Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thought Sorting

I am certain that is probably or was probably extremely strange.  For anyone to hear me quoting revelations.  But, let's look at the reality.  Like I always said reality always wins that is the given.  Here on Earth reality involves the five senses and possibly what might be considered the sixth sense.  But reality for sure involves the five senses.  So if we start their and we look at the world.  What we see?  We see a tremendous amount of negative energy in this world.  We see propaganda and lying being done routinely.  We see violence becoming almost normal.  Violence to the point where it actually is being used as entertainment.  And we see individuals or groups and groups in this world are embracing so much hatred and violence that any positive energy.  They might actually be part of or possessing or presenting is virtually and possible to see.

So at the very least, philosophically speaking, we have good.  And we have evil in the world.  And of course when you look at the universe that makes a lot of sense, because there is positive and negative in every aspect of everything that is.  Because in the universe.  It's not good and evil but there are positive and negative charges to energy.  And in the reality.  Here on Earth negative energy is of course negative behavior.  Such as violence and war and lying and cheating and stealing and all sorts of other ugly things.  And it all exists.

That's philosophically.

So let's go back in the history of our intellectual growth.  If we go back all the way to their earliest cultures in human history before monotheism became any aspect or a part of humanity.  Humanity began to feel that there was or were God's or some type of deity or extra presence in the world or extra intelligence.  And originally will humanity defined that in terms of philosophy.  Of course, back then they probably didn't have the word philosophy.  But that was the type of thinking that took place.  And then as time progressed philosophy began to mutate into religion or religious beliefs.

So in today's world.  What do we have?  Like I said, we have all sorts of ugliness going on every day.  And we have this terrible holocaust taking place against women throughout this world.  In every nation in the world women and children are literally being slaughtered by the millions.  And when I say slaughtered.  I don't always mean killed.  When I say slaughtered.  I mean, their lives are destroyed to such an extent that they will never be normal or considered normal ever again.  We have children starving every minute we have children being murdered every minute.  We have suicides taking place every few minutes.  We have women being abused and tortured or murdered every 30 seconds and that is not positive energy at the very least it is extremely negative energy.  Unless we as humanity are going to suddenly define the murdering and mistreatment of children and the mistreatment of women as something positive but I don't think the world is ready to do that.

So then, what.  Well then we come to the possibility that the book of revelations is not only religious.  But possibly philosophical that the book of revelations is actually describing a kind of philosophical interpretation of negative energy in the world.  But doing so.  From a religious point of view.  And that.  That gives rise to the potentiality or the even validation of types of writing.  Like I did last night.

Energy is something that cannot be created or destroyed.  So when I say that the energy of my darling Aileen is present inside of me.  And through this house.  And in this house it would be difficult for scientists to prove that is not so the matter how hard they might try.  They wouldn't be able to prove categorically that the energy of my darling wife is not present in some way or another, inside this house.  Because to do that, they would have to be able to prove that they could actually differentiate between the energy of what I am and the energy of what my darling wife is currently wherever she may be.  And then they would have to prove that the energy in fact does not mix with my energy.  And yet we know by the nature of energy that the opposite is true.  That energy does have the potentiality of mixing with other types of energy.  There's been more than enough science to substantiate this.

So then the possibility or the potentiality that the energy of my darling wife Aileen is present in this house and is present inside of me becomes at the very least just that.  A potentiality.  And as to the biblical references regarding the Republican Party and the tea party and the pro-life movement again and get back to looking at the results of their behavior.  The results of their behavior are still the same.  The Republican Party is in fact maintaining that the only way to resolve the economic crisis in the United States is by taking as much money and as many services away from the middle class and the poor as possible and making as many people in the middle class and the poor go hungry and to basically starve and lose their homes as much as they can.  And what are they doing with that money?  Are the using that money to help the people they just took the money away from?  No they are not.  They are using that money to give that money to the wealthy and to themselves.  So at the very least, that qualifies under the definition of what is known as selfishness.  It also qualifies under the definition of what is known as egocentrism and ethnocentrism.  Or possibly, self-serving.  And the same time behavior that the Republicans are in fact demonstrating is being demonstrated all over this world.  Every day we have the rich and powerful keeping more and more of their money and doing everything they can to get more money from the lower and middle classes in the poverty-stricken and take more money and services away from the middle class and the poor to keep for themselves.  Because every day we see people in every single nation in the middle class and the poverty levels suffering worse and worse.  While the wealthy are getting more and the politicians are getting more.

