Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The world of 2030: U.S. declines; food, water may be scarce | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

The world of 2030: U.S. declines; food, water may be scarce | The Ticket - Yahoo! News

I would like to say that the TV weatherman who are screaming and yelling about how global warming is nothing but a hoax are right.  But I can't say that.  Because the reality is that whether the weather men or anyone else likes it or not, you're just going through physical changes.  And regardless of what anyone might say I have never said global warming is a fact.  I've never said that I have said that the best scientific minds for the last 150 years regarding global warming are all included in my global warming research which is listed in my see also section below.

Actually, this news story is presenting a rather well-known scenario one of many, that have been presented over the years.  Of course, scientifically speaking, this news story does carry a certain amount of weight.  Which means, paying homage to the TV weatherman are telling everyone in science that everyone who is a scientist is basically a moron.  Because they are the only ones who understand science at all.  That the TV weatherman are actually wrong when they say there is no change taking place in the climate on earth.  Because the weatherman are saying this in the face of scientific and physical evidence.  Which means the weatherman are simply acting out because of their own egos and how they are trying to make themselves out like they are smart or then the best scientific minds that have existed in the world last 200 years.

So these weatherman are basically saying that they actually know more than all of the scientists for the last 200 years who have talked about environmental conditions, scientifically on earth.  Which is remarkable.  Because if they really know that much, then one wonders why they are simply in the position of being a weatherman and not actually being consulted with by the United Nations and other governments.  I mean if they really are smarter than all of the scientific minds for the last 200 years that have existed in the human condition.  Then, these weatherman should actually be consultants to the United States and to the United Nations and foreign governments and every scientist in the world must actually turn away from their scientific work and believe only what these weatherman are saying because they are saying they no more than every scientist they know more than science in general.  They know more than anyone else in the entire world.  And no one should believe anything from anyone, or that anyone tells them except with these weatherman tell them.  Because that is how they are acting.

And I purposely did not blink the above discussion to that particular article about the news men, meaning the weatherman.  Because I did not want to draw attention to their stupidity.

I have never in my life ever said that I believed global warming was a fact or the climate change was a fact.  I have always said, and shall continue to do so.  That the earth is in fact getting older and that some of the things that Earth is experiencing are as a result of its increasing age.  And that these conditions could be interpreted as or part of a possible change in the climate of the earth, whereby these changes might in fact be part of any possible climate change or global warming process that may in fact be taking place.

But that is all I have ever said.  So that's the first part.

The second part deals with the likelihood of a scenario like what is being talked about in this article might actually happen.  Anyone who can't see the writing on the wall or cannot see the validity in what this article is reporting probably needs to go back to school.

Let's look at the basics.  If you push all of the global conflicts throughout the world that are being engaged in on the basis of religion or politics or other forms of our thinking or our behavior.  And if you push all those conflicts to the side.  What you have left are conflicts over three basic things.  Food, shelter, and clothing or security.

And what's remarkable is that those three concepts are the very same things that we humans have been fighting about since we first began to live communally in the world.

So when you look at other animals you see them fighting over territory and food and sometimes shelter.  So in that we humans are just like any other animal.  We fight over the same things.  Food, shelter and clothing or personal security, which is territory.

So given that, as a basic baseline for how conflicts take place between animals and we are one of the animals in this world.  This then of course gives even more credibility to this article.  Because given the ratio of available food and shelter and territory or personal space available on the planet, in relation to the burgeoning level of population and the accelerated rate of population growth in certain areas of the world or in various aspects of the human condition.  It then of course follows the with the increase number of people in the world or larger population that the resources in the world which do have limits would in fact become not only diminished but also become a point of contention.  Exactly as it always has been in the past from the earliest times when we humans live communally.  It's

So consequently it is foreseeable within future generations that resources and supplies become diminished to the point where this article that has a great deal of credibility.

But this is what I really have been trying to talk about in a slightly more abstracted manner.  Because I'm not trying to ignite hot spot or hot button issues regarding this whole back and forth cat and mouse game that we are playing with ourselves as to whether any kind of climate change may be taking place.  From my perspective the signs are extremely visible.  And I have studied not only the science of meteorology.  But quantum mechanics and quantum physics the Newtonian metaphysics as well.  So I have an appreciation for the different points of view regarding how certain processes on the planet might actually be breaking down slowly to the point where certain meteorologically displayable events are in fact becoming more magnified, and possibly more disorganized.

