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Are We There Yet?
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

System Update: Dragon NaturallySpeaking,Browsers, Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer:

Well, to begin with, Windows live writer is still the same type of program it always has been.  Well it is a very good program.  And I will never argue that.  Trying to use it with Dragon NaturallySpeaking will in fact work.  But if you are running a system like mine.  Were you have so many different things running at the same time, Windows live writer simply takes up way too many system resources to make it as viable as perhaps.  I would like to be more as he is advertised as being.  Because it's not very stable or reliable when it comes to using the program on a computer with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  But this is likely on computer systems where the system is extremely diversified.  Meaning that the computer system handles a number of different functions.  Besides simply surfing the Internet and blogging.

So I can't in good conscience say, under any circumstances that Windows live writer is a viable candidate or a viable option or someone to use when they want to do their blogging off-line.  It just doesn't work.  The matter what.  It just doesn't work.  Every time I try to use Windows live writer at the same time that I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking my system accelerates so dramatically that it is impossible for me to even hear what I'm saying.  The noise in the room becomes so loud that I cannot even hear myself talk.

So obviously there's something wrong with the Microsoft plan what Microsoft is claiming that Windows live writer is really a good and reliable writer.  When in reality using Windows live writer with Dragon NaturallySpeaking makes your system accelerates so badly and so loudly that one trying to use Windows live writer and Dragon NaturallySpeaking your system is making so much noise that you cannot even be heard when you are trying to talk to your speech program because the system is making so much noise with Windows live writer is using up so much system resources that under no circumstances is Windows live writer going to allow you to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  When you're using Windows live writer because Windows live writer have to take up so many resources and so much system memory that your system accelerates so badly that you can't even be heard in the room talking.

That's how loudly my system becomes out loud my system gets what I try to use Windows live writer on my system.  So naturally I don't believe I should have to go horse and lose my voice just it just the ass of Microsoft.  And I'm not going to do that.  Microsoft wants me to go ahead and use their stupid piece of crap.  Windows live writer than they can make it a better program.  And Microsoft is not willing to do that.  They don't think they have to do anything.  They think that we the users are the ones who have to do everything.  Because Microsoft has the attitude that they don't really like customers a just like our money they want our money.  They don't like us.  They just want us to give them our money.

That's why Microsoft will never fix Windows live writer.  Because they don't want to go ahead and do anything nice for the customer they want the customer to put up and shut up and give Microsoft the money that Microsoft wants and then they want the customer to simply shut up and go away.  Because they don't like customers.  They just want our money.

And for those people who are telling me that Windows live writer is free that's true or it.  Three.  But Microsoft is still trying to tell the users what to do on their own computer system.  Because if you want to use Windows live writer.  Then there are a number of other programs you cannot use at the same time.  And that's because Microsoft wants to write to be able to tell people what they are allowed to use on their computer system.  At the same old Bullshit for why Microsoft is not respected or liked anywhere in the business world.  Nobody likes Microsoft area.  Nobody respects the company.  Because there's nothing to respect.  And Microsoft is one of the most unscrupulous unfair companies I've ever seen in my entire life.  They don't really know how to be honest.  Because they can't be.  They are lying to everyone about Windows 8 because everyone I've talked to has said the same thing.  That Windows 8 is more like Windows Vista that Windows 7.  And now Microsoft is saying that Windows 8 was designed long before the iPhone.  Anyone who wants to go ahead and believe that might as well go back to school.  Because I don't believe that.  I know those people at Microsoft.  I know the kind of liars they are.  And they will lie and eight will say anything in order to get their way.  Because that's what they believe they are.  They believe they are better than other people.  They believe they are more equal than other people.  They believe they have more rights than other people.  They believe that since they are the largest company in the world.  They have the right to tell everyone exactly what to do.  And they don't.  And Microsoft doesn't like being told that they don't like being told that they don't have the right to tell everyone what to do.

