Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

System update: Comprehensive System and Life Changes

Windows 7 :

It is been an incredibly interesting, 16 hours.  It's yesterday Microsoft put through a compatibility update.  And when it did it caused certain aspects of my programs I used to be using on my system.  Not to work.  They were really critical.  And there were workarounds.  Additionally, I have to say that the update really did do a lot of good.  Because things are more stable.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking is actually working a great deal better.  And there were a number of minor improvements.

Unfortunately what happened with one of my programs which was the last FM desktop program.  It is for some reason not functioning at this point but I'm still testing., the desktop utility is basically set up for Windows Vista but should in fact work with Windows 7 and has before.  However at the same time I think there's a problem with the server identification and I'm working on that independent of the workarounds I have applied.

What I basically did was to download the program, Clementine, which is a music and radio player but also synchronizes with my account.  Therefore, without having to use the desktop utility.  I can still access my account and play my music through my Clementine software.

If I want to add any stations.  I would then of course go online.  So consequently, that portion of the change well.  It did affect the Clementine desktop utility.  It did not affect my accessing last FM because I'm able to do so through Clementine.  But that issue is one of the issues where the compatibility update basically did cause a program problem.

The other problem.  It seemed to have had was and is, interfacing with my android phone.  But again I'm looking into the driver interface issue regarding that matter.

Those were the only two things I noticed.  Other than that it's really working a great deal better and making the system a lot more stable.

Firefox :

Firefox is actually a lot more stable as well with this compatibility update.  However, the Adobe flash player is still causing an issue.  At which point I'm thinking of looking for an alternative that would be compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  I'm actually at that point now researching if there is in fact a viable alternative.

After the research I have done regarding Firefox and looking at the Dragon NaturallySpeaking help files.  We are Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 and Firefox the same issue still exists.  Whereby, if you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking with the new version of Firefox.  You still need to completely disable your Adobe shockwave flash player inside, Firefox in order for Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 not to have any issues of perhaps hanging.

And you can do that very easily with a simple add-on to Firefox which will disable or enable the shockwave flash player when you need it for to be either turned on or turned off.  That way to be turned out why you're using Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Firefox.  And under those circumstances when it is turned off, you might have the ability to download the flash and look at it off-line.

Otherwise what you would do is to simply close down Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  And at that point you would then turn the flash player back on inside, Firefox review to look at the flash videos.  But for most of your browsing you will really need that.  So it is recommended that the flash player simply remain turned off while you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Firefox.

This of course does not apply to Internet Explorer but only Firefox users.  And it is simply a glitch with Firefox.

Windows 7 :

By all accounts the compatibility update really is speeding up the processing of programs dramatically.  And that is something I'm noticing right away.  So the minor problems with the android phone and with the desktop program very well may be able to be corrected as I research the server allocations.

My sense is that basically what the compatibility update partially did, in addition to updating the drivers.  Was that it basically changed the timing mechanism for Windows 7.  And did so in such a way so that some of the servers were redefined.  Meaning that the timing mechanisms for different servers were actually redefined with regard to the relationship to the main timing mechanism of Windows 7.  Which is of course producing a more stable environment.

The glitch with Firefox.  It's just something that is been going on with Adobe shockwave flash player and not only Dragon NaturallySpeaking with other programs as well.  And I am researching alternative that might be used with Firefox, whereby that problem will not exist.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking :

As a result of this compatibility download the user files for Dragon NaturallySpeaking were basically corrupted.  However because I had my user profile backed up and I also have an exported copy.  I was then able to simply uninstall and clean out my system from Dragon NaturallySpeaking and intuitive reinstall the program later and then simply replace my exported profile.  And that of course is working perfectly.

Windows defender:

As I said before, this program really needs to be completely disabled in administrative services not only there but also in the control panel.  But in point of fact, if you go into administrative services and you then go ahead and disable Windows defender.  And you do it there.  Then it will then be disabled unilaterally for the system.  And that is what I recommend, if you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking on your system.

This is because Windows defender actually impacts Dragon NaturallySpeaking in a negative way by tracking almost every single keystroke and thus causing the problem with the relationship of Dragon NaturallySpeaking to not only Windows 7 itself but also with Windows live writer.

MS Outlook :

From reading the source notes and the help notes on Dragon NaturallySpeaking in meaning rather on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking website, I learned that there is a problem with doing direct dictation into MS Outlook.  And nuance is basically saying that this is intermittent problem.  But they are saying that if in fact you have any issues doing direct dictation into MS Outlook that what you do instead is use the dictation box.

I believe that the problem they are talking about is if you are actually using Windows live writer on your system.  At the same time as MS Outlook.  Because what I have discovered is that if you are using MS Outlook and Windows live writer on the same time as you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  That is a result of the three programs attempting to run at the same time, or even being on the system at the same time.  The conflict is been taking place between MS Outlook and Windows live writer.  And this is happening basically as a result of MS Outlook not being actually a part of the MS office suite.  But is in fact looked upon as an add-on to the MS office suite.  And as a result, if you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking on the system at the same time.  The C runtime routine which is part of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Then the reality because conflict between MS Outlook and MS office, whereby when you are running Windows live writer.  There is an incompatibility that takes place between MS office and Windows live writer and MS Outlook.