So the potentiality of this scenario playing out does seem to have a stronger possibility of actually manifesting.  But mostly on the basis of the fact that the number of people in the world are growing tremendously in certain areas and in certain aspects of the general population.  In relation to the amount of sustainable resources.  The planet is able to generate at this time.  To either generate or two in fact manifest in one way or another.  Meaning that conflicts over generations could in fact shift away from our emotions and our thoughts such as conflicts over politics and religion more to conflicts over food, shelter and territory.

That is not only highly plausible but given the circumstances not only of the article but what is actually physically taking place in the world.  Again, this story does seem to have a certain degree of credibility.  Which is one of the reasons I keep talking about in my Journal about how humanity has to basically mature.  That humanity has to grow up and understand its responsibility is custodians to its own species.  Because of the fact that we have cognitive brains.  And also our responsibility to this planet as being one of the animal life forms on the planet.  Q at the very least, not be mindful of our custodianship to this planet and to ourselves.  This of course an action that could in fact signify that we basically don't have very much respect for ourselves or for life in general.  Because if we did then we would be much more interested in preserving life rather than in the scrolling live.  Which is what most of our activity revolves around.

But again he gets back to that same old tug-of-war between the industrialized military complex versus the sustaining life complex.  Which I have talked about before.  And as long as these two complexes are allowed to continue feeding each other's extremist oriented tendencies, whereby the primary result is loss of life.  Until these two sides of the argument can somehow or other, be moderated.  Once again the potentiality of scenarios like with this article is talking about are extremely likely which again means that whether humanity likes it or not.  Humanity is going to have to make better choices.  And, according to this article, it appears that humanity is moderately running out of time.  That is the choices are not made within the next two generations, the ramifications from not making those choices seem to be somewhat severe.

So, like I said, either we start learning how to live with each other or we can get used to the fact that as a result of changes going on with the planet itself and changes internally within the general population where we're finding it much easier to fight with each other and try to kill each other.  Then we are finding it being able to live with each other.  Until we deal with that issue.  Or if we do not deal with that issue the ramifications or the potentialities that come to the surface are extremely challenging as far as survival.  And if that's what we want to give to our children then we can go ahead and believe the weather men who are saying nothing is happening and everything is fine.  Because then no one will care about whether we give our children a better world or if we give our children a world that is so broken that our children will have a very hard time surviving in the world.

Because in reality that is exactly what we are currently doing.  We're giving our children a world that is so broken that our children are going to have a really difficult time trying to fix what we have simply argued about rather than taking very much action to do anything about.

I mean it really is in humanities best interests to stop all of the conflict and all of the hatred and all of the killing and to try and work together as one species respecting each other for power, survived.  But of course, that requires a ton of huge choices.  Choices that most people don't want to make much less governments and cultures.  Which means we are back to the weatherman theory that nothing is wrong and everything is fine.  And yet the reality is something that never gives up.  Because no matter what anyone might say.  Reality always wins.

So the reality of this entire matter is that in those last moments of life.  When perhaps a family is trapped in their home and a large typhoon is coming on shore.  And his family sees the wave of storm coming toward them and they realize those are going to be there last moments on earth.

So given that kind of feeling which is what millions of people have experienced because of the growing or expanding weather conditions.  One wonders whether or not it is a good idea to prepare for nothing, rather than to prepare for something.

Because if we don't at least prepare for the eventuality that living conditions, socially and culturally and physically are going to become much more strenuous than if in fact that does happen and we have not made any preparations then we will be caught very much like that family trapped in their home with a huge wave of typhoon or hurricane storm coming right at them.  Because that's exactly what we will be.  We will be the deer in the headlights.  Because we will have on along with the weatherman and other people like them claiming that everything is fine and everything is fantastic and nothing is going to happen.

So how many of the people of this world.  Do you hope will in fact behave that way?  Because if they are not prepared at all for at least something to happen then what are they prepared for if anything?

So at the very least it logically make sense if we are in fact concerned about survival at all, for us to at least make preparations in the event that something does happen.  And maybe in order to placate groups like the weatherman who are claiming that nothing is going to happen.  Because nothing is happening.  Maybe the amount of preparations we need to do should be as minimal as possible so as not to offend anyone who believes that nothing is happening.

I mean these are not choices for me.  These are the last years.  I'm going to live in this world.  So these choices don't involve me hardly at all.  They involve you.  Many of you have families and friends.  So these choices or these questions are really up to you not me.

Thank you very much for listening.