But this is getting just stupid.  The moment that I saw my machine behaving exactly the way it had the last time I tried to use Windows live writer.  The moment that I knew that Windows live writer was nothing but a piece of garbage.  And by a piece of garbage.  I don't mean that it's really a bad program.  But it is definitely unsuitable for certain computer systems.  Like mine.  Because Windows live writer is not a friendly program.  It's not a nice program.  When you put Windows live writer on your system.  You might as well just every bit of your other resources goodbye.  "Windows live writer is going to use up every bit of resources on your system.  It may not use a lot of memory, but it's money grab hold of every resource on your system.  Because that's what Microsoft does.  Because Microsoft doesn't like the user to have any free choice.  Microsoft wants to tell the user exactly what to do on our systems.  They want to tell us what programs we are allowed to use what programs we are not allowed to use and they want to take control of our systems.  And basically tell us to shut up and give them our money that we don't have the right to decide what we want to do with our own computer systems.  Because Microsoft wants the right to stand over all of us and tell us exactly what to do.  That's why they designed their computer programs to be as resource intensive as possible.  They do that.  Because they are sneaky and they are liars and they are trying to do everything they can to make your computer system not work well at all unless you are using exactly the programs that Microsoft demand you use.  And if you don't use any of those programs, Microsoft will then send threatening memos and e-mails to you threatening that your system is going to close down or freeze up or that your programs will work right if you don't use what they tell you to use.  It's all about control, ladies and gentlemen.  That's all it is control.

So anyone who wants to believe that Microsoft is a good company, please go ahead and believe whatever you want but as far as I'm concerned.  Microsoft is only good for one thing.  They are going to be used.  They are not good to do business with they are not good to be friends with.  They are not good to trust.  They are not good.  In any way except to use.  You use Microsoft you use them.  That's what you do as a customer.  You use Microsoft you push the against the wall and you take the program that they offer you and then you pay for that program and then you throw Microsoft into the Street and tell them to leave you alone.  That's what you do.  You don't let them come into your home and tell you what to do one your computer system.  Not unless they want to take the matter to court.

So that's how idea what Microsoft.  I use Microsoft.  I'd use Microsoft to get what I want for my computer.  And other than that I want nothing to do with Microsoft.  I don't like their browser.  I don't like Windows 8.  I did not like Windows Vista.  I did not like Windows ME I did not like.  Windows 2000.  I don't like Windows live messenger.  Because it again takes up a huge amount of system resources.  So many system resources that it's virtually impossible to use any other program on the system at the same time as Windows live messenger.  Because live messenger takes up so many system resources.  And it definitely does not work very well with Dragon NaturallySpeaking that is the reality.  So Microsoft can go ahead and tell is lies.  Anyway they want to.  But the fact is they can say any damn thing they want and then I'll bring out my crash reports showing everything that happens on my system when I'm running Windows live writer and Windows live messenger and all the other programs and and Microsoft can bring out their lawyers and when I show my crash reports on my machine with the capabilities that my machine hands it'll be very clear who the liars are in a liar will not being me.  It will be Microsoft.  They will be found out that all liars they are so they want to push me around on Windows live writer.  Let them try.  Because I will bring my crash reports into any court they want.  And when I show my crash reports.  Microsoft won't have anything to say.  I was installing computers before their company was ever informed.  I began installing computers and computer systems.  When I was 16 years old.  Microsoft is not that old is a company.  So I know more about computing than they do.  Because they were around.  Most of them during the 1960s and they were installing computers.  I was.  And the day.  I allow Microsoft to come into my home and tell me what I am allowed to use on my machine is, never going to happen.

