Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Bankrupt Hostess to Give Execs Bonuses - Yahoo!


Bankrupt Hostess to Give Execs Bonuses - Yahoo!

So what's wrong with this picture?  What's wrong is the same thing that is wrong all over this world, regarding the economics of how businesses are actually doing business.  Who this is another example of the wealthy getting everything, while they are screwing the poor in the middle class.  This is what I think it's pointless for me to do any kind of really daily news stories in my Journal anymore.  What's the point?  I mean, it's not going to change.  These people don't care if they screwed the middle class and poor.  That's the kind of world that has become the reality.  That nothing I can say regardless of how many journal articles I might write.  Nothing is going to change.  That's the reality.  But I am presenting this article as one being noteworthy because it really does show very clearly why businesses are failing not only in the United States but around the world.  The wealthy people who are working at businesses, meaning the upper level management and executives, are basically stealing as much money from their companies and from the general public as possible.  This is an example of corporate stealing.  It might not be the kind of corporate stealing that is going to get these executives put into prison.  But it is the kind of stealing that's going to make them being known for the same kind of selfish and ruthless bastards that the Republican party and tea party have become.

So why am I not surprised?  And what's going to change?  I could talk for 100 years.  And nothing will change.  And that's because the wealthy have so much money that they are literally bribing members of Congress and telling members of Congress that the members of Congress don't put up and shut up and do what the wealthy do that.  The wealthy will destroy their lives.  They will destroy their children Bill destroy their political careers.  Because the wealthy want everyone in America can no that they hate everyone in this country.  They hate all of us who are middle class and poor and they hate us so much that they are telling us to put up and shut up and give them our money to go to their stores and by their crap.  And after we buy their crap that they want us to give them our food and get out of our homes and give them all of our money.  Because the wealthy are saying they don't care about us.  They don't give a damn about us they hate us all they want is our money.  And if they have to murder arrested kill us they will do that to because they hate us they hate everyone of us.  That's why they are hoarding cash.

When I see Bullshit like this going on in the news.  This is yet another reason why I really do wish I could just die.  There's no point in me being in the world that is filled with so much hatred in so much selfishness a world that is still absolutely cruel but we don't give a damn anymore about the middle class or the poor.

All my life I had to associate with wealthy bastards.  Just like these pieces of crap bastards at Hostess who are stealing all of the money they can because that's what they do best.  Because their criminal ruthless pieces of crap bastards and all they know how to do is steal they don't not at the kind they don't how to be good business people because they don't give a damn about anyone all they care about is getting our money just like most of the places in this world to create products they are nothing but a bunch of filthy stupid liars.  They don't care about anything except getting our money.

Like I said, I'm really glad that I'm getting old because that means the older I get, the sooner I die.  And the sooner I die.  The sooner I can scrape off these wealthy bastards off of my feet like the pieces of crap.  They are.  I have hated being around the wealthy all my life.  They are some of the most ugly despicable pieces of crap as far as lifeforms I have ever known.  They are the worst things for this world.  They are nothing but liars.  And they are criminals and most of the wealthy need to be put into prison.  Because of the stealing they are doing.

I have no sympathy for nor do I support the wealthy in any way.  And I never will.  I did not support my parents and how they were wealthy and selfish.  I never did.  And I never supported any kind of selfishness in any of the wealthy I have ever known or worked for.

And let's make no mistake, I don't hate anything God made.  So God made the humanity in every single human being.  I don't hate that.  But God never made our behavior.  So that these wealthy stupid bastards like Donald Trump the real flaming piece of crap.  He is.  He made himself that way, and God had nothing to do with that.  So when Donald Trump asked like what he is really like the ruthless hateful stupid ugly bastard that he really is.  That is his own behavior.  He can't blame God for the fact that he thought piece of ugly crap.  And basically a flaming Asshole.  He can't blame God for that.  Because he made himself that way.  Just like most of the wealthy make themselves out as some of the most disgusting Assholes in the entire world.  And then when they act this way.  They come forward and scream and yell at us who are the middle and the poor.  And they demand that we give up our money and by their crap.  Why the hell would anyone want to do business with a filthy ugly bastard company that treats their executives all this money while screwing the middle class and the poor.

It's not the way I ever ran any of my companies.  It's not the way that I ever lived my life.  Because I never worked for a company that treated the middle class and the poor the way that these ruthless pieces of crap bastards are treating us.

To say that it's disgusting is an understatement.  These executives at Hostess need to be investigated for possible malfeasance and nonfeasance and misfeasance because with them getting bonuses like this, they surely have committed crimes while they were working for Hostess.  Because they basically made the company go bankrupt just so that they can get more money.

