Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Status Update Regarding My Darling Aileen's Death

For those who have any degree of interest into what is really going on in my life I thought I would share the latest developments regarding everything that is happening.

1.  Having discovered that MetroHealth medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio basically misdiagnosed my darling Aileen's condition in September 2006 I have filed a formal complaint with the Ohio medical board.  And I followed up that we as an online complaint to the administration of MetroHealth medical Center but because of a technical glitch I'm going to have to file that over this weekend by US mail.

With regard to MetroHealth medical Center one of the issues of course is that in 2006, September of that year, Aileen was actually saying by MetroHealth medical Center.  And all the evidence completely supports that she had liver cancer at that time and that her cancer was physically visible.  And that MetroHealth medical Center being expedient rather than actually concerned with her care.  Diagnosed her as prediabetic or borderline diabetic.  When in fact that was not the case and was never the case.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

This was also further substantiated by written communication to her family in 1991 where Aileen explained that she was having liver problems.  Which again is indicative of the liver cancer.  And again upon checking the medical records are liver cancer was actually caused by hepatitis C which then is concurrent with or in agreement with her conceptualization and her discussion of liver problems that she was experiencing in 1991.  And because the hepatitis C was tied to an event when she was 18 years old.  That further substantiates that in September 2006 MetroHealth medical Center did in fact misdiagnose her condition.  And from all the evidence I have gathered so far.  She would be alive today if they would have accurately diagnosed and treated her condition in September 2006

2.  Additionally, Aileen and I were told by the hospice team at MetroHealth medical Center the hospice care was going to be given to Aileen for free.  And yet when I have inspected the Medicaid recovery act itemized bill for $40,000 that MetroHealth in the state of Ohio and Medicaid submitted to me.  And then subsequently put a lien on my house in the amount of $40,000 where they initially were going to throw me out of my home.  But then were prevented from doing so.  Because I am not only the legal owner of the home.  But in addition I was Aileen's husband.  But when I looked at the itemized bill.  I found charges for hospice care included in the itemized bill which of course substantiates that MetroHealth medical Center misrepresented the facts to Aileen and I which is of course a crime under the definition of misrepresentation with intent to defraud.

The fact of the matter is that if MetroHealth medical Center would have been honest with Aileen and I about the hospice care being chargeable we would've never agreed to have hospice given to Aileen what she was dying.  But again MetroHealth was much more concerned with getting money from us than in fact being honest or giving her the care she actually needed.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

3.  Included in the complaint also is the fact that MetroHealth medical center has basically prevented me under any circumstances from being able to see any mental health professional other than for 15 min. and then only once every three months and that for 15 min. of conversation with Dr. Gottesman MetroHealth medical center has been charging me $150 for those 15 min. of conversation with Dr. Gottesman, who is my psychiatrist but that MetroHealth medical Center will not allow me under any circumstances to see my psychiatrist more than 15 min. once every three months.  Which is totally inadequate.

4.  There has been an indication that MetroHealth medical Center is attempting to violate Ohio law where regarding patients rights my medical records are to be transferred at my request to a new medical facility.  If I choose that to be done.  And to be done without any encumbrances.  And the indication I'm getting at this point is that MetroHealth medical center is refusing to transfer those medical records until I paid $150 for 15 min. of conversation that I had with Dr. Gottesman.

5.  As I said all of these issues have been reported to the Ohio medical board and to the Ohio Department of mental health.  Both agencies are in fact involved in doing an investigation into this and the Ohio Department of mental health is working to expedite matters and to extricate my records from MetroHealth medical center which under state and federal law they are not allowed to hold hostage even though that's what they are doing.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

Needless to say having been confronted with this kind of dishonesty on the part of MetroHealth medical center and their medical negligence in their care of my darling Aileen.  In September 2006.  I no longer have any real confidence in MetroHealth medical center.  Because I have all this evidence not only that they have lied but that they were expedient regarding my wife's care in September 2006 and that if they would have given her the care she deserved and September 2006 my darling Aileen would still be alive.

