Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

20 Things Everyone Should Master by Age 40 | Work + Money - Yahoo! Shine

20 Things Everyone Should Master by Age 40 | Work + Money - Yahoo! Shine

When I read this article the first thing that happened was that it stirred a lot of memories.  But that is sort of what he views designed to do.  So I began to think about my life.  The first thing is of course that my life was forever changed and completely made different after my operation.  I suppose and I'm not died during that operation or more specifically right after the operation, that my life might not have changed as greatly as it did.  But the operation changed everything.  That year in the hospital and dying and watching so many of my friends during the year die.  It changed everything they changed everything I was and everything I would ever be.

Dr. Herndon once told me that it really was not expected that I would live he said.  They really didn't think I was going to make it.  Then, all through my life ever since the one single operation.  All through my life, I have literally skirted death repeatedly.

I've been shot twice.  I've been stabbed three different times.  I've been hit by a car three times.  I battled mononucleosis and got to the point, which the doctors are not able to explain why.  But I got to the point where there is no trace of the mononucleosis in my blood.  Not one bit.  I have copies of the blood tests of when they found mononucleosis in my blood.  And then I have blood tests after I beat mononucleosis where there is no evidence of it in my blood at all.  When medically that should not be the case.

I have battled spinal meningitis.  The cancer.  I have on my throat was a mild form of melanoma that was in the beginning stages of becoming more severe.  And back in 1969, the only thing that the doctors gave me to fight the melanoma was tetracycline and megadoses of vitamin D.  But they did of course do a surgical procedure to cut out the melanoma and the moment they did of course, my voice dropped like five octaves.  When I was 19.

So when I look at this list I see that I do have most of what they are talking about accomplished.  At least I think I do.  Of course I don't really know.  Because ice been so much time alone.  But that's really a necessity.  For some reason, since I got out of the hospital, the most important thing to me was to be a friend.  The matter what.  To always be a friend.

I saw so many kids in that hospital suffering so badly who had hardly any friends at all.  So that was part of my job.  To be a friend to those other children who didn't have any.  Meaning any friends.  And then, as I began to become more aware of what actually took place during those 5 min. I began to realize that there was probably a lot more going on with my coming back on my own.  And what I have actually experienced.  Then I previously might have been aware of.  That is still true to this day.

So when it comes to this list I might have accomplished everything that they say you should have by age 40.  But because of the way my life.  When there are some things that.  At least in my own life have become defined more differently.  The one item that struck me the most was saying goodbye to a loved one.  I can go along with Western ideology regarding death.  I just cannot subscribe to the Western philosophical view or religious view of death.  I can't.  There is so much more to death than what most people even realize.  It's not what people think.

In all reality, while the different religions will yell and scream about which one is correct.  The fact remains that when someone dies and has all these visions of heaven and all these amazing things were they are seeing their relatives are old friends.  That is really quite explainable.  But it's not explainable in terms of Western thinking.  And the only reason for that is because Western thinking is a lot younger than Eastern thinking.  At least in several different significant ways.

When someone dies and they see all of those unbelievably fantastic things.  Like have them or their family or their friends.  The first thing to understand is that they are telling the truth.  Because that is what they are experiencing.  But the explanation as to why becomes rather difficult.  Not in terms of being able to provide an explanation but in terms of people or at least most humans at our current level of understanding or humans current level of understanding to be able to grasp or comprehend.

But there really is a reason why those impressions take place.  And the easiest way to explain this is because one of the things that happens is when you die, your consciousness which is completely immaterial.  It's not physical, it's basically energy.  That's your consciousness.  Just like your subconscious is basically energy physically they are to sections of the brain.  But as far as our physical life.  They are immaterial or nonphysical aspects of thought.  And that is part of the basis of what I'm trying to explain.

Because on the other side.  It's all consciousness.  There is no subconscious.  It's all consciousness.  But what's more, is the other side is everything it's almost like the line between life and death is a kind of filter whereby here in life we're experiencing only a very small fraction of all that is or the total spectrum of existence our physical lives are just a tiny fraction of the total spectrum of all of existence.  And when we die we are on the other side of consciousness whereby as a result, we are part and experiencing every aspect of the entire spectrum.  The entire spectrum of existence.  That is basically what happens.

