Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twinkies maker Hostess plans to go out of business - Yahoo! Finance

English: Twinkies (Hostess Twinkies is a trade...

English: Twinkies (Hostess Twinkies is a trademark of Interstate Bakeries Corporation). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Twinkies maker Hostess plans to go out of business - Yahoo! Finance

As I have explained a number of times.  I began studying the stock market, where I was six years old.  And for six hours every day from the time I was six years old until I was 16 I was studying the stock market and the major stock exchange in Cleveland, Ohio.  And during those years I learned every single thing about how the stock market works.  I learned from some of the best financial experts in the Midwest.  So that by the time I was 16 I did my first financial and profitability analyses.  And they were actually so good that they were used to program some computers at the time.

The problem economically in our world has very little to do with money.  And if you think in terms of money, you will not be able to understand the problems facing the global economic system.  Because money has very little to do with it.  The problems facing the economic system globally and in United States have everything to do with psychology.

One it is considered that every single business in the world operates the same way.  Meaning that most of the money that any business gets comes from their wealthier customers.  However, most of the money that any company uses on a day to day basis comes from their lower income and minimum income customers.  And the reason for that of course is because the lower income and minimum income customers buy more often.  And buy less quality.

So consequently, given that fact.  When you look at how most companies are operating you see that most companies are in fact economically top-heavy.  Meaning that most companies are paying out such large amounts of benefits and compensation packages to their upper level management and executives at what's happening is they are having to change their price structure.  However, slightly in order to get more money into their company, which does not go toward being used on a day to day basis.  But in fact goes toward paying those extremely exorbitant and high level compensation packages.

And this of course sets up a condition of semi-inflationary spending practices within the company, whereby the result is a financial disparity between the upper level management and executives as compared to the hourly and minimum-wage employees.  Furthermore, as a result of that the company then ends up disenfranchising many of their minimum income and lower income customers.  Because those customers are no longer able to afford the products and services.  Because the company has had to adjust their per-unit costs in order to satisfy the greed and the selfishness of the upper-level managers and executives.

And then to make matters worse of course a lot of my fellow analysts are basically behaving like prostitutes where they are suggesting the implementation of austerity programs.  And that really is one of the dumbest things that can be done.  Because austerity programs in the financial world are known simply as, short-term loans.  And the reason for that is because any money that is generated by any austerity program normally only lasts about 18 months.  That's it.  So the conditions which caused the company or the economic system to institute an austerity program have not changed within those 18 months.  Then of course another austerity program has to be implemented, which means the austerity program has done nothing except ruin people's lives.

So all of a sudden, now we are seeing very clearly that the problems economically have very little to do with money.  But everything to do with psychology.  Greed.  This is of course all explained in the Kondratieff wave.  And I began doing analysis on the Kondratieff wave when I was 19 years old.  And the remarkable thing about the Kondratieff wave, created by Nikolai Kondratieff.  Is that the wave is within 5% of being absolutely correct in every projection the wave makes from the 1789 molasses crisis in the United States all the way to present day.  The only reason that many accountants and financial people do not want to pay attention to the Kondratieff wave is because as soon as the way was created by Nikolai Kondratieff he was labeled a heretic under Stalin's regime.  And then he was murdered he was shot to death for being a heretic.

But regardless of the political hysteria of the time the wave remains completely and totally correct.  Pursuant to what is going on, economically in our world.  And Nikolai Kondratieff was not an economist.  He was a philosopher.

As I have explained many times.  And I even did a rather lengthy analysis about seven years ago regarding the global economic system which nobody really paid attention to.  But that's okay.  I'm a different kind of financial analyst.  Most of the economic analysis and financial analysis it is done in the world is done with the margin of error of 5%.  But the population on a 5% margin of error is generally anywhere from 500,000 to approximately 5,000,000.  And the margin of error that is that significant or large is large enough to be manipulated extremely easily.  And that's why political polls and almost all analyses are done with the 5% margin of error so that they can be manipulated based on anyone's particular agenda.

Then there is the other kind of analyst.  Analysts like me.  I have never used a 5% margin of error.  Because of that very reason.  Every analysis I have done has had a half a percent margin of error.  Because they have to percent margin of error yields a population within the margin of error that is no larger than approximately 5000 up to approximately 50,000.  And the margin of error that is so small is that becomes impossible to be manipulated.  And it has a much higher degree of credibility and veracity.  The key is that it can not be manipulated.  The data is completely honest and certifiable.