As I said earlier, while Aileen was dying at her first cancer appointment Dr. O'Brien who is the director of the cancer center at MetroHealth medical center said that MetroHealth medical center was in the wrong for not giving her the accurate diagnosis.  But Dr. O'Brien said it would not have made any difference.  And yet when I got a second opinion regarding Aileen's liver cancer and the timeline of the manifestation of the hepatitis C creating or causing cancer in her liver.  The fact of the matter is that Dr. O'Brien was basically not telling the truth.  Because in September 2006 Aileen did have cancer and it was treatable and she very probably would be alive today if they had made the correct diagnosis.  Had they not been more interested in getting money from us then in giving her the medical care she needed.  And for that one visit in September 2006 MetroHealth medical Center charged Aileen $940 and basically told her she was in good health when in reality she was at that time suffering with liver cancer.  Which again is medical negligence.

6.  I have already explained to all pertinent parties that I am not interested in any way any kind of compensation or seeking damages at all.  Nothing is going to bring Aileen back because she's already dead.  But the thought that MetroHealth medical center may in fact be committing the same crime against other people going to MetroHealth medical center in my mind is unconscionable.  And it is for that reason, I have moved forward reporting these potential crimes to the appropriate parties.  I don't ever want to see anyone else have to go through what I and my darling Aileen had to go through as a result of the dishonesty of MetroHealth medical center and their interest in getting money from people rather than giving them the quality care they deserve.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

7.  Additionally, as I said, I am working with the Ohio Department of mental health to secure my medical records so that I can then finally have access to the mental health medical care that I deserve.  And that I definitely do need.  Which I'm attempting to secure at my HMO facility which is Lutheran hospital here in Cleveland Ohio.  Further progress along these lines should be realized sometime this week.  And I plan to try to move forward with all of this next week.

8.  Additionally, since February 3 or the month of February, will constitute the very last mortgage payment that I need to pay in order to pay off the rehabilitation loan with Huntington bank.  But because I definitely don't trust banks.  I will be drafting a legal notice before the end of the week.  And my final payment the Huntington national Bank to close the mortgage or close the rehabilitation loan will include not only Aileen's death certificate and a copy of the deed showing that I am the legal owner of the home but also a copy of my marriage certificate proving that I am Aileen's husband legally and in addition the other pertinent identification papers for myself to substantiate that I am in fact the one who has been paying the mortgage payments and then certifying that the payment enclosed will in fact constitute the closure of the mortgage.  The letter is going to be sent registered and certified with a return receipt requested.  So that Huntington bank will not be able to do what number of banks have done in the past.  Which is to deny the last payment and then to attempt to roll back the mortgage on the home owner.  And because I don't trust banks, I just have a funny feeling that when I said that last payment in Huntington bank will lie and say they never got that payment and then we'll attempt to steal my home from me or attempt to roll back the mortgage on top of me claiming that they never received certain payments which is in fact is not true.  And so by sending an illegal letter with all the identification papers and sending that letter certified with a return receipt requested Huntington bank will not be able to deny that they have received that last payment and that they have in fact received legal notice pursuant to Ohio and federal law regarding the closure of the mortgage.  And that of course has to go out over the weekend.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

Additionally, I have been in touch with United healthcare and they are in fact working with me to secure transportation so that I do have the ability to get to Lutheran hospital in order to see my mental health professional.  Once the records have been transferred.

7.  I am also in the process of arranging for my general Dr. with my HMO plan with United healthcare for a general physical visit.  Because I still have a double hernia that I'm trying to have repaired.

Through all of this of course to say that I was devastated by learning and discovering that my darling Aileen would be alive today had not MetroHealth medical center been so greedy and dishonest has been, way one of the hardest things I've had to deal with since she died.  But I have never believed that suing the medical industry is a good idea.  Because unless you are suing for some condition that actually is fixable in my estimation.  Nobody wins.  So my motivation has always been and continues to be my concern for other people who may in fact be victimized or who might in fact be victimized at this time by MetroHealth medical center.  Because of how MetroHealth medical center is much more greedy and much more interested in the money they can get from people than they are in providing quality medical care.  Again they had the chance in September 2006 to get it right and to save my wife's life and they basically chose to not give a damn about her life.  Because they were more interested in charging her.  And I $940 and telling her she was fine when that was nothing but a boldfaced lie.  And I definitely don't want to see anyone else have to be subjected to that.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