That's our world today, ladies and gentlemen.  That is the world we're giving our children.  A world where nobody gives a damn about anyone but the people who do actually give a damn are actually so few and so far between that most of the world basically is nothing but a bunch of flaming Assholes that want to do nothing more than steal as much money as possible from the next person.  I call it, the, me first, mentality.  And as long as that kind of selfishness and ugliness is in the world the amount of good.  We will ever see will be.  Extremely few and far between.

What a bunch of actual and horrible disappointments to humanity.  These wealthy stupid bastards are.  And you think they care?  No.  They don't.  They don't give a damn.  Because they got their money so they don't care how many people they screw over.  Their children are nothing but filthy ugly stupid bastards who are so selfish.  You would never want to know any of them.  Because I grew up with most of the people like this.  Most of the people I associated when I was going to elementary school and high school were exactly like this.  Ugly horrible disappointments to humanity.  Selfish ruthless racist and ugly pieces of crap people you would never want to know.  Because they were just so horrible and selfish.

Like I said, I'm glad I'm getting old because the sooner I die.  The sooner I can scrape off all of this crap.  The wealthy what a bunch of filthy stupid ugly bastard.  I wouldn't give you a dime for any of the wealthy I have ever met.  Not one.  Because they are all.  It is nothing but a bunch of ruthless asinine bastards at all.  They know how to be and their children are disgusting.  They are selfish and mean and hateful.  All they care about is their money.  They don't give a damn about any of us.

Yet they scream and yell all they want to stop by their crap.  How they want us to go to their stores and pay them lots of money for their crap.  And because humanity is basically so stupid humanity does just that.  We give them more money.  When we should not be doing that.  We should not give them any of our money.  We should turn our backs on the wealthy and tell them right where to go.  They need to go to hell.  They need to take all their God damn ugly piece of crap money and simply go to hell.

I don't want any of their filthy money.  And I don't want to do business with any of these wealthy stupid bastards who are more concerned with getting my money.  Then they are with being human beings.  And I guess that means I'm probably not going to do business with a lot of people.  That's okay.  The people I will do business with will not act like these Assholes.  Because if they do.  I won't do business with them.

This life has become so disappointing.  When I was growing up.  Like I said, my parents were all about money and power and being selfish and mean and basically being drunks.  My grandmother was actually about celebrating life.  She was about duty and honor.  And being kind.  That sure the hell was not what my parents were about.  The people I've met in elementary school and the students I met when I was going to high school with some of the wealthiest and some of the most this the global ugly people.  I could ever have known.  Mean selfish hateful only concerned with how much money they could get and how much money they could spend, but never really giving a damn about anyone.

Like I said, I've never hated anyone in my entire life.  But I sure the hell did hate the behavior that the wealthy were acting like when I was growing up.  Just like I hate that behavior.  Now.  It's oddly it is to speakable and I want no part of it.  If I die in a damn ditch I don't give a damn.  Because at least if I die in a ditch I will die.  Honestly before God.  And that's all I care about.  I don't want any of their filthy ugly money.  I don't ever want to have lots of money.  Never.  If I were given a lot of money.  I would give at least 95% of that money away.  You can bet your life on that.  I don't want lots of money.  I don't want any more money than it takes to pay the bills and buy a little food for myself.  A little food.  And of course some of the personal items I need every month.  But beyond that I don't want lots of money.  I never did.  And I never will.  So maybe it was a mistake that I was adopted into the Maschke family.

Because the Maschke's were all about money.  That's exactly what my mother and father were all about.  Money.  Money.  Money.  To the point where it was sickening.  The way my father talked about people who were middle class and poor was another reason he and I never got along.  And when I say we never got along.  We actually got along famously.  We really did we love each other with all of our hearts.  We loved each other tremendously.  And I still love my father, to this day.

I love you more than just about anyone except for my darling Aileen.  But we never got along when it came to matters about money.  We never got along when it came to matters about him being a racist.  Because he was.  He was a flaming racist.  And so was my mother.  And that's yet another reason why my grandma and my mother and father really used to go at it sometimes.  She didn't give a damn about money.  And she had lots of money.  But she didn't give a damn about the money.  Mostly she gave her money away to charity and to my father and his sister, my aunt.  Grandma never wanted any more money than what she needed to just be comfortable.  That's all she ever wanted.  And she was not extravagant.

She told me when we used to talk about how she wanted me to be raised as a girl.  That I never needed to be extravagant in order to look classy.  And she said that when I did come out that's what she hoped I would do.  That I would look as classy as a girl or as a woman as I always tried to do when mom and dad were basically trying to raise me as a boy.

So of all the people who were adults when I was growing up, grandma is the one who was really my guiding star.

But that's not the world we have today.  Today we have all sorts of selfishness and greed money.  Everybody's always asking for money.  Most of the human rights e-mail that I get is all about asking for money.  Like that's the only thing that we understand anymore.  Is money.

What the hell happened to us?

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