My fellow analysts have complained about this for years.  Because doing an analysis at a half a percent margin of error requires approximately 300,000 up to 500,000 extra calculations.  But so what?  The data is more reliable.  So as I've said many times when I was working as an analyst a client or company might go and hire any one of a number of other analysts who would do their analysis.  With a 5% margin of error.  But if they wanted it done right.  If they wanted the analysis to be correct.  And if they wanted the analysis to be as solid as possible.  Then they called someone like me.

So the only way to fix this problem has nothing to do with money ladies and gentlemen it has everything to do with psychology.  The upper class and the wealthy are becoming much more concerned with getting as much money out of the market rather than sustaining the market.  And that's because the upper class and the wealthy believe that the matter what they will still have their money.  But that's not true.  If you study the Kondratieff wave you see very clearly that if the market fails.  Meaning the global economic system which is in fact on the brink of happening.  That the result is that the market will have to reorganize.  And during that reorganization there will be no money.  No money of any kind.  Because the entire market will fail.  At which point the only way people will do business is with barter.

And what's remarkable is that I actually ran two companies that I created which were based upon the principle of barter.  My home is filled with pieces of furniture and other collectible items that I received as a result of barter contracts.  The fact of the matter is very seriously.  That if companies don't stop caving into the greed and the avarice of the upper level management and executives on the wealthy, then the market is going to become extremely unstable and the potential of something rather serious can take place.  It's called specie reallocation.  Specie reallocation simply means that the currency completely fails.  And when that happens, the wealthy won't have any money.

The cure for this is rather simple.  But simple doesn't always mean easy.  Because the cure for this is as I said attitudinal.  It is behavioral.  It means that the wealthy have to stop being so greedy.  It means that the attitude with regard to the stock market into the global markets has to be looked upon from the point of view of sustaining the market rather than getting as much money out of the market as possible.  And that as I said is a psychological or attitudinal change.  And it's one that the wealthy don't give a damn about.  That's their prerogative.

But this story is a very clear example of the behavioral dysfunctionality that is actually taking place, economically throughout this entire world.  And if you think I'm kidding.  Please look at the unemployment levels in Greece and in Spain and France and the UK and in Italy.  Please look at the number of austerity programs that Greece and Italy and Spain have implemented over the last eight years.  Please look at how many currencies in various countries have failed.  Please look at the European Union's recent agreements to try to salvage the European Union and you will find that not one single aspect of the agreement deals with the semi-inflationary spending within these companies.  Or these governments nor does it deal with the financial disparity that is taking place between the upper level management and executives or the upper-level political officials and the lower class or the middle income or lower income.  Meaning the middle hourly wages or the lower hourly wages employees.  Nothing is being done to resolve the matter.  Nothing is being done to change the attitude with how we deal with the market.  Nothing is being done to change the financial disparity.  Nothing is being done to stop these austerity programs that are actually robbing the economic systems.

Of course, please don't take my word for this.  Please don't just look around.  Just look from one nation to another.  Because there is no difference between a family, who was living in Madrid or a family, who was living in Italy or Greece or France or the UK or any family in this country.  There is no difference.  When they don't have money that children are scared and the family is terrified because they can't put food on the table and the economic system is failing the conditions are the same from one country to the next.

As I said, I've been trying to warn people about this since approximately 1969.  Unfortunately, everybody thinks they are a know it all.  The only problem with most of my financial contemporaries.  Is that they went to school to learn economics.  I didn't have to.  I grew up in economics.  My father and I owned our own linen supply business here in Cleveland Ohio for 25 years until it was sold in 1975.  And then as I said I owned four of my own companies and I worked all over this nation is a financial analyst.  It's one of the things I do better than most other things.  And I never went into it to make lots of money.  I did it because I knew that companies.  Meaning a lot of independent businesses were not getting the financial help that the larger companies were getting and I didn't think that was fair.

And what's really unfortunate is that this kind of attitude that is existing, economically throughout the global economic system is the same kind of attitude that is existing politically, religiously anthropologically and culturally throughout the entire world.  This extremely self-involved and selfish attitude of getting as much as you want regardless of who gets hurt.  And one of the victims?  One of the victims is this rather amazing company that for years and years and years in the United States and potentially around the world has been a fantastically amazing and stable company.  A company that has given us lots of unbelievable good memories.  But because of the greed and the avarice that is in fact overtaking our market throughout the United States and the world.  Companies like this are going out of business.