Now the reason that someone will go to the other side and immediately see either heaven and Jesus or Buddha or Allah or Moses or their family or their friends or whatever has to do to a large part about the disposition of their consciousness while they are alive and that consciousness is moving to the other side of the total spectrum of consciousness which is when they die so that if their consciousness is extremely oriented towards certain particular aspects of their own life.  Whether those aspects be religious views or views of your family or their friends or whatever on the other side.  The first series of expressions or interactions but the consciousness goes through have to do with those very same things that it was in fact working on, on this side of the veil.

And in reality after about six or seven months.  Because it can take that long.  At least from everything I've learned and read and studied.  What seemed to happen on the other side is that after about six or seven months.  Because it can take that long.  Sometimes it can be faster.  But from all the different hundreds and hundreds of articles I have read about people who have passed over and come back and the nature of death and so forth.  And of course, having been there myself for 5 min.  The thing gets down to something very simple.

And this is something that is hard for humans who are really synchronized with and entrenched in the physical world to really understand.  But what I am about to explain is critical to understanding how the consciousness exists on the other side.  Of anything I have ever written in all the 62 years of my life regarding life and death what I am about to say is the most significant thing that I can in fact offer from what I learned about being dead those 5 min.

There was a book written many years ago.  It was called, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.  Now this sounds really odd.  But there was one single statement in that book that actually expresses what I'm about to say.  That statement in the book was where Jonathan evidently had died for a very short period of time.  And he was then coming back to life.  But while he was in fact dead.  He met the great gull.  And the great gull told Jonathan when Jonathan asked if he was in heaven.  The great gull simply said, heaven is not a time or a place.  It is being there.

As I said, that is the most significant line in that entire manuscript.  Because the way it works on the other side is very simple.  And this is actually key.  If you think in terms of where you are.  You see nothing.  But if you think in terms of where you want to be.  You see everything.  Because if you think in terms of where you want to be.  You are suddenly right there and so basically what I'm trying to say is that every single navigational element that we use in life to navigate between any two points of time or distance no longer exist.  And the key word in what I just said is navigational.

There is no way to navigate on the other side from going to one thought to another or one moment to another or one place to another or one aspect of someone's soul.  On the other side to another.  There's no way to navigate between any of those two elements.  Because navigation requires the physicality of what we've lived in during life.  And when you are no longer contained within the physical shell of life you were then part of the entire spectrum of existence.  At which point there is no more navigation.

Because if you want to communicate with a moment in your own existence, you are not thinking in terms of being at one moment in your mind or your consciousness and then going to another moment.  Because the very moment they do conceive of thinking of any other thought you immediately become that other thought that is how fluid consciousness is in the entire spectrum of consciousness it's instantaneous.  There is no delay there is no separation there is no distance between the receiving of the fraud and the execution there's no distance whatsoever it happened simultaneously right at the same instant.

On this side of the veil one we are alive and we have a thought.  It didn't take a couple of seconds.  Sometimes or even maybe just half a second or even a millisecond but it still takes a certain distance of time on this side of the veil to go from one thought to another thought for one moment in our life to another moment in our life or from one place in the world to another place.  It always takes a certain distance of time.  And even if we had not invented the clock that navigational distance would still be present.  Because there is that distance from the moment that the original thought comes into your mind and then there is that execution.  So whether it is sensory impression or extrasensory perception or anything that takes place in our life experience.  What we are alive, there is always that navigational distance between the moment we get that original thought and the moment of execution.

On the other side.  There is no distance.  None.  It is completely and totally instantaneous.  And without any kind of navigational distance is no longer actually a dialogue but becomes a monologue, in certain ways.  So that if you think in terms of where you are then all you're doing is thinking in terms of the original thought you have in your mind or at least are consciousness on that side of the veil.  At which point if your focus is on the energy that is within your own consciousness.  You are then we are consciousness is that obviously not thinking in terms of all the other information that is out there.

So that if you are thinking in terms or those terms of your own consciousness or the origination of whatever energy or thought is taken place.  You have a much harder time navigating because there is no navigational distance.  So all you have to do on the other side is not thinking terms of where you are but where you want to be in the other reason for thinking in terms of where you want to be is because of the other side it's not like the physical world.

