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Are We There Yet?
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

System Update: Comprehensive

During my life, meaning my professional career, I was for a number of the employment contracts that are secured given the job responsibility of security.  This is because one of my talents is in the area of security analysis.  Over the past several weeks there has been a rather substantial conversation going on in the computer community, not only in the United States, but around the world, regarding computer and browser security.  This discussion is taking place because of a number of factors.

To begin with, the so-called browser wars are being driven more by money than they are security.  Because money is what is the most important thing to almost anyone in United States.  Job performance or product quality really doesn't matter much to Americans anymore because most people only care about money.  They don't care if what they are doing has any credibility or reliability.  Most people don't care whether what they are doing has any validity your is even a good job.  Because most people only care about getting the money.

As a result, after reading over 100 different technical articles over the past two weeks it has become clear to me that given the current environment in the computer community.  Throughout the world.  That anyone who's using a computer needs to use the safest browser and the safest software possible.

Given the fact that out of those 100 technical articles that I have studied over the past two weeks, IE 9 or Internet Explorer, has actually been rated with the highest degree of security of all of the browsers.  It then makes absolute logical sense for me not to use any web browser other than IE 9.  Because all of the articles I have read have cited security flaws in Firefox and Google Chrome and Opera.

For that reason, as I said, I have returned to using IE 9.  Additionally, I have gone back to using MS Outlook as my e-mail and information management program.


With all the security that Firefox has, what Firefox does not have is an alternative to the Adobe flash player.  And yet the Adobe flash player, in Firefox, has not only been shown to be a security flaw.  But additionally, the Adobe shockwave flash in Firefox has been shown to cause legitimate computing concerns for the average computer user.  Additionally, Adobe flash player has been shown to cause major crashes, when used inside, Firefox, for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Yet Firefox and Adobe refused to come up with a viable alternative.  So that disabled Americans will have the ability to use Firefox with their Dragon NaturallySpeaking program without having Dragon NaturallySpeaking crash.

So.  Because the people in Firefox don't seem very interested in providing the computer user with an alternative to the Adobe flash player.  And because the Adobe flash player is being associated with various security issues regarding Java.  I can no longer use Firefox with any degree of confidence pursuant to security safety issues.

Google Chrome:

Unfortunately the same can't be said, and is being said about Google Chrome.  That with all of the press coverage that Google Chrome is getting Google Chrome is also not rated as being a very secure browser.  This is because the people that Google Chrome.  Just like the people in Firefox are more interested in the browser wars and being the fastest browser.  Then they are being interested in having their browser be the safest browser.

So my recommendation to anyone reading this article is that if you use Firefox or Google Chrome you should do so at your own risk.

This is not a game, ladies and gentlemen.  There are companies and there are individuals in this world right now who are dedicated in every single way to hurting as many people as possible and cheating.  As many people as possible.  There are people in our world who have nothing better to do than to do everything they can to hurt people who are using computers to blackmail them to send them viruses and other horrible things in order to ruin their lives and ruin their computing experience.  Google Chrome and Firefox are much more interested in being fast then they are in being secure.

And while I have never had any kind of real confidence in Microsoft sense Bill Gates left the company.  The fact is, that Microsoft, in air read single one of the 100 articles I have read over the last two weeks, has in fact been rated as the most secure computing, software.  Meaning that IE 9 is the safest browser out there.  It is the one browser that gives the computer user the highest degree of safety against these various companies and individuals who are in existence with only one purpose.  And that is to steal your information and to ruin your computing experience.

So in addition to going back to using MS Outlook.  And in addition to going back to using IE 9.  I have also increased the security of my computer system with triple encryption.  And I have increased all of the security protocols for my IE 9.

Not more than 20 min. ago, I received another Java update to Java 11.  This is of course because Java is under attack right now regarding its relevancy to the browsing experience.  Which as I said, is an indication that the makers of Google Chrome and Firefox are far more interested in money than they are in personal safety oriented to being fair to the computer community.

And I really am a very old-fashioned type of person.  I don't want to hear all of the long words and all of the filthy lying that the different browser companies are trying to put forward regarding how safe their browsers are.  When in reality under testing their browsers are being shown to be not very safe at all.  Bullshit walks, money talks.  Actions speak louder than words.

