Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Man Sentenced to Jail After Mocking Disabled Girl | ABC News Blogs - Yahoo!


Man Sentenced to Jail After Mocking Disabled Girl | ABC News Blogs - Yahoo!

Before my darling Aileen died.  We actually had friends in Canton, Ohio.  And I used to go there all the time.  There are really some amazingly nice people in Canton.  I'm really glad to see that this jerk this stupid bastard was caught doing what he had done to her.  Meaning this little girl.

The boy who I rode across the United States with was actually not a boy.  He was a man.  And he had trouble being able to walk in a straight line.  But what was really remarkable is that when he got on a bicycle and you strapped his feet into the pedals.  He was like a bull.  He was really something.

I don't think it is appropriate to talk about how I was treated as a kid.  Because growing up struggling inside of myself wanting to live as a female or as a girl, in a world that was never going to allow me to do that.  Was basically my worst nightmare.  Plus I don't see any real point in mood talking about it, especially regarding this story.  This story is about the bravery of this woman's mother.  It's about the bravery of the little girl.  It's about Canton, Ohio, taking pride in the least of the people are the more insignificant or possibly less visible people who live in their city.  That's what the story is about.

I guess there are always going to be bullies in this world.  Just like I have always in my neighborhood.  Bullies who take pride in trying to intimidate me.  So I don't leave my homework don't go out of my home much.  Which is okay.  By this time in my life.  I'm used to a lot of people being basically inconsiderate and rather unkind.  But I don't want our children thinking that as they grow up.  They don't deserve that.

I'm really proud of Canton, Ohio.  In this particular situation in my personal estimation, they did exactly the right thing.  And thank God for that.

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