with fists.

So the bullies didn't get anything from me.  All they got was nothing.  Because I didn't react.  I didn't give an.  I did let them walk all over me.  They may have pushed me down and they may have kicked me.  They have may have done a number of other horrible things as well.  What they didn't crush my soul.  And they didn't crush my spirit.  And they didn't stop me from living my life.  I simply had to make changes in my life.  Because nobody seems to want to make the bullies stop being bullies.

But millions of Americans aren't that lucky.  All over this country lives of every single age have been ruined by bullies.  And yet nobody wants to stop the bullies from being bullies.  I wrote about this last week where another child died as a result of bullying.  Now we have another child who is in a coma because of bullies.  And yet the bullies think they have everything.  They think they are so smart.  They think they can push everyone around.  And the time is coming when we in America.  Meaning all of us good American citizens who happen to love this country and each other.  We are going to stand up and to demand that the bullies stop being bullies.  And then the bullies will either turned and take their guns out and firing tell all of us or the bullies will finally get the message that they don't have a right to be a bully in this country.  This nation was not founded on the premise of being a bully.  This nation was founded on the premise that we the people of the United States of America would love each other enough and love this country enough to stand by this nation and each other no matter what.

And that is exactly what is not being done in this particular case.  There's no excuse for this.  This family is suffering in this man's life has been for ever changed and possibly ruined and he might die.  Just because the bullies think they have all the answers.  Just because the bullies think they are better than us.  They are not better than us.  They are not.  And to my dying breath.  I will never let the bullies of my neighborhood are anywhere else push me around.  I work hard every day to try to take care of my home and to be a good neighbor and a good American citizen.  And I have never bullied anyone in my life.  And I have done everything I could is.  I was growing up, and as I have as an adult to be there whenever I saw someone being bullied.  I have always tried my best to stand between them and whoever was doing the bullying.  If we don't take a stand against this more children will die.  More families lives will be ruined.  And for what?  So that the bullies can feel like they are more important?

It's about time we said no to these ugly bullies.  And like I said, in my home.  I've taken actions.  I have blocked every single window in my home.  So that the bullies in my neighborhood can't even see into my home.  And yet I know the bullies are so determined that they're doing everything they can to spy on me in my own home.  And no one comes and gives me any assistance.  The police aren't there protecting my rights.  Because the bullies in my neighborhood are using spies to spy on me in my own home.  It goes on almost every single month.  I take actions to prevent their spying.  I take actions to protect my civil liberties and my right of privacy in my home.  And the bullies then take their action where they talk among themselves and try to find new ways to bully me in my own home.  Because they think they are better than I am.  They are not better than I am.  God created me.  And I don't deserve to be bullied in my own home.  But that's exactly what happens.  Just like it happened to this young man.  And in my heart and mind.  He is a hero.  He is surviving.  Even though he is extremely damaged.  He is surviving.  And I pray to God for his safety.  Because for every one of us who has been bullied who dies the bullies gain more ground.  They gain more ground like they are better than we are.  When they are not at all.

That's one of the reasons I like being a part of the NRA.  Not because of most of the members.  Because most of the men and women I have known who owned firearms into were part of the NRA are some of the kindest and nicest people you would ever want to know.  I mean they are really solid American citizens they are good people.  But there's a certain amount of the people in the NRA like the spokesman who are nothing but disgusting bullies.  They think they can push everyone around.  That's why the right wing extremists call the presidency, the bully pulpit.  Because the right wing extremists believe that's what the presidency should be.  Because the right wing extremists who are bullies in this nation believe that the United States should be a bully nation.  And they don't really care about teaching your children to go to school and beat the crap out of other kids.  Because that's exactly what happens every day.  So how many more of these lives have to be real.  And before we finally stand up and say no?  How many more people at the end up like me living in their home having to block off their Windows and having to live under threat of fear of being spied upon and bullied in their own neighborhood?  Because that's the end result of being bullied.  If you don't stand up against them and fight back.  You are called a coward.  That's one of the names people have given me over the years that I'm nothing but a coward.  Because I won't raise my fists and strike back.  But I'm a pacifist.  I don't believe in violence against, or the killing of any human being under any circumstances and I have lived by that my entire life.

So the bullies in my neighborhood.  My attitude is let them go ahead and keep on bullying me.  God is the one who made me and God is the one who will break me.  The bullies may eventually win and beat the hell out of me and kill me.  But even if they do they won't get my soul.  And they won't get anything except being punished by the laws of this country.  But it's more than about law, ladies and gentlemen.  It's about attitude.  If you want to see exactly what happens when someone is bullied all you have to do is look at my life.  And it's all explained in my biographical profile where there is a link to that profile in the right-hand column of this Journal page.

Again, I pray to God for the safety addition demand.  And I sent my hopes and my prayers to his family.  I sent my hopes and prayers how to every single young man and young woman anywhere in this country and anywhere in the world was being bullied.  Because there is no excuse for that.  We human beings need to be better than that.  We need to be better because we can be better.  But there's no talking to a bully.  Just like there is no reasoning with the bullies in my own neighborhood.  You can talk until you're blue in the face and they don't care.

Like I've said, I've taken measures in my home.  So that the bullies can't see what I'm doing.  They can't spy on me anymore.  And they can't push me around.  And I have to do that because I don't get any real protection from the police or anyone else against these bullies.  But that's the way our nation has become.  We have become a nation of bullies.  Just like the right wing extremists want things.  That's why they call the presidency, the bully pulpit.

It's time to end the bullying.  We need to and get now.  Children are dying.  People are being murdered.  All because of bullying.  So what's a gun and take?  How much longer do we have to go on with this kind of ugly primitive backward and stupid and asinine behavior?

I hope all of you will join with me in pray for the safety of this young man and saying your prayers and your hopes out to his family and his friends as well.  He deserves our support.  Because he is like me.  A victim of bullying.