So the only way I am ever going to go back to using Firefox or Google Chrome is only after I actually see actions taken by the makers of Firefox and Google Chrome where they are making their browsers as secure as IE 9.  And it's important to understand that the early evaluation of Steve Ballmer the filthy lying bastard he is and IE 10 is that IE 10 is a piece of crap.  In every single technical memo I have read IE 10 is rated as being slower and more sluggish and even less secure than IE 9.  Every single one of the technical memos.  I have read says basically that IE 10 is a waste of time.  Just like every one of the technical memos.  I have read says that Windows 8 is also a waste of time.

But to understand why that is the case.  One has to look at the type of person that Steve Ballmer, who is the CEO of Microsoft really is.  Steve Ballmer is a filthy liar and the only difference between him and Donald Trump being ugly unsavory anti-Americans pieces of crap doing business in the United States is that Donald Trump, has more money than Steve Ballmer.  But both of these two people are ruthless and they basically hate customers.  Because they don't want to do anything that the customer wants.  They are attempting to force the people in the United States and around the world to put up and shut up and do what they mean Steve Ballmer and Donald Trump wants them to do.  Because Donald Trump does not care about customers and neither does Steve Ballmer because they don't give a damn about doing what the customer wants or giving the customer a fair product.  All they care about is getting our money.

To better understand the nature of Windows 8.  You have to go back to why Bill Gates left Microsoft.  The dynamics of what was going on prior to Windows Vista being released to the general public was an internal power struggle between Bill Gates who of course created Microsoft and Steve Ballmer, who was basically a white-collar criminal in the United States.  Because Steve Ballmer was basically trying to push Bill Gates out of the company.  Bill Gates knew that the best way for any company to succeed was to give the customers what they want.  Because it is the customer who pays the money to the company.  Steve Ballmer as I said is like Donald Trump.  Because Steve Ballmer is attitude is that as far as Steve Ballmer is concerned.  Customers are crap.  Steve Ballmer doesn't give a damn about customers.  And he doesn't give a damn about the computer community because Steve Ballmer will use every bit of his money to force people to do what he, Steve Ballmer wants them to do.  Rather than to give the customers what they want.

So Steve Ballmer was basically the architect behind Windows Vista.  And as the general news of the time reported Steve Ballmer wrote a memo to Bill Gates announcing the release of Windows Vista.  Bill Gates basically took the attitude that under no circumstances was he going to sign off on Windows Vista because it was crap.  Ballmer took the attitude that as far as he was concerned he will crush every single person in the world to make sure he gets his way.  Unfortunately, when Windows Vista came out Steve Ballmer was shown for the stupid bastard he is because Windows Vista was nothing but a piece of crap.

And at that point Microsoft was in serious trouble economically.  Because nobody had any confidence in Microsoft anymore thanks to the stupidity and the selfishness and asinine behavior of Steve Ballmer.

Windows ME, was nothing but crap.

Windows 2000, was nothing but crap.

Windows Vista, was the worst operating system.  That was ever produced in the history of the Microsoft Corporation.  And Windows Vista was basically the brainchild of Steve Ballmer.  And when Windows Vista came out on the market and was shown to be nothing but a piece of garbage the programmers at Microsoft basically told Steve Ballmer that if he continued to attempt to write software for Microsoft that most of the programmers were going to leave the company.  Faced with a kind of mutiny going on at Microsoft Ballmer was forced to put up and shut up and allow the programmers at Microsoft to try and fix Windows Vista.  Which they did with Windows 7.

But because Steve Ballmer is such a ruthless unscrupulous criminal and lying bastard he was determined that one way or the other.  He was going to force the general public to put up and shut up and use his piece of crap.  Windows Vista.  Whether we like it or not.  Because Steve Ballmer doesn't like anyone.  And he doesn't like customers any hates people and he hates customers.  Because he sees customers is nothing but a bird because all Steve Ballmer cares about is getting our money he does not care about producing a good product he doesn't care about doing business.  Honestly he doesn't care about.  Giving the customer what they want.  Steve Balmer only cares about getting our money.  No matter how many lies he has to tell and no matter how many crimes he has to commit because he doesn't care about customers.  And he doesn't care about people.  And he doesn't care about anything including the fact that he does not even care about Microsoft.  Because Microsoft does Steve Ballmer is only the means for him to make more money.