You can walk outside your door right now.  And you can see all sorts of things in the physical world that don't physically appeared to be moving.  There are rocks lying on the ground.  They don't appear to move at all, even though some atomically they are moving all the time.  But physically they don't seem to move.  That's not true.  On the other side.

Because on the other side.  It's constant movement.  And even know.  On this side of the veil and physical life we can see all sorts of stationary things that don't move those stationary things are in fact involved in constant movement.  It's just that the constant movement of those stationary things is so subtly defined.  Because of subatomic movement that we don't physically see them moving.  So consciously.  We are not aware of their movement.  Because their movement is so subtly defined.

And that is the date difference.  On the other side of the veil.  Because on the other side of the fail we're talking about all that constant movement that we don't take notice of.  The physical world.  We're then on the other side of the veil suddenly able to see every bit of the movement and to experience every bit of the movement because we are part of the movement.  Just like we are in the physical world but in the physical world.  The movement that we are part of just like any stationary object we see is so subtly defined that it can be looked at the subatomic but the movement is there.  We are just not consciously perceiving the movement or consciously thinking about it or are aware of it.

But on the other side of the veil.  It's all different.  Because on the other side of the veil.  You are not only consciously aware of all of the movement that is taking place.  You can consciously see all the movement is taking place and you are consciously part of all of the movement that is taking place.  If you want to go and look at any particular moment in your life.  You don't think in terms of trying to go there in your consciousness you simply think of that moment.  And then you are that moment, if you want to talk to a soul that has lived 1000 years ago.  Like Plato or Aristotle you simply think of them.  And then suddenly everything they were and everything you are merges.

Now that is exactly what happens.  Because the other side is not a time or a place or going from one place to another.  The other side is just being there.  Now that's everything that I was able to pick up from those 5 min. plus everything I've read always years.

And granted.  Most of you who are reading what I am writing right now I'm not going to understand anything of what I have said somebody say it one more time but very clearly.

On the side of the veil everything that stationary did you see in physically experience in life actually is move some atomically the particles in every aspect of life in the entire world is in motion constant motion.  Physically we do not perceive that motion.  Because physically our perceptions become more focused on the stationary aspect of the object rather than on the subatomic particle movement that is made up of the object.  So, on this side of the veil we are not consciously aware of the constant motion and movement that is taking place all through the entire spectrum of existence.

But when you get to the other side of the veil your consciousness changes in such a way because it's no longer housed in a physical, limiting shell, that your consciousness not only is totally aware of.  But interacts with the tremendous constant movement that is going on all the time throughout the entire spectrum of existence and the reality is that everything that takes place in existence actually happens instantaneously.  It's just that here in the physical world instantaneously becomes almost distorted because of the three-dimensional aspects of life itself.  So that even an instant thought that we might have from any sensory perception we might experience isn't really instantaneously by virtue of the fact that it has to manifest through the three-dimensional existence in which we live on the other side.  Those requirements are there those limits are not present.  So everything is instantaneous and on the other side your consciousness is totally aware of and interacting with in every way.  The constant movement that actually takes place in the entire spectrum of existence throughout the entire universe.  You are part of everything.  So there is no going from one thought to another or one place to another.  You are just there when you think of it but when you can see that you are just there.  Everything is instantaneous and constant movement.

Now, with regards to my darling Aileen.  I can finally explain to something I have really not talked about before.  But something that is probably going to be useful to a lot of people right now who are going through tremendous loss.  And all you have to do is become very quiet within yourself and I don't mean doing any kind of normal, meditation.  I'm talking becoming quiet within yourself.  Sitting quietly and listening with your mind.  When you do that you can hear all of the sorrow going on from all of the loss in the world.

So I believe that what I'm about to explain with my darling Aileen may in fact be helpful with some of that loss.

Aileen.  Of course was very concerned about seeing her children again.  And she really did want to see her father.  She wanted to meet my father.  She wanted to beat the crap out of my mother.  Meaning my adoptive mother.  And she wanted to be helpful to this world and to everyone suffering in this world.  She was very frustrated with all of the limitations that life had thrown her and now was basically going to take her out of the picture.  So she began not to believe that there was anything on the other side.  Which means part of my job have to be to explain that the really wants something on the other side.