And that this is basically really happening.  Because of any compatibility between the C runtime routine of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and the MS office and MS Outlook and Windows live writer modules also being on the program at the same time.

The workaround to that is possibly to use Thunderbird which is what I'm doing.  And that actually relieves the problem completely.  The other option is to not use Windows live writer and go to another blog editor.  But these effects is to simply not use MS Outlook.  If you are using MS office and Windows live writer along with Dragon NaturallySpeaking on your system.  At the same time.  It's the combination of all three.  That is actually causing the conflict.

So the easiest thing to do is to get rid of one of those elements that is causing the problem and the easiest one to eliminate or to replace is of course MS Outlook area and that of course can be replaced as I said above, with Mozilla Thunderbird.

ISpy :

There is no real conflict between iSpy at Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  But there is a conflict of resources and resource management.  For that reason, it is suggested that if you're running the iSpy program.  When you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking or any form of dictation into Windows live writer, that you then simply not have your iSpy program running when you are dictating into Windows live writer.

The problem of increased resource use by the iSpy program does not seem to be a problem when you are doing general browsing or e-mail or not dictation oriented work with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  It only seems to be present when you are in fact using Windows live writer with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Because at that point, Windows live writer takes up a fair amount of system resources use in addition so does Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  So, with the combined use of resources by the two programs running the iSpy program at the same time does basically caused compatibility issues or at least resource conflicts with Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Windows live writer.

Both programs still function perfectly with iSpy running.  But the system becomes much more accelerated and memory use does in fact increase as a result of increased resource use as well.

But the problem really only exist when you are dictating directly into Windows live writer or using the dictation box.  And that's because Windows live writer does take up a good bit of system resources not so much memory.  But resources.  And so as a result you want to decrease the amount of resource impact on the system when you are using Windows live writer and Dragon NaturallySpeaking together to do a dictation into Windows live writer.

Is just being a bit more conscious of system resource allocation when you're running these two different programs.  In addition, if you are running the iSpy program.  Like I said, the iSpy program will work perfectly with Dragon NaturallySpeaking with all of the other functions the Dragon NaturallySpeaking does except for doing dictations into Windows live writer.  Because that's when most of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking program is being put to use.  So it's using a lot of resources and Windows live writer is using a lot of resources.  And when you add iSpy to the mix.  Then your system becomes a bit strained.

But again it has no effect in any way like that when you're using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to do any of the other functions on your system.  It's just for that one specific task.  Which is no big deal.  And that existed before the compatibility update.  So it's just handling and managing resources better.  That condition existed as I said before, the compatibility update.


I'm not displeased with the compatibility update.  It was a bit inconvenient.  Because I ended up going through hours and hours of research as far as networking and firewall management and router management in order to be able to ascertain or to understand the changes that the compatibility update was making to the system.  But even though there are limitations which have come along with the update.  The upshot from the update is that the system is much more stable.  So it is a kind of the trade-off.  Which is no big deal.  Like I said.

In any event I have gone to a rather significant amount of effort to bring this report forward.  Because I know there are other people who are having issues with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 so.  Anything I can discover about how to use the program better with Windows 7.  I always enjoy and feel responsible to provide these system updates for others who may be having similar problems.

Life Changes:

This other aspect of what took place over these last almost 20 hours happened as a result of my visit with Claude.  And the best way to explain is this from the beginning.  And I am providing pictures.  I took pictures of everything.  So that I can make this much easier to understand.

To begin with, below is a picture of the furnace and our home.  It is an electric furnace that is a 90% efficient furnace.  So it's really quite powerful.


my furnace


Now, while Aileen was dying, we were using exactly the same kind of filter.  However, what I had done was I bought one filter that would last almost a year.  These were micron filters.  So I put the one filter and when Eileen first got sick the light bulbs in the basement mostly had not burned out.

Well at the beginning of November.  The filter that was in the furnace that seemed like it was needing to be replaced.  And so when I put the replacement filter actually put it in in the wrong direction, so that instead of removing the particulate matter from the air.  And whatever bacteria there might be was actually hoping that into the house.

I must have done the same during the summer without thinking about it or without looking at how the filter was to go in to the air vent, meaning the furnace vent.  Which explains why all summer I was getting these lesions on my legs and having breathing,

So yesterday Claude and I went down with a flashlight and we noticed that the filter was in the furnace in the wrong direction.  We then removed this new filter which I had put in just two weeks ago and turned it around so was facing the right direction.  As a result and that's the point of this whole matter.

What happened is that immediately the air in the house became extremely purified.  All of the static electricity in the house has been eliminated.  And additionally, there is absolutely or hardly any dryness in the house.  Because the particulate matter is coming into the house anymore.  So I don't have any breathing problems.