So in reality what I wrote last night actually does fit in one definition or one particular view.  With regard to the book of revelations.  Because that's exactly how revelations talks.  And if that's not bad enough the behavior of the pro-life movement is all about getting that baby.  Because the pro-life movement does nothing in any way to save the life of the woman.  And yet not only biblically but philosophically woman was in fact given the responsibility by whatever energy there is beyond this world to be the guardian of life.  So, where do we see the same behavior that the pro-life movement is displaying?  Where do we see any group of individuals or people rushing forward to get the baby from a woman.  Because that's what the pro-life movement is doing.  They're all about getting that baby.  And the only place we see that is and science fiction movies or thriller movies where some degree of syntenic entity rushes forward to get the baby.  And while I am saying biblically that the pro-life movement may in fact be working for Satan.  That's only a biblical interpretation not a real or literal interpretation.  But it is a biblical interpretation.  And it is so because the pro-life movement is behaving exactly the same way as we watch these thriller movies.  And these science fiction movies of Satan coming forward to get that baby.  The pro-life movement is doing the same.

Is the pro-life movement using any of their money under any circumstances to save any of the lives of the 6 million women who are being murdered, raped or beaten every year?  No they are not.  That is a proven and certifiable fact.  Their money is spent on lobbying and on lawsuits and on protests and nothing more.  Because it's all public record.  So the pro-life movement says that's not true, then they would be able to produce actual financial records showing that their money is going other places other than being used for lobbying lawsuits in protest.  But the pro-life movement can't do that.  Because they're public records are just that.  Public their financial records are open to the public and open to public scrutiny.  And when you look at their financial records you see that their money is not being used to save the lives of women.  But is being used for lobbying lawsuits and protests.  And nothing more.  So the pro-life movement says that what I'm saying is not true.  Obviously they are liars.  Because they don't have any proof to back up their claim.

So maybe what I wrote last night.  Isn't so bizarre.  Maybe what I wrote last night.  Isn't just crazy.  Biblically speaking, 2000 years ago.  The world thought that John the Baptist was nuts.  And the world's answer to John the Baptist was that they basically cut his head off and put it on a silver plate.  And yet everything he said came true.  And I am not John the Baptist.  I make no claim under those circumstances ever.  I am no huge expert.  I'm not the final answer.  What I write in this Journal is simply what I see happening what my feelings are what my thoughts are what my amp.  Russians are what various spiritual journeys I go on when I sleep and when I meditate that's all this Journal is.

But the reality is that the similarities between my life and that of John the Baptist, at least at this one particular moment in human history, which coincides with my being 62 years old.  The similarities are rather amazingly interesting.  At the very least amazingly interesting.  So what does that mean?  Well it means that anthropologically speaking, I do see a change taking place in humanity.  And that I do see a change in the way that humanity defines religion and that humanity is on the brink of expanding its awareness, philosophically and scientifically and possibly even spiritually.  And that this expansion can go in one of two different directions.  You either we can become more negatively oriented, regarding with the expression of the energy that we have within ourselves and how we express that energy.  Or we can become more positively defined.

It doesn't take a genius to see what's going on in the world.  The amount of negative energy and negative behavior taking place every day is increasing almost exponentially.  So it really does look like we are moving forward in a negative way.  We are becoming more violent.  We are becoming more interested in killing each other than learning how to live with each other.  Murders and killing and war, and violence is becoming much more accepted as normalized.  Polarization is increasing in almost every single culture in this world.  And it gets back to a concept regarding anthropology which I've talked about before.  Right wing extremism.  That really is almost a pseudo-term.  Because it really only describes a direction in the type of thinking or type of energy but doesn't really say anything as to the aspects of that energy.  Because anthropologically speaking, again, the right hand was always sought to be good and the left hand was always thought to be negative.  Which is why in older cultures left-handed people were looked upon as being more negative than right-handed people.  That was an old superstition.  So talking about the behavior of right wing extremism being negative is almost what I call a pseudo-term.  Because right wing extremism with the concept of right wing or the concept of right almost denotes a positive one.  In reality the right wing extremism in the world is extremely negative.  Because of its impact on cultures and its impact on people.