Like I said.  Microsoft is not accompanied to do business with is not a company that you want to associate with.  It is not a company that you want to have anything to do with.  Microsoft is only a company that you use.  That's all.  You use Microsoft.  That is the way to survive.  You use Microsoft you use Microsoft to get what you want your computer system.  And then once you have what you need for your computer system.  You basically tell Microsoft to go to hell.  And leave you the hell alone.  And that's exactly what I do with Microsoft.  They don't get onto my system, unless I want them to.  I don't use any of their products IE or Internet Explorer is nothing but crap.  Windows live writer nothing but crap.  Windows live messenger nothing but crap.  They all use so many system resources not very much memory.  They don't all use very much memory at all.  But they use a ton of system resources.  They soak up almost every single resource in the system.  And I have proof of that.  And those are not the kind of computer programs I want on my system.  I don't need system halts and that's exactly what Microsoft builds.

It's important that the reader understand the preceding paragraphs were written while I was in the middle of having rather extreme pain.  Actually the pain was so bad I had to stop for a moment.  But in any event, the basic concept of what I'm trying to transmit is very simple.  Microsoft products generally are very system intensive.  That does not mean they are memory intensive.  But it does mean that they are system resource intensive.  And the reason for that is because Microsoft builds its products.  So that they will all interrelate with each other.  That's their argument.

Windows Live Messenger:

So a very small program like Windows live messenger takes up very little memory.  Only about.  Sometimes up to 55,000 K.  All of the Microsoft products are the same way.  They don't take up very much memory.  With the exception of Internet Explorer and MS Outlook.

So the one thing that is wrong with Windows live messenger is that while it is not very memory intensive.  It is definitely system resource intensive.  Because it takes up or interacts with so many different aspects of the Windows operating system.  So while it is not taking a very much memory is taking up a lot of the I/O activity.  And that is where Microsoft product become so intensive is with I/O activity.

Windows 7:

I have nothing against Microsoft.  But I don't like the way that they become so heavy-handed with their software.  Because that's really what is going on.  Their software always has to be the dominant force or the dominant factor or the default particular program on the system.  And that's really getting old.

The programs I use on my system are because of the disabilities.  I have.  That's the long and the short of everything.  So I have to do business with programmers who think outside the box.  Programmers that are able to provide programs for me that I can use on my system.  So that I can use my system the way it has to be used as a result of my being disabled in so many different ways.  That's why I have to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Because I can't really use the mouse or the keyboard anymore.  And that's why I have the security camera on my home actually two different systems of security cameras.  And I have those because I'm alone in this house.  I am disabled and I'm a pacifist.  Which means I don't believe in owning any kind of firearm.  Not to mention the fact that.  Because I am legally defined as a mentally ill person it is against federal law for me to own any firearms.

So my computer system and does a number of different things other than simply surf the Internet and do e-mail.  It also does my home security system.  And it is also my television.  So what does everything for me.  And atomic alarm clock, is actually only clock.  I've been able to find they can present the numbers large enough on the screen.  So that when I'm lying down to sleep.  If I suddenly turned my monitor on.  I can see what time it is.  And that's important.  When you're living alone.  Time becomes a very difficult thing to maintain because when you're living alone every day.  Begins to look the same.  Because every day is in so many ways the same.

So you develop schedules so that you can separate your days.  So that I have one day.  I do the laundry one day.  I do the mopping up the floors.  Another day.  I take care of taking a shower things of that nature and by setting up those schedules I'm able to get everything done and separate my days.  In other words so that the days don't get confused.  Atomic alarm clock is the easiest way for me to do that.  Because the matter what I can always see the screen.  Meaning I can always see the clock on the screen.  I can't do that with Windows 7, unless I make the type font so big that programs are just not operate correctly.

So my system has a lot of different special needs.  And so does every single system that anyone who is handicapped is also using.  Everyone who is handicapped or has any kind of disability probably has a computer system that is designed to an extent exactly to what they need for that computer system to do.  There are many people who are paraplegics where they don't have the use of their hands.  So they are required if they are going to use their computer system to use the program like Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  There are others who have trouble seeing correctly.  So they need programs that will increase the type font on the screen.  But without affecting the entire system.