It is a good that can come out of Aileen's death.  That has to be absolutely the foremost good that I might possibly be able to do.  To force MetroHealth medical center to be confronted by an confronted with the evidence and investigated by the medical authority for the state of Ohio to ensure that the ruling authority at MetroHealth medical center will get the message loud and clear that they do not have the right to lie to patients.  They do not have the right to disregard patients.  They do not have the right to be expedient with their care.  They do not have the right to be lackadaisical with their care and to simply pass someone off just because they are more interested in getting money than they are in providing good quality medical care.

What I think is absolutely remarkable is that this is the second time someone I have loved with all my heart has died and no one has even come forward without my solicitation to investigate the matter.  In 1950 my mother died as a result of barbaric cesarean procedures done on her when I was born and basically was not only left to die but was never even given a death certificate.  Her body was simply thrown away.  And for seven days as my biographical profile clearly shows.  I had no name at all and my mother died within two hours after I was born.  To this very day.  No one has even come forward to say they were sorry for what they did to my mother.  No one has offered to investigate why they murdered her and now here I am at the end of my life for in the last years of my life and the same thing is happening again my wife was basically left to die because the medical industry was much more interested in getting money from me and my wife than they were in trying to save her life.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

I can't help but wonder that if Aileen and I would have been Christian that we probably would not have been treated this badly.  And I don't have any proof to back that up.  But I certainly get the feeling that because we were not Christian because we are not Christian.  We don't get the same degree of medical care that Christians get in this country.  Because of my mother in 1950 would have been a Christian.  The new services would have been all over this story, wondering why she was murdered.  But because I'm a Jew.  No one even came forward to say they were sorry and no one has even investigated the matter at all.  And that speaks volumes about how ugly the medical industry really is and how prejudice they are.

Other agencies in Cuyahoga County and Cleveland and Ohio have been contacted about this matter and MetroHealth medical Center will in fact be investigated for possible wrongdoing and perhaps even the charge of wrongful death.  Because of how greedy they were and how dishonest they were and how they lied to me about the hospice care being free when it was not.  And as I said before if Aileen and I would have known that the hospice care would not be free or was not going to be free Aileen would have never agreed to allow hospice to take care of her at all because she would never have put $40,000 of debt on my back.  That is a given.  Anyone who knows Aileen and anyone who knows how much she and I loved each other and how much we love each other now knows that to be true.  So MetroHealth medical Center whether they like it or not has a lot to answer for.  And I don't expect them to be honest, under any circumstances.  I have never known the medical industry.  To be honest or straightforward.  When something like this has been found out.  Because when something like this is brought out the medical industry hires as many lawyers as they can and they will Dr. records they will do anything in order to make sure that they do not look guilty and they don't care if they have to bribe people.  They don't care if they have to lie.  They don't care about anything.  Because they hate anyone who ever dares to criticize them.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

And because there is a threat that.  Because I have even reported this matter.  That I might be denied any medical care by the medical community in Cleveland.  The Ohio Department of mental health and other agencies are making sure that will not happen.  That I, as an American citizen and the disabled American will be given the medical care that I deserve even know the medical community basically hates me because of how I am recording this matter and showing them to be the kind of liars that they were with my darling Aileen's care.  It's not my fault that they chose to lie.  It's not my fault that they were sloppy in September 2006.  It's not my fault that they chose to want to charge me $940 for medical services.  And then tell me that my wife was in good health when in fact she was dying of cancer.  All that shows me is that MetroHealth medical Center didn't give a damn about saving her life and just wanted my money.

And like I said, my whole purpose in doing all of this is so that no one else is victimized like my wife and I were.  Needless to say this is been a really devastating series of events it has really been one of the most debilitating things I have had to go through since my darling Aileen died of liver cancer on November 20, 2010 at Malachi House in Cleveland, Ohio.