So the point of all this is that sometimes these filters are not clearly marked as to which direction they should go into the furnace vent.  So you have to look all around the filter to make sure you can see the marker showing which direction the filter is actually supposed to go into the furnace vent.  And that's what I did.  But before I did that I went down to the basement and I replaced all the light bulbs around the sides of the basement so that the basement is now fully illuminated.

And below is a picture of the furnace filter the micron filter that is in the furnace vent in the correct direction.  You will notice at the bottom of the picture.  The arrow pointing toward the furnace.  And that's of course the way it's supposed to go because the furnace vent actually pulls air into the furnace.


correct filtier position


And as I said, I am bringing this matter to my Journal.  The cause.  There are tons of people who have breathing problems.  And we all furnaces.  As a result, we all need furnace filters.  I can't recommend the micron filters enough because they really do purify the air and get rid of all of the static electricity.  Additionally, they keep the air from becoming excessively dry because with less particulates in the air.  The air will become less drive because it is the particulate in the year that soaks up various aspects of water moisture in the air so the air then is not as dry and consequently you have less breathing problems.  In addition to the air being purified reading problems are also decreased.

Furthermore, by getting rid of the particulate you're also getting rid of any kind of fungal or bacterial particulate that could be causing various degrees of skin irritations or even promoting infection.

And because the marker is just in that one single spot on the filter.  That's the only place it is.  And because the basement was so dark.  I didn't see it.  Well, as a result, the house is tremendously much more breathable it is much more comfortable and the air is incredible.  It's so much easier to breathe in the house.  And I never would've thought that the direction the filter would make that much difference but with these micron filters it evidently does.

And that's why I'm presenting this because it's remarkable.  The change in the environment in the house is absolutely incredible and in one way I feel really dumb because I should have looked at the filter and I don't know why I didn't.  And if I didn't.  I'm sure other people might not as well.  Claude and I even talked about that area we both agreed that we would take pictures of this so that I could present this in my Journal for other people who might not be looking closely at your filters and having the same problems.

And that is a significant remarkable thing that happened yesterday as a result of Claude being over.  It was a great visit.

Now the other thing I've done is that I took two new pictures of my den so that you can see that I don't always have this makeshift bed that I've created opened up all the time.  Because of course during the day what I do is I like to try and keep my legs down as much is possible because I'm trying to exercise my legs and going up and down the stairs and things like that.  So during the day.  I actually pulled up my makeshift bed and it goes over by my computer.  And this is basically how my dad looks during the day.


my den without bed


Then in the evening when I'm getting ready to go to sleep or if my legs start to bother me.  What I do is pull the foldout chair in front of my bed.  I then unfold.  It.  And there is my bed in front of my chair.  And below is a picture of how my dad looks when I'm actually so to speak, in bed.  Because there'll be times during the day when my legs will start to bother me in and out just put my feet up under the electric blanket or when I go to sleep.  This is how I sleep with these two chairs one in front of the other.


my den with bed


So that's basically why I haven't been able to do much posting today.  Because I've been working trying to regroup from this compatibility update where I had to retrain my profile and I had to reinstall Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Then I had to go through all these network tests to be able to figure out what aspects of the network were working properly with what programs.  As a result of the compatibility update.  Then I basically found that the whole problem was simply stemming because of the way that my android phone was relating to Windows 7 as well as the desktop program.  Which again was no big deal.  It was a kind of server issue.

And with the iSpy program.  It has no effect on the iSpy program from monitoring your recording or sending images to the web where they can be viewed by my associate or any of that, it only has to do with perhaps porting over your cell phone or your cell phone court to the iSpy program and again it is a server issue which I'm in the process of resolving.  So, with the iSpy program.  It's not really critical that I have my mobile phone ported over to a particular port on my computer.  That's not really an issue since I can simply send what I need to my computer with my android phone.

And with the desktop program.  It's also not an issue because with the music player, Clementine, I'm able to go ahead and still enjoy my FM radio and if I need to manipulate artists, I can then do so on the web using Firefox with no problem.

But needless to say doing all these things plus replacing all the light bulbs and taking the pictures that I did took a ton of time.  And it's only now at 110 in the afternoon or 1:10 PM where I'm actually able to start using my system.  Because I wanted to get this record out first.  Partially because of what I learned about the compatibility update.  But more importantly because what I learned about the micron filter.  That is something that all of us have in our homes.  We all have furnaces.  And it never dawned on me that one side of the filter would be that much different than the other side.  But obviously it is.

So with that being said, obviously I didn't get hardly anything done today.  Which is fine.  This needed to be done first.

So in any event, that was how the last 20 some odd hours has taken place.  That's why I haven't been very visible.  My plan is now to just simply freshen up slightly and then I will begin looking at the newsstand going through my mail.

I truly hope this has been of assistance.  Meaning that what I've provided here will be helpful very because that really is my intention.  There really isn't any need for me to change the picture of my stand on my Journal page.  Because with the that unfolded or the chair unfolded which becomes my bed that's basically the same picture.  I already have up on my Journal at this time.

I will be writing later.  You can count on it.

Thanks so very much for listening.

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