For Microsoft make their products and their programming.  So demonstratively whereby those programs become so system resource intensive is just basically being unfair in the marketplace.  It's not giving the computer user the opportunity or the freedom to be able to choose what programs they want.  Because every time there going to use a Microsoft product.  They have to know that it's going to soak up every bit of resources in the system.  Because that's what Microsoft products do.

The instant messaging program I use is a program called, Trillian.  It is a multi platform instant messaging program.  And it's free.  Furthermore, it uses very little system resources and very little memory.  Just like from my radio, I use, screamer radio.  And I do so because again uses very little system resources and very little system memory.  Which means it has very little I/O activity.  And that's what makes your system accelerate their when you are increasing the amount of I/O activity.  Meaning, the amount of information going to and from the actual chip on your computer, that is when you and using more system resources and your system accelerates.

Priority on the computer has to do with how important a program is to the central timing mechanism of the computer.  So, the higher the priority the more important that program is or considered as being to the central timing mechanism of the system.  So the higher priority the more system resources that the program is allocated.  The higher the priority the more system resources.  The program gets.

But with I/O activity it's a different matter.  Because the I/O activity actually is the channel that synchronizes the timing mechanism of any given program with the timing mechanism of the central timing mechanism for the operating system.  So lowering the I/O activity of a given program might actually be okay under certain circumstances.  But generally, the rule is that it's not a good idea to fool around with the level of I/O activity of any of the programs.  It's a much better idea to lower their priorities or change their priorities.

And that's why when you are having a system that is extremely diversified like my system is that you end up having to go to third-party programmers who actually will have an understanding of how the Windows 7 operating system functions but will understand in such a way, so that the programs they are offering not only will work with you and Windows 7.  But at the same time will circumvents some of the red tape programming that Windows 7 comes with.  Such as, for example, atomic alarm clock.  Because it basically acts like a miniature task scheduler.  So it is those circumstances, atomic alarm clock is been circumventing some of the red tape Windows 7 programming procedural mechanisms whereby it is actually able to tap into the task scheduler engine, in order to simulate the task scheduler.  That's just an example.

So consequently, when it comes to making choices on my system.  I always have to be concerned with not only the size of the program and how much memory.  It's going to take up.  But I have to be concerned with the I/O activity.  I have to be concerned with how intensive that program is going to be on the system.  And Windows live writer.  And all of the Microsoft products are extremely system intensive.  As I said.  They are very memory efficient.  But that is almost a kind of selling point.  Because Microsoft is selling their programs on the fact that they are memory efficient but what Microsoft doesn't tell the general public is that most of their programming is extremely system intensive by virtue of the fact that their programs connect and interact with almost every single aspect of the Windows operating system when they are running.  Which makes them extremely system intensive.  Meaning system resource intensive.  Furthermore, this practice of making programs that are system intensive that way is not something that Bill Gates believed in.  And neither did Steve Jobs.  Because they knew the limitations on the computers when computers were first being built.  Meaning being built for personal use.

This philosophy by Microsoft has really come about as a result of the many lawsuits.  Microsoft has lost as a result of their attempts to become a monopoly.  That's why my attitude with Microsoft is the way that it is.  Where I basically take the position that I will use Microsoft to achieve the ends.  I need to realize on my computer system.  But as far as anything else.  I will not use Microsoft.  I don't like their products.  I don't like the fact that their products are so.  Extremely system intensive that it makes him practically impossible to use with other programs on my system.  I don't like the fact that Microsoft doesn't really take very much care or have much concern for the user beyond that particular regard.  And Microsoft does not seem like it's going to change its business philosophy anytime soon.

Doing Business:

It's interesting about doing business.  At one point in Earth's history, doing business was as simple as simply telling the person you are doing business with, how much you are work to your family into your tribe.  But then of course the concept of money came into the equation.  And as soon as money came into the equation everything changed.  Business suddenly was no longer about how much you were words or how much your product was worth.  But more about simply getting the money.  It was all about getting the money.  And what's funny is that in business throughout the universe.  I would suspect that there are a whole number of different ways that people do business or that lifeforms do business.  Between each other.  And that the concept of money is really a very singular definition with regard to how many different ways there are of doing business.