In point of fact, when I first discovered all of this.  I was barely able to function in my personal life for almost a solid month.  I wasn't able to take a shower.  I was hardly able to do anything around the house.  Because I was so devastated and in point of fact, I still am having a lot of emotional and mental issues trying to do with the fact that my darling Aileen did not have to die.  At least the way that she did.  But nothing is going to bring her back.  I know that.  And the greater good year is not to seek my own interests but to do the best I can to protect others.  Not only is that my duty as a human rights advocate but it is my duty as a human being.  It is my duty as a world citizen.  Because if in fact MetroHealth medical Center is found guilty of what it appears they have done.  That means that if they can do that to me they can do that to anyone, which is why I am including in my see also section below the current readout on medical mistakes.  They're taking place in the United States.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

For every one of us that does not speak out the medical industry gets away with murder.  Literally.  And again, I believe that is absolutely unconscionable.

But I have finally worked my way through this extremely difficult emotional discovery and process and I have every confidence that the Ohio Department of mental health and other agencies are not going to allow me to be mistreated simply because I am Jewish, even though that is the pervading attitude in the United States.  Because when I was growing up as I've said many times, the rule was that the Muslims hate the Jews and the Jews, hate the Muslims and the Catholics and Christians hate everyone.  And in 62 years of life I have never seen that particular fact ever change.  It is as true now as it was when I was growing up.

And it also needs to be stated that in 1962 again which is shown very clearly in my biographical profile in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  The Catholics and Christians.  And my fellow Jews.  When I was on my way to elementary school at Fairfax school in Cleveland Heights chase to me would clouds threatening to kill me and my bicycle hit the curb when I was trying to get to school and I was strong from my bicycle and I slid for 12 feet on the left side of my face.  Because my mother and father were members of Oakwood club and the social register in Cleveland.  It was unseemly for them to have a child who would have a scar on their face.  So my parents paid $50,000 to have the left side of my face rebuilt.  And while it was being rebuilt.  My face actually became infected with impetigo which is a flesh eating disease, and it was feared at one point that I would lose all of the scan on my face.  Of course that did not happen, but only because of the expert care that I was being given at the time.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

But in addition to that what happened at that same moment was that evidently my left knee hit the pavement so hard that bone and cartilage became broken inside my left knee.  And that was not discovered until 1965.  My parents basically being wealthy and alcoholic didn't really care about my left leg because it was going to cost $150,000 to repair my left leg.  My parents didn't think I was worth it.  So they began to call me damaged goods.  At that time.  So my left leg was never repaired.  And so all my life.  Because of the hatred that my fellow Jews and the Catholics and Christians in Cleveland Heights had for me.  I have been partially crippled in my left leg and as I said the incident took place in 1962 and I'm now the same age as the year it happened.  I'm 62 years old and for all those years.  Every time I walk I have a limp and I have that limp because of the hatred the Catholics and Christians had for me because I am a Jew.

I don't hate anyone.  I don't hate anyone for being a Catholic or Christian or Jewish or any other religion.  I don't hate anything that God made.  The only thing I don't like is the behavior that we as human beings find so easy to take on either.  Because we are greedy or selfish or Eric that are hateful.  In the neighborhood where I live there is a neighbor in my neighborhood who hates me so badly that they are spreading lies about me all over the neighborhood.  And they do everything they possibly can to cause harm to me and to ruin my reputation they attack me all the time was verbally they have nothing but hatred for me.  And they have threatened to kill me on a number of occasions.  But after over 40 years of dealing with the hatred coming from my fellow Jews and coming from the Catholic and Christian community in the United States, I am pretty much numb from all of the hatred.  I'm pretty much used to being hated in this world.

But I promise my darling Aileen.  I would maintain this house and I'm going to do that to my dying breath.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

In actuality my darling Aileen and I talked about this medical instance from September 2006 and we both felt that MetroHealth medical center had actually ignored the issues going on with her.  And basically let her die.  And Aileen wanted me to investigate this matter to its conclusion.  And I promised her I would do so but during the first two years after she died.  I just was not able to emotionally even look at those records.  It was only after the second anniversary of her death on November 20, 2012 that I was actually able to look at those records and to investigate the matter.

So this really was one of the hardest promises that Aileen asked me to keep but it is being handled.  And hopefully by the middle of February.  I will then be able to move on to the next set of promises I made to my darling Aileen.

