Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

System Update: Comprehensive

Yesterday I wrote that I was going to get rid of using my computer in favor of using my android phone.  But when I slept on that last night, I came to the conclusion that that was probably not the best idea or the best choice.  So instead what I'm doing is I'm moving all of my calendar and agenda activities to my android phone.  And in addition, I'm getting rid of any programming on my system.  That might actually cause any kind of problems for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, with the exception of course of my surveillance and TV programs.

As far as doing news stories.  I will probably be doing those mostly from my android phone.  Although I will be doing some news stories using my computer and Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Both methods work perfectly.  The new LG nitro android phone is so good that I'm able to use it in a hands-free operation manner.  Just like I am my computer.  But of course, my computer has a lot more capability as far as doing various business operations and tasks than does my android phone.  Still, using a calendar on your computer system really does place a lot of extra stress on the timing mechanism of Windows 7.  Especially when you're using programs like Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  So it is probably advisable that if you can use something else other than your computer to work with your calendar.  If you are running a lot of extra programs like I do.  That is probably advisable that you do so.

So basically what I have done is to reduce the amount of things running on my system while I am running Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Meaning that I like I said, above, got rid of all of the extraneous programs that were running.  Additionally, I have read trained my profile and Dragon NaturallySpeaking so that it will be more correct and effective regarding where I have placed the microphone relative to where I am basically down or at least leaning back, in my chaise lounge.  The other problem I was having was that with my system, if I want to watch TV then of course I am not really being able to do much, computing.  This has always been a kind of ongoing problem.  Because of the fact that I have my television built into my computer.

But as a result of upgrading to this LG nitro android phone, I now have the ability to be able to do a lot of my Journal work, regarding human rights, on my android phone.  And that means that I then have the ability to free up my computer system.  So that I can watch television.  Some people have asked me why I don't just go out and buy a TV.  The reason I don't is because I really enjoy having my computer system control everything.  Because that way using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  I can basically run just about everything in my home.

The only thing.  Of course that my computer system does not do is of course run various appliances or other electronic equipment in my home.  When in reality to do something like that would really require so many system resources and so much system memory that I would actually have to have a separate computer to be able to do that alone.  So it's really just not worth it.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking:

the other thing I have learned with Dragon NaturallySpeaking is that as you were making corrections when you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  It is advisable that you do not train any correction you make.  Simply make the correction.  Because if you train anything that you are correcting while you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  The training you're actually doing is different than how you have set up your user profile.  And that is only going to make Dragon NaturallySpeaking not be as effective as it might be.  If you are noticing any kind of errors.  When you are doing your dictation rather than training individual corrections it is advisable that you simply retrain your user profile and Dragon NaturallySpeaking to make the program be more effective rather than attempting to train various corrections.

Android Phones:

so in any event, by using the LG nitro android phone, I am then able like I said, and to be able to watch television on my computer.  But then at the same time use my LG nitro android phone as a laptop computer.  Which means I am then able to do all of the human rights, computing and Journal entries that are part of my human rights effort.  Additionally, using the LG nitro android phone, I can also do all of my petitions and all of my e-mail because it really is like a laptop computer.  This of course then solves the problem of being able to use my machine security purposes and watching television.  While at the same time being able to get my work done on a daily basis.


And so as a result of having all these issues.  Finally resolved.  I now have the ability to be able to take better pictures not only of my self but also my daily life.  This is because the camera system in the LG nitro is far superior to any camera system.  I have ever used in any other camera on any other android or cell phone.

So look for that.  Look for increased Journal entries from me every day because I am actually going to get back involved with doing that.  The good thing is that my LG nitro has the ability to allow me to talk to the phone.  Just as easily as my Dragon NaturallySpeaking program allows me to talk to my computer.

Trying to simulate keystrokes into Windows live writer has always been an issue or a problem with Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11.  But as I said, I won't be able to upgrade to version 12 until April when I get a yearly dividend check which I normally get from my insurance which comes every April and gives me about $200 extra to be able to spend.  But additionally, because the very last payment for the mortgage is going to be made next month.  That means I'm not going to have to spend $200 every month after February on my mortgage.  Because the mortgage will in fact have been paid off.  And that's a good thing.  Because it really does mean that I finally damn, no longer having to struggle with having enough money every month just to be able to survive.

But the only reason this is even the case is because Aileen and I actually did the work while she was alive of making sure those payments were made every month.  That's how we live our lives.  We paid the bills first before we did anything else.

My plan for today is to generate a letter that I need to send out to my old doctor Cleveland Metro to apprise him of my transferring my medical care to the new Dr. over at Lutheran Hospital.  But additionally, I want to catch up on some of the news items I have not talked about which I'm going to be doing on my android phone.  It's just more enjoyable being able to sit back to watch TV and relax and not be locked into my computer to the point where all I'm doing is simply computing without ever really getting a break.

Additionally, as I said, I have redesigned my entire den.  And because I do have this better camera system on my LG nitro android phone.  I will be taking updated pictures of my den and out just about everything that happens in my life so that I can share that in my Journal.  It's just another way that I'm going to celebrate my darling Aileen.  Because that's really what my life is all about.  My life for the rest of the days and nights I'm going to live in this world are dedicated to always celebrating the courage and the bravery and the tremendous love that Aileen and I have for each other.  But as I said, it's also to celebrate her courage and her bravery.  She was a really amazing courageous and very pretty woman.  More than that, in my heart and mind.  She was truly and still remains so, the grand lady.

That will never change.  It can't.  Not if my love for her meant anything.

In any event, I need to get something to eat.  And I need to wash my face and brush my teeth.  So I'm going to do that.  And then of course I have sent e-mail to do this morning and petitions to catch up on.  So I will be doing that during the day as well.

That of course I really do want to talk about my feelings about what is going on between Aileen's brother, Claude, and myself.  I don't want anyone to think that I'm basically being mean and cruel to Claude.  Because I'm not.  I'm merely doing everything I can to make sure that the promises I keep are the promises I made to my darling Aileen.  It is my promises to her.  Always come first.  Those are the promises I will never break.  The matter what they are for the rest of my life.  I just can't.  Watching her die.  It changed everything about me.

But for some reason I am a bit tired right now.  And that's okay.  I do a lot of strenuous work yesterday where I was moving furniture and basically rebuilding my chaise lounge because it is so old.  So today I'm just a little worn out.  It's no big deal.  Everything will get done.  I just can't do it as quickly as I would like to.  I just don't have that kind of strength anymore.  But so what?  That's how things are.

The worst thing about me or the toughest thing about me is the fact that I and so firm more rigid or hard when it comes to politics and money or politics and religion.  I'm a purist.  But so what?  It's just how I am.  And I am so while at the same time dealing with mental illness.  For anyone to think under any circumstances that I don't have unconditional love for everyone in this world, including those who have lived in the past and those who will be born in the future.  For anyone to think that would be a mistake.  Because I really do love everyone with all my heart.

But I really am getting very tired right now.  So if I don't stop now.  I will probably pass out.  And that's always embarrassing.  But it happens.

So let me get some rest.  And I will probably write later today.

I'm sorry I it's taking me a little longer to get going.  I am doing the best I can.  I hope anyone who is reading this Journal will understand that.  I have lots of good qualities.  I have lots of really good abilities.  But I'm also getting older and my body is just basically running down.  Which is okay.  As I always say, life is not meant to be wasted or abused.  Life is meant to be lived and meant to be used.  If you don't use your life.  If you don't live your life.  You lose your life.

Now I'm really tired.  I'll write later.

Thank you very much for listening.