I knew she was going to survive beyond two months.  That she was going to have to do so by wanting to retain as much of her life as possible by wanting life is much as possible.  Because by wanting life is much as possible.  She would be giving her consciousness more energy to be able to hold on and to approach her death with dignity rather than to be thrown at it real quickly, without having time to understand it more for understand the process more.

A lot of times when people die suddenly whether by violence or by some illness in those last moments or if they suddenly just expire through violence or again through some kind of illness where there really isn't very much time for them to acclimate to what is going on.  The consciousness on the other side.  Of course becomes somewhat more disorganized.  Not disorganized in that it simply separates and vanishes.  Not by any means.

What seems to happen when someone goes.  Suddenly like throw heart attack or again through something violent.  The consciousness on the other side still of course is the consciousness of that individual as it is merging with the entire spectrum of existence and all the movement it goes on in existence.  But the thinking or the cognitive faulty of the consciousness on the other side becomes somewhat disorganized.

And generally, if not universally, this is true of everyone who dies whether they have a long time between the moment they find out they are dying and actually die or whether it's almost instantaneous like a heart attack or something violent.  It doesn't matter.  When the consciousness evidently first becomes expanded to the point where it is no longer confined in only the three dimensions and is now part of the entire movement.  On the entire spectrum of existence and the universe.  It's almost so understandable that the conscious is going to be somewhat disorganized.  At least at first.  Which is true.  That is what I actually did experience to a slight degree when I was dead for those 5 min. and yet whatever clarity I gained turning those 5 min. is miniscule.  I the amount of clarity that I believe actually takes place.  If you are there longer or permanently.

And it is highly possible that in some religious beliefs.  This is why.  Or maybe one of the reasons why religions will teach that there should be a solid year after someone dies for the bereavement.  Not only for the person who is living.  But in many religions.  It is believed that it takes the soul as the religion calls it, a certain amount of time to make its way through the afterlife.  But that is highly philosophical and highly religious.

Which of course means it's also highly subjective.  The reality is that what I can tell from everything I've read and learned and what I actually experienced during those 5 min. it only takes a matter of a few months for the consciousness to become more oriented meaning more comfortable with and more interactive with the total scheme of consciousness and/or energy that is part of or is in fact the total spectrum of existence.  Meaning that the energy that represents the total spectrum of existence consciousness becomes part of that energy and at first becomes somewhat disoriented because of the perspective of constant movement and being part of it constant movement, as well as being part of it constant informational exchange so that they can take consciousness.  Perhaps a few months to become oriented to being part of that.

And does that mean that the consciousness is the sole.  Well, possibly.  That might be one way of explaining the consciousness.  But the consciousness is really nothing more than that energy within us, that we express 24 hours a day.  Whether we are sleeping or awake.  Because on the side of the veil.  There were two sections to our consciousness.  There is a consciousness.  And then there is a subconscious.  When we are awake the subconscious is of course working in the background while we are consciously doing what we do during the day.  But when we sleep our consciousness then goes into the background mode and our subconscious then becomes the active portion of our expression.  Because it is now taking part or expressing itself through what we do is we sleep.  Because that is how the two sections of the energy in the body work.

But on the other side of the veil since there is no body or no limiting container for our consciousness.  Our consciousness then maintains whatever integrity it will maintain on the other side of the veil by virtue of the cohesiveness of the different experiences that the consciousness was part of on this side of the veil.  Meaning, the sum total of all of our thoughts and our experiences that seems to maintain its integrity on the other side.  Regardless of the fact that the consciousness becomes part of all of the energy on the sum total of existence.

But it also seems from what I experienced.  And again, what I have read and studied all these years that the consciousness does become somewhat distant oriented to suddenly being presented with being able to experience and be part of an interact with constant movement and constant information much more constant than anything we experience in the physical world.  Because in the physical world no matter how fast we make any form of informational exchange the matter how instantly think any thought takes place because that energy actually has to go through three dimensions it moves slower.  Because the dimensions have a higher density in actuality than the sum total of all the different dimensions and all of the energy in the full spectrum of existence.  The third dimension were three dimensions in which we exist is actually a higher density of expression then how most life exists in the total spectrum of existence.  There are many lifeforms are two-dimensional.  There are many lifeforms that are four and five dimension.  There are billions of life forms of three-dimensional but who also can express themselves Multi-dimensionally we have not encountered any of these lifeforms as of yet.  And yet we have encountered some some we might not even be aware of.