I can't really begin to describe how I emotionally feel right now it's just too difficult in this world wanted to insult me or to hurt me then I should congratulate this world because they did a very good job of doing both of insulting me and hurting me very deeply losing Aileen was losing the one single person in my life that I love more than my own life.  And that I still love more than the air I breathe.  But I wanted to make a full and clear statement about the progress is being made.  And I fully expect MetroHealth medical Center to lie and to do everything they can to cheat me.  And to be as dishonest as possible because they are that kind of hospital they are a very dishonest hospital they are extremely money hungry.  They always have been.  They don't really care about medical care as much is the money they get an everyone in the entire city of Cleveland knows that that MetroHealth medical Center is one of the worst hospitals in the entire state.  Regardless of how they may be rated medically they are some of the meanest and crew list people I have ever been associated with in medicine.  They don't seem to have any problem lying to anyone as long as they get their money and they don't really seem to give a damn about medical care is much as they do about money.  And while they haven't really succeeded in destroying me what they have done is showing me very clearly they have succeeded in showing me with absolute clarity that they can do this to me that they probably have no difficulty in doing this to anyone at all.  And that's what I don't want to have to I don't want them to do this to someone else.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

So I haven't been posting as much as I wanted to and my emotions have been extremely conflicted with a lot of turbulence.  I was destroyed when I found that the medical community basically murdered my mother in 1950 I was even more destroyed when I tried to bring this matter up repeatedly in my life.  And mostly I was ignored.  And in fact, it was mostly I was completely ignored because no one has even decided that my mother was worth enough to even investigate why she was killed.  Which means the medical community didn't give a damn about my mother.  Because all they wanted was to get the baby and to sell that baby on the black market.  Because I have a bill of sale where the medical community basically sold me to my parents seven days after my mother died and seven days with my having been born an orphan.

And I never thought that that kind of crime would ever happen again, but it has.  Maybe it's happening because I'm a pacifist.  Maybe it's happening because I'm easy to hate.  But even if that is the case, why should any human being be treated this way.  With this kind of deceit with this kind of shoddy humanity?

So needless to say my energy has been tremendously strained during this time I've been extremely tired.  Everyone knows Aileen knows that I tried for years to get her to go to the hospital.  Everyone knows that Aileen never once in 18 years mentioned to me are anyone else that she was having liver problems.  Not once.  And the letter she wrote.  Her brother where she was telling him that she had liver problems was never sent.  So Claude never even knew that in 1991 Aileen had liver problems until we were going through the papers during the first year after she died.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

Aileen told everyone including me that the swelling in her legs and the sores on her lower legs were as a result of a gardening accident.  But as time went on I knew there was something else going on.  But I did not want to press her because I respected and loved Aileen with all my heart as I do now and she had already lost three of her children.  She had been brutally raped three different times.  None of those times produced any of her children, so it was those were two separate instances to separate kinds of things that happened she was raped brutally three times and she lost all three of her children with one of her children dying in her arms within 40 min. after it was born.  Additionally, Aileen was a domestic violence victim.  Where as a result of her first husband being brutal Aileen was thrown across an entire room by her husband, where her for had struck a table.  And she had a scar across the very top of her for had.  Which is one of the reasons my darling Aileen did not like anything that was not around.  Because she was afraid of striking her head.

Given these kinds of things going on in my darling Aileen.  Under no circumstances that I feel that it was appropriate or fair in any way to press her when she was telling me that what was going on with her legs was as a result of gardening accident.  So I didn't.  But as time went on I kept begging her to go to the hospital and she kept refusing.  Because she didn't like doctors.  She didn't trust doctors and of course now I certainly understand why.  But she finally relented in September 2006 and consented to go to the hospital.  And the best that MetroHealth medical Center could do was to basically lie to her and to ignore her.

So everyone who knows Aileen or who knew Aileen knows I did everything in my power everything I possibly could to try to help her to find some kind of happiness and always feel secure knowing the matter what she would always be in my heart and I would always stand by her in everything.  If I would've had the emotional stamina I would have investigated this entire matter during the first year after she died.  But I just couldn't do it.