The Republican Party is yelling and screaming trying to convince everyone in the world that the only way to preserve market stability is by giving as much money to the wealthy as possible and taking as much money away from the middle class and the lower class as possible.  Because the Republican Party believes that only by causing the middle class and the lower class to basically starve to death and give as much money to the wealthy that the wealthy will feel so bad that they will then go ahead and give little tiny bits of money to the middle class and to the lower classes so they won't starve.  But so that they could just live in absolute horrible poverty.  Because that's what the Republicans want.  They don't care about the middle class.  They don't care about the poor.  Because if they did they would be talking more about the middle class and the poor and they don't do that their public statements show that.  So they can't deny anything.  They don't ever talk about helping the poor.  They don't ever talk about helping the middle class.  They are always talking about protecting the wealthy protecting the upper class saying that the only way to help the poor is by taking as much money away from the poor and making them live cell poor that they're basically starving to death because only when that happens.  Will the wealthy then feel bad enough to give the poor.  Perhaps a little bit of money.  But that never happens.

And so all over this world.  We have ruthless wealthy people who are basically saying they don't care how many dead bodies are lying on the ground as long as they get their money and they are supported by unscrupulous political groups like the Republican Party who are yelling and screaming that the wealthy must be protected that the richest people in this world need protection because they are suffering so badly.  Because they don't have as much money as they need.  So they have to have more money.  And we have to make sure that the poor and the middle class understand their place that they are determined to make sure that the poor and the middle class understand that they do not deserve to have any quality of life that the poor the middle class are supposed to starve to death.  Because that's their duty to starve to death to make sure that the wealthy get more money.  And that's the argument the Republicans continue to use.

So let me ask you.  Is your life any better as a result of Republican Party screaming and yelling how the wealthy have to be protected?  Are you able to feed your family any better.  Because the Republican Party are telling you that the only way to help you is by taking as much money away from you and giving that money to the wealthy?  Ask yourselves that question.  As you are sitting at the table trying to pay the rent and put food into your children's mouse.  Because the reality is that we have people starving all over this world.  Because political groups that are basically unscrupulous and nothing but filthy liars like the Republican Party are yelling and screaming that the only way to fix the economic system is by screwing the middle class and screwing the poor as much as possible and making the poor the middle class suffer so terribly that they understand that their duty as human beings is to die in order to protect the wealthy.  Because that's what the Republicans and tea party are doing.  If they aren't doing that.  That would mean all their public statements and all their public actions that they have done and said, are actually lies.  And they are not going to admit that.  So that means they are going to say that yes they are protecting the wealthy and that they do believe that the only way of helping the poor is by screwing the poor as much as possible screwing the middle class taking as much money away from the middle class as they possibly can and then giving that money to the wealthy hoping that the wealthy will feel charitable and then give a little bit of their money to make sure that the middle class and the poor don't starve.  But basically just live horrible impoverished lives.  And unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, that's exactly what is happening.

So you tell me.  What's the difference between a family in Tokyo or a family in Spain or Athens, Greece or in Rome or a family in Marseille, France or London, England or the United States.  What's the difference?  What's the difference between any family anywhere in this world who is so desperate that they're on the verge of losing their home and they don't have enough food to give to their children.  What's the difference?  There is no difference.

So we don't wise up and change our attitude and if we don't start looking out for each other.  Were going to see entire populations all over this planet starving to death.  Which many places are on the verge of doing right now.  Just because the Republican Party and other political groups like them are yelling and screaming that the only way to help the poor is by taking as much money away from the poor and giving that money to the wealthy same old argument same old result, children are going hungry mothers and fathers or terrified out of their wits that they're going to lose their homes.  People are going hungry.  Just so that the wealthy can become more greedy.  Just like that.  Good old boy Donald Trump with all of his money.

Of course I don't really expect anyone to believe me your pay attention to what I'm saying.  They never have been over 30 years.  So why would they begin believing me now.  I've already written to friends I have overseas and told them that if I had the ability to leave my home, which I don't.  But if I did I would stand shoulder to shoulder with them no matter what.  In whatever attempt.  They might make to secure some kind of safety some kind of security for their families and children.  Because I don't care were someone's living I don't care what country they are living in, as far as I'm concerned, no child no family deserves to have to suffer that way.  Just because of the greed and their selfishness and the lying that political groups are doing.  No one deserves that.  And if the best we can do is apply austerity programs that were doing nothing as I said there nothing but short term loans they don't fix anything.  The problem is psychological.  The problem is attitudinal.

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