So that is what I was trying to explain to my darling Aileen.  That on the other side it's an entirely different way of expressing oneself.  It's an entirely different way of existence that finding her children would be quite easy.  Because I said that when she began to become oriented to the constant movement that takes place on the other side of the veil and not thinking in terms of where she was.  Because if you think in terms of where you are you see nothing because it's all disorganized.  Because it's not moving in any kind of a way that three dimensions in our three-dimensional perceptions would ever understand.  It's moving in every direction at once.

And even though that is exactly what we experience in physical life again it's not we physically are able to proceed because we don't see all this energy moving in every direction I want but in actuality that is what is taking place and that is the major difference in physical life.  We don't physically see all the movement taking place.  And as soon as we lose the container in our bodies, we not only see all the movement we are part of the movement.  And we interact with the movement.

So consequently, that means to communicate with a loved one if you think in terms of where you are you will see nothing.  Because the movement is going in so many different directions at once and so fast that you'll never be able to determine where you are.  Because in reality you are nowhere.  Because you are consequently, moving with the rest of the energy.  So the only way you navigate on the other side is, never did think in terms of where you are to think in terms of where you want to be.

Because as soon as you do that as soon as you think in terms of where you want to be.  Because of how instantaneous the movement is on the other side you are suddenly there.  That's how fast the movement is.  And that's what I told my darling Aileen.  That she would see her children without any problem.  But I told her I wanted her to go slow when she gets to the other side.  I told her just to go slow to keep her mind and her consciousness as open as possible.  Meaning that as she was dying in those last moments well.  I wanted her to do was to simply open their mind is much as possible and realize she was not dying as much as she was simply change going from one form of expression to another, which is true.

Because if it were not true then we would not have religion and we would not have the whole discussion about souls.  So we all know it's true.  I'm not kidding anyone when I say this.  We all know it's there.  We all know what works.  We all know the what I'm saying is pretty much correct.  Not because I'm saying it because that's how everything really does work.  When you look around your home or look around your daily life that you seal the stationary objects everywhere.  The reality is it's just like the movie the matrix.  Because what you are actually looking at is constant movement.  And it is taking place in every direction and the movement is so fast and the transference of information is so quick that we here in the physical life think it is in fact instantaneous when in reality it's not the measure of any sensory stimulation on the skin or any sensory stimulation to a any of our senses and the subsequent cognitive thought that takes place as a result of that sensory experience even know that distance is down 2 ms there is still a distance.  Because the energy has to be expressed physically in order to be able to create the shock in the nervous system so that the entire process will work.  But on the other side.  There are no nervous system's there are no electric shocks and have to go between nerve and to make the nervous system work in order for perception to take place because on the other side that container doesn't exist anymore.  Which means that consciousness has the ability to instantaneously receive and process and expand and interact with their reach particle of information every piece of information that ever existed or ever will exist all through time all at one single instance.  Meaning that what happens on the other side is that your consciousness subtly is merging with every piece of information energetically that ever existed all through time and that will ever exist all through the end of time, which of course there is no and.  You merge with every single piece of information at once.  Because you become the information and it is instantaneous.

So naturally, is that processes taking place.  There is a bit of disorientation.  Which is exactly why I explained the above to my darling wife Aileen.  Because I knew she would become disoriented.  So I told her.  Always think in terms of where she wanted to be.  Because there was no navigational point of reference.  Everything was constant and that she would in fact be part of everything.  She of course asked me if she was not be part of everything how would she ever be able to communicate with me?  And I told her that was easy.  Because the three dimensions we have.  Life are part of the entire energetic expression of all existence.  But they are just three dimensions out of unlimited dimensions because that's the reality.  There is no limit on dimensions of expression.  If we think in terms of their only being a certain amount of dimensions in the universe that is a mistake.  Because there are unlimited dimensions throughout the universe unlimited dimensions in all of existence and most of the life that exists does not exist in the three dimensions that we physical life forms exist in and many of the lifeforms who exist in the three dimensions that we exist in are able to exist in a number of different dimensions as well.  We have not encountered hardly any of those lifeforms and yet it is my belief that here on earth we have encountered some but not in the ways that we may be thinking.  And I'm not talking about area 51.  That's an entirely different matter.