I can say with absolute certainty that my spirituality during these 2 1/2 years have been has been tested far more than I ever thought possible.  And I know the Catholics and Christians hate my guts and they would love to see me dead.  But I will tell you this the same God that everyone claims to worship is the same God that made me choke you hate me and you hate the very God you claim to worship.  Because during these two years or two in a half years after my darling Aileen has died God and I have become extremely good friends.  Because I don't have anyone to talk to.  Nobody comes to see me or to check on me at all.  Nobody even comes up to my door unless they want something.  So I'm alone here with my darling Aileen R4 cats and God.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

The cats don't talk.  Aileen and I believe it or not we actually talk all the time and whether anyone chooses to believe it or not so to God.  And I.  We talk all the time.  And it wasn't for my darling Aileen and God.  I don't believe I would ever have made it this far.

But I will keep going one way or the other.  It would be nice if some time I were not hated so much.  But I don't think that's going to happen.  Because hating Jews is in fashion in the United States.  It's the thing to do the right wing Christian extremists hate Jews so badly because they hate the God they worship.  Because he was a Jew and the right wing Christian extremists hate everything.  So much that they don't care that Jesus was a Jew.  Because they just hate anyone who isn't like them which is one of the reasons I can't even watch anything violent on TV anymore, which is one of the reasons I don't hardly watch any news I can't be around that kind of hatred.  I just can't.

And that may sound peculiar with the kind of writing I do.  But I don't hate anyone.  I am bombastic in my writing because I have to be not because I want to be.  But because it's my job.  As a human rights advocate I'm not supposed to look at all the good things we're doing and saying.  Good job.  I'm supposed to look at how we are screwing up and not only ask why.  But as a human rights advocate it is my duty to demand of all of us that we do that are.  And being a pacifist.  Like I have all my life.  I don't see any sense whatsoever in the support of violence and hatred that we in these United States are in fact supporting and promoting.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

What I'm writing about really hot button issues I will more times than not, broad stroke or generalize and I do that in order to be divisive.  Because it is a very effective tool.  Conceptually speaking because I know there are good Christians.  And I know there are good Catholics and I know there are good people but only when you generalize we you hear from the good people that they don't want to be part of that generalization and that's exactly why I do it.  To encourage the good Christians and good Catholics and the good Jews and the good Muslims to stand up and speak out against the extremism going on in this world.  I am a survivor of that kind of extremism.  I lost a lot of friends who have been murdered as a result of that extremism.  And because there are other people.  I have made promises to like the nine wonderful children who were in the Ward with me in 1968.  As a human rights advocate.  I am very tough-minded because I don't see any middle ground.  I don't see any compromise between owning a firearm and claiming to be pro-life.  Because I am pro-life and that is stated in my see also section below.  That I do not believe in or support in any way violence against, or the killing of any human being.  I never have and I never will.

But now you know what it has been like for the last several weeks.  And even the last few months.  Because I've been trying to deal with all of this and I knew it was going to be difficult.  This summer I just didn't talk about the medical aspect of it.  I wasn't ready to.

So now it's just about 9 PM.  And I'm really quite tired.  So I'm probably going to try to put on a funny movie and then I will close my eyes and I will meditate and pray and I will hold which normally does in fact take place that while I sleep my darling Aileen will come to me and we can be in each other's arms with God away from the hatred of humankind.  Because God never hated me for what I am or what I have been.  It's only been God's creations who have hated me.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

And then tomorrow morning I will get up and do it all over again.  I did finally when I was trimming my hair and it turned out to be a rather good decision is really does look fairly good.  It actually looks great according to what other people have told.  So I am getting closer to finally putting my picture.  A more recent picture of myself then the one that is currently on my Journal page I'm getting closer to putting an updated picture up on my Journal page.  It's just going to take a little more time yet.  I just have a lot going on right now.

And I have lots of research to do over the next couple of days.  So I may not post is much as I want.  But I will try and divide become bombastic for those who actually do care about me.  Please just low it off.  Please it's my job.  The prime law of being a human rights advocate is that you always have to come last.  No matter what.  Because if you don't then any human rights effort you might be involved with or in fact initiate will fail.  Because the basic axiom is only when you come last.  We you ever come first.