So it becomes rather humorous to me as I watch business go from one point where the product and service matters more than anything else to the point where product and service basically don't mean crap, which is where we are now.  And then watching it slowly go back to being product and service.  Meaning more because people finally get fed up with buying crap.

So while our system right now is so money intensive to the point where markets are failing all over the planet to my way of thinking.  It's only a matter of time before we find me step away from being so greedy and selfish to the point where we actually step up to the plate and take genuine interest in making the entire system survive.  Rather than saying how much we can get out of the system.

And I run my computer system the same way.  While I was sitting in this chair, or whether I have my legs up and under the blanket or not the face of my computer is of course the screen.  But there are about 45 wires that are behind that screen and behind the other pieces of equipment that are making everything come together.  Because I'm actually sitting in the middle of six different pieces of equipment.  And if I don't look at everything that's making would come to the screen in the exact same way as I look at any business project then I'm not going to be very successful in getting things organized as much as possible.

So it's all about wearing different hats.  If I have to work on the technical aspect of my computer system then it's sort of like I'm the computer technician.  If I have to work on the wiring that's a different kind of thinking altogether.  And then when I'm sitting in front of the screen working on an article or working on clearing my thoughts or putting my thoughts into my Journal.  That's a completely different kind of thinking as well.

And that's why I use an alarm clock, with alarms going off every hour.  And that's because I schedule my time.  And I do so based on what takes place during the week.  So that I can calibrate my weeks and celebrate my days easier and as a result not have my days become confused with one another.  Because that is the tendency when you were living alone and you basically don't have much to do.  At that point you can either waste your time or you can try to use your time productively.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking:

Now I am using slim cleaner to clean the different files on my system.  But I wanted to reiterate how extremely important it is.  If you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, not to under any circumstances allow any cleaner to clean the temporary files for the Windows system.  Meaning the Windows system temporary files.  Those files should never be cleaned.  They should never be touched.  And the reason for that is because Dragon NaturallySpeaking uses those files on an ongoing basis in order to maintain its program stability and linkages that it needs regarding installation and various other files for the user profile and to make the program work effectively.

So no matter what.  Don't clean the temporary files.  That means the Windows system temporary files.  That has nothing to do with the Internet temporary files.  Those are simply from the browser.  And that's where the cleaners are actually very helpful.  Because they can in fact clean a lot of the extraneous junk material from your browsing session and do so very effectively.  But the only time you should ever use them to clean anything else on your system is if you are preparing your system for someone else to use or if you are in fact concerned about privacy.  Other than that you should never really used any of the other cleaning aspects of these claims.  That does not mean the registry claim.  But the only time you ever really need to use a registry cleaner on any of these cleaners is after you have uninstalled a program.  Because other than that you really don't need to look at the registry.  And it really doesn't have to have much done to it.  And even when you uninstall a program you might not need to do any cleaning of the registry.  Because many programs will in fact take out their own registry keys when they are uninstalled.

Additionally, the Windows operating system itself maintains those temporary files are regular basis.  And like I said, the only reason for playing out anything in your system.  Except for the registry when you have uninstalled a program Erie it.  The only time you really need to do that is if you have privacy concerns at home.  Or where you are working or if you are in actuality going to turn over your computer to someone else or their use.  But that's the only time.  Generally these registry and other cleaners are good.  Mostly on a day to day basis with the browser and your e-mail programs only.  Other than that they should be used very sparingly.


Which brings me back to talking about Firefox.  Firefox is actually one of the most efficient web browsers that I have ever used.  It is the least system intensive of any of the browsers.  And I have used Google Chrome and Opera and Internet Explorer.  After Firefox, Opera is the next most efficient browser.  I have used.  Google Chrome is very much like Internet Explorer and is extremely system intensive.  Not remembering intensive inasmuch as system intensive.  Although Google Chrome is far more system intensive then Firefox or Opera, at least from my own experience.