So as a result what Steve Ballmer did was basically do the same thing.  He tried to do with Windows Vista.  He wrote and operating system, under Windows 8, that was designed and actually built off of the Windows Vista engine.  And not built off of the Windows 7 and.  Because Steve Ballmer is basically lying to the entire world.  Because Windows 8 is a piece of crap.  And Steve Ballmer knows that it is.  Just like IE 10 is a waste of time and a piece of crap.

The early testing reports on IE 10 are stating rather clearly that IE 10 is slower than IE 9 more sluggish more unresponsive and is less secure than IE 9.  The early reports from over 200 different technical memorandums I have read is that Windows 8 is basically a redesign of Windows Vista.  Meaning that Steve Ballmer is determined to force pieces of garbage on us consumers rather than to put his energy behind Windows 7.

That is where Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are extremely different.  Bill Gates knew that with Windows XP.  He had a really viable product that customers wanted.  And because Bill Gates operated along the lines of always wanting to give customers what they want.  Its customers are the ones who pay the money to Microsoft.  Bill Gates put his energy behind Windows XP and improved Windows XP.  In response to what customers want.  Steve Ballmer did not care about that.  And does not care about that.  Because all Steve Ballmer wants to do is force garbage on us consumers.  Which is exactly what Windows 8 is.  It is a piece of garbage it is an operating system that is designed off of Windows Vista not off of Windows 7.

My recommendations to anyone considering using Windows 8 is to take a second look.  And to be very cautious.  Because Windows 8 is not as I said designed off of the improved Windows 7 operating system but is in fact designed off of the Microsoft failure operating system of Windows Vista.  Just like IE 10 is designed to accommodate the Windows Vista security protocols rather than the Windows 7 security protocols which is why IE 10 is sluggish and slow.  And basically not really a very good browser at all.  So I do not suggest anyone using Windows 7 migrate from IE 9 over to IE 10.

Furthermore, it is my suggestion that anyone who has any degree of security concerns whatsoever, should stop using Google Chrome and Firefox at this time and go back to using IE 9.  Additionally, in the advanced section of the settings for IE 9 it is my recommendation that the security protocol for memory protection and the smart filter be activated inside IE 9.  There is a selection to not allow websites to track.  You.  But I don't believe that is a viable selection for most computer users.  Because social networks and other connectivity organizations operating on the Internet absolutely do need locational information with regard to how they do business.  In other words if you want to share your location it's not really going to compromise security.

But neither Google Chrome nor Firefox have the same degree of security that IE 9 has.  The matter what they do and no matter how many modifications they make to their programs need their browser is as strong as IE 9 is with regard to personal security.

We are not talking about identity theft.  Or at least I am not.  What we're talking about is the fact that there are companies and individuals in this world, as I said above, who are dedicated to causing as much harm to people as possible.  And definitely ruining peoples computers and basically destroying their lives.  That being given, such a condition should be a signal to everyone using their computer that they need to have the strongest browser possible.  While IE 9 is rather clumsy and is basically in many ways an albatross.  Because it is so huge and clumsy.  It is at the same time, the most secure browser on the Internet.  And that is as a result of security experts all over the entire world inspecting and raping IE 9.  As compared to Google Chrome and Firefox.

It is my prediction that by the end of the summer of 2013.  It will all come out how Steve Ballmer basically is trying to force Windows 8 on the consumers in the United States and around the world.  When in fact Windows 8 is a redesign of Windows Vista.  And when that comes out it will be clear that Steve Ballmer basically doesn't give a damn about customers.  Because he is still trying to push his Windows Vista design on the consumers in the United States and around the world by lying and saying that Windows 8 is really a new generation of operating systems or a new operating system when in reality Windows 8 is a redesign of Windows Vista and has very little to do with Windows 7.