I think God that my darling Aileen is with me.  And I think God that God has not turned his back on me.  Some people who know me from around the country have said that they can't believe I'm holding up.  Like I am with everything I'm going through and for some reason I just don't seem to feel like what I'm going through is that significant.  Although I know it is because when they say those things to me.  The first thought on my mind is not about me but about the millions of amazing men, women and children all over this world who are suffering with things are much worse.  Like the fact that in the United States alone every year 6 million women are either beaten raped or murdered in a nation that is 78% Christian.  Which means that 78% of the women in the United States being murdered every year are being killed by Christians pro-life Christians.  Furthermore, every year in the United States 6 million women are either murdered or their lives are destroyed and when you consider that in World War II.  Adolf Hitler murdered approximately 6,000,000 people, it becomes disgusting to consider that in April Christian nation like the United States, which claims to be pro-life but the Christians in the United States have done so much better than Hitler ever could.  Because in the same space of time is World War II took place where Hitler murdered 6 million people in the same four years.  Every four years that goes by in the United States 10 times the amount of people that died in the death camps in World War II 10 times the amount that died 16 million women every year beaten raped or murdered 10 times the amount of all the people who died in the death camps.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

So when the Catholics and Christians talk about being pro-life.  My answer to them is very simple if we are pro-life, then why is it that no one at the state or the federal level is talking about this national disgrace?  Why are none of the Republicans and none of the tea party members in Congress talking about this absolute atrocity?  Why are the Christians and Catholics not dealing with this problem?  Every four years 10 times the amount of people that died in the death camps in World War II are being destroyed and murdered and all of them are women.  It's absolutely disgusting to realize that Christians are doing this to the very type of person that their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died protecting.  Because he was crucified for protecting women.  And yet, in the United States 78% of all of the women murdered are murdered by Christians.  So where is their faith in Jesus Christ then?  How can they believe in Jesus Christ.  When 78% of the women being murdered are being murdered by Christian to go to church and pray to Jesus Christ and say they are following their Jesus Christ.  While they are in fact standing by and not even talking about I'll mass murder of women.  And that is taking place in the United States.  That is 10 times greater and 10 times worse than all of the murders and killing done in World War II when the death camps?

When I consider the circumstances nothing in my life.  The matter how bad it might seem has any meaning whatsoever.  Because nothing in my life can compare with that kind of atrocity.  We call our country a pro-life nation.  How the hell can we be pro-life.  When we are destroying 6 million women every single year?

If this is the best that we can do that a medical system lie to us and basically murder those that we care about.  Because the medical system is more interested in money.  Then in giving medical care and if the best we can do is be filthy liars about our religion.  We claim to believe in God.  And yet we destroy the lives that God has given to us to protect than what the hell do we have as far as a right calling ourselves pro-life?

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

I love humanity.  I love this world.  I love every single thing that God made.  But God did not make our behavior.  We created that all on our own.  So all of the Christians you are murdering women have no right under any circumstances blaming God for their violent hatred and their killing of women they have no right and just as Jesus said at the sermon on the mount.  That which you do to the least of all that God has created God will do to you.

So for any of the Christians and Catholics who have not paid attention to those words.  I feel sorry for you.  Because God will do to you what you have done to others.  Whether you like it or not.  And if you don't believe in those words then why are you a Christian?

We need to do better.  No matter what we have to do better.  Because lives are depending on it.  Our children are depending on us to do better if we don't, it won't be us who will suffer it'll be our children and in my heart and soul.  I don't believe that is the kind of legacy.  We should give to our children.  I just don't think that's fair.

Thank you very much for listening.

(For support and source documentation, and further reading, please see my "See Also:" section below.)

See Also:

The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

"THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.

and by that time no one was left to speak up."