And yet it is exactly the right wing extremism throughout this world that is in fact affecting cultures extremely negatively.  Whether we are talking about the Middle East or Russia or Europe or Asia or Africa, South America, North America it doesn't matter.  Extremism, especially the right wing extremism is becoming incredibly violent more and more almost every single year that passes.  And more and more people are dying or being murdered or being abused and tortured as a result.  So again, maybe my Journal entry from last night.  Isn't so crazy.  But it doesn't really matter.

Because in reality.  And there is that rather difficult concept springing up again.  Reality.  In reality, nobody really cares.  Nobody's really going to pay attention.  People didn't really pay attention to John the Baptist or Joan of arc or any of the other rather amazing individuals in our lives when they came forward trying to talk about an alternative way of viewing the world.  They were for the most part looked upon as being stupid or crazy.  Just the way the world ends up looking at me.  A lot of times.  And again, I'm nothing.  I'm not any of those individuals.  And I have no claim and make no claim of being so.  I am truly nothing more than a speck of dust.  I'm nothing.  To this world I am probably one of the least and most unimportant souls that ever existed.  I grandfather and certain members of the Maschke family were not.  But I am.  My life was and is rather amazing.  But no more amazing than anyone else's life.  Because when you look at someone's life when they get old and they look back at all the experiences they've had most lives are really pretty incredible.  A lot of times we don't see how incredible they are or how incredible.  Our lives have been until we get older.  But most lives are really truly amazing.  At least that's my feeling.

So in any event.  Evidently last night when I was sleeping and I woke up.  Somehow or other.  There was some kind of informational exchange going on between me and whatever energy might actually still be existing with Aileen to the point where it became somewhat clear to me that Aileen was actually merging with me.  Or her energy was merging with me.  Which is highly possible.  There have been horror movies that have been written over the decades where someone has moved into a home and has suddenly begun to take on some of the characteristics of the people who used to live in that home.  Such as haunted houses.  And I'm not saying this house is haunted.  Because I don't believe it is.  But I do believe Aileen's energy is all through this house.  Because everyone who comes in here can feel that energy.  I'm not the only one who can feel the energy.  So again, it's highly possible that Aileen's energy or what is part of what she was and possibly still may be in fact could be merging with this house and merging with all that I am.  That is a possibility.  I'm not saying anything is true saying only possibilities or potentialities.

But again, going back to that old word.  Reality.  Humanity is in an informational war.  That's what actually is taking place.  Whether we like it or not.  That is what is happening.  One side says one thing and the other side says something else.  And so the two sides battled back and forth.  And somewhere in the middle is where the truth is to be found or so it often ends up being the case.  So given that, again, it doesn't sound like what I wrote last night may in fact be out of context or beyond belief.  Because what I wrote last night may in fact be part of what is actually taking place.  It's just the way things are happening.

Now the reality is, regarding Aileen that Evelyn was jealous of me being allowed to be there when Aileen was dying.  In those last hours.  Evelyn was always and still is jealous of the fact that Aileen chose me.  But that is again the reality of the situation.  Aileen was born into the family with her brother Claude and Evelyn.  So she was born to Claude and Evelyn.  She didn't choose Claude and Evelyn.  She was born into that family.  But she chose me.  And again the reality is that I resisted meeting her for almost a solid year.  So I didn't rush into any kind of relationship with my darling Aileen.  I was tremendously resistive of even meeting her at all.  But she was persistent.  She was relentless.  And so the meeting eventually took place and we fell in love and she chose me, and I chose her.

So Evelyn is extremely jealous of that which has now basically become almost like that old green eyed monster to the point where Evelyn has become very hateful and mean-spirited.  That's not my problem.  That's hers.  She's the one who has to deal with their own emotions.  Just like every single one of us has to.  So Claude and Evelyn think I'm eventually going to break down and call them and that would be a mistake.  Because I won't.