The only reason that Windows 8 is associated with Windows 7.  So heavily is because when Windows Vista failed the programmers at Microsoft basically told Ballmer if he had anything to do with what the programmers were going to do in order to try and fix Windows Vista that most of the programmers would leave Microsoft rather than to do business with or worked with or be associated with Steve Ballmer ever again.  So Ballmer was forced to put up and shut up and allow the programmers at Microsoft to fix Windows Vista.  Which they did.

But as I said, Ballmer has been determined.  Ever since he tried to push Windows Vista, on the consumers in the United States and around the world.  Not to give up.  Because Ballmer doesn't give a damn about customers he only cares about making us do what he, Steve Ballmer wants.  And so consequently the way that it looks when Windows 8 is analyzed is that Windows 8 was actually a redesign of Windows Vista and that security protocol elements of Windows 8 were actually changed in such a way so as to make Windows 8 up here like it was a redesign of Windows 7.  When in reality the baseline code of Windows 8 is almost identical the baseline code of Windows Vista.  Meaning that the security protocols of Windows 8 are in fact associated with, and a redesign of, Windows Vista, and not Windows 7.

But because the programmers at Microsoft.
If they tried to put out another operating system that was associated with or a redesign of Windows Vista.  The programmers at Microsoft and then modified the baseline code of Windows 8.  So that it would, appear, as of Windows 8 were in fact really a redesigned Windows 7.  When in fact that's not the case.  Because when you look at Windows 8 with a hex reader what you see is that Windows 8 is truly a redesign of Windows Vista and that this is being done without the public's knowledge.  Which suggests that Microsoft, under the administration of Steve Ballmer, at the very least, may in fact be guilty of misrepresentation with intent to defraud.

Therefore, as I said, it is my recommendation that anyone who is currently using Windows 7.  Stay with that operating system.  Do not migrate over to Windows 8.  It is not as secure as Windows 7.  It is not as reliable as Windows 7.  It is not as compatible with other programming as Windows 7.  And it's not what the customers want.  Customers want.  Windows 7.  But Steve Balmer doesn't give a damn about customers.  Because if he did he would be improving Windows 7.  And that's not what he's doing these attempting to throw Windows 7 out and to force consumers to go over to Windows 8.  Whether we like it or not.  So I would expect that by January 2014 Steve Ballmer will put out a memorandum saying that he is no longer going to give assistance or support for Windows 7.  After a certain number of years because Steve Ballmer doesn't give a damn about the customer he only wants to force us to use his piece of crap garbage.  Windows Vista.  And if he has to lie to you will do so.  Because what he is doing is redesigning and operating system, under the name of Windows 8 is associated with and I redesign of Windows Vista more than it is a redesign of an associated with Windows 7.  And this of course is why Windows 8 is having so many problems with the startup routine why it is much longer to start up than Windows 7 why it is much less secure than Windows 7 and why it is basically failing in the general consumer market.  Because the only contracts, meaning large contracts that Microsoft has gotten or obtained for Windows 8 has been with United States government.

Virtually no other business concerns or group of businesses wants to have anything to do with Windows 8 because they know, like I do, that Windows 8 is nothing but another redesign of Windows Vista and is a piece of crap and the business community is not going to put up with that kind of filthy lying on the part of Steve Ballmer.

As a result of the foregoing, Microsoft is now really under the microscope more than it has been ever in the existence of the company.  Whether Steve Ballmer likes it or not.  All of the major business organizations throughout the global economic community and the global computer community are looking very closely at the decision-making processes that Steve Ballmer supports.  In addition to looking at the technical aspect of Windows 8 and of course the decision is that most businesses in this world want nothing to do with Windows 8.  And that the only way that Windows 8 will ever get any money for Microsoft is if Steve Ballmer is able to lie well enough in order to con people into using Windows 8.

I am not one of those people.

As far as e-mail clients, I would say that the most reliable e-mail clients out there are either MS Outlook or Thunderbird.  But that when it comes to computer security, MS Outlook is actually far superior to Thunderbird.  Because again, the people at Firefox or Mozilla are more interested in how much money they are going to get by being the fastest browser and any kind of security changes they are making are being done secondarily to they're concerned about being fast.  And that is a mistake.  It is a mistake in judgment on the part of Firefox.  Just like it is a mistake on the part of Google.