Pastor Martin Niemöller

      Child Poverty Statistics:

    • 25,000 children die each day from poverty
    • 1041 children die every hour due to poverty
    • 17 children die every minute from poverty
    • 750,000 children die every month from poverty
    • 9,000,000 children die every year from poverty

    Child mortality Statistics:

    • 9.2 million children die every year
    • 780,000 children die every month
    • 26,000 children die every day
    • 18 children die every minute

An estimated 9.2 million children under the age of five will die this year – nearly 26,000 per day or 18 every minute. This is greater than the annual number of deaths from 1. AIDS (2 million), malaria (900,000), and tuberculosis (1.5 million) combined. 2. Neonatal disorders, pneumonia and diarrhea are the major causes of under-five mortality.

Globally, 80 percent of all child deaths are due to only a handful of causes: neonatal causes, pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria. 3. Pneumonia or sepsis, pre-term delivery, and asphyxia at birth are the leading causes of neonatal deaths. Malnutrition is responsible for over a third of child deaths.


And, according to recent United States statistics, there are approximately 43,000 suicides that take place, in the United States every single year. That would be one suicide taking place, by children as young as 12, or possibly younger, up to our oldest citizens. Approximately every 15 minutes.

Not one single penny that the pro-life movement spends on their so-called pro-life movement goes toward saving any of these “living” children’s lives. Not one single cent. Which means that not one single cent of the so-called pro-life movement is being used to save any of the amazing children and absolutely fantastic women, and men, who are being killed, or suffering horribly, every single minute. so naturally, it becomes impossible to conclude that the pro-life movement is pro-life at all, if they will not even save the lives of living children and men and women. But will always only be concerned with, and define life as the “fetus” only. And THAT’S NOT how their own God Jesus Christ defines life, in their own Bible.

Which means that the pro-life movement is not pro-life at all. Because their money is “not” going to save any living life on this planet. Their money is only going toward forcing women to bear children against their will. And that’s not how their own God, Jesus Christ defines pro-life.

If The Almighty will not allow the smallest sparrow to fall from the sky, why, should we, the creations of that same Almighty, do any less?

incidents that take place every year, are committed by approximately 78% of the population, meaning people who claim to be Christians. (US Religious Demographic Statistics ). And that is something that the Christian conservatives , and those who are Catholics, never seem to want to discuss, and in many, if not most, cases, will lie about. Unless they are forced to do so, and/or tell the truth, in a court of law.

And again, their own God, Jesus Christ says in their own Bible, not to judge anyone, and not to hurt anything that God makes. That’s anything. So, these statistics are really meant to illustrate about being responsible for one’s own choices and actions. That would be, in their own Bible, free-will choices and free-will actions.

For the record, I do not now, nor have I ever hated any human being on earth. I do not hate, regarding my spirituality, and spiritual beliefs, anything that God did make. Meaning that I do not hate the “humanity” that exists within any human being. However, God did not make the personal choices that humans make, regarding how they behave, and/or present themselves, to the world. So if a human being chooses, of their own free will to demonstrate their behavior with racism, bigotry, prejudice, and hatred for other humans, on the basis of their own free will choice as to how they define their spirituality within themselves, that is their own choice. So I do not hate any human being for being that which God did make. I hate only the choices and the manner in which humans have decided to demonstrate their behavior to one another. I do not hate religion. However, I will never give my support to “any” religion, that has ever caused harm to, or killed, a single human being, in any way, as a result of the religion demonstrating, or manifesting it’s presence in the world. If any religion has ever harmed or killed a single human being, I respect the right of all humans to believe what they want in life. I, personally, will under no circumstances give my support for any religion, or theological belief, that has ever harmed or killed even a single human being. This is what I have dedicated my life to as a spiritualist and a pacifist here on earth. So any attempt by anyone to portray me as hating anyone is a lie. Because that is not so. The foregoing clearly shows that I have no hatred for humankind or for any religion.



    My Pro-Life Statement

For the record, I am pro-life . I do not support violence against, or the killing of any human being under any circumstances! And the only way that I ever deviate from that stand is that I do not believe that God has ever given any human the right to dictate to any woman how she is to arbitrate her life with the Almighty, and/or God . Therefore, I believe that all women deserve the right to choose for themselves the fate of their own bodies, pursuant to their relationship with the Almighty, and/or God . My position regarding this statement is more fully explained in my article entitled: Second Gear.


    The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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