Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Flu Bug

I should've known earlier today when I took my shower that something was slightly not right.  Because, after I got out of my shower, both my left and right ear were a bit more clogged than normal.  And by this evening, somehow or other, I have the flu virus.  Which is not really a big deal.  At least not for me.  The reality is, that while my darling Aileen was dying, I actually caught this very same flu virus.  And so what I did was that I wore a surgical mask 24 hours a day during the approximate 10 days.  I had the flu.  And the remarkable thing is that by wearing that surgical mask.  In the home.  Well my darling Aileen was dying of cancer.  She never got the flu from me or anyone else.

In any event, I've done a couple of things.  First of all, when I set up the new profile for my headset microphone I did.  So off of the current and existing desktop microphone profile which I'm using now.  And I did that.  Because this profile has actually been generated and created at a much lower volume based on the microphone being about 2 feet away from where I am lying down or leaning back in my chair.  And because my microphone can pick up my voice from this distance at a lower volume.  It made it incredibly suitable for my headset microphone.

But, in light of the fact that I now have the flu virus.  I have brought back, or imported my desktop microphone profile which is what I'm using now.  And I have done that.  Because when you have the flu the last thing you want to do is put anything on your head, unless you're going outside.  And the reason for that is because part of how you get rid of the flu is not only drinking tremendous amounts of liquid and using what I have used all these years.  Which is Robitussin.  But in addition what you do is that you want to perspire as much as possible.  Because the more perspiration that you generate the more of the junk that is causing the flu will be either flushed out through your system, or will in fact come out as perspiration.

So given the fact that I now basically have the beginnings of the flu virus which start as, as the head cold.  I want to use the desktop microphone which will be a lot easier for me to use because I'm not going to have to have anything around my face, especially if I'm coughing or if I'm sneezing or anything like that.  Plus it's a lot easier to simply talk without having any kind of wires connected to especially when you're not really feeling that great.

But it also means that I am now going to have to sort of going to high gear as far as maintaining my biology so that I can actually get rid of the flu as quickly as possible.  And again that really means drinking as many or as much fluids as possible.  It also means trying to stay away from anything that might actually aggravates the flu condition.  I'm not going to go against web M.D. where they are saying that dairy products actually do not cause phlegm.  Because I agree.  And of course I would.  Because the people at web M.D. are actually the doctors.  But it does mean that I'm going to be moving more in the direction of different types of fluids rather than solid food.  Because that's the other thing.  The old adage, starve a fever feed a cold.  And that's really true.  Because if you begin to become feverish that means you're basically are perspiring a great deal.  Which means you are actually getting rid of a lot of the poisons or the toxins that are causing the flu.

But when you were in that type of state, holding down a lot of solid food becomes a bit more difficult.  Again, which is no big deal.  But I have taken the first dose of Robitussin.  And generally, the way that the Robitussin works, is that the kind of Robitussin I am taking is for nasal problems as well as chest congestion and mucus of course and cough.  So the way the Robitussin works is that the nasal and the cough aspects of Robitussin actually take effect, the fastest.  The cough and chest congestion move more slowly.  The cough aspect of Robitussin generally takes about 24 hours.  The chest congestion actually takes almost 48 hours to possibly 72 hours before actually takes effect.

But once it does, then in actuality Robitussin is so effective that within about 10 days the entire chest congestion situation is pretty much gone.  But you have to really be aggressive.  Meaning you have to drink a lot of fluids.  And when I say a lot would you have to do is that from the moment you wake up until about 90 min. before you go to sleep.  You have to drink 8 ounces of water almost every hour.  This kind of hydration basically puts so many fluids or so much water into your system that your system actually uses all of that excess water to literally flush out a lot of the viral condition.

So I would expect with it starting at the head cold right now.  And the way that my head is responding to the flu that's probably by Tuesday or Wednesday.  I will notice a lot more congestion in my chest.  Which means I probably won't be smoking very much at all while I am getting rid of the flu.  Because that's the other thing.  When you smoke whether it's a grip tobacco were pipe tobacco, while you have the flu.  Normally what you will find it is not only can you not really taste the tobacco at all.  But in reality it's not really very enjoyable.  Because all of your senses throughout your head are being affected by the flu.

Which is okay.  It's just how things go.  I probably caught the flu from interacting with one of my neighbors.  Because my neighbors next door to the west of my house have been dealing with colds and the flu for about a week.  So I took over some medication to try and help them get through fighting the cold or the flu.

I was slightly mistaken in what I said above.  With Robitussin the cough and the nasal actually are the first things that take effect.  With the chest congestion and mucus taking longer that's what I actually meant to say.

The other thing to do is in your home when you are having the flu.  You want to regulate your heat.  And what you want to do is make it warm enough in the home.  So that you are not.  Sitting any kind of chill.  But at the same time you don't want to heat so high as to promote perspiration.  Because you want your perspiration to actually be as a result of any fever that might actually be taking place.

And of course the other thing to do is to use aspirin.  Because aspirin is actually an anti-inflammatory.  And as such it will quiet a lot of the aches and pains in the bones that go along with the flu.

However, the fact that I do have the flu.  Actually does explain why my bones have been in such distress over the last few days.  Because the pain throughout my hands and my shoulders has been really quite severe.  So much so that I have, as I said in a previous Journal entry, been wearing a sweater inside the house at all times.  And so consequently, when you have the flu.  Showers are probably not a great idea because it's too easy to get a chill.  Whereas taking a bath actually can be a little bit better.

But I do have to go out over the next few days.  Because I have to pay the bills of course on the third.  And I also have correspondence it has to go out during the first couple of weeks of January.  That's another reason I have gone to using the desktop microphone.  And I am actually going to create a separate Journal entry to talk about Dragon NaturallySpeaking and something very significant I have learned about using the program which will really be of a great benefit to almost anyone who uses the Dragon NaturallySpeaking program.  But it takes a little bit of explanation.  So I want to do a separate Journal entry talking about what I have discovered because it is a little bit complicated to explain, but very simple to do.

And I can already feel a certain amount of perspiration taking place or my upper body.  Which means basically that my body is beginning to fight off the virus.  It doesn't mean I'm feverish because I'm not.  It just means that I can feel various aspects of my body like my right lung and I can feel the temperature of my skin increasing.  So I can tell that the flu is actually engaged in a kind of battle with my Constitution.  Meaning my physical Constitution.

So right now I am under the electric blanket and I have actually a nice heavy wool sweater on.  And I'm drinking tea and water.  And I have already begun using Robitussin.  So at the very least my coughing will be minimized.  And then my neighbor is going to be taking the shopping on January 5 which is next Saturday.  So I will be getting more cough medicine or Robitussin at that time.

Evelyn was actually out today.  She came out for just a few minutes, because she's working of course a lot right now.  Because of the holiday.  So everything is basically moving along the way it should.

In any event, let me go ahead and do this article on Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Because I really think that's important.  And then I am going to of course start trying to fight this flu.

Thank you very much for listening.

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