Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Regarding my Previous Journal Entry "swimming To Shore"

This journal entry is in response to a comment made regarding my "previous journal entry" entitled: "Swimming to Shore". 

The reality is that the Catholic and Christian doctrines might interpret what I have written in "Swimming to Shore" to be based upon, or relative to, the book of Revelations, in the Catholic and Christian Bibles. But to be perfectly clear, the book of Revelations was not written by, or directed by God. But was in fact a Biblical interpretation of events in the old and the New Testament, whereby, as a result of the Ecumenical Council, the book of Revelations, a Biblical interpretation of events in the Old and New Testament, were found to have potential legitimate expressions of faith, regarding the Catholic and Christian doctrine.

However, the book of Revelations, was most certainly not directed by, or written by what could be considered as, "the Almighty", or God. But, like I said, during the Ecumenical Council, the book of Revelations became considered to be a pertinent part of the Christian and Catholic Doctrine.

That being said, the book of Revelations, does contain, potential references, that could be considered as theological interpretations of possible future, physical events, on earth, as a result of the potentiality of the various events that the book of Revelations was written from.

Meaning that, there is a possibility that some of the things in the book of Revelations have, to some degree, a potential of being physically realized in the world. But, at the same time, most of the book of Revelations is considered as just what I have said. " A Biblical interpretation of events in the Old and the New Testament of the Bible".

The entire argument that has been presented here, in my original journal entry, was done from the perspective of Christian and Catholic doctrine, as it applies to the Catholics and the Christians as the two faiths began to emerge more solidly in the world, Specifically after the excommunication of Martin Luther, and the separation of Saint Francis of Assisi.

For the reality is, physically and quantum physically speaking, there is no heaven or hell. Where there probably is one, religiously or spiritually speaking. In the matter of science, there truly is no location in the universe that could be considered "hell" or "heaven".

Yet, at the same time, the scientific principle of "the law of return", is a dynamic that has been supported and expressed in the Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Wiccan, Pagan, Druid, Buddhist, Native American, and other spiritual expressions of humankind.

So, using the knowledge of the science of quantum mechanics and Newtonian Metaphysics, it becomes clear that the 'potentiality' of "the law of return" is, at this time in human and earth history, significant enough to legitimize the expressions of Catholic and Christian doctrine, for the purposes of illustration. Pursuant to the original intent, and/or or doctrines, and/or mandates that were expressed at the Sermon on the Mount, and at other times in the life of Jesus. Once again, going back to various Biblical references, that explain and were part of the time-line of Jesus, as he was living and maturing to the point where he split from the Jewish Orthodoxy, whereby he then claimed, and declared that there was a new interpretation to the Old Testament Gospel.

So, with that in mind, meta-physicians such as myself are now taking the line that the best way to be of help to humanity, in the long view, is not to continue to deflect, or to lessen the effects of the negative energy that is being generated as a result of humanity's movement toward violence and hatred and other forms of negative expression.

But in fact to change the polarity of our own energetic expressions, in such a way as to accelerate the return of negative energy to the planet, as a result of the cumulative negative energy that humanity is creating. And by doing this, with the negative energy becoming stronger. Humanity will then find it more advantageous and beneficial to act more positively in their own lives, and as human beings. Realizing more succinctly that the negative energy that we humans create with our behavior and lives, do in fact have real and long lasting consequences.

While this change in polarity is not meant to, nor will actually cause, manifest any of the negative energy, or energetic representation of the cumulative human behavior in the world. This change in polarity is meant to remove any shielding that meta-physicians have been attempting to substantiate. And then, once again, only for the reason that the best way to teach humanity to stop acting in the manner that humanity is currently behaving. Is in fact to allow humanity to experience the real and physical effects of their own negative behavior more physically and dramatically. And then to the point where humanity finds it much more beneficial to change the polarity of their own lives in such a way as to decrease the negative energy and/or energetic effects, of their own lives, behavior and choices.

While Revelations seems to be a very good and plausible explanation of what may in fact come about. The reality is, that the universe, and/or that energy that we all call by so many different names as God, or the Almighty, has no use for language or words. We humans are the ones who invented language and words. Just as we humans are responsible for our own choices.

So while, for purposes of "faith" the book of Revelations have some degree of relevancy. When it comes to what is actually taking place in the universe and here on earth. Revelations has perhaps only about 25% relevancy, due to the fact that, once again, revelations is a "Biblical interpretation" of various Biblical events in the Old and New Testament. Which of course use words and language.

Yet, in the universe the amount of life forms that use "words" and any form of human understood "language" are practically non-existent. The key word being practically. For there are indications that perhaps as much as 10% of all life forms (out of the billions that exist), in the universe do, have the capacity and/or the ability to use and express various forms of linguistic or language oriented expressions.

Yet, the pervading environment, energetically speaking, in the universe is that energy movements, and expressions in the universe are not dependent on, or involve any form of linguistic expression, or language.

Meaning that no matter how many forms of expression or different types of expression that we humans may come up with to explain what is happening now, or what will happen in the future. Most of what is going to happen will not be based on our linguistic, and/or language expressions. The universe does not operate on the basis of our cumulative understanding or expressions of our spirituality or religious doctrines.

So the negative effects of what may in fact take place in the coming months and years, as a result of humanity's collective negative behavior will in fact have more basis in the law of return than in any religious, or spiritual doctrine, and/or understanding.

The long and the short is that. Meta-physicians such as myself believe that humanity needs to physically experience the effects of their ugly and negative behavior, more dramatically, so that humanity will then understand the importance of making better choices.

So the metaphysical work that meta-physicians like myself and others are now engaged in is rather than to shield humanity from the negative energy that humanity is creating. Rather than attempting to lessen the negative effects, energetically speaking, that humanity is generating from the cumulative behavior that humanity is supporting and promoting.

It is better to allow humanity to feel the full effects of their own negative behavior, as it will be demonstrated on earth and in their own lives. And that by doing this, generationally speaking, humanity then has a slightly better chance of making more appropriate choices with regard to the overall survival and positiv evolutionary progression of humanity in general.

This was truly the purpose of this journal entry. But due to the fact that humanity's thinking, for the most part, is tremendously linear, and symptomatic, I believed, as I wrote this journal article that the most effective way would be to turn the various religious doctrines back on themselves, whereby the various religions would then have to resolve the various religious issues within their own doctrines. And to the point where it was, and is, hoped that humanity will then make better choices. Thereby yielding a better chance of survival.

Thank-you very much for listening.