So my question of course is that if Firefox is able to get things right, then why can't Microsoft?  If Firefox can build a browser that is as popular as Firefox is due to insufficiency and so forth.  Then why can't Microsoft do the same?  Because that's the real question.  It's a question.  I'd like to know.  I'd like to know what the reasoning is for Microsoft always have to build their products to be so system intensive.  Why they cannot build their products to be less so.  Everything with Microsoft has to be huge.  And that just does not make any sense at all.  It does make sense when it comes to the level of what Microsoft actually does.  From that point it does make sense.  But it doesn't make sense that all of the Microsoft programming like MS office and MS Outlook and Windows live writer and Windows live messenger and Windows live Mail and so forth and so forth.  All of their programs are extremely system intensive.  Far more so than really needs to be.

So given those circumstances, if you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  I would be very careful about using too many of the Microsoft products.  Because at the very least Microsoft products are going to be system intensive.  Not memory intensive.  But system intensive.  And that basically means that if you use them.  Meaning using any of the Microsoft products that you are going to be doing so while losing a certain amount of access to your system resources.  Because the Microsoft products are going to take up a great deal more system resources than almost any other program you can use.

Then when it is considered that you are actually using Dragon NaturallySpeaking at the same time you are then talking about a program, in Dragon NaturallySpeaking, that actually does use a tremendous amount of system resources.  But that is its nature as a result of it being a speech program.  It has to be able to have the tremendously high degree of I/O activity and the availability or the access to all of the system resources.  Because Dragon NaturallySpeaking will actually be controlling the entire system or has to have that capability.  Which means it does need to have pretty much free reign over the entire system.  And that becomes more of a challenge when you are installing Microsoft products like MS office and MS Outlook and Windows live writer that are basically trying to do the same.  Trying to interact with every part of the system to such an extent, where they become so system intensive.  Meaning system resource intensive that they basically caused other programs to have issues or problems as a result of not getting the resources they need.

And under most circumstances that situation hardly ever comes about, but it does when you are running Dragon NaturallySpeaking which at the same time uses a tremendous amount of system resources.  Because it's interacting with every part of the system.  And so under those circumstances when you have MS products or Microsoft products installed on your system.  At the same time that you are running Dragon NaturallySpeaking you are actually using a tremendous amount of your system resources and causing your system to have to accelerate because of all of the increased I/O activity.

And so what you do is you get a program like Prio priority saver and you adjust the priorities of your programs to decrease the priorities in such a way or to manipulate their priorities in such a way so that the I/O activity of most of the programs is decreased.  And that way, Dragon NaturallySpeaking will have more of a free reign on the system without causing the system to accelerate.

That's why I'm not going to go to Windows 8.  Or at least one of the reasons why I am not going to do so.  What I am hearing reports that Windows 8 is more like Windows Vista than Windows 7 as far as I'm concerned that generally makes my blood run cold.  Because then I hear reports that Microsoft is claiming that Windows 8 was actually being created long before the iPhone, which according to the timeline I have seen is not totally correct.  Plus, as I said, I was installing computers and software.  Long before Microsoft was even formed as a company.  There's not much that I don't know about when it comes to computers.  Because the new advancements that have been made are produced.  Of course in technical papers which I read all the time.

So the Firefox browser is actually the most efficient out there.  Because I am running right now with everything on my system going at one time with the exception of the TV.  And I'm getting no acceleration whatsoever based on the fact that I'm not using actively right now any of the Microsoft products.  Windows live writer may in fact be okay if you don't have it, launching when Windows begins its startup routine.  But I'm not willing to try that anymore because I've already tried it in the same thing happens every time I turn on Windows live writer.  The I/O activity that is going on in the background increases so dramatically that the system.  Just accelerate to the point where I cannot even hear myself talk.  Amazingly in that kind of noise my desktop microphone is still able to pick up my voice fine and to do the dictation.  But trying to think clearly with that kind of noise in the background is rather difficult.