For any of us not to understand what I'm saying.  For anyone not to understand what I'm saying is for that person to almost turn their back on the total life process that we humans exist in.  Because everything I'm talking about is concurrent with meaning in total agreement with the Koran and the Bible and it is in agreement with almost every other religious document in this world in a ditch and to the following guidelines and understood principles not only and quantum mechanics and quantum physics.  But in Newtonian metaphysics.  But more than that.  It's also taking into consideration what I actually experienced during those 5 min. I died.

So when Aileen asked me how she was going to communicate with me.  She asked me at one point, if she should make itself visible to me.

At which point I jokingly said, if you do, I'm getting tinfoil and putting it on my headache going into the basement.  But in all seriousness I told her that I did not want her to rush to do that.  She asked if we would be able to communicate and I said I thought we would without too much trouble.  And it seems that we are.

And so consequently, in terms of this article with everything I have just explained.  I don't know whether I am a winner or a loser.  But I do feel pretty confident that I have in fact achieved most of what this article says.  But again as far as Aileen goes.  Meaning my darling Aileen.  We never said goodbye.  I may have had one final kiss with my darling Aileen.  Before she died.  But before she moved to the other side of the veil.  But we did not say goodbye.  The way we expressed parting was really just an extension of her breathing.  I've talked about.  We would always say, safe journey.

And so consequently, Aileen and I are sort of merging together.  At least, informationally or even perhaps consciously.  But I think that any opportunity, and/or ability, that I may in fact have along those lines only really comes from the fact that I did die for 5 min..  Plus, I have spent a great deal of my life engaged at one point or another in the study of religion and spirituality and how humans adopt different types of belief systems.

That's what I meant the other day when I said that it didn't matter what degree you got in college as long as you learned something.  Because you can always make money.  That's the nature of how we humans interact with each other.  We do business.  So you can always do business and you can always make money.  You only get into trouble when you want to be like the absolute best.  Or, you've got to have more or you're never satisfied with what you have.  That's when you don't do as well.

And that's why I said when you go to college.  If all you do is go in get a degree did you get a certain kind of job with.  Well that's fine.  But what did you really learn?  Because I'm not denying that the world needs all these different professions.  Because the world really does desperately need these different professions.  But at the same time, we as a human population or a society also need the other degrees as well.  We need those other sciences we need those other disciplines.  We need those other areas of knowledge.  We need people in those areas.  Just as we need people doing all of the different professionals things that we have in life like nurses and doctors and lawyers and politicians and the like.  We also need archaeologists we also need anthropologists we also need all these other disciplines and areas of knowledge.  Because if we turn our back on that.  Then we are turning our back on part of the energetic process that is part of all existence.  And if we do that not only do we lose that body of knowledge because were not putting people into that body of knowledge or encouraging people to go into those disciplines.  But at the same time, we as a species then lose the ability to understand, or relate to, or interact with, that aspect of energy or that aspect of information and knowledge that is part of total existence.

That's why I say that it's really your future.  Not mine.  Because it is.  For anyone to think that I did not ever see God when I was dead those 5 min. would be a liar.  I don't care who they are in the world that they claim I did not see God during those 5 min. they are lying.  I don't care who they are or what they are saying because they are not telling the truth.  Because I did.  And a lot of things happened as a result of my being dead those 5 min. everything in my entire life has been as a result of those 5 min. at least everything since 1968.

And as I have already explained there are things that I learned in things that I saw better totally inappropriate to talk about because they are just too complicated.  They are way too complicated and we as humanity right now with their current level of understanding don't really have the scientific equipment or the scientific methods to really relate to a lot of what I learned during those 5 min.  Not because I wanted to I didn't choose to die at that moment at 12:02 AM on September 2, 1968.  I didn't plan on doing very in but it happened.  And there is still a witness today alive knows that it did happen.