So that is where my system is at this point.  As I've said many times, there are a number of products with little I find really very reliable and good products.  The Google calendar.  It is a fantastic product.  But because I'm using my android phone and MS Outlook to handle information and my e-mail.  What I have done is on my android phone.  I have gone to a third-party app that I can use as a calendar which will interface with Google.  So any modifications to my calendar that I make on my android phone will of course be synchronized with the Google calendar.  And then because I'm using MS Outlook, I will be using the Google calendar synchronization program designed to make MS Outlook become synchronized with Google calendar.

In this way, MS Outlook will then be synchronized, somewhat indirectly, with any calendar or agenda modifications that I might make on my android phone.  And this, by virtue of the fact that my android phone using a particular third-party application for a calendar program is in fact synchronizing with the Google calendar.  And since the Google calendar and my android phone are being synchronized that means, subsequently, that once any changes I have made to my android phone calendar and subsequently to Google calendar, will in fact be realized inside MS Outlook as a result of MS Outlook using the Google calendar synchronization program.

To that end, I am approximately 1/3 complete or about one third done with the modifications I need to make to my system to completely migrate over to MS Outlook and IE 9.  And because I was moving my e-mail data from Thunderbird to Outlook.  And because there is no mechanism provided by Microsoft or Firefox to be able to migrate mail data from Thunderbird to Outlook.  I had to locate a third-party application or third-party program to be able to achieve that purpose.

I have found a free program that will in fact back up and archive and also transfer e-mail data from Thunderbird to MS Outlook. The program  is called MaisStore Home. And you can download this FREE program from the MailStore Home web site here:

As I said, I am about one third finished with the procedures that are necessary in order to complete the conversion from Thunderbird over to MS Outlook and from Firefox over to IE 9.  The procedures I'm talking about should be completed by the end of today.  But I am urging anyone who is having any kind of security issues whatsoever to not look in the direction of Windows 8 or Firefox or Google Chrome.  If in fact you have any security issues regarding your computing experience.  It is my recommendation that you stay with Windows 7.  And that you revert back to using IE 9.  And that you necessary.  Additional security protocols, in IE 9, which will of course make IE 9 a great deal more secure than Google Chrome or Firefox.


Over the past six months, whether here in the Midwestern United States, specifically where I'm living, in Cleveland Ohio, has been rather strenuous.  In point of fact, the city of Cleveland has had to power outages in the last six months.  Both as a result of high winds and cold temperatures.  And, according to the recent reports that I have been looking at over the last 48 hours the coming seven days are going to be extremely cold we as a good bit of higher winds.  In actuality within 48 hours the daytime high, in Cleveland Ohio, will be 11°.

Those temperatures are supposed to rise probably after this coming week.  But at the end of the week after this week.  But for the next 10 to 12 days the Midwest is probably going to have an increased amount of wind with some extremely cold temperatures.  Given the fact that Cleveland is developing a track record for not having as reliable electric power as other cities.  And given the fact that the overall national electric grid is already strained.  I predict that over the next 30 days the Cleveland Ohio will again lose power at least once or twice.

There are a number of things I could discuss regarding these environmental changes.  But I don't believe that doing so is pertinent to this Journal entry.  In any event, just be aware that the next 10 days to two weeks are going to be rather environmentally strenuous, in the United States, especially in the Midwestern portion of the country.

And for that reason, again, with all that I have said above in addition to environmental changes.  It simply is more logical for me to go back and to use the most reliable programming I can on my system in order to maintain system health and reliability.

I will be making those changes sometime tomorrow.  So I very well may not be doing any posting until Monday.  However, I will try to do at least one or two Journal articles tomorrow.  But right now I'm really rather tired from going through all of the gyrations necessary in migrating my information from Thunderbird to MS Outlook and in reverting back to using IE 9.

And of course, as always, there are source notes in my see also section below for your further reading and reference.

Thank you very much for listening.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

See Also:

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  • System Type: 32-bit Operating System

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