Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

America hates the mentally ill
America's answern to how to the mentally ill is and has always been simple and cost effective.
1. America forces us to take medications to "force" us to be like everyone else, aned does not want us to be ourselves. And most of the medications don't work.
2. America does all it can to either deny us medical care. Or to make the medical care so expensive that we get "no" medical care. I haveen mentally ill since age 4. Currently I am not allowed, at my current hospital, to see any mental health professional. Except that I can see my mental health doctor. But I am only allowed to see mmy y doctor for 15 minutes every 3 months. And for those 15 minutes metrohealth medical center, in cleveland, Ohio charges me $150 for just 15 of mental health help. And I'm only allowed to see my mental health doctor for 15 minutes. So I get no mental health care.
3. America hates ua mentally ill so badly. That when ruining our lives with crap medications that don't work. America then "cuts out" sections of our brains, agaiin to destroy our lives and force us not to be allowed to be who we are. But to be what others demand that we be. So we have no equal rights.
4. And when maaking us poor or throwing crap meds at us doesn't work, or prenting us from getting medical care does not work. America puts us in cages in prison hoping that we will just die.
5. And whe all this faills. America demonstrates their hatred for us by "not" providing any help when we are so frightened that we end up killing ourselves. America's answer. Good ruddence. The more of the stupid bastards who are mentally that kill themselves or die the better off the world is.
6. And this is the case when every medical report for the last 75 years has proven that the vast majority of the mentally are more intelligent than the "normal" general population.
7. And because America hates us so much. When people talk to us they always talk slowly and loudly because they think we are hard of hearing or stupid. Again, when every medical report for the. Last 75 years shows clearly that the majority of us who are mentally are actually substially more intelligent than the "normal" population. That's because America hates people who are too smart.
So excuse if I am not impressed with the continued hatred and the lies coming from the "so-called" normal world that has shown us clearly that America hates rather than wanting to help uw or give us proper medical care.
America hates the mentally. And that will never change.