And that does not make me anyone special to this world.  I don't want anyone ever presuming that under any circumstances.  I am nothing special to this world.  I am different.  I am a different type of person that's all.  Nothing special.  Not by any means.  But for the religion aspect of humanity.  All I can say is that when I came back to life.  It wasn't me who brought me back to life.  It was God that brought me back to life.  Or it it was not the doctors it was not the nurses it wasn't anyone.  God brought me back to life.  And that also means that I have a witness who knows that actually was happening.  The doctors and the nurses were already on the phone to my parents telling them I had died.  When I came back to life.

So no one is going to tell me I did not stand in front of God.  Because I know what happened and there was and still is someone who knows that I did die.  But nobody was there with me.  It was me.  It was my consciousness whatever part of myself that is not physical but still maintain some degree of my thoughts are my ability to reason or think was no longer contained inside my physical body and, according to the doctors at the time.  And this one witness I have.  I had died.  And they could not bring me back.  No matter what they did, they could not bring me back.  And then suddenly 5 min. later I came back on my own.  At least that's how they see it.  I see it as God is the one who brought it back.  Not me.  Although I can say that I was rather pissed off that.  After all I had gone through.  I was suddenly going to die and I didn't like that at all.

So when you are thinking in terms of what you should accomplish by age 40.  If you think only the terms of this article then you run the risk of becoming somewhat stereotypical in your thinking.  And that's why I have gone through this long and extremely complicated explanation.  To make that one statement.  If you think in terms of these as being the most significant accomplishments that you should have completed by age 40, you run the risk of becoming stereotypical in your thinking.

And I don't think the world needs much more linear thinking right now.  But that's just my opinion.  I party stated my position regarding religion and guns and money.  And I don't expect the world to believe me or pending much attention.  God knows you haven't done that with anyone else who tried to warn you.  All you have ever done with anyone who ever tried to warn you at all.  But what was coming was to either kill them or laugh at them and call them stupid.  That's your choice.  John the Baptist right warn you when you killed him.  Joan of arc tried to warn you and you killed her.  The children of Lourdes tried to warn you and you basically either drove them nuts and then drove one into seclusion.  The children of Fatima tried to warn you and you treated them.  Just as badly.  Search on this more and others tried to warn you and you killed most of them.

So why would you believe me?  Why the hell would you ever believe me?  Like I said.  It's your future.  Not mine.  Because you are the ones who are going to either laugh at me and call me stupid or you're the ones who are going to read some of what I've written or read what I have written and take what you think might actually be useful in your own life.  And if you do that you have the potential of learning more.  Of growing and expanding your thinking.  Expanding your mind.  Becoming more acclimated with the total energetic process of all existence rather than simply the physical three-dimensional existence we call life.  That's your choice.

Because that's how I exist.  I don't exist or operate within simply the three dimensions that we call life.  There's no way that my consciousness can ever go through the process of diminishing as a result of its expansion and the amount of expanding it experienced.  When I died for those 5 min.  It's impossible.  And then in addition, with all that I have studied and learned.  It's impossible for my consciousness to suddenly shrink.  That's not going to happen.  So all my life.  My existence at least since 1968 has never been defined in terms of simply the three dimensions that we call physical life.  Because every bit of my consciousness was now parked and consciously aware of and interacting with the total stream of consciousness that represents all existence because I actually did pass to the other side of the veil.

And in 1969, when I suddenly learned of all of these increases in my consciousness which also gave me an increased ability to do a number of different things which I couldn't do before.  I naturally like any young adult became really thrilled and really happy about having all these cool new abilities.  But that soon faded.  Because with these new abilities also became a whole bunch of new dangers.  Because with the increase consciousness not only was I aware of all of the different forms of positive expressed energy and energetic activity in total existence.  I also became acutely aware of all of the negative movement or energetic movement that takes place throughout.  Total existence.

And in reality that took me about 10 years to finally master my ability to screen out or to be much more selective with how I look at or interact with the negative aspects of the energetic expressions that take place throughout existence.

And as I said, there are aspects of what I have learned that if I tried to discuss them here would be either looked at with laughter or would be attacked because they go beyond where our current scientific understanding or our philosophic understanding of life is capable or has progressed at this time.  Plus we don't have the scientific equipment to even look at some of the things that I have become aware of.  As a result of all of this expansion that is going on with my consciousness over the years.  Again, that does not make me special.  Not by any means.  Believe me, it does not make a special if anything it makes me nothing if anything it makes me a freak.  It does not make me special.