I made promises to my darling Aileen.  When she died.  And I have never broken one of those promises.  Not once.  And I never will.  No matter what.  And the promise that is the most prominent is that I told her that I would maintain this house.  And maintaining this house does not mean I have to depend on anyone.  It means I have to depend on myself to make sure everything gets done.  And the only dependency I might have is where I make contracts or agreements or agreements of some sort with someone else to perhaps come in and do work on the house.  But that's about it.  Having Claude and Evelyn as part of my life was not part of any of the agreements.  Aileen did ask me to try my best to look after Evelyn.  And I promised her I would do that.  And I have.  But if Evelyn has this kind of jealousy going on inside of her.  And I'm not saying she does.  But if she does.  Then in reality.  I don't really have as much opportunity as I would like to be able to look after her if she is jealous of me or hateful of me or envious of me.  Because those emotions pretty much make it very difficult for me to be able to look after her, especially if she wants nothing to do with me.  And the same is true with Claude.  So I don't look for those relationships to continue much.  I look for those relationship possibly to simply fall away.  And that's fine.

I don't need to have Claude or Evelyn around with all of their negativism and all of their baggage and all of their issues in order to get done.  But I have to regarding this house or the promises I made my darling Aileen.  And being a writer.  I much prefer the solitude of my own thoughts then being around lots of people.  But that's what writers do.  That's what writers have done all through history.  Writers can write in the middle of a huge crowd with lots of noise going on.  But generally writers like to be off and away from people so that they can in fact have the solitude of their own thoughts.  So that they can do what they are trying to do, which is write.

And so that's basically how my life is moving on.  I don't see the point.  After saying what I said last night to say much anymore.  There really is no point in doing so.  I have pretty much stated my case categorically.  And whatever energy there is beyond this world that the world calls by so many different names as God probably is quite aware of what I have written.  And I have no problem with that.  It doesn't matter what religion someone is whether they are Wiccan or Catholic or Christian or Jewish or Muslim or Buddhist it doesn't matter.  I've made my case.  And in reality I'm actually getting healthier rather than more frail.  I'm doing exercises everyday and I'm going up and down the stairs every day and my left leg to slowly getting stronger.  But I do have to use certain devices to help me to be as vital as I would like to be.  The course that is basically taking the place of a back brace which is truly doing some rather amazing beneficial things for my spine.  The raised shoes.  That I'm wearing, whether male or female doesn't matter.  Because for some reason, flat shoes actually do not position the left hip in such a way so that it is easier for me to walk.  So at the very least, whether I wear male shoes or female shoes.  The level of the heel needs to be between three and 4 inches.  Because when I do that left hip is positioned in such a way so that it is easier for me to walk.

And so with all of this is quite clear that I probably will be spending the holidays alone.  And that's exactly what I want.  I don't need family around me with all of the complications and all of the judgments.  That's the last thing I actually need.  I never really enjoyed that in the past.  Anyhow.  It was a strain at the very least.  And at sometimes.  It was actually agonizing.  But it really was a huge awakening for me that has taken place over the last week.  I really do feel like a huge burden is being lifted off my shoulders.  I really do feel like I have come out of a very long and dark hallway.  So life is going on.  And now we will see where life takes me.

Every day in my way of thinking is an adventure.  Regardless of whether I leave the house or not, it's still remains so.  It's an adventure.  And one that I am very grateful for.

So I'm not sure how I feel about writing news stories much anymore.  I don't really feel like I am or should be in that position.  I think LiveJournal needs to go in that direction.  More of just being a Journal

At least that's where I am on this road that I am walking upon.

Thank you very much for listening.

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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

"THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant.

and by that time no one was left to speak up."

Pastor Martin Niemöller

      Child Poverty Statistics:

    • 25,000 children die each day from poverty
    • 1041 children die every hour due to poverty
    • 17 children die every minute from poverty
    • 750,000 children die every month from poverty
    • 9,000,000 children die every year from poverty

    Child mortality Statistics:

    • 9.2 million children die every year
    • 780,000 children die every month
    • 26,000 children die every day
    • 18 children die every minute

    An estimated 9.2 million children under the age of five will die this year – nearly 26,000 per day or 18 every minute. This is greater than the annual number of deaths from 1. AIDS (2 million), malaria (900,000), and tuberculosis (1.5 million) combined. 2. Neonatal disorders, pneumonia and diarrhea are the major causes of under-five mortality.