So I have to be very conscious of I/O activity and of priority and how much system resources any given program is going to take up.  That's why I have limited the amount of memory that my surveillance camera can actually take up on the system.  And I've done that.  So that I can have it running at all times.  Which I need in order to be able to see the front door of my home.  But at the same time.  I also need to do my work.  Which is to do these article.  Meaning all of my Journal entries.

So the only way to achieve that is in fact by manipulating the priorities in such a way so that the I/O activity is brought down within a level whereby as a result the system is not accelerated.  And that basically means choosing programming that has the smallest system footprint possible so that you have an easier time of manipulating the priorities so that you can have the programs you need running with the highest priority doing so while at the same time not having the system become accelerated.

That's why I went with using Thunderbird instead of MS Outlook.  Because MS Outlook as a huge system footprint.  Because again it goes to almost every aspect of the Windows operating system.  Thunderbird doesn't.  Thunderbird is an e-mail program.  Windows MS Outlook is in fact an information management program.  And there's a big difference.  Thunderbird does in fact manage tons of information.  Just like MS Outlook.  Except Thunderbird does not tie itself into every aspect of the system.  Like MS Outlook does.  And so consequently, not only is the system footprint smaller but so is the effectiveness of Thunderbird greater.  It does take about the same length of time to open on the Windows 7 system has does MS Outlook.  But that is generally because of the nature of it being an e-mail program and with all of the security procedures that Windows 7 has certain things are tested as that program is in fact loading.

Blog Editors:

As I've said before these blog editors I really very amazing pieces of programming.  They really are.  And they're all very excellent programs I'm not going to say that one is crap or another is not even though I do so.  All the time.  In reality they are all really very good program.  But when I say that I also have to say that they are very different types of program.  Because not only are they a text editor of sorts.  But they are also an HTML editor as well.  And they are also in addition to that a miniature web browser.  So from that standpoint.  That's one of the reasons why these off-line blog editors generally take up a huge amount of system resources.  Because they have to key into so many different parts of the system.  They have to have linkage to almost every part of the system regarding what they are doing at any given time.  And because they have three basic types of programming involved in their overall program.  Meaning that they are a web browser and an HTML editor and a text editor.  They therefore again as I said have to key into almost every aspect of the Windows operating system.

And so for that reason, when you are running any of these off-line editors.  You are using a tremendous amount of system resource.  And when you use that many system resources at the same time that you're using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dragon NaturallySpeaking naturally has a problem.  Sometimes the problem ends up being where Dragon NaturallySpeaking is actually trying to use the exact same memory location that the log editor is using.  Other times it has to do with the copy buffer.  And other times it has to do just with the actual timing synchronization between Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows 7 based on the fact that you are having one of these blog editors running at the same time.

So what then really becomes very clear that if you're going use Dragon NaturallySpeaking and do any kind of blogging or keeping an online journal.  That which you really need to do is to do so inside your web browser.  Because that is the best way of making sure that you can have Dragon NaturallySpeaking having the greatest amount of resources as it needs.  While at the same time not causing your system to over accelerate.

So my advice really is that if you are going to use any of these off-line blog editors that you do so knowing that they are going to be system intensive.  And you may have to then reconstruct the type of programming you have on your system in order to accommodate their increase system resource use.


Well.  The reality is that Dragon NaturallySpeaking will work fairly well with most of the programs on your system.  And it is actually the best beach programmer is around.  At the same time, you have to measure your needs based on what you are using your computer system for.  So if you value programs like Windows live writer review can be off-line and do a Journal entry.  That is going to mean you are going to have different choices to make with regards to what other programs you can use on your system.  At the same time.

And in reality, I never expected for Windows live writer to miraculously change the way it bases itself or how it interacts with other programs on the system.  So I sort of always had this understanding that Windows live writer was going to be a program hog or a system hog.

And that's what it really boils down to.  Choices.  The better choices you make, the better your system will run.

Thank you very much for listening.