But in any event.  The reality is that the three dimensions in which we live that we call life has a great deal much more affect on and interacts with and has a greater potential than we even realize.  But again, because the dynamic forces in the world are the way they are.  Humanity is really not in the position to listen to or except for even attempt to understand some of these more broadly defined aspects of the human consciousness.  We are very linear as human beings.  We are prone to violence in one form or another.  We are extremely ego driven.  We have literally made a mess of our own existence.  We have made a mess of the planet in which we live or on which we live.  We destroyed most of the animal species in the world.  We have used religion to bond with each other.  Instead we've used religion to try to kill each other.

Which means we have become tremendously focused on the negative aspects of the energetic expressions or the energy process that takes place in all existence.  We are focusing more on the negative.  Then we are the positive.  But that is a personal choice.  That's the choice everyone has to make themselves.  I can't make that choice for you.  That's impossible.  You are the only ones who can make that choice.

And when I talk about things changing here in the world will that's true.  They are whether we like it or not.  And things are getting more difficult as far as physical three-dimensional survival, meaning the survival of all of us.  Whether we like it or not.  The planet is getting older and the energy of the planet is changing and there is a lot of evidence to show that that is happening.  And I'm not talking about global warming and I'm not talking about climate change or it.  I'm talking about the energy of the planet changing.  Which is happening.  Different conditions are changing throughout the entire planet.  And animal species have been destroyed mostly by us.

Which again is why I say it is your future.  Not mine.  My consciousness is already part of the entire expression and all of our consciousness, meaning everyone who has a consciousness is also part of the total expression.  It's just that most people aren't even aware of it or they have not had an opportunity to interact with it or they haven't expanded their consciousness to be even more cognizant or aware of it at all.  And it doesn't always take someone dying for that expansion of consciousness to take place.  There are other ways that it does happen.  But I can't make those choices for anyone else.  And the choices that humans are making right now.  Meaning, the bulk of humanity.  Those choices pretty much stink.  We've got people out there all over the United States with guns.  We've got the NRA glorifying killing.  Which is exactly what I said.  They are doing.  I said that even before the news conference.  Because I have been a member of the NRA for five years.  They used to be an organization the dough with freedoms for people in the United States, pursuant to the amendment regarding the right to bear arms.

But the NRA changed into an organization that began to justify killing.  And they did that with that one remark that Charlton Heston made when he said, my cold dead hands.  That's the point of view that the NRA is taking that they support violence.  They support guns because the only way to stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun.  But the fact is they are supporting guns and guns were designed to only do one thing.  They were designed to kill.  Which is why I say that anyone who is religious in any way supports a firearm is in fact being a liar to their own religion.  Because nowhere in the Christian or Catholic Bible is the word gun ever written nowhere in the teachings of Jesus Christ as Jesus Christ support that kind of violence and nobody in the Catholic Church can tell me otherwise Jesus did not talk about that kind of violence at the sermon on the mount.

So it doesn't matter to me and it doesn't matter to my consciousness that's not going to affect my consciousness or my soul what anyone who is a Catholic or anyone who is a Christian, regardless of whether they are extreme or not thinks about me or my position.  That's not going to affect me at all.  If Catholics and Christians want to keep on carrying firearms and associating firearms with the teachings of Jesus Christ and that they want to keep on using money and associating money with the teachings of Jesus Christ than that kind of focus on that kind of energy will most likely determine the kind of energy they get back.  Meaning religiously they keep doing that God and Jesus Christ are not going to be pleased they are not going to come down and say thank you for disobeying everything we told you to do.

Have anyone thinks I'm a change my position on that they may as well hold their breath for the rest of their life.  Because that ain't going to happen.

So again, my advice to humanity is that they think very seriously about combining worshiping Jesus Christ alongside of money and using guns to express their faith and devotion to Jesus Christ.  When in reality Jesus Christ basically told the followers of Christianity and Catholicism not to use a gun and not commit acts of violence and not to express their religion terms of money.  But that's exactly what they have done.  And it's not for me to judge.  No way.  I'm just saying what I am seeing.

Humanity is the one that has to decide on how it is going to express itself.  Not me.  I know what I have to do with the time I have left here on Earth.  And that's what I'm doing.  It's you who have the choice.

Thank you very much for listening.