    Globally, 80 percent of all child deaths are due to only a handful of causes: neonatal causes, pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria. 3. Pneumonia or sepsis, pre-term delivery, and asphyxia at birth are the leading causes of neonatal deaths. Malnutrition is responsible for over a third of child deaths.


    And, according to recent United States statistics, there are approximately 43,000 suicides that take place, in the United States every single year. That would be one suicide taking place, by children as young as 12, or possibly younger, up to our oldest citizens. Approximately every 15 minutes.

    Not one single penny that the pro-life movement spends on their so-called pro-life movement goes toward saving any of these “living” children’s lives. Not one single cent. Which means that not one single cent of the so-called pro-life movement is being used to save any of the amazing children and absolutely fantastic women, and men, who are being killed, or suffering horribly, every single minute. so naturally, it becomes impossible to conclude that the pro-life movement is pro-life at all, if they will not even save the lives of living children and men and women. But will always only be concerned with, and define life as the “fetus” only. And THAT’S NOT how their own God Jesus Christ defines life, in their own Bible.

    Which means that the pro-life movement is not pro-life at all. Because their money is “not” going to save any living life on this planet. Their money is only going toward forcing women to bear children against their will. And that’s not how their own God, Jesus Christ defines pro-life.

If The Almighty will not allow the smallest sparrow to fall from the sky, why, should we, the creations of that same Almighty, do any less?


    With 78% of the population of the United States being Christian, (US Religious Demographic Statistics ) that also means that 78% of all the:

    incidents that take place every year, are committed by approximately 78% of the population, meaning people who claim to be Christians. (US Religious Demographic Statistics ). And that is something that the Christian conservatives , and those who are Catholics, never seem to want to discuss, and in many, if not , cases, will lie about. Unless they are forced to do so, and/or tell the truth, in a court of law.

    And again, their own God, Jesus Christ says in their own Bible, not to judge anyone, and not to hurt anything that God makes. That’s anything. So, these statistics are really meant to illustrate about being responsible for one’s own choices and actions. That would be, in their own Bible, free-will choices and free-will actions.


    My Statement On Religion

    For the record, I do not now, nor have I ever hated any human being on earth. I do not hate, regarding my spirituality, and spiritual beliefs, anything that God did make. Meaning that I do not hate the “humanity” that exists within any human being. However, God did not make the personal choices that humans make, regarding how they behave, and/or present themselves, to the world. So if a human being chooses, of their own free will to demonstrate their behavior with racism, bigotry, prejudice, and hatred for other humans, on the basis of their own free will choice as to how they define their spirituality within themselves, that is their own choice. So I do not hate any human being for being that which God did make. I hate only the choices and the manner in which humans have decided to demonstrate their behavior to one another. I do not hate religion. However, I will never give my support to “any” religion, that has ever caused harm to, or killed, a single human being, in any way, as a result of the religion demonstrating, or manifesting it’s presence in the world. If any religion has ever harmed or killed a single human being, I respect the right of all humans to believe what they want in life. I, personally, will under no circumstances give my support for any religion, or theological belief, that has ever harmed or killed even a single human being. This is what I have dedicated my life to as a spiritualist and a pacifist here on earth. So any attempt by anyone to portray me as hating anyone is a lie. Because that is not so. The foregoing clearly shows that I have no hatred for humankind or for any religion.



    My Pro-Life Statement

    For the record, I am pro-life . I do not support violence against, or the killing of any human being under any circumstances! And the only way that I ever deviate from that stand is that I do not believe that God has ever given any human the right to dictate to any woman how she is to arbitrate her life with the Almighty, and/or God . Therefore, I believe that all women deserve the right to choose for themselves the fate of their own bodies, pursuant to their relationship with the Almighty, and/or God . My position regarding this statement is more fully explained in my article entitled: Second Gear